Are Converse Good for Skating? | A Comparison Guide You Must Read

Suppose you plan to skate the first thing that will trouble you that what shoe is best for Skating. There is a variety of shoes in the market, also on social media and online stores.

But the problem is which shoes perfects you most. Mostly people prefer converse shoes for skating. In this article, we are going to discuss converse suitable for Skating?

Before starting this topic, let’s start talking about Skateboarding. 


Skateboarding is an outdoor recreational activity where a player stands on a small skateboard on wheels on the move in a tricky way using different tricks and techniques.

This sport will take you on a never-ending quest for enjoyment. But when you ride on a skateboard, the main problem occurs if it’s not perfect and can’t pay proper Skateboarding, which is a skate shoe. If it’s not perfect, it can ruin your full game joy. 

Before buying, you must know the difference between 

  • Skating shoes: Skating shoes are roller shoes or blade downside
  • Skateboarder’s shoes: Skateboarder’s shoes are athletic footwear.

There are some characteristics you must have to follow if you want the best shoes:

  • Suede Stuff
  • Heel spot
  • Toe caps
  • Laces
  • Shocks absorbent 
  • Comfortable sole
  • Must be fit

Good skateboard shoes will take you to success. Once you got the best shoes with good ankle support and heel support, having a flat and comfortable sole must also be durable, it’s the full-body will help you lead with your team buddies. Your overall choice will have a drastic impact on how you will perform a foot brake or control board’s speed.

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Are Converse Good for Skating?

Skate Shoes vs. Regular Shoes

Yes, you can wear regular shoes, but it may wear down frequently during Skateboarding? How anonymous is this situation? Is it? While skate shoes are specially designed for your foot size. It has more shock absorbent quality as you have to hit the ground to make your skate faster repeatedly. Skating shoes include 

  • Strong Material
  • Stiffer sides for more support
  • Unique insoles to feel skateboard
  • To slow down wear from the grip tape
  • It gives flexibility in padding
  • Skating shoes look more pretty
  • Protection 

Brands of Skate Shoes

Nowadays, all companies providing the best skate shoes. The exciting thing is all companies innovate new features which differ from each other. New skateboarding shoes’ latest features prevent from heel bruises caused by continuously hitting the ground or harsh landing from peak points. Some brands are mentioned below:

  • Airwalk
  • Converse
  • Vans
  • Adidas Skateboarding
  • Emerica
  • Supra
  • Nike Skateboard

There are too many brands, but I will talk about particular brands that will give you 100% comfort.


The converse is a North American company founded in 1908. This company produce many kinds of shoes including

  • Sneaker
  • Skate shoes
  • Lifestyle footwear

The converse is a very famous company produced by Chuck Taylor, who was a football player. Converse shoes favorite due to it’s classic and simple designs. Still, in 2020, most people like to buy converse shoes due to their versatility. One of the main features that make it unique is weather friendly. Everybody wants to wear it because, unlike other brands, it’s cheap but providing a quality product. 

Vans skate shoes


Vans is an American manufacturing company. It’s a well-known company master in producing skateboard shoes, also providing skateboards. When we think about skate shoes, most people say suddenly vans names come and are stuck in our minds.

Vans make his name in the world of shoe industries. It’s famous due to the following features:

  • Strong Grip
  • Good Ankle Support
  • Variety of colors
  • Different styles
  • Flexible
  • Skool and Sk8-Hi are the best examples of skate shoes.
Are Converse Chuck Taylors good for skating

Converse vs. Vans: Many peoples support converse, while others only like Vans as compared to converse. Now the question is that Converse is suitable for Skating? Our vans are providing enough quality that beat converse.

  • The converse style is classic and straightforward.
  • As compared to vans is available in a variety of styles
  • The converse is available in the only black and white colour.
  • On the other hand, vans are available in different ranges of colour.
  • Converse have wedges and super long boots.
  • While vans can only decorate white.
  • The converse is more supportive as compared to vans.
  • Vans are better in the long run as compared to Converse.
  • Converse shoes are breathable, while Vans are not that much.

At the end of this comparison, I would like to say if both of these fit on your foot, giving you comfort, have flexible quality, not giving you bruises on your heel, you must have experience of both. Then write down in comment which one you like most.


This company was found in 2010. Their primary purpose in launching Airwalk was to give them a valuable and more flexible product to athletes and skaters. In this regard, if you have to trust company durability, you can choose Airwalk.

  • Simple and attractive design
  • Men Lace-up Skate shoes
  • Durable Gripped sole
  • Suede Accents
  • Perforated exit holes to the upper make it breathable
  • Also, provide a cushioned sole

Airwalk vs. Vans: Every company has its priorities, styles, and looks. 

Airwalk provides you with skate shoes at less rate as you go into the market and bargain to less the money. But you don’t have to do this with Airwalk because it’s already giving you pay less option.

Compare to Airwalk, and the Vans is a simple design shoe. Due to modern features, Airwalk gives you the best-cushioned shoes, making you more relaxed than Vans. 

While Vans is also a standard company providing you comfortable shoes.


Adidas is a production of multinational German Corporation producing its products from 1994. Also known as three strips. Three strips become an identity mark of Adidas. Adidas is making sports shoes since 1970 and sponsored many champions’ leagues. Adidas skating shoes are specifically designed for Skateboarding that includes the redesigned features of previous models for Skateboarding. The signature Adidas shoes is by team riders.

These are the following features that become Adidas signature:

  • The fusion of classical styling and technical styling
  • Friendly features
  • They keep their styling simple
  • Suede stuff
  • Good leather quality
  • Flexible from both sides

These features make this brand unique.

This table will show you how long the shoes will be okay to use. This table is based only on four products. It depends on how much you use. If you are only a weekend player, it will last for years to years. But if you are a regular player, maximum shoes last for three months.

But these are the branded shoes that will last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chuck Taylors suitable for Skating?

Nowadays, instead of too much innovation in the skate shoe field, most players still refer to Chuck Taylors. Due it’s durable and straightforward functionality. But most people say it’s only perfect for a football match.

Is converse a skate brand?

Test, this company provides its services in this field since 1908 and provides quality skateboards.

Are Converse good for lifting?

Athletes prefer this shoe for lifting because it’s 

  • Board Friendly
  • Flat
  • Feels the board
  • Foot supportive
  • Breathable

Due to these characteristics, it becomes an ideal choice for lifting.

How long does converse last?

Approximately converse shoes last for 1 year.

As mentioned in the above table

Are Converse One Star good for Skating?

I searched on this topic, and I found that Converse One Star is still ideal for skaters. As it’s toe cap providing adequate protection.

As time is passing there, the quality is still always good.

Are Converse shoes durable?

Yes, it’s very durable. One best thing about Converse is it’s cheap. 

Why are there holes in the side of Converse?

As I mentioned above, People prefer it due to its breathable quality. Some people use these wholes to tighten their shoes.

How can you tell Converse are fake?

Every Converse shoe has a specific serial number. Also, there is a start logo in real Chuck Converse shoes. If you any difference in both pair’s serial number or you see a missing star log, these are the fake converse shoes.

Where are real Converse made?

Now, Nike is the owner of Converse. It produces converse in 

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia.


After discussing all terms and brands now, I can conclude that converse shoes are best for skating or not? In my opinion, the converse is working on this product for years, also having a constant property.

The converse is the best shoe that anyone can afford and let. It has all the main features that a skater wants in his boots. Hope after reading this full guide you got your answer on are converse good for skating.

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