Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet to buy in 2022- Updated Buyers Guide

When it comes to looking for the best cheap motorcycle helmet to protect your head there are plenty of options available all the time. 

As a helmet is the most important accessory of a bike, but looking for a helmet that is trendy as well as in budget might be a tough task.

Some high-end helmets available in the market can cost you several hundred dollars but these are not good to invest much. We have collected a great list of helmets in this article to make things easier for you. 

If you are thinking to shop for a new helmet and before finalizing the product want to get an amazing close deal that is in your budget, act fast as the deal closes all will be gone.

Or the list of best budget cheap helmets is arranged in an order to give you complete details of each product along with its specifications in the comparison table above the best motorcycle helmet list. 

You are going to see a lot more about your favorite helmet on this list and that will be a great start to finding the perfect choice for you. The expensive lids in the list are the Porsches and Mercedes-Benzes of the Best motorcycle helmet world and maybe more than this. What will you pay for each helmet is exemplary fit-and-finish, made with the top-shelf materials and graphics? All will be great and present prestige. 

But one main thing that you need to consider when buying a new helmet is how it will fit your head? In our list, you will get the one that will ensconce your skull very nearly as comfortably as the expensive imports. All the helmets carry official DOT stickers as all are passed by the USA safety test. So let’s hit the list and look for the one that fits you the best.

Comparison Table of the Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet

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Detailed Review of the 6 Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet

01- 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

In the world of racing gear and safety products, 1 storm helmets bring both class and style in your life. Their helmet series carry intense art graphics and made with solid material. People love to buy the helmets just because of the beautiful designs made on the top. These 1 STORM helmets are ultra-light in weight and durable. These are specially made with thermoplastic shell technology and known to be the world’s most secure helmets series.  

It looks cool on your head while riding due to unique designs and skull graphics. Their helmet series also comes in various sizes from XS to XXL and with different designs. To add confidence and style, each helmet is engraved with unique graphics. The Interior of helmets is also as unique as outside. From inside it is plush, heavily cushioned that protects your head and cheekbones and not make you feel exhausted while riding your bike at high speed. These helmets also have an unmatched ventilation system known as three-level top ventilation control. It helps to drive the fresh air in and out of the helmet during the drive. Three-level ventilation systems also carry extra aerodynamic rear venturi-effect exhaust spoiler and fifth-position ventilation channel. 

  • Available in white and black
  • Available in all head sizes
  • Low price
  • Inner line in washable and removable
  • May be heavy in some models

02- Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Qualifier helmet is our next recommendation. Bell is one of the top helmet manufacturer brands in the world since 1954. These special helmets have a tinted shield option and are extremely lightweight. Bell is not only successful in the field of motorcycle helmets but also offers excellent helmet series for bicycles and auto racing space. This company always prefers quality over style and you can expect a top-notch quality product from them. 

Their helmets are extremely lightweight and feature polycarbonate/ABS shell. That is solid and bears a high impact in case of an accident. You can easily remove its interior and clean it. Its aerodynamic design is a perfect blend with the speedy winds to make you wear it with style. So if you love high-speed riding, this helmet must be your first choice. 

Another feature that can make it your first choice helmet is its integrated speaker pockets, cheek pads, and anti-germ interiors. Its guards can never be damped by the fog, it is scratch resistance and UV protection helmet. These helmets can also customize according to your head size to fit you best. Due to its lightest weight polycarbonate shell, you can enjoy your ride with high speed and it would not burden your head with 2.1 pound weight. 

  • Durable ABS shell
  • It has a dual visor and smoked vision
  • Inner pads are washable and removable
  • Visor can scratch easier

03- Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet 

This special Warrior half helmet by Vega is made for both men and women. These are available in various sizes including XL to XXL. You will always get the one that fits you the best. Half helmets are particularly used to remain cool and airy in hot summers during the ride. But many riders do not consider them safe on roads as freedom always comes with the price. These helmets also do not have a chin bar, so your chin will not be protected during an accident. 

But Vega has taken the safety level to another level with these half helmets as with a durable shield, impact-absorbing lining, and rapid release clasp. That will help you to take it off instantly. For beginner riders, these half helmets may not be a good option but these helmets can be considered the lightest weight helmets on earth. These are highly adjustable with EPS foam liner inside. It also offers a more comfortable and cool riding experience than other helmets. If you are looking for the helmet best cheap budget motorcycle helmet that is comfortable and lightweight and also extremely adjustable on your head than this Vega helmet is made for you.

