Best Camping Chairs of 2022 Reviewed – The Ultimate Buying Guide

If you want an activity that is more relaxing and can be enjoyed throughout all four seasons, then camping should be on the list. You will get to appreciate nature by enjoying the activities outdoors away from home for at least one night or more.

The challenges of day-to-day life can be released, and you can refresh yourself, ready to go back to work after a holiday. How do you even let your holiday pass without camping? Anyway, not everyone is a camping enthusiast but be assured if you try once, you will never ask for more. Relaxing without a camp chair is not pleasant, so we have featured the best camping chairs from the market in this article.

For those who have been doing it, they can attest that sleep-out essentials cannot be complete without the best camp chair. As you enjoy the outdoor activities, a perfect chair will be needed to sit and relax after some time. However, there are various options available that can make it challenging to pick one out of the many. Also, you will need a portable, comfortable, and long-lasting hiking chair that won’t be stressful when carrying and setting it up.

No need to stress yourself, however. We have reviewed the six top-rated chairs that are perfect for everyone wishing to have the best camping experience. The buyer’s guide is also provided so you can choose one wisely. READ ON and pick one that suits your needs and style.

Comparison table of the Best Camping Chairs

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In-depth Reviews of the top-rated Best Camping Chairs

Looking at different camp chairs may not tell you which one will serve well. Though you might see the color and the material, there is more to it. There is a need, therefore, to understand all the features of a particular hiking chair before purchasing it. Below, we review in detail the six best camping chairs to enable you to make an informed decision.

1- Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair With 4-Can Cooler

best camping chairs

The quad portable camp chair is the best that can be transported easily and more comfortably. The in-built four cooler pouches will keep your cold drink chilled for long hours. The cup holder keeps drinks within reach while keys, snacks, and phones can be put inside meshed pockets. Made of a sturdy steel frame, polyester material, and cushioned, the chair provides much comfort with back support. 

Never worry about how to carry around the seat. After relaxing and having your favorite cold drink, you can fold the chairs and put them in a carry bag. Holding up to 325lbs of weight and 24 inches in size, you can comfortably fit without worrying about breaking. You will appreciate its comfort and convenience.

Key Features

  • Made of durable polyester material
  • In-built armrest cooler for chilled and reachable drinks
  • Side pockets for keeping items to free your hands
  • Cup holder that keeps drinks within reach
  • Robust steel frame
  • Totally cushioned


  • Brand: Coleman
  • Model: 2000032008
  • Weight: 7.75 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.8*27*27 inches
  • Color: Blue
  • Frame: Steel
  • Capacity: 325lbs

02- Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

best camping chairs

Kijaro dual lock seat provides a dual lock solution that is easy to use on different occasions. You can lock closed for stress-free transport and lock open for added stability. Unlocking can easily be done through a push button and then locked through push-on arms. The long-lasting ripstop polyester and meshed back provide no-sag seating solutions that leave one with a wonderful experience.  No worry about carrying a drink as it can be placed conveniently in reachable two cup holders.

There are also meshed and zipped pockets that allow one to keep items such as phones and keys to free the hands from other activities. What’s more, is that there are a variety of colors to choose from to combine comfort and style. The chair supports 300 pounds of weight and comes with straps and a carry bag. When done using it, just fold it, put it in the bag, and journey on conveniently.

Key Features

  • Dual lock solution for stability and portability
  • Meshed and zipped pockets for putting extra items
  • Long-lasting ripstop material
  • Foldable design
  • Two cup holders
  • No-sag seating
  • Carry bag and straps included
  • Comfortable meshed seatback


  • Brand: Kijaro
  • Model: 80087
  • Weight: 9.5lbs
  • Dimension: 26*35.4*45.7 inches
  • Capacity: 300lbs

03- ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

best camping chairs

There is no strongest, most reliable, and long-lasting chair that matches the King Kong Quad seat. It can hold 800lbs of weight due to sturdy construction that uses 600D polyester fabric and a strong powder-coated steel frame. Therefore, anyone who needs additional weight capacity should always go for this chair. However, even if you need much capacity, comfort, convenience, and strength are like no other. You can fold it, put it in a carry bag and take it anywhere anytime conveniently.

Pockets and cup holders are also located on the two armrests for reachability. If you have more items that need good space, you can put them in the back pockets. This frees your hand and makes it convenient to move around. Choose from three color options and enjoy the comfort that comes with style.

