Best Disc Golf Disc for Beginners Reviews 2022 | 12 Top Discs on Amazon

There has been an increase in the popularity of Disc Golf Recently. Many find its unique twist interesting. Unlike traditional golf, Disc golf uses a disc instead of a golf ball although it still utilizes the same rules as in a 9 or 18 holes game. However, because this sport has only recently gained much attention, there is a lot to discover.  Such as what is the best disc golf discs for beginners to use in the game.

The disc used in Disc golf is usually more substantial than what is used in Frisbee.  The Disc golf edge has to be heavier for a more aero dynamism. In a typical game, players need at least 3 discs. These discs are the driver, mid-range, and the potter. Sounds complicated? Worry not because in this review we are breaking all these down. We will provide a list of the best disc golf discs for beginners to help you choose which one is best suited for you.

If you are busy and do not have much time reading the full review and want to buy the top-notch disc golf disc with no doubt, get the Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set. It includes 3 Disc Pro Pack Bundle and Small Bag, Distance Driver, Mid-Range and Putter, and one Small Disc Golf Bag.

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Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set | 3 Disc Pro Pack Bundle and Small Bag | Disc Golf Set | Includes Distance Driver, Mid-Range and Putter | Small Disc Golf Bag
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Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set | 3 Disc Pro Pack Bundle and Small Bag | Disc Golf Set | Includes Distance Driver, Mid-Range and Putter | Small Disc Golf Bag

Best Disc Golf Disc for Beginners

  • Includes 3 DISCS
  • Includes sweet shoulder bag 
  • Also includes fairway driver, mid-range and putter, and disc golf bag
  • Flies further and straighter
  • PDGA approved
  • Made with flexible plastic
  • 172 Grams
  • Perfect molds for distance, accuracy, and flexibility

How do I Choose Best Disc Golf Disc for Beginners

Choose your disc plastic wisely as it affects the flight of the disc and their durability. Your throwing release also greatly depends on the plastic because different plastics offer different grip. 

Different manufacturers make their disc golf discs using different plastic blends. The most popular and common brands use very similarly and, at times, the same combinations. The leading brands are Discraft, Innova, Millennium, Westside, Latitude 64, and Discmania.

Base Grade Plastic

The largest disc manufacturers in the U.S are Discraft and Innova, offering the most pocket-friendly discs. Their plastic is usually very low grade. Low-grade plastics do give excellent grip; however, they wear off quickly. The DX and Pro-D easily get nicks and scratches. This is why they don’t stay very stable as time passes. Their flight can heavily be affected with just a power throw in the fence. 

For drivers, the basic plastic lines are not suitable. However, mid-range discs and putters that you don’t throw with many forces do well in these plastics. Having some cheap drivers is preferable when your course has hazards, and there’s a risk of getting the disc lost.    

Middle Grade

These offer better durability than baselines; however, they can still get damaged if they hit a tree or a wall. These are pricier than the base grade discs but not as expensive as better grade plastics. Disc golf players usually either buy premium plastics or the cheap ones.    

Ultra Durable

All major disc golf brands have discs available in ultra-durable plastic. These are very hard, smooth, and clear. These are abrasion resistant and fly steadily. However, you don’t get the superior grip that comes with other plastic grades.       


Ultra-light discs are a new trend offering maximum distance. Advanced players usually avoid the lightweight disc because of their lack of control.    

Comparison: Top Rated Best Disc Golf Disc for Beginners

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Product Review of the Best Disc Golf Disc for Beginners

01- Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set (4 Disc and Bag)

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • High-performance disc golf gear
  • PDGA approved
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Includes two drivers
  • One midrange
  • One putter  
  • Consists of a disc raft Weekender disc golf bag with it.
  • Models, stamps, plastics, and colors of discs vary.


If you are a beginner in the disc golf game, the Discraft deluxe disc offers four different discs to get you started. The Discraft weekender bag consists of one mid-range disc, one putter, and two drivers. 

Discraft is a famous brand making high-quality disc golf discs for beginners as well as advanced level players. The manufacturing of Discraft is most famous due to its excellent quality in golf disc for both the beginners and advanced players. For beginners, the Discraft deluxe disc is the best bundle to use.

