Best Amp for Eidolon Hunting | The Complete Amp Guide (2022)

The Operator’s Amps are weapons. They are often regarded as weak compared to the player’s available primary, secondary, and Melee weapons. Moreover, the ability to Warframe is immensely strong, and virtually without reason, you may use the operating mode for longer durations. In this guide, I will discuss the best AMP for eidolon hunting.

Since Eidolon shields, which are resistant to all sorts of damage adaptations, are taken away from the primary case for Amps? So, you must be well aware of amp designs that work well on Eidolons. A wide range of amps is enough for low to mid-level material outside Eidolons.

Amps are arms that the Operator can only use.

Operator Void Mode is enabled once the Second Dream search is completed. They are mostly employed to take down Eidolon shields and reset the resistances of Sentient and Stalker on the Plains of Eidolon. Their usage beyond this is restricted since operators are too squishy outside Void strike mode, and amp damage is insufficient to reduce opponents at a high level.

All amps have three parts: the Prism, the Scaffold, and the Brace. Prisms determine the Amp’s primary fire, and the Scaffolds determine the secondary fire. These choices may differ from individual target void beams to exploding AoE pellets.

Critical chance, status chance, recharge rates, and recharging delay impact amp properties. Instead of using ammunition, all amps consume their energy bar and recharge statistics impact its regeneration.

Some Basics about Warframe

Best Amp for Eidolon Hunting

Before going into details, you have to finish your War Within & Saya’s Vigil searches to help eidolons. If you have not done these two tasks, it will be difficult to really stay up with a group or even harm the Eidolon.

In addition, this guidance is not taken as a Gospel. Certain constructions of this kind are not perfect construction, especially the-wisp, harrow, and Rubicon builds. This tutorial will take you to the door of the hunting of eidolons in a group, and it will not make you a god hunter straight from the start. You can always do more to make this guide more comprehensive.

Basic Terms About Warframe


A number opposite the x3 implies that in that night cycle, the group would want to do X clears of tridolons. After reading this tutorial, 3 Ter 3 is the greatest place you may start if there is no experience in it. It’s ideal for moving to 4 Ter 3 if you can downgrade your job well. A 5 bis 3 demands a solid synergy with a team where everyone knows what is happening, and a 6as three requires that everybody be flawless and performs.

-1, or -2When someone is hunting and mentions -1 or -2 in conversation, it signifies the number of lures you miss to catch the idol. Try to ensure that before you kill it, you have all the needed attraction, and also ensure there’s a charged lure nearby to keep the telephone eidolon.
TridolonIt only signifies all three eidolons, in contrast to the first Eidolon.
ShrineThe object that you sacrifice your shard for the next Eidolon right amid the Gara Toht Lake.
VomsPower of the Power. Three of them must be killed and put in a lure to charge. If you kill his fantasy without a lure close by which you may collect a lure and offer it credit, then they will drop an orb.

What about the Gilding Amp?

Golding amplifies its stats to its “true” levels. First, you must raise the rank of the Amp to level 30. You can head to Onkko in Cetus or Little Duck in Fortuna after earning the third championship in either syndicate.

This resets the ranking to zero and must be upgraded to the max. A glitch created problems in the gold amps with Cetus pieces in Little Duck with harming Eidolons. We don’t know if this problem is still patched, so be careful to gild your Little Duck amplifier.

Note that Mastery XP is only awarded when leveling in gold amps. Amps only grant Mastery XP, like other modular equipment, dependent on their initial component.

In this scenario, the Prism suggests that, for every one of the 7 Prisms now accessible with the starting Mote Amp, you may obtain a maximum of 24,000 Mastery XP.

Best Amp to Build

The main objective of Amps is to harm the shields of Eidolon. As such, the optical amplifier to create is usually the amplifier that makes Eidolons’ greatest DPS. If the aim is to utilize the Amp on regular missions, it is advisable to attempt the Propa Scaffold because this is decent CC harm that reaches the 30-40 standard opponents.

Eidolons do not Impact proc status effects, which implies that great energy efficiency or high critical chances are the main goals for Braces. Most players feel that a vital opportunity is preferable, making the Lohrin brace long the standard choice. But Fortuna offered an even greater vital opportunity along a brace.

