What is 700C Bike | Definition, Features Explained In Detail For 700C Bike

The 700c bike is the perfect choice for all cyclists looking for a high-quality hybrid bike with advanced features at an impressive price. This well-equipped hybrid bike tire is built into a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame and 80mm light-alloy crown suspension with a smooth, silky 24-speed Shimano Altus gearbox with mechanical disc brakes front and rear for a strong and safe stop offers.

What is 700C Bike

The origin of the bicycle development measuring system is traced back to the early days. It was a time when there were no world standards in the bicycle industry. For bicycle parts, each country had its measuring system. In reality, it means two different bicycle tire sizes and rims.

According to the French system on a racing bike, 700c is the size of your bike tire. The legend is a relic of the past and no longer an accurate indicator of the larger wheels’ size. While some manufacturers continue to use the term for marketing purposes, the term itself is of little value. However, anyone who buys a road bike should know what a term like 700c means. 

700c is a gift from the French. The size of a bicycle tire was measured based on the outer diameter of the tire. 99% of the bikes you see on the road or in stores will have one of two different diameters: Therefore, 700c means a wheel whose tire has an outer diameter of 700 mm. different motorcycles require different wilder tires. Mountain bikes need grease; racing bikes need to be thin, and so on. However, sizes like 700mm have become very popular, and manufacturers wanted to keep them for marketing purposes. As a result, they started making bicycle wheels with different rim sizes and widths. 

Only the latest and highly expensive deep-section toroidal-shaped wheelsets are sufficiently wide to work well aerodynamically with a 28c tire- you want the rim’s external width to be 105% of the actual width of the tire. In this system, the bike tires were labeled according to their width from the narrowest to the widest in order. For example, A, B, C, and D! As you can see, A refers to the tightest tire, and D refers to the largest tires. So the standard road bike rim is likely to have markings of ‘622*19’ Jason ring.  According to Jan Heine,” You need to factor the BB height with about 15% tire drop.

700C is the term used among racing bike dimensions, which refers to narrower tires today. Sometimes the outside diameter of these tires is only 660 mm. For this reason, road bike buyers are advised to ignore the term 700C completely.

Now, if we neglect 700C, how do we check the size of the wheels? There is a better way. The confusion caused by these non-standard measuring scales wasn’t limited to France. Every country has had its share of confusion. Finally, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the European Technical Organization for Tires and Wheels (ETRTO) have joined forces to form an international standard for clearance to various bicycle measures, including bicycle wheels’ dimensions.

The new international standard now defines rim and tire dimensions in completely different ways. Bicycle Tire sizes are now represented by two numbers separated by a hyphen, e.g., B. 37-622. You switch to 650B x 47mm; the bottom bracket will likely be far too low. The first number indicates the width of the inflated tire, and the second number indicates the diameter of the tire with which it is in the rim. Instead, the rim size is indicated by three elements in the form of 622 x 19 ° C. Also, 30% of the Oregon outback route is on pavement, so this tire style is meant to roll as fast and grip, as well as a good road tire, would, offering the best of both worlds.

The first part, 622, relates to the rim diameter measured between the tire’s points. The second number, in this case, 19, preceded by a cross, refers to the inner width of the ring. Or if it’s a box-section aluminum rim with a hooked bead, it’s more likely 700c. So the last element, here the letter C, relates to the type of rim. The international standard recognizes three types of hoops – straight (SS), crochet beads (C), and crochet beads (HB).

Some manufacturers, especially Germans and Italians, continue to use the old term 700C for tire size. You can create a configuration that is completely different from the intended one. Instead, check the appropriate ISO measurements before purchasing.

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Guides on 700c Hybrid Bicycle

The cross-breed bicycle offers the best off-road bicycles and hustling bicycles. Like the racing bike, the hybrid bicycle is light and has tires thinner than 700c. And just like a mountain bike, you can stand upright thanks to the seating style and handlebar position. For riders who want comfort without sacrificing speed, a hybrid bike with components in every category has been developed.

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What is 700C Bike


The handlebars of a hybrid are usually flat as a mountain bike. With more grip, these handlebars help hybrid riders feel more in control of their hybrid bike.

Additionally, the handlebars’ placement can help customize the overall fit of a hybrid bike, which tends to be more vertical. This provides better visibility on the road and reduces tension in the rider’s neck and back, associated with a more aggressive riding position on the road bike.


Hybrid bicycle wheels are one of the most popular ways a hybrid bicycle combines a mountain bike and a racing bike.

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Hybrid tires offer stability, grip, and durability. However, unlike a mountain bike, the hybrid often uses 700c wheels that look more like a racing bike. This leads to higher tire pressure, higher rolling resistance, and a faster overall journey.

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Some hybrid bikes have a suspension fork that is similar to that of hardtail mountain bikes. These dampers help smooth the ride, absorb bumps, potholes, and other potential hazards, and improve the cyclist’s ability to handle the bike on rough terrain.


Hybrids often use rim brakes, but you can find sportier models with disc brakes as well. Disc brakes provide some stopping power and generally work best in muddy or wet conditions. This can make them useful for cyclists who want to move or ride hybrid bikes over rough terrain. Rim brakes also do a great job of providing safe braking power. Choose the brake that best suits you and your journey. read DIY methods of build bike stand.

Where to ride

Hybrid bikes are a great option for those looking for a bike that can ride on a wide variety of terrains. Hybrid bikes move easily from cobblestone streets to gravel roads, improving your ability to ride anywhere, anytime. It helps in staying active and increases physical activity. Learn the difference between mountain and gravel bikes.

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What is 700C Bike: FAQs?

Is it better to walk or ride a bike?

If you think your rate of calories burned is the main factor in choosing an exercise for weight loss, then cycling is better than walking. In 60 minutes of walking at 4 miles per hour, the same person burns approximately 345 calories.

What’s Best For Losing Weight – Walking Or Biking?

With regards to consuming calories, cycling is a lot quicker approach to get more fit than walking. On a flat surface, a 150-pound person will burn around 600 calories per hour (depending on speed) while cycling, compared to around 300 calories per hour walking. Learn more.

Can You Get Rid of Belly Fat By cycling?

So riding a bike is a great way to lose weight. However, this is due to the calories you burn and your basic metabolism and muscle mass. .So building muscle increases the rate at which you burn calories, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

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