  • Great visor system
  • The top is scratch and fog proof
  • Lightweight material
  • High price for added features

04- TORC TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet

TORC is particularly famous for the revolutionary and comfortable helmet series. These are the only brand that offers new features with the new model and with the lowest possible price. As a biker, if you not only want safety and looks but something extra than this must be your destination. TORC not only offers safety but blue tooth connectivity also in their helmets. You can enjoy the ride with music, radio and can also receive calls. Their price varies according to the features. They have revolutionized the helmet industry by bringing the blue tooth technology to the mid-ranged helmet series. Their helmets are a complete package including comfort, style, looks, latest features, and intercom connectivity. 

Its weight is 5.2 pounds, extremely lightweight that you will not feel it on your head. Its inner comfortable foam padding is distributed equally and has no pressure point. You can wear it comfortably on the road for a longer time. This is one of the best designs by the TORC in the mid-ranged helmet series. One best feature is its smaller size and lightest weight. TORC T27B is particularly designed 20% smaller than the usual helmets. That ate more lightweight, aerodynamic, and comfortable. 

  • Available in beautiful color
  • Interior is washable
  • Sleek classy design
  • Heavy inner cushioning
  • No negative review so far from customers


05- LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet

You can say that the LS2 helmets are the cream of the crop helmets as compare to the other available in the market. Each model is more contented and will be a better fit for your head. If you are looking for the best cheap motorcycle helmets that are made of quality material at a low price, this must be your choice. LS2 design their helmets shields from HPFC that are the light eight fiberglass design that is solid and can protect the riders in any emergency. 

If you are concerned about the sun shield while driving, its twin shield system in place can easily protect you while you are wearing the gloves. The most important feature is the chin strip to ensure safety while riding. The inner foam lining can be removed for cleaning and in hot summers to get air. It’s automatically odor system that helps in case of exposure to hair oil and sweat. That can keep the helmet pleasant to wear. 

A most important feature that sets this helmet series from the competition is its face shield. That is made to protect the rider from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and resist against the fog. Those who are looking for an open face helmet that is protective as well as comfortable this are the best choice. Its built-in sun shield allows you to control the air and wind on your face. 

  • Very lightweight and durable
  • Size adjustment dial
  • Fully vented liner
  • Optical sunshield at front
  • Quite expensive

06- Scorpion EXO-R710 Solid Street Motorcycle Helmet 

Before starting the facts of this helmet, if you are scorpion this helmet is made for you. The latest R series is the best cheap motorcycle helmets under your budget. This revolutionary helmet includes fiberglass Tri-Matrix shell at the top and Ellis-Tec ratchet system in the helmets. Another most important feature is its No-Fog Face Shield and cheek pads. You can use them equally both at home and outside. Its face shield can protect you from the dust, smoke, and sun exposure. Their website has claimed that this is the best glass shield protected helmet series that you can buy under $200That is amazingly a great offer with all features. It is available in three shell sizes and with a double D-ring buckle. You will never get disappointed by choosing this helmet for your ride. 

  • Outer visor counter
  • Adjustable shield system
  • Superb ventilation feature
  • Comfortable fit
  • May feel a bit tight

Buyers guide on the Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet

For the riders, helmets are the simple thing to wear on the head while riding. That can protect them from the air, sunlight, and accidents. But when you look at the range available in the market you will get to know that is much more than buying a helmet than what meets your eyes. In this article, we are reviewing the best cheap motorcycle helmets available in the market, and in this section, we will discuss the prominent features that you need to discuss while purchasing your next helmet. We will discuss what kind of helmet is good and bad for you to make your decision easy. 

A helmet that fits the best

The first thing that you need to consider is the proper size of the helmet. Choose the one that is comfortable to wear in other words riders look for the helmet that is one size fits all. But you need to know your head size and the helmet liner first before making any decision. To get maximum protection helmet must fit your head properly.

A snug and secure fit helmet can provide ultimate protection in case of an accident. You must choose a secure and comfortable helmet according to your head shape. If the rider buying a helmet for daily usage, weekly trips, and more helmets will offer safety, comfort, and reduce air noise. Versatility and comfort are the keys to touring and riding on longer roads. Do you know what is 1storm Helmet is? If not check 1storm motorcycle helmet.