Key Features

  • Made of 600D polyester material
  • Strong steel frame with powder coating
  • Come with a shoulder transport bag for storage and carriage
  • Supports weight of up to 800lbs
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Cup holders and pockets on the armrest
  • Extra pockets at the back


  • Brand: ALPS Mountaineering
  • Model: 8140314
  • Weight: 12.5 pounds
  • Dimension: 38*20*38 inches
  • Capacity: 800lbs

04- GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair

best rv camping chairs

GCI outdoor rocking chair can be folded flat easily and fast for convenient transportation and storage. This does not compromise on its strength as it is made of a steel frame that has powder coating and can hold up to 250lbs weight. While enjoying your time outdoors and sipping drinks in the built-in cup holders, you can smoothly rock the chair for relaxation and a more wonderful experience.

The Patent easy-fold technology makes it easy to open and close the chair safely. Comfort is further enhanced through a padded armrest and 19.7-inch seat height. You can get in and out of the chair with much ease. The carry handle is also included for convenient transport. Buy one and be assured of the quality with a limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features

  • Folds flat for easy transport and storage
  • Strong steel frame with powder coating
  • Padded armrest for increased comfort
  • In-built beverage cup holder
  • Rocks smoothly
  • Easy and safe opening and closing
  • Comes with a carrying handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Brand: GCI outdoor
  • Model: 37072
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.8*24.5*345 inches
  • Capacity: 250lbs

05- Coleman Camping Chair with Side Table

best camping chair for bad back

Eat with much ease while enjoying your time outdoors with a comfy Coleman camping chair. The side table with a cup holder allows you to place food and drinks conveniently within reach. When done dining, you can flip back the table to minimize the space occupied. The innovative technology makes the chair portable allowing you to take it for any outdoor activity. Relaxing with comfort is made possible by the padded armrest, cushioned back, and angled sitting position.

Coleman’s chair can withstand the test due to its robust and long-lasting frame. Holding up to 225 pounds, this furniture can is durable and lightweight due to the aluminum frame. The weather-resistant fabric makes the chair suitable for all-season, giving you value for money. Comfortable sit in Coleman 17 inches high and 20.5 inches wide and relax while enjoying time outdoors.

Key Features

  • Flip-up side table with cup holder
  • Angled seat for comfort
  • Padded armrest and cushioned back for added comfort
  • An aluminum frame that is lightweight for easy transport
  • Weather-resistant material for all-weather use
  • Twelve months limited warranty


  • Brand: Coleman
  • Model: 2000003084
  • Weight: 7.12 pounds
  • Dimension: 31.2*21.1*8.5 inches
  • Capacity: 225lbs

06- KingCamp Low Sling Beach Camping Concert Folding Chair

best heavy duty camping chair

Camping at the beach is an experience beyond imagination with the KingCamp Lop Sling Beach chair. Under the sun, you will enjoy the breathability and comfort of a meshed seat and back that refreshes. Constructed of a tough steel frame, the chair can hold up to 300lbs weight while weighing only 3kgs.  The drinks are also kept within reach in cup holders while resting on the foam-wrapped armrest that is comfortable and soft.

Transportation is never an issue. While lightweight, the seat can be folded and placed in a carry bag that comes with it. The other features that increase its comfort include 21.2 inches in width, 7.9 inches high, and a low seat. When on the go, you can open and close it easily and then put it in a car trunk. Buy a KingCamp chair and enjoy the sun at the beach with much comfort.

Key Features

  • Robust steel frame
  • Comfortable and breathable mesh seat and back
  • Cup holder that keeps drinks within reach
  • Comfortable foam-wrap armrest
  • Carry bag that has a strap for easy transport and storage
  • Stable construction with big leg cap and low seat
  • Small when packed


  • Brand: KingCamp
  • Model: 6927194724878
  • Weight: 6.6lbs
  • Dimension: 22.8*23.2*26.4 inches
  • Capacity: 300lbs

Factors to Look At When Purchasing A Camping Chair – Buyer’s Guide

You cannot let a chair affect the great experience when camping. Therefore, you need to choose one wisely that is tailor-made for outdoor activities. Since everyone presents unique features, you need to consider the following keenly for an informed decision.


Camping chairs come in different shapes and sizes. You should look for the one that will perfectly and comfortably fit when seated. It should also be portable, and thus those foldable should be prioritized. To choose the right size, you need to consider your weight in relation to the strength and width of the chair.

Those with great weight should always check the capacity of the seat keenly. No one will be comfortable squeezing in a small seat when the right size can be found. Some can hold up to 800 pounds, such as ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair. Always buy one that can accommodate your weight.


