Best Backpacking Saw for Camping and Survival – Updated Buyers Guide

Do you think whether it is a good idea to add the best backpacking saw to your backpacking kit? There can be various scenarios where you just might need one. 

On your trip, it can be elementary to build a small fire.

All you need is a few twigs and some wood pieces that you can pick up from the ground. However, if you find some high branches attached to their tree, a saw may come handy in such a situation. 

There can be situations where there is a need to repair the trail; backpacking saw would help you with that. In case you need shelter and have to build it yourself on the spot, a saw can be a lifesaver in such a scenario. 

The folding, pocket, and hand saws are useful for DIY enthusiasts, survivalists, and backpackers. They help accomplish big projects as well as small jobs. Choosing the best backpacking saw depends on various factors. You need to be mindful of the blade size, weight of the saw, a suitable number of teeth per inch (TPI) for your specific needs, etc. 

Read this guide to know all about backpacking saws. We have reviewed the most sought after saws suitable for a backpacking kit and covered everything you should know to select one for yourself.   

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Types of Backpacking Saws             

Types of Backpacking Saws

If you have decided to pack a lightweight saw for your backpack, you would have to choose from one of the three main types of backpacking saws: 

  • Pocket chainsaws
  • Folding Saws
  • Bow Saws

Pocket Chainsaws

A pocket chainsaw is very similar to a regular chainsaw, except that the regular one has an engine and a large handle, whereas a pocket chainsaw has no engine and a small handle on both its sides. 

You cut your desired item with it by holding the handles on both sides and pulling it back and forth across your desired surface. The chain is foldable to any shape, which makes it easy to store. 

They usually have aggressive shaped teeth that are bidirectional. This allows the pocket chainsaws to cut faster because of working two-ways on each stroke.

Their teeth lose their sharpness with use, but they can be sharpened using blade sharpener for the chainsaw.  

Folding Saws

The folding saws work the same as your regular saw, but these are designed to go safely in a backpack without ripping out the other stuff and are much more lightweight.

The best folding saw comes with a blade with aggressive teeth that won’t do any harm when you fold it safely inside the sheath. 

They are useful to cut the medium thickness of wood, which is less than six inches. The teeth of the folding saws are aligned in a way that they cut on both the pull and push strokes. It makes cutting fast and efficient.     

Bow Saws

If you need heavy-duty backpacking saw, a bow saw should be your best choice. They have a blade that spans across its broad points. Its handle is angled on the sides to let you apply increased pressure in your strokes. 

What are the Uses of Saws and its Benefits 

best backpacking saws

There are many different ways a backpacking saw can be used. We are discussing the major ones here: 


There is controversy around cutting firewood during hiking. If you have to make a fire on the trail, make sure to stay safe and sensible. Moreover, whenever you light a fire, follow the rule of Leave NO Trace when in the wilderness. 

According to LNT, it is best not to use a saw to collect firewood. It is best to gather the broken branches and twigs lying around. 

To collect firewood, a bow saw, or a folding saw would be best. Both are made to perform the heavy cutting, and their handles are more ergonomically shaped to perform the efficient cutting. 

Shelter Making               

One more use of backpacking saw is to make a shelter. Just make sure, building a shelter is permitted on your intended location. Moreover, once you are done spending the time in your shelter, disassemble it, so there are no traces left behind. 

All kinds of backpacking saws should work fine for building a shelter. But if you don’t have to build many shelters during your trip, a good pocket chain saw should work just fine and occupy less space in your backpack and weigh lighter than other types of saws. 

Shelters are usually only built when you have an emergency. It is why it is best to pack a lightweight pocket chainsaw, which doesn’t take too much space.

Keep in mind that shelters should only be built in emergencies. For your everyday life on the trail, a tent, or a tarp should be packed. You want to preserve nature as it is and not leave an impact.

Try making shelter as a practice before you hit the trail to know what needs to be done when in an emergency. It is good to have a saw in your bag, but ideally, you must know how to build a shelter with no tool. A saw is just a helpful addition. 

Trail Work

To maintain the trail, you need a sharp and big saw. Backpacking saws are not sturdy enough to perform heavy trail maintenance. Get a good bow saw if you intend to do trail work. 

It is nice to maintain the trail for backpackers that might come after that you, but there are trails where only specific organizations have a permit to do trail work. If you are allowed to do trail work, then the best portable saw can have a bow saw. The rigid and aggressive blade of the bow makes it easy to quickly clear the overgrown branches on the trail and the blow-downs. Before you start trail maintenance, make sure it is permitted by the local ranger station or trail organization. The authorities often re-route or shut down specific trails. If that is the case with your trail, you will be misguiding everyone if you clear up a closed trail.

