BDO Sea Monster Hunting | Latest Guide On 2021 Edition

Suppose you need different skills to play Black Desert Online (BDO), monster hunting. It would help if you had this so bad to enjoy all rewards this game has. So, we need to go deep into the proper way to do it and how you can take advantage of this. In this guide, I will discuss BDO sea monster hunting.

And among all the things you can perform with sails, like remote fishing, harpooning, undersurface collection, managing sailors, and more – BDO sea monster hunter is perhaps the funniest thing to do.

You will find several dangerous marine monsters when you are in the Grand Ocean. The conventional versions for killing the creatures must be the big Epheria Sailboat/Frigate or Guilds Galley that may manipulate the cannons to do Monster Hunter Tri. Players who steer the boat can also harm the monster (Q).

What Kind of Monsters do you find at BOD?

BDO Sea Monster Hunting

Here is a brief list of some of the marine monsters in BDO:

Fish Name
Black Rust
Ocean Stalker

Each of these monsters drops a few drops of loot on death — normally, Neidan’s Sea Monsters make top-end equipment. There are also a couple of pirate ships, and you may battle for more looting of the Guild.

You can meet the following pirate ships, in particular:

Ship Name
Little battleship of Goldmont.
Battleship of Medium Goldmont.
The big battleship of Goldmont

How is the Best Looting Work, and what?

It isn’t very different from your good old grind looting when plundering marine creatures in BDO. Your pets may take all the treasure of the sea monsters. All the marine creatures you kill can easily drop pieces worth more than 100 million silver.

Generally speaking, we discovered throughout dozens of testing that the little battleships of Goldmont were the most efficient to farm because they were very fast to kill and respond rapidly. Whether or not you use a loot scroll, you may anticipate 100 to 200 million silver every hour.

More about BDO Sea Monsters

If you are looking for more characteristics about these monsters, you are in the right place. They are different and offer lots of features:

HekaruMap of location Hekaru
Sihuram offers wisdom to marine monsters.
[Guild] Hekaru Spike amethyst 1,5%.
Hekaru’s 100% [Guild] Spike
Sea Neidan’s Sea Monster 100% 100
Unless assaulted friendly
Ocean StalkerMap of location for Ocean Stalker
Provides the knowledge of marine monsters
[Guild] Whisker Ocean Stalker 1.5%
[Create] 100% Skin Ocean Stalker
Neidan 100% [Guild] Sea Monster
Unless assaulted friendly
ApplicantGintabam provides information on marine monsters[Construction] Candidate for steel Eight percent shell
[Guild] 100 percent candidate shell
Neidan 100% [Guild] Sea Monster
NinesharkLocation Moran
Offers sea monster knowledge
Nineshark’s 8 percent Fin [Guild]
Horn Fragment of Nineshark 100 percent [Guild]
Neidan 100% [Guild] Sea Monster
Difficult to overcome
Black RustProvides knowledge about sea monstersEight percent Black Rust Tongue[Guild] Jawbone Black Rust 100% 100%Neidan 100% [Guild] Sea Monster

How to Hunt Sea Monsters at BDO?

Hunting Preconditions of Sea Monster

Like with other things, jump into something Willy Nilly is never a smart idea. There are a few things you should have done before you set sail and start the guild missions.

The conditions for hunting sea monsters are as follows:

  • Gear Ship – green-tier at least.
  • Ship Repair materials – typically just about 50 or so, at least green-tier.
  • Origin Of Wind – 3 will provide sufficient gasoline for a 2-hour journey without any harbor dock.

When the preconditions are in place, it is time to search finally. At present, there truly is just one efficient approach to create marine monster’s pharmaceuticals.

The search would typically be:

  • Ship 1 finds the monster on the edge of the detection chain with Professional Sailing and tugs it back in the direction of Ship 2.
  • Ship 2 is a line with Ship 1.
  • Both boats between them sandwich the sea monster.
  • Both ships will ram the life of a pirate or sea monster.
  • Although this four-stage method (inspired by the mini-guide Feather field) may not sound like much, it’s hard to hang out, so don’t be shocked if your first few hunts aren’t as planned.

In BDO, what are SMH’s Benefits?

It’s no secret that sailing is a gratifying pastime itself – many gamers wonder and loot what the rewards of hunting sea monsters are?