The Professional Disc Golf Association approves all four discs in this bundle. The set of four comes at a low price and is a steal compared to buying separate discs. Their plastic is low grade for all four discs. The high-speed driver disk included in the set might quickly wear off. This is because distance drivers don’t do well with cheap plastic. It is best to get a high-speed driver in suitable quality plastic.     

This Discraft bundle containing a Disc golf bag is one of the main reasons people rely on this disc. The Discraft includes 8 discs, which is perfect for recreation disc golf round. It has good value regarding the cost. Yiken usually is a simple recommended for the purchase of buyers. 

  • It consists of a bag with four-disc.
  • It has more than one disc option.
  • It contains an affordable price for the
  • purchase of a bag and four-disc.
  • The bag also consists of a water pocket.
  • The quality of the disc is attractive for the customers.
  • Its obstacle-ridden course is low, and it can wears quickly due to having low quality of plastic.
  • Regarding the flight rating, there is no information present.

02- Innova Champion Disc Golf Set – Driver

Highlighted Features

  • Includes one driver, one mid-range, and one putter
  • Great for Beginners 
  • Weight 150-gram 
  • 5X long-lasting
  • Most durable
  • Made with vibrant Champion material
  • High-quality plastic
  • Reliable performance
  • Approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association


The Champion set by Innova comes with three 150 gram discs designed for the beginner players. The – Driver champion set is built with an excellent plastic blend to last five times longer than the baseline plastics. Besides consists of:    

  • Driver: will cut through the air quickly to cover long distance off the tee
  • Mid-range: offers control and accuracy for different types of shots
  • Putter: gives maximum accuracy to achieve the target

Innova is the leading disc manufacture in the U.S. best known for making quality products for all skill levels. These golf discs are approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).

  • They have better durability and can survive tree hits.
  • They offer a mid-weight range being neither too heavy nor too light.
  • This is the best mix of driver, mid-range, and putter.
  • It is designed for beginners to let them play in different circumstances but not overwhelm them with too many options.
  • Innova is a renowned manufacturer of quality golf disc products.
  • The distance driver can be difficult for beginners initially, and they might want something slower or not as stable.
  • Some disc golfers might wish to different weight ranges.

03- Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set | 3 Disc Pro Pack Bundle and Small Bag

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 3 DISCS
  • Includes sweet shoulder bag 
  • Also includes fairway driver, mid-range and putter, and disc golf bag
  • Flies further and straighter
  • PDGA approved
  • Made with flexible plastic
  • 172 Grams
  • Perfect molds for distance, accuracy, and flexibility


The Golf Pro set by Kestrel has three discs in a spacious carry bag that can contain 12 discs inside it, great if you’re thinking of expanding your collection.

The discs are not only great for beginners but for anyone who wants to play the game. The three-disc combination includes:

  • Driver: offering high speed to cover maximum distance.
  • Mid-range: offering a mix of speed and control.
  • Putter: for those accurate shots at the target.

The high-speed driver might overwhelm the beginner player just starting. Once they develop some throwing strength, it can become more valuable. These discs weigh around 165 to 175 grams offering superior stability. They provide high glide ratings keeping the discs afloat in the air for longer—the fly straighter giving an average fade to hook at the end of the flight.

  • These are great for beginners to learn how to play.
  • The shoulder bag can carry up to 12 discs, which is a lot of space.
  • The plastic of these discs is heavy-duty.
    These discs offer superior stability and control.
  • Weighing around 165-175 grams, these provide excellent stability.
  • These offer more distance and less accuracy.
  • There are only three discs in this set.

04- Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Premium Beginner Set Bundles

Highlighted Features

  • Includes five discs with a bag
  • Has 2 Fairway Drivers, 2 Mid-Range Discs and Putter
  • Kid-friendly starter kit
  • PDGA approved
  • Made with flexible plastic
  • It gives perfect bend and distance
  • 172 Grams
  • Ideal for molds for length, accuracy, and flexibility
  • Expert to beginners       


This is a premium beginner set by kestrel containing five discs and a bag. It offers a wide variety of discs designed for beginner’s disc golfers. This starter kit consists of: 

  • Two fairway drivers 
  • Two midrange discs
  • One putter
  • Carry bag

This best frisbee golf discs kit is designed for both children and adults who are just getting introduced to disc golf. Weighing 172 grams, these discs have a flexible plastic mold offering an excellent combination of accuracy, distance, and flexibility. The PDGA approves the Kestrel Sports premium beginner set. Their plastic is not very durable. The disc can get warped after a few three hits, and this can affect their performance. Therefore these are not meant to be played on a rough course. 

