10 Best Campgrounds in California, USA

If you are new in California or planning to visit the state soon, you would probably like to pitch a tent somewhere to enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s easy to get lost in nature when you’re camping. The sound of silence and tranquillity is so calming. It feels like the only thing that exists for miles around! Here are the 10 best campgrounds in California.

The California coastlines offer endless opportunities: waterfalls; mountain trails with secluded viewpoints (perfect if your group wants some privacy); wildlife refuges where visitors may spot porpoises swimming along our beaches, or brown pelicans soaring; overhead. There really could be anything out there waiting at any moment – what will YOUR discovery look like?

Not only can you enjoy nature, but you also get the perfect environment to spend some special moments with your loved ones. 

This travel guide will help you explore the gems of California and enjoy your weekends and holidays having fun with friends and family, or perhaps on your own. 


So, stay tuned to find out the top 10 campgrounds in California.

Best Campgrounds in California: Top 10

Here I am going to talk about some best campsites in California to make it easy for you when you wish to set camp in this beautiful part of the USA. Let’s see. 

Lake Siskiyou Resort & Camp

It is an amazing campsite near Mount Shasta and one of the most beautiful lakes in California. Swimming, low-speed boating, and fishing are some of the options you can enjoy at the site. Boat rentals are available, but you cannot exceed the speed limit of 10-mph. The water is clean and fresh so that you can enjoy swimming and other sports activities in the respective areas.

The campgrounds are full at weekends and in summer, and you can pay a visit to the lake once with your friends and family. The campgrounds are large, yet you can retain your style as they are tucked in forest areas. 

White Tank Campground

White Tank Campground is a serene place to have a sound sleep or enjoy the star-strewn sky at night in Joshua Tree National Park. You can also get to some climbing and bouldering areas and the Arch Rock Nature Trail from the campground.

The campsite is relatively calm and peaceful as it has only 15 spots, and it is first-come, first-served. Although it is open year-round, you should visit the site in spring when nature adorns with colours and the temperature is endurable. It is only $15 a night with no water access. 

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Prairie Creek Redwood Park is home to a herd of Roosevelt Elk and many old-growth Redwoods. You will also see the Gold Bluffs Beach, where the Roosevelt Elks graze and lay their body when it is time for rest. The park is right on the coast, and if you head towards north, you will soon see Eureka. 

A waterproof jacket can come in handy in the coastal area for fun and security. Elk Prairie Campground would be an awesome place to sleep at night for $35 and enjoy the beautiful environment in and around the park.

Nevada Beach Campground

If you plan to visit South Lake Tahoe and other nearby areas, you can reserve a spot online for 35 dollars a night. Nevada Beach Campground is suitable for camping with family and kids.  

It is even more enjoyable for those who love water sports. Besides, you will have access to restrooms, grocery stores, gas stations, and most importantly, drinking water. With summer being the best time for camp on the site, the campground is open from May through October. 

Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is one of the high-rated camping destinations in California. The park is a couple of hours south of Los Angeles and near the Pacific Ocean coastline and bluffs. The spot has perfect places for hiking, surfing, and swimming. 

You can stay the night at Moro Campground for $55. It offers you family sites as well as RV sites with water and flush toilets. It is open year-round, so secure a spot for you online. 

Sunset Beach Campground

Sunset Beach Campground is popular for its picnic spots, mountainous dunes, and pine trees. It is between the cities of Santa Cruz and Monterey, and people can visit it throughout the year.

It has 91 campsites with access to water, flush toilets, and showers. You can buy firewood from the camp host. 

Refugio State Beach

Refugio State Beach is among the most beautiful campgrounds in California. The area is full of palm trees and suitable for hiking and cycling if you get along the west side of California State Route 1. 

There are 66 campsites with access to water, flush toilets, showers, and a camp store. The beach is a few steps away from the campsites. Hence, you can also enjoy an Ocean View. 

Minaret Falls Campground

Minaret Falls Campground offers you prime access to the Reds Meadow Valley, a place where you can enjoy the amazing view of mountains, let alone the high alpine lakes and pine forests. Camping near the San Joaquin River and Minaret Falls waterfall is something you don’t want to miss. 

Luckily, the camping will cost you a little $23 a night. Plus, you will have access to water and pit toilets. It is open in the summer, and you can secure a spot without reservation. 

Butte Lake Campground

This campground is a huge area under the shade of pine trees standing along the shore of an alpine lake. It is located on the northeast side of Lassen Volcanic National Park, touching Caribou Wilderness. You can hike up the Cinder Cone, swim in Bathtub Lake, and explore many more things. Camping here will cost you $22, although water is not. You can reserve a spot online, however. 

Cold Springs Campground

Cold Springs Campground is located in Sequoia National Park and best for hikers. RVs and trailers are not allowed as the road are not so friendly for them. 

It’s a tent-only campground, and also first-come, first-served. Stay a night for only $12 with pit toilets and a seasonal water supply. The campground offers services during summer into the fall. 


I hope you enjoyed the article and learned about some of the best campsites in California. As I said, California has numerous spots for you to explore, and you can do it by camping in different parts of California. 

However, you can start the mission with one of these best campgrounds in California I have discussed in the article. Happy Camping!

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