The trail maintenance crew usually uses heavy chainsaws or bigger hand saws as trail work is substantial. While it is nice to help clear a trail, you are not equipped or supposed to clear whole trees on your own as a backpacker. Stay reasonable and ensure your safety.                        

Comparison Table for Best Backpacking saw

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Detailed Review of the 6 Best Backpacking Saw  

01- Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw


The Laplander by Bahco is one durable, and promising folding saw. It cuts the wood like a breeze, and its design makes it effortless. At an affordable price point, it is a sure winner.  

XT Toothing

The Laplander has its tooth-shaped at such grinding angle that they aren’t massive but offer fast cutting. These are sharp and offer efficient cutting on both the pull and push strokes. This way, your cutting efficiency becomes double. 

Safety Lock

This saw comes with efficient safety features. Firstly, its handle is made of plastic and has a leather strap. Then there is the feature of lock-in and lock outcomes in handy for both open and close position for this folding saw. 

Rust Protection Coating 

There is no fear of rusting this blade as it comes with a special coating that prevents rust and minimizes friction. It also ensures optimum performance. This is why its blade stays as sharp as new even after being used many times.  

  • This saw holds its edge for a more extended time.
  • Its cutting is fast and consistent.
  • It is easy to operate and very lightweight.
  • Its blade is coated to keep it rust-free and keep friction minimized.
  • This blade is designed to cut on both the pull and the push strokes.
  • If the alignment is not right, its lock feature may not work right.
  • This blade’s teeth are small, and it is straight-edged, which makes it not the best choice to cut large pieces.
  • Its plastic handle is a dark green color that is difficult to find if you drop your saw.


Bahco is well known for its top-notch cutting instruments. The Laplander is a general-purpose saw that cuts dry and green wood well and can even cut through a bone.  


The Bahco 9-inch Laplander folding saw has seven teeth per inch and is a general-purpose folding saw for cutting both green and dry wood, plastic, or bone. This saw is specially designed for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, and campers. The blade is specially coated for rust protection and low friction. People are a fan of the Laplander because it’s durable and consistent and doesn’t lose its sharpness even after multiple uses. It flies through the wood and is very lightweight. It is undoubtedly equal to the best backpacking axe; you could have.

02- Corona RS 7245 Razor Tooth Folding Saw


The Corona Razor Tooth saw comes with High Carbon Japanese SK5 steel and chrome plating. Its curved blade design allows fast and clean cutting with much less effort. 

Compact Size

This saw is convenient and compact. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use. When folded, it occupies very little space in the backpack. It has a locking mechanism that works in open and closed positions. Some of its teeth stay exposed when folded because of its curved shape.  

Curved Design

Its curve shape allows fast and clean cutting. As well as the teeth are three-sided, impulse-hardened that help clear three times more with every cut. Its handle is co-moulded to facilitate a pistol-like hold, which is very comfortable and effortless when cutting.     

Chrome Plated Blade

The Corona folding saw has a chrome blade that keeps itself clean and is resistant to corrosion. The hard layer of chrome minimizes friction while cutting, so you have to apply less force, and this layer also acts as a protection for the blade. This saw comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The blade will get dull in a year with frequent use. Thankfully it is replaceable, so you can just upgrade when the time comes.

  • The Corona razor saw has a compact make.
    Children, adults, and the elderly can use it safely.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold with better control.
  • Its three-sided teeth offer efficient and fast cutting.
  • Its curve design allows us to perform heavy-duty jobs.
  • When you fold the Corona razor saw, some of its teeth stay exposed.
  • This saw cuts on the pull stroke only.


The Corona folding saw offers great value for its price. It is practical and compact and makes pruning very easy. It has a curve design and a superb handle that makes cutting effortless. 


People boast about its heavy-duty cutting, quick work, superb control, and compact and lightweight design. Moreover, it is excellent for all ages. Kids, adults, even your grandparents, can use it without any problem. Many camping lovers also like it because they have used it very comfortably in kayaking/ camping excursions. It’s lightweight and works amazingly on logs up to 5″ in diameter and takes up very little space. These are a reliable little workhorse. People said that they had not faced any problems while cutting the trees down.