  • These discs are pretty colorful, which makes them easy to spot in the rough.
  • All discs fly fine and work like they are supposed to.
  • The drivers offer a reasonable distance.
  • The set has a convenient carry bag.
  • These are low priced, so you won’t mind losing a disc to the bushes.
  • These discs aren’t very long-lasting.
  • These discs are too heavy for kids to hold.

05- Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Golf Disc 

Highlighted Features

  • DX material
  • It offers the widest selection of weights
  • Speed 2, Glide 3, Turn 0, and Fade 1
  • Colors May Vary
  • Versatile and dependable in all conditions
  • Excellent grip
  • A straight flier with a predictable finish


This is a very well-known and perhaps among the oldest disc golf putters. The Innova DX Aviar is the choice of champions and has helped win many world championship titles. This is undoubtedly the best disc golf putter out there for more than 30 years since 1984 when it got PDGA approval.

You can expect consistent, stable, and straight flights with this disc perfect for approaches, short drives as well as chain hunting. The aviary putt a system is counted among the best putters for disc golf for all skill levels.  Its speed rating is 2. It has a Glide rating of 3 with a Turn rating of 0 and a friendly Fade rating of 1.

  • It comes in 5 weight categories offering the widest variety to choose from.
  • The Innova DX Aviar has been a winner of the world championship for many years.
  • This is the best choice for putting in an approach disc.
  • It offers straight, stable, and consistent flying.
  • It is best for short drives, chain hunting, and approaches.
  • It might not do well in a windy situation.
  • It hooks to the left to approach the target, which may need technique and practice for the beginners to get the hang of this.

06- Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc

Highlighted Features

  • Mid-range
  • Understable Driver
  • Has six sizes
  • Made out of DX Plastic
  • Tailwind Drives
  • Turnover distance driver with great glide
  • DX material
  • Speed 9, Glide 4, Turn -2 and Fade 2
  • Colors May Vary


This is the ideal disc for beginners. flies flat in an S line. It can cover around 300-350 ft when thrown well via a backhand or a forehand. It can fly straight and can the flight path can be predicted very well.

The verdict is still out on what is the ideal size for beginners in this one. Many long-time players say that it is suitable to use on in the heavier side as it is more predictable while some say that lighter ones are better because they are easier to throw. Although it requires a significant amount of arm strength to control correctly, it is still a reliable disc.

It is also understandable, so it tends to shift to the right and end left upon landing. By the end of the day, it will all boil down to one’s preference. Colors vary as well and are easy to spot, but some sellers will send out random colors, but some do accept specific color request depending on availability.

  • Durable DX Plastic
  • Covers significant distance
  • Flies well
  • Offers straight, stable, and consistent flying.
  • Great for long-range turnover shots and rollers
  • No option to choose a color
  • Requires extensive throwing strength

07Discraft Jawbreaker Banger GT Putter

Highlighted Features

  • Putter
  • Soft X Plastic
  • Easy-grip
  • Colorful
  • PDGA Approved
  • Jawbreaker plastic 
  • Good looks
  • Great Grip
  • Delivers consistency and confidence


This PDGA approved putter has been raved about by many people. It is made of Soft X plastic grade material that makes it durable. Due to that, it does not easily slip from the fingers and has a comfortable grip. It also has a high amount of consistency. Somewhat ideal for women because the design of the grooves is from the edge that makes it easier to be gripped by those with smaller hands. It also throws well despite undesirable wind conditions. From time to time, it can also be used as a mid-range. Many have found this ideal and satisfactory as gifts.

