Beach Holiday: Ways to Make Them Eco-friendly & Enjoyable

Sometimes life gets so hectic and chaotic that all we want is to escape to another place, away from our daily worries. When work gets too much, and chores become just another thing on our to-do list, the best way to unwind is to go on a vacation, no matter how modes and short it is.

A vacation or beach holiday can recharge one’s batteries and culturally enrich the psyche of a traveler, which is why it’s still so in demand, even despite the ongoing pandemic.

There’s something unique and magical about beaches. They can be quiet, loud, lively, and soothing, depending on the time of day and season. There are numerous activities that you could do there to have fun and grow as a person. Spending an evening at the beach is an excellent way to reconnect with the one you love, or contemplate in blissful silence if you’re alone.

So, if you’ve been planning a mini-vacation, then going to a place with beaches is a perfect idea. However, since our planet is in danger, it’s also essential to make your outing a bit more sustainable and eco-friendly. Here are some useful tips on how to pull it off.

Choose the closest destination

Flying to another side of the world for vacation is a wonderful idea until you realize that long-haul flights are harmful to the environment. So, if possible, try choosing the closest destination to your place of residence. If you live in a mountain region, that might be challenging. However, it’s entirely feasible, with a bit of planning and preparation. Rather than booking a plane ticket, it’s better to travel by car, train or bus, as that is an excellent way to reduce your holiday carbon emission.

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Eco-friendly book accommodation

If environmental issues are something you deeply care about, then you should pick the accommodation option that is eco-friendly and least detrimental to the planet. Nowadays, many hotels opt to use effective waste management systems to reduce waste and contribute to the environment. If there’s a hotel or any accommodation type that uses eco-friendly energy sources such as solar or wind power. Then feel free to book that one, as that’s a perfect opportunity to make your vacation more sustainable.

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Be respectful of the environment

Traveling to a foreign place is a unique adventure because there’s something truly liberating about being anonymous among many different people who don’t know you. For some people, this anonymity is also an opportunity to do things they wouldn’t do at home. Even though letting loose while on holiday is fair, it’s essential to remember that you should always be respectful of the environment whilst traveling. Therefore, make sure to pick up the trash, recycle, and follow the local rules and guidelines regarding waste disposal and preservation of wildlife.

Conserve water

Spending a day at the beach is a great way to have fun; however, once you leave, the only thing you want is to wash away the sweat, and residues of sand and sunscreen. However, since water is a vital resource, try to be smart when using it to shower and wash clothes. So, instead of taking a bath, make sure to shower, as showering is a more eco-friendly activity. Additionally, try sterilizing the water and using a reusable bottle. Rather than buying the bottled water every time you go out.

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Travel lightly

For some people, the vacation is an ideal (and maybe the only) opportunity to wear all the fun clothes they’ve previously bought. Still, if you’re aiming to have a sustainable beach holiday, then it’s recommended you travel lightly. Without too much unnecessary load. Also, if you have a chance, feel free to get yourself eco-friendly luggage that is durable and made of recycled materials. However, the most important thing is to bring the most necessary clothes and other personal items, rather than to pack too much, just in case. For example, opting for the best sustainable swimwear is an excellent step toward making the contents of your luggage more eco-friendly. So, instead of relying on fast fashion to look good at the beach, it’s better to wear ethically made clothes that will last you for much longer.

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Use every chance to reuse and recycle

Reusing and recycling things is the best way to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. And taking a trip shouldn’t be an exemption. So if possible, reduce the number of straws, napkins, and utensils you use while eating out. Also, if you travel with magazines and books, find a way to return them for a refund, or maybe even donate them to a hotel for other guests to enjoy.

Mind your behaviour while at the beach

When going to the beach, you should do your best to act nicely to conserve the wildlife. So, please stay away from picking up shelves, starfish, and other creatures. Since the beach is their natural habitat and taking them away will disrupt the harmony. In case you’re traveling with kids, make sure to teach them the importance of respecting the wildlife. So rather than picking up the creatures, try to be humane and leave them be.

Get a non-polluting sunscreen

It’s impossible to spend some time at the beach without wearing sunscreen. The sun and heat are too intense, especially around noon and early afternoon. This is why it’s crucial to protect your skin, from the risk of cancer, premature aging, and sunburns. The ideal sunscreen should be eco-friendly with a broad spectrum of protection that includes UVA, UVB, and IR rays. But, when choosing a sunscreen, be sure to get something free from chemical filters that pollute the water and creatures living in it.

Give yourself a digital detox

A digital detox is a relatively new concept that gained traction with the rise of social media apps and smartphones.

Now, going on vacation means you’ll have to be in touch with people back home. But rather than texting and posting all the time, make sure to take a break from your devices and enjoy the beauty of beaches and other amenities. Using less technology is also a great way to reduce your energy consumption. As you’ll spend less time charging your digital devices.

Support local businesses

This one is crucial if you want to spend an eco-friendly beach holiday. Supporting local businesses is always a more favorable option. So if you find yourself on holiday, make sure to eat at local restaurants rather than international fast-food chains. Additionally, it’s better to stay in a small, locally-owned hotel than to choose lavish resorts next to the beach. Such resorts might have all the comfort, but they’re quite damaging to the beaches and their wildlife.

Final thoughts

Doing every little bit to protect the environment matters a lot. Climate and environmental issues are something we should all care about.

A beach holiday is an excellent opportunity to start implementing some changes; however, be careful and do things at your own pace. Still, if you plan to travel anytime soon, then do your research, follow the local rules and be mindful and respectful of the environment, no matter where you go. Beaches are precious, so it’s essential to keep them clean and safe for everyone.

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