03- FLORA GUARD Hand Pruning Saw


Flora Guard has its own history. It was first established in Shanghai, 1995. Ken, the creator, the third generation of a craftsman family, inherits the spirit of artisan and focuses on garden tools. With 40 mechanics engineers and quality control engineers provide technical support. We let you know this because it makes you believe more in its quality. The Flora Guard is a pruning saw having triple-cut teeth that offer smooth and fast cutting. It has a 7.7 inches blade and an ergonomic handle that folds to a compact size. 

Triple Teeth Blade

The SK5 carbon steel blade has aggressive teeth making it easy to cut through softwoods and ropes quickly. If you use it right and develop a good groove, you can cut medium-sized branches with this saw. However, this is a pruning saw; you cannot expect to cut whole trees.         

Safety Lock

The Flora Guard folding saw has a two-stage safety lock that will keep the saw locked in the open or closed position. It folds to a very compact size, making it easy to go in your backpack. None of its teeth are exposed when it is folded.      

Non-Slip Handle

It is very comfortable as well as durable pruning saw to hold. The handle has an ergonomic design, and it doesn’t slip from your hands. 

  • The blade of the Flora Guard pruning saw has triple teeth.
  • Its handle has an ergonomic design and nonslip capability.
  • This is a very compact and lightweight saw.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It has a safety lock mechanism.
  • Its blade is thin.
  • This saw is not meant to be used on thick wood.


It is a budget-friendly pruning saw that can cut different kinds of lighter woods and rope. It has a compact size and lightweight. Also, its nonslip handle makes it more favorable to the customers. It also has triple teeth saw with high-frequency treatment, sharp, which makes it more wear-resistant and durable. 


People who want to pack light and save money love this saw. It is praised for being safe, lightweight, comfortable, durable, and pocket friendly. It is meant for lighter work, and it is not a heavy-duty saw. People also love it because of its long renowned history. This company saw makers don’t compromise with their quality of the product, which makes them more reputed to the people.  

04- Eversaw Multi-Purpose 8″ Triple Cut Carbon Steel Blade Folding Hand Saw 


The Eversaw eight-inch saw is a Japanese style pull stroke saw with a durable design loaded with modern features.   

Durable Built

The Eversaw folding saw is made of SK5 carbon steel blade, which is very sharp and durable. This blade is best for cutting up to four inches diameter of the wood. It is a high performing saw made up of solid material suitable to cut wood, plastic, and even bone.    

Triple Cut Blade

The triple cut blade of this Japanese style saw allows very smooth and quick sawing. Backpackers, survivalists, and hunters can use it for several different purposes. You can cut branches, trees, limbs, snow, etc. using this multipurpose saw. It is a hunters’ favourite cutting tool being the best backpacking bone saw among its contenders.       

Extra-Secure Gear Style Lock

Most saws have a locking system that doesn’t work, which can be a safety risk for folding saws. However, the Eversaw backpacking saw comes with a gear style locking system that is secure and dependable. Your saw will never unlock its self on its own. Since the blade of this saw fit completely inside its handle when folded, none of its teeth is exposed, which keeps your gear safe when it is in your backpack. 

  • This folding saw comes with a rugged blade that’s eight-inch long.
  • Its teeth are three times more effective with a triple cut hardened razor.
  • Its handle is slip-resistant and ergonomically designed.
  • This saw comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It has a dependable gear style locking
  • This saw is somewhat heavy among its contenders.
  • This saw only cuts on the pull stroke.


If you are looking for a smooth and quick cutting axe for camping that offers excellent grip and can be used for many different purposes, this one is undoubtedly a keeper. The price range is of less than mediocre quality, durability, and functionality. People who have a low budget buy this saw. 


It is surprisingly an excellent saw for a high price. People swear by its durability. When used the right way, which is pull stroke for this one, it can be used for multiple purposes. This one is undoubtedly sturdier than many other hand saws in the same price range. People love it because, while many hand saws are made of flimsy, low-quality blades that bend and break, Home Planet Gear’s EverSaw Folding Hand Saw 8.0 is crafted out of rugged SK5 carbon steel for rock-solid strength and durability. 

05- Silky GomBoy Professional Folding Saw 

best folding saw

The Gomboy 240mm by Silky is the best survival saw you can find in the backpacking category. This saw would not leave you stranded when in an emergency. With refined Japanese cutting technology and fitting a myriad of applications, it’s not surprising that the Gomboy professional is preferred amongst folding saw users.

Mirai-Me Tooth Design

The Japanese technology used to create this piece of perfection is the best in its class. Its blades are impulse-hardened, and precision ground and the teeth are shaped based on the Japanese Mirai-Me technology, which translates to smooth cutting. And smooth cuts it delivers. 