  • Easy-grip
  • Easy to throw
  • Great in heavy winds
  • Consistent
  • Delivers consistency and confidence
  • Quality. Consistency. Since 1979.
  • Table enough to handle a headwind
  • No option to choose a color

08- Axiom Discs Proton Insanity

best disc golf discs

Highlighted Features

  • Driver or mid-range
  • Proton Plastic
  • Easy to notice in low light
  • Has six sizes
  • PDGA Approved
  • Transparent Optic effect 
  • Works on  low-light conditions
  • Lighted night throwing
  • Stable-Understable Distance Driver


Axiom Disc Proton is made out of Proton plastic that makes it durable and aerodynamic. It can be utilized as a driver or a mid-range. It can easily follow a straight flight path with a forehand throw.  You can get an amazing S curve although it can come back to the left just in the right amount and it finishes just slightly on the right. Those who have mastered this disc can easily make a right curve with a backhand shot and a left curve from a forehand shot.

Due to this Disc’s Transparent optics, it is easy to find compared to other discs. This makes the tendency of losing a drive mitigated. It is flexible, as well. However, because it has many sizes, performance can vary depending on that and the use but overall, it has excellent glide with being an understandable driver. It also covers a significant amount of distance. 

  • Equipped with Transparent Optic
  • Durable
  • Flippy
  • Good corner turn
  • Ideal for right-handed
  • No option to choose a color

09- Discraft Nuke SS Elite Z Golf Disc

Highlighted Features

  • Five size choices
  • Wide rim
  • Flat top
  • Made in the USA
  • Maximum distance golf driver
  • Recommended for all skill levels
  • Best for newer players who want maximum distance
  • Stability rating for this disc is 1.0
  • Disc colors will vary


This disc will significantly increase distance by approximately 50 ft for those who have mastered its finesse, which is why this is the right choice If you are searching for a distance driver. This driver is also for backhand users. 

This is suitable for players with varying skill levels. The size selection can compensate for the difference between how much arm strength is a need. For those who have strong and practiced arm already, it is better to go lighter while for those who are starting and building up arm strength should ideally go for the heavier ones. 

All in all, the aerodynamics of this one is excellent as well as its body construction. It does not easily chip after a few smacks up with trees. At the same time, it contains a solid feel to the hands compared to others that are flimsy. 

  • Wide rim
  • Flat top
  • Fast
  • Covers a significant amount of distance
  • Flies like a well-seasoned Buzzz
  • Nice glide for super smooth
  • Buttery anhyzers
  • No choice of color
  • Limited color variety

10- Innova Champion Roc3 Mid-Range Disc Golf Driver

Highlighted Features

  • Mid-range
  • Overstable
  • Champion plastic material
  • 165-180g weight range
  • Diameter: 21.7cm
  • Control shots, ‘Go To’ Mid-Range, Mid-Range drives

Product Description

This disc is best for a mid-range drive and straightforward approaches. It can hold its own despite varying wind conditions. The weight distribution of this disc helps it flight straight regardless of the wind — definitely a straight shooter.

It also has an easy to predict fade. It is also a handy disc that beginners can rely on to fly well. This is ideal to use for anything below 200 ft of distance. For hyzers, this can be overstable enough and will go where you want it to go. 

It is also easy to control as well, especially for beginners, as it does not require substantive arm strength. This disc is ideal for those who are starting. In terms of sizes, this disc follows the standard rule that light disc has a higher tendency to be affected by the wind compared to a more massive disc that is more stable. However, the heavier disc can be harder to throw and control. 

  • Predictable fade
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to control
  • No color option

11- MVP Disc Sports Proton Ion

Highlighted Features

  • Proton Plastic
  • Putter
  • Stable- Overstable
  • 11 mm
  • Beaded rim
  • PDGA Approved
  • Two size selection


Its putter has an Ion rim design that makes its flight overstable. Given that this disc is a putter, it is on the heavier side. It can withstand long straightforward flights with a little to no fade. The weight also makes this putter adaptable to any wind conditions.  

This also can easily cover an additional 30 ft of distance compared to others which are already substantial given that it is a putter. It is ideal for anything under 200 ft away unless the is a crazy gust of wind that factors in. 

This putter also has an excellent feel to the hands that help the user throw easily. The edges are surrounded by a hard black rubber that makes it not too sticky to the hand but has enough sense of grip. Although it can be on the heavier side then again, it is a putter. 