Your head shape and jawline are important factors in getting a comfortable helmet. There are mainly three shapes of heads:

  • Long Oval that is a longer head shape from forehead to back of the skull 
  • Intermediate Oval is the most common head shape.
  • Round Oval that is both fronts to back/ear to ear measurements is nearly the same.

You have to realize your head shape and then look for the relevant shaped helmet. 

Helmet Interior & Liner

The second thing that is important while selecting the helmet is it’s interior and liner. The material that makes the interior of the helmet must be comfortable against your head skin. The internal foam padding ­­­­­should be soft cushions evenly distributed over the head. The liner shape also matched to your head shape. As when you wearing a comfortable helmet, you will forget that is it there or not. 

Helmet Weight

Another important feature of the helmet is its weight. An average helmet weight ranges from 1400 to 1800 gram weight. A properly fitting helmet has properly distributed weight around the head and neck. A heavier helmet can exhaust you during the rid and strain your neck. Helmets with more features and high prices can be heavy on your head. Make your choice after careful analysis of available options. 

Comfort features

Every brand with each new model offers features that are beyond expectations and provide the latest technology. Such as blue tooth connectivity, sun shield, face shields, removable inner lining, and graphic design at the top to enhance the riding experience. You have to make your decision based on your needs and budget. With every new feature, there will be a rise at the usual price. 

Additional Safety Features

Must look for the additional safety feature in the helmet. The latest technology has brought the helmets with innovative safety features as emergency check pads and system that allow safety alarms during injury on rider head. That can also make it easy for the medical personal to remove the helmet after the accident. A multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) made with slip pane technology is also introduced recently inside helmet design to reduce external forces impact on the head while riding. 

Another important thing to note down while purchasing a new helmet that when actually you require replacing a helmet. It is recommended that every five years replace your helmet or in case of a crash and accident. 


Each helmet price is set on the value of the materials used and the number of features in it. If you are looking for a branded helmet with all the latest features, it will cause a burden on your pocket. In our recommended list we have presented all the low cost but high-quality helmets. All will offer better protection, complete comfort, and the latest technology during the ride at the most reasonable price set.

All the above feature is important and will play a key role in deciding your next helmet. 

Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet FAQs

When do I need to replace my existing motorcycle helmet?

It is recommended to replace your helmet every 5 years or in case of an accident replace it immediately. The dust, heat, and sweat can slowly degrade your helmet over time. It can also damage the inner liner and reduce its ability to protect you in case of an accident. 

Can I look for a second-hand helmet, is it safe?

Experts prevent to use the second-hand helmet. You can get a second-hand helmet at a cheap price in the market that will be old fashioned and damaged.

We suggest you avoid these second-hand helmets as they can temporally save some money but can cost high risk to your head in an accident. Nothing is important than safety. 

How to know my head size and related helmet?

If you are not clear about the size of your head than go to the shop and measure your head against the helmet sizing chart. You will get your head size than.

What is the DOT certification?

 The DOT is a sign on your helmet that represents USA transport safety attestation authorities. Companies undertake the required measures while manufacturing the helmets, to comply with the authority’s requirements. 

How effective are motorcycle helmets?

According to the statistics, motorcycle riders are likely to get 27 times more accidents than other divers. That can cost your life and dollars also. The latest helmet can protect your head and reduce the risk of head injury. 

How to ensure DOT certification?

You will get a logo behind the motorcycle helmet that guarantee its DOT-approved status.

 What if my head hurts after wearing the motorcycle helmet?

If you feel hurt after wearing the helmet, your helmet is smaller than your head. Get the one that fits your head.

Why I need a dual Visor?

The dual visor is a perfect motorcycle accessory but not a compulsion. Get a visor type related to smoke to get protected on the road during long trips.


In the above best cheap motorcycle helmet review, you must have understood the type of helmet you are looking for and made your choice. In this article, we have tried our best to list all the latest helmets with a lowest possible price range. You will get a lot of information in this article but it is just a new beginning for us. You will get more when you search in the market. Now you can get back on the roads safely. You will understand now that:

  • Motorcycle riding is fun and requires particle measures before starting the ride.
  • Protecting yourself must be your first priority.
  • Do not compromise on the protection against price.
  • A beat cheap motorcycle helmet will surely protect you on the roads and is compulsory by law to wear a helmet on road. 
  • Get a high-quality helmet to protect yourself as it can make a difference between life and death.

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