Multipurpose Application 

Like most Japanese saws, this is a pull-cut saw that can offer various applications when used correctly. You have to apply very minimal effort to cut through woods, be it branches or logs. You can easily use it for your camping, hunting, or bush crafting needs.  

Carrying Case Included

Although the Gomboy is compact and lightweight to go anywhere in the luggage or on your belt, it comes with a see-through case made up of hard plastic. It will keep the saw secure, especially its rubberized handle that could collect gunk if left out exposed.

  • The Silky Gomboy has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Its blade is impulse hardened and precision ground.
  • The Gomboy is a professional grade multipurpose saw.
  • It comes with a carrying case of clear hard plastic.
  • The Gomboy is compact and lightweight
  • The blade is relatively thin.
  • It only cuts on the pull stroke.


Being a Silky Saw is reasoned enough for anyone looking for a handy and compact folding saw to get the Gomboy. It cuts well. It is a must-have for bush crafters and survivalists. One more reason is the Silky Gomboy series blades are manufactured with precision ground, impulse-hardened teeth, and patented Mirai-Me smooth cutting teeth design. 


The Gomboy is a favorite folding saw among landscapers and gardeners. It offers fast and smooth cutting. People love it more due to its impulse hardening technology. They use a unique high-frequency heating technique; teeth are heated instantly and hardened. The remainder of the blade is unchanged & still retains its cognitive flexibility. The hardened teeth are harder than an ordinary file and stay sharp about three times longer than non-hardened teeth.

06- Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw 


Hooyman Extendable comes in 3 size options: The five-foot, the ten-foot, and the fifteen-foot extendable saw. Its blade can also be separated to work as a hand saw. It is best for tasks that require longer reach. 

Extendable Saw

The five foot one, that we are reviewing extends to a five-foot size and collapses to twelve inches or one foot. There are other models of Hooyman Extendable in Ten foot and sixteen-foot sizes.

It has an in-line design where the blade slides up to your desired length and lock inside the extended arm. This way, the safety of your saw is ensured. It also allows you to collapse the blade when you want and easily carries it around.     

Four-edge tooth

The blade is made up of SK5 high carbon steel and has its teeth impulse-hardened with a four edge design. This is why this tool is super sharp and can easily cut through sturdy wood or other materials.    

Handheld Capability

This saw has a collapsible pole, which allows you to control the length of your blade according to your need. Another cool feature is that if you don’t want the extension that gives you access to far-reaching objects, you can detach it from the pole and us it as a hand saw.     

  • The blade of the Hooyman Extendable is made up of SK5 high carbon steel.
  • This is a blade that stays sharp after many months of usage.
  • The extendable offers increased reach.
  • Its locking extension mechanism allows you to control the length of your blade.
  • This can also be used as a hand saw.
  • When you fully extend the saw, its ability to handle tough jobs minimizes.


If you want a saw that offers you to cut objects that you cannot even reach, the Hooyman Extendable is the one for you.   


People love it for its extended reach, extensive duty functionality, and durable life due to its quality legacy. The Hooyman tree saws are built tough. The MegaBite blade uses a high carbon SK5 steel in tapered blade design. It is combined with an impulse-hardened 4 edge tooth that has improved tooth geometry for unmatched cutting performance and longer cutting life. I-beam aluminium construction, In-line design, and the positive locking extension system combine to give you incredible cutting stability – even at full extension. The lock-back blade folds down with a touch of a finger has made it favourite to the people.

Buyers Guide for Best Backpacking Saw  

Your backpacking saw is an integral part of your gear on the trail. You want to be ready for different kinds of needs and hurdles that might come your way. 

There are different styles of camping saws designed to meet the needs of different people. Here are the things you should keep in mind when choosing your best backpacking saw.     

Size and Strength

The saw size is essential as you want something big enough to handle your needs and small enough to carry around easily.  

This is why we have listed the best folding saws on our review because they are compact yet sturdy. The size of your saw is not only crucial for travel storage needs but also because you want the right sized blade for the trail. If your saw has a blade less than seven inches, you want to cut branches mainly hardwood. You want a saw that has the appropriate size and sharp teeth to perform well on your trip.     


Your saw needs to be durable as well as somewhat flexible. A very rigid saw can easily snap and will be of no use in critical conditions.

Usually, the blade is made of steel or the popular high carbon steel. It is not only sturdy and durable but also cost-effective. It is perfect for cutting branches, trees, or other objects that you may need to cut.