Since the Prism and Scaffold influence the Amp’s firing modes, either is superior to the Eidolon shields. The Shraksun Scaffold, with its inherent punch-through that allows for several high-damage impacts, is by far the most suitable way for breaking down Eidolon shields.

Consequently, you only need the alt-fire at Eidolons. So that you may choose that Prism entirely, we propose that you try the Rahn Prism (4) since it is a tangible way of altering the profit takinger’s shield vulnerability. Feel free to select the Prism that best fits you.

Some AMP Tricks

Binding hotkeys For Gear: You can locate a section near the bottom of the key binding slots to make them easier to use. Binding slots for Gear: I recommend using energy pads and the archwing launcher 100% because you will utilize those most.

Not Sarpa’s Full Stripping: because of serious bonus damage to the eidolon Armor, it might cause more void damage if you completely remove it by retaining a small amount of the armor on them. You will leave them with a minimal amount of armor on the left if you make two light attacks with sarpa at terry, two lights +1 heavy at Garry, and three lights + 1 heavy at Harry. It’s okay if you exaggerate, but it’s okay if you don’t.

Warframe Amps in deep

Let’s look closer at these amps!

PrismsCetusRaplak (1). Semi-auto, long-range, precise hit-scan
Shwaak (2)Semi-auto, medium-range, punch-through projectile
Granmu (3)Multi-shot grenade burst
Rahn (4)Fully auto, long-range shots
CetusRaplak (1)Semi-auto, long-range, precise hit-scan
Shwaak (2)Semi-auto, medium-range, punch-through projectile
Granma (3)Multi-shot grenade burst
Rahn (4)Fully auto, long-range shots
FortunaCantic (5 / F1)You can create an advanced yet cheap fire in a pavilion coupled with a shut shutter governor.
Lega (5 / 3)Releases an inflammatory assault with time
Klamora (7 / F3)Wide-angle energy release in short-range

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest amp Warframe?

The 1-7-7 1 (Highest damaging Amp for Eidolons) is serious scaffold damage, which is further enhanced by serious damage. It beats all the other amplifiers for Eidolon hunting. It can prove highly successful if you are qualified enough.

What Amp should I build Warframe?

The finest Amp builds for general fighting provide much more versatility. Your best bet is to construct with strong synergy with a good Arcane with outstanding crowd control. We propose either the Shwaak Prism (Shaffold) or the Shraksun Scaffold for the Prism or Scaffold (Tier 2).

What are amps in Warframe?

Amps are unique modular weaponry that Tenno Operators employ, obtained from The Quills and Vox Solaris, to increase their fighting capabilities.

How many arcanes does it take to Max?

0 + x9 (0) = 3rd. 3rd (maxed) Used ten rows of 0 arcans. The simplest approach to maximizing an arcane is to wait until you reach 10 of the same ones merely. This is an important step you must do to accomplish your missions.

Do amps give mastery?

Amps only grant Mastery XP, like other modular equipment, dependent on their initial component. In this scenario, the Prism suggests that, for every one of the 7 Prisms now accessible with the starting Mote Amp, you may obtain a maximum of 24,000 Mastery XP.

What mastery rank is Soma prime?

You can no longer achieve soma Prime, and the Prime Vault is entered. Master’s Requirement: for the Soma Prime, a master’s degree 6 is necessary.

What is the best sniper in Warframe?

  • Vectis Prime. “The recently unearthed Vectis Prime revives martial traditions Tenno once thought had been lost.”
  • Lanka. “Through magnetic procs induction, Lanka shoots a high-speed projectile.”
  • Rubico Prime.

Bottom Line

It might not be easy to select the ideal one for you, with hundreds of arms available for Warframe. You want a weapon that can carry you through missions at a high level and Eidolon Hunts. You certainly want to make sniper rifles for yourself. Sniper guns can offer an awful lot of serious damage that allows you to shot some enemies groups.

You may choose hundreds of main, secondary, and mileage weapons from Warframe. You don’t have enough time, and you don’t have enough Weapon slots to test anyone out.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking the finest primary weapon. The major weaponry, including grenade launchers, lasers, flammers, and sniper guns, is available. So, have fun, and do some hunting!

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