Comfort is something that should not be debated. Without an ideal chair, you might not have a relaxed moment that is much needed when camping. The comfort features include a padded armrest, cup holders for putting drinks within reach, pockets to store extra items, meshed/supported backs, and in-built coolers. Though not all may present all features, those with most offer added convenience and a tranquil experience.


While some chairs can be used in various outdoor activities, some are tailor-made for particular events. For example, the KingCamp Low Sling chair is perfect for the beach. If you intend to sit for an extended period, then consider those that rock smoothly to avoid boredom. Also, some chairs come with fold-up tables that are good for an outdoor enthusiast who likes dining while relaxing outside.

Height of the seatback

The seatback offers support that increases comfort. The higher, the better, as you will get great support on the neck and the back that enables you to relax well. If you have back issues, then check the cushioning of the chair and the height in consultation with your doctors to protect yourself against any pain. Be assured that you can always find something that will work best regardless of your condition.

Foldable Dimensions

Foldable dimensions come in handy when storing and transporting the camp chair. You will need a chair that will fit in the storage space available when folded. It should also not be too bulky when carrying to the camping site.


Why sacrifice comfort for style when you can have both? Always choose a chair that matches your style in colors, inclination, and height, among other features. Remember, those who interact with you will sense your style by looking at items you use, including camp chairs. So, always choose what is best and never go for less when there is a perfect one like those reviewed above.


Price is important since you should not spend more than you can afford. The good thing is that you can find the best camp chairs from the ones reviewed that are affordable. However, if you can afford then go for luxurious ones that are more expensive. Nonetheless, always budget before ordering to avoid inconvenience, as you can always find camping seats that fit your plans.

Frequently Asked Question

Do I need to consider the height of the chair from the ground?

It all depends on your preference. If you want to sit in a more natural position, then a taller chair will be the best choice. However, going to some places like concerts can present a challenge since it can block others from viewing the proceedings. While it is more stable to sit next to the ground, if you are taller, it can be difficult to use a shorter chair. Test what works best for you and choose accordingly.

Does the weight of the seat matter?

Yes, it does, especially if you are camping in a place inaccessible to vehicles. Any extra weight can present a challenge in terms of storage and transportation. Therefore, you might need to consider lightweight and portable chairs. However, comfort might not be at its best since lightweight seats may have less padding. Look at what you want to sacrifice, though from our list, you can find lightweight and comfortable chairs.

Do I have to buy a carry bag?

Most foldable chairs come with a carrying bag. Therefore, you will not have to buy them separately. If, in the unfortunate event, you find one without, it is advisable to buy it for easy storage and transportation.

Are cup holders and pockets important accessories?

Yes, definitely. This is where you keep your drinks within reach, water included. You might not miss a drink or two, so always consider those chairs with cup holders since you will need to use them at one point.

Pockets, on the other hand, keep items such as snacks, phones, and keys to free up your hands. Holding the items for so long may be tiring, considering that leaving them in the car might not be an option. For example, you cannot leave the car keys in the car. Therefore, the pockets come in handy to store such items.

Can I get a chair that can hold up to more than 500 pounds?

There is a chair for everyone. Here we have got ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair that has a capacity of 800lbs. Great, right? Therefore if you have much weight, this seat is perfect for you. Though, even those with less weight can still enjoy the comfort, portability, and reliability of this chair. Thus, it is a perfect choice for everyone.

Can I find double camping chairs?

Yes, these options are available at high prices. You might realize that buying two separate chairs is more economical than a double one. Since we wanted to present the best for you that have value, only singles have been reviewed.

Final Words

A good camping chair makes an unforgettable outdoor experience. Nonetheless, some people may tolerate standing for long hours or sitting on the ground; others may not. Therefore, a camping chair that is portable, comfortable, and reliable will come to the rescue. In any case, it is a solution that has come to enhance the experience you get while enjoying time outside. With cup holders, pockets, and padded arms rest, you are assured of comfort like no other.

However, for one to enjoy the comfort that comes with the seat, one needs to buy the best camping chairs that the market can offer. This can present an uphill task since countless camping seats are available in the market. This calls for research that can take up much of your time and money. Note that you should spend money and time enjoying outdoor events, not searching for a chair or anything else. By reviewing the above, your work is to pick one that matches your style while considering your weight about the size, capacity, and strength of the chair. From the capacity of as low as 200lbs to high as 800lbs, you can always find something that is perfect for you.

Click the links provided, check the price, make an order and head out to the most memorable camping experience of your lifetime! Read a similar article here.

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