  • Black rubber edges
  • Easy to hold
  • Heavy
  • Reliable distance
  • Predictable flight path
  • No color option
  • Completely clear

12- Gateway S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo

Highlighted Features

  • Putter
  • Plastic material
  • Five size selection
  • Sure-Grip
  • Plastic: Gateway “Sure Grip” S Serie
  • Stiffness: Super Stupid Soft
  • Weight Range: 165-175g
  • Colors May Vary


This putter has multiple size options that you can request upon purchase. Always remember that putters are the heavy disc and by the law of logic, when it is more substantial it is less likely to be affected by the wind, although it can have slow spins and cover the lesser distance. 

The beautiful thing about this one is that it is less susceptible to overturn in 100 ft layups as it flies with a little right turn then fades slightly to the left. And even when the wind is strong and it has a slow spin, it can still go straight to your intended target. It also has a good grip that doesn’t easily slide off the hands providing better traction when making a throw. 

Many admire the durability of this putter. In fact, someone has had it for a year, and despite extensive use, no signs of chips were found. But then again, it is all about how the user practices and take care of it.  

  • Comfortable grip
  • Durable
  • Can withstand heavy wind conditions
  • No color option

Buyer Guide for Best Disc Golf Disc for Beginners

Several factors come to play in selecting what golf disc will be best for you. Your skill level in the game, plastic, and weight of the disc determine which is the best one for you and the shots for want to perform.

Player Level / Experience / Skill 

Your skill and experience play an essential role in what disc will suit your style best. The edges of different golf discs are designed for different skill-level players. It is why the best disc golf discs for beginners will be different from the ones for intermediate or advanced players. 

For Beginners

Beginners start with only a few throw techniques and have low arm strength initially. They require easy to control golf discs that need low arm strength like mid-range discs and putters.

The best disc golf discs for beginners have a speed rating of less than 10. Beginners should avoid maximum distance drivers unless they are very under stable or lightweight. 

Under stable discs work best as they are easy to throw and fly straighter for longer before they fade to the left. If you want just one disc as a beginner for your first time, go with a putter or a midrange that is under stable. 

For Intermediate to advance player

Disc golfers of any skill level can bring multiple discs to a game. With practice and learning, intermediate and expert disc golfers develop more arm strength and create more speed and techniques. They can select different discs for different kinds of throws, the obstacles, and wind conditions at such a stage. 

All players have personal preferences for a specific disc to accomplish a particular throw. As a rule of thumb, hold a disc in your hand, and it feels good, use it. This way, you will have complete control over the disc.      


Disc weight can be tricky to choose as various other factors come to play. Your arm speed and wind condition can drastically change the game of a light or heavy disc. 

Generally, lightweight discs fly further and are easy to throw. They offer more glide but can blow off by the wind. Lighter discs often flip over. Conversely, heavier discs offer accuracy and fly straighter despite the wind, but they need more power to throw. The heavier disc gives an overstable flight.

The following are some tips for choosing the appropriate weight for different discs:

For mid-range discs and putters, choose heavier discs. They will withstand the wind giving a stable flight, and sink further into the chain. These disc types are appropriate for short-distance throws, so heavier discs are easier to control even if you have powerful arms. You can pick a lighter disc if you want it to fly under stable and a heavier disc if you’re going to fly overstable.

Distance drivers are made to fly further and covered a long distance. A driver’s disc’s weight depends on your personal choice, your skill level, and your arm power. 

For windy conditions, go for a heavier disc weighing 175 grams or more. Heavier disc requires more arm power for long-distance and straight flight. If you want an easier-to-control disc and a bit lighter, you can choose a 165-170 gram disc.  

As a rule of thumb, if you feel that you have started to overpower a specific disc, it’s time to get a heavier version of that disc so your disc won’t turn over.                                  

Use a Light Golf Disc when:

  • Tailwind, where you want your disc to float.
  • In cold weather
  • To achieve a softer landing
  • To highlight the form as a beginner
  • For maximum distance

Use a Heavy Golf Disc when:

  • You have started overpowering your usual disc, get a heavier version of the same disc
  • Headwind, when you want your disc to not be blown off due to wind. 
  • You want more stability keeping the same mold
  • In hot weather
  • During very windy situations
  • Throwing a skip shot
  • For consistency as opposed to distance


Plastic plays a vital role in how your disc will fly. Different grade plastics have a different feel inconsistency, flexibility, grip, durability, and discs reliability. There