The handle of your blade also needs to be given its due importance. You want a comfortable handle that offers excellent grip and is sturdy enough to use again and again. For folding saws, the joints and hinges should be high quality because this is the weak point. 

Plastic handles are most common for being lightweight. There is a rubber covering above the plastic to make the grip firm and comfortable. Rubber makes the handle non-slipping.   


Just like the size, the weight of the saw it also super important. Your saw needs to be lightweight and portable, but you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the blade. Don’t hesitate to go for a little extra weight as it will pay well in the long run. 


If you are a bush crafter, you would want a bow saw. If you are an occasional camper going out in controlled environments, a pocket chain saw is best. But if you are the like the most campers and hunters, you would prefer a proper folding saw to go in your backpack. 


There are different purposes for which people need to carry a saw. And experienced camper who knows their locations well would exactly know what kind of saw will suit for what trip. 

If you have to cut small and medium branches having a bow saw of blade length ranging between seven to twelve inches is right for you. For more significant trees, you will need a chain saw.

Teeth Per Inch 

Teeth per inch in your saw blade determines the quality of your cut. The blades with a higher number of teeth per inch will deliver a more delicate cut, but they will take more time.

As a camper, all you want to do with your saw is to collect firewood. You don’t care about fine cuts; all you want is quick and efficient work. So look for a lesser number of teeth per inch. It doesn’t matter if the wood you are going to burn is cut smoothly or roughly.   


Safety should be your top priority when buying anything. Being a sharp object, any saw must be kept out of reach of children and pets and should be locked and covered. You don’t want your kids or pets to injure themselves accidentally if they manage to get their hands or paws on one of your saws. 

Folding saws almost always come with a lock mechanism that will make it a little difficult for them to open it. Always keep yours in a cover to stay safe. 


You don’t want your saw to break in two pieces while you are busy cutting wood. This is why the quality of your saw is essential. Its blade, handle, and other attachments even replacement blades need to be of high quality. Make sure your blade is made of stainless steel or high carbon steel, and the rust of the body has aluminum and not vinyl.     


When it comes to saws, what you pay reflects on what you get. While our reviewed best backpacking saws are affordable and deliver the same result as an expensive tool would do. However, the high-end saws which cost more offer superior quality.        

User Experience 

Cutting wood is a tough job; you need all the help you can get from your cutting instrument to make your job easy. Look for a handle with an ergonomic design so that your hand stays comfortable while cutting. A rubber grip will prove to be non-slipping, so go for it. Look at the overall weight of your saw. You want it to be lightweight and still durable and robust for your needs.           


Go for names that are well known for their quality and durability. Our top picks are all manufactured by popular outdoor brands. They test their product in several different ways before launching them in the market.    

Blade Design and Efficiency 

Find out the make and structure of your saw blade so that you know how it will perform on the trail. The Teeth per Inch or TPI of the blade is an important metric, and we strongly recommend to get a saw having seven to nine teeth per inch for efficient cutting. As discussed above, a low number of teeth per inch mean quick and efficient cutting but small precision. 

How long your blade is also matters. It would determine what kind of cutting you can perform with that saw and dictate how to carry that saw with you on your way.

Pocket chainsaws and folding saws are both created for backpackers’ ease and portability. Saws with thick blades will be heavy to move around but cut better and last longer.

Your saw blade’s angle also matters when it comes to its performance. You will find straight blades as well as curved ones. While it’s more of a personal choice, but when you have to cut between your shoulder and blades, a straight blade will work best. And when you want to reach up above your head, a curved blade would work best. 

Travel Friendly 

For backpackers, it is most essential to be able to carry the saw without weighing themselves down with its burden. A compact saw that could fit in your pocket or on your belt loop would be a great choice. 

This much depends on where you are headed and how you intend to use your saw. A smaller saw may make your job difficult but won’t weigh you down during your trip. So it’s a trade-off here for size and weight versus performance on the trail, and you want to strike the right balance between the both. 

Handle Structure 

The structure of your blade’s handle would determine how easily or poorly you can do your sawing. You must find one that is effortless to use. We recommend aluminium handles that have a rubber grip. Other than that, highly dense plastic handles are lightweight and cost-effective and also perform well.

Backpacking Saw Maintenance tips

Sharpening a Pocket Chainsaw

The pocket chainsaw is very easy and affordable to sharpen using a hand file. Your files must be round and match the teeth size of your pocket chain saw. You can measure it by taking the teeth’ inside the curvature radius. Usually, it is 3/16 inches for most pocket chainsaws. However, the other sizes are 5/32 inches and 7/32 inches.  

Just keep your movements slow while sharpening and steady and keep an eye on the blade. To keep it stable, use a vise while sharpening it.

Sharpening the saw removes its metal slowly and gradually until a time comes when the saw is worn off, and you have to replace it. To make your pocket chainsaw last longer, try to file only a little so that your blade becomes sharp without losing much metal. 

camping saws

Sharpening Bow Saws

There are different blades for different bow saws. Sharpening a bow saw is a lot more complicated and intricate as compared to the chainsaw. However, it is doable, although replacing the blade can be the way more quick and easy option. 

If you take on the challenge of sharpening it yourself, try to figure out your blade’s teeth design. Get some files and use a steady hand. It will be time taking and tedious but might be satisfying in the end if you are a DIY enthusiast.              

Sharpening Folding Saws

Usually, folding saws have simple style teeth. The blade is curved most of the time, and the teeth are so narrowly situated that getting a file to sharpen each teeth is nearly impossible. 

However, sharpening a folding saw is also doable if you set your mind to it. For this, you’d have to get needle files or feather files. A feather file is a specialized instrument, and you might end up getting a poor quality one. So don’t settle for cheap files and buy the expensive one if you do want to sharpen your saw on your own otherwise, using a sparse file would just be a waste of effort.   

How to Clean a Backpacking Saw

Backpacker’s saw can quickly get dirty with all the debris and sap it has to deal with. Many things are said to work to clean a saw blade. Some suggest using olive oil, others swear by WD-40, some people advise to try isopropyl alcohol, and some suggest Goo-Gone. Easy-Off Oven Cleaner is also recommended for cleaning saw blades. 

Olive oil or any oil for that matter doesn’t clean the blade, but people like to apply it after washing it. With WD-40 or Goo-Gone, you have to apply the fluid on the dirty blade and let it sit for a few minutes before rubbing it clean with a toothbrush. The same is the procedure for using Easy-Off oven cleaner for cleaning a saw blade.  

Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol is also useful to an extent. You damp a piece of cloth with some drops of rubbing alcohol and rub it on the dirty blade, and it gradually removes the stains. Do not use methanol, though, as it is poisonous and can enter your body through skin pores. 

If you find some stains more persistent than others and nothing else works, you could use steel wool to get those off. You can use the CMT Formula 2050 Blade and Bit Cleaner, as it has the right materials for cleaning any type of blade easily and fast. 

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FAQs for Best Backpacking Saw 

Q: What is a backpacking saw?

A: A backpacking saw is a mini version of your usual handsaw. It is a fusion between a tactical knife and a standard sized tool designed for campers, hunters, or survivalists.

Q: What type of saw will suit me best?

A: If you are a hunter or a survivalist, a pocket chain saw is the best choice. A folding saw is suitable for camping needs, and a bow saw is best for adventurers needing a tool to cut all types of wood.

Q: What is the general purpose of the bow saws?

A: Generally, people carry bow saws to cut tree trunks and thicker branches having a thickness of up to six inches. There are some models of bow saws that also combine other tools, for example, a mallet and axe.

Q: How can I replace a saw blade that has become damaged or dull?

A: It is usually simple to change an old saw blade. Just unscrew the nuts that hold the blade in place, take the old blade out, place the new blade, and secure the nuts once more. But, keep in mind that not every backpacking saw comes with replaceable blades. 

Q: Which one will be better: a big saw or a small one?

A: It depends on why you need a saw in the first place. A bigger saw can handle bigger wood and other items and will prove to be more resistant. A smaller one, while being more delicate, is more comfortable to carry and move around.

Q: What is the best way to sharpening a pocket chainsaw?

A: We recommend using a handheld sharpener for chainsaws designed for the radius of the chain of your pocket chainsaw.

Q: Is it okay to oil your saw?

A: Yes. Lubrication will keep any saw in optimum shape for long. If you plan on using your saw to cut edibles or games other than branches, get a food-grade lubricant.

Final Words

The best backpacking saw for different backpackers will be different according to their specific needs. Overall, everyone wants a portable, lightweight, yet sturdy tool on the go.

Every saw is not the same as the other, and investing in a good one pays back in the long run. Whatever type your preferred style of saw may be, its blade has to be very sharp. Look closely at their structure and pick the design elements that offer better efficiency to get more work done with less effort and minimum time. I hope the top picks on our list would help you choose yours as well. Read more about best ham radio for survival camping kit.


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