Below are some of the advantages of SMH’s Black Desert Online.

The Experience of Sailing

First and foremost, you will have to hunt Sea Monsters on your sailing search, which provides you with a crazy expansion.

Fishing easier hotspot

The sail exp BDO you get from the action means that you are sailing to a higher level, a major assist in active hotspots fishing. Reading more about guild officers would be helpful too.

More cash flow from the guild funds

The activity is extremely profitable, and as the majority of the goals are guild drops, depending on your management, which may convert into greater payouts.

A Fresh Air Breath (Respite from Grinding)

As the name suggests – grinding is grinding, well. Moreover, sometimes it’s only a requirement to take a new air breath.

SMH lets you get away from the rinse, repeat the grinding routine, and make it a bit more lively and energetic to do with guildmates or friends.

Much to explore

The Sea has many hidden treasures, underwater sites, and many places to discover.

As you go and hunt, of course, you will meet these locations, which adds to what you do even more variation and enjoyment. However, we must know more about these sea monsters and what’s going on with ships, so let’s take a look!

Epheria Sailboat Upgrade

You need to improve your craft to achieve better fishing outcomes! How do you do that, however? Let’s see how: let’s see how:

See the <Wharf Manager> in Veila, Port Epheria, Port Ratt, or Illya Island to upgrade your sailboat to the Epheria Sailboat. Take your sailboat out and remove any equipment your ship currently uses. In Durability and Max Durability, you must fully restore every piece of equipment. Back on the wharf, place your boat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find sea monster ooze in BDO?

The easiest (and only) means of getting a BDO Sea Monster Ooze is to kill sea monsters. It’s that simple!

What is the largest Sea in BDO?

Margoria is the Black Desert’s biggest ocean. There are numerous fish, and the best experiences are also to be found!

Is sea monster hunting profitable BDO?

It’s no other thing than your good old grind looting when it comes to the plundering of sea monsters at BDO. The marine monsters you kill may drop over 100 million silver pieces effortlessly.

How do I get a BDO Carrack?

Eight more Tears from the ocean are required for the Carrack Balance.

BDO Sea Monster Hunting

This item is obtained during a Daily Black Rust search and can prolong your target by eight days.

How do you upgrade to Epheria Caravel?

The Grand Expedition Update was launched on 23 October 2019 for Epheria Caravel and Improved Epheria Sailboat. Both boats are Epheria Sailboat modifications and need a sailboat from Epheria to be manufactured.

Epheria Caravan upgrade:

  • Weight Limit 5,000 more (twice as much LT).
  • Twenty more Sailors Cabin rooms (3x the Cabin space).
  • Five additional stocks.
  • Max Rations 100,000 more time (requires more planning and gathering of rare materials from Barter and Sea Monster drops)

In addition to improved Epheria sailboats, Caravel’s supplies require traded commodities and Sea Monster drops. Often you have enough resources for the Epheria Sailboat enhanced by nodes, gatherings, and missions already.

Improve your sailboat to Improved Epheria if you have no companion who can help you hunt marine monsters. Sea monsters with a lower-level ship are harder to hunt alone. An enhanced sailboat from Epheria can combat the sea monsters which drop the necessary components for the Caravel.

Turn up to an Epheria Caravel immediately if you have a friend who can help you with sea monsters. You will save time and money if you can bypass improved sailboats or upgrade to Epheria Caravel immediately.

Upgrade benefits for Epheria Sailboat:

Cannons are controlled quicker and “captain” (You control the cannon fire by RMB or LMB)

Each side has two guns (2x cannons for increased damage)

Controlled “captain” guns greatly improve over-controlled “player” cannons for lower-class ships, such as the Epheria Sailboat. You need to stop your boat without a captain and wait till the sea monster fires. (When you do not have a companion on board steering the ship, controls the gun.)

Bottom Line

On the Black Desert planet, you spotted rare creatures. They’re hard to locate, but we hope that meeting these rare creatures one by one will add a new element of fun to our adventures, completing the Rare Hunting Guide and getting new titles.

While hard, fighting sea monsters has several advantages. They drop components used to manufacture boat equipment that enhances boat metrics like speed, turn, endurance, etc. The killing of marine monsters also increases the XP guild fund. In tasks like [Boatman Promotion] Man and Sea, you cannot promote your mariners. I unless you seek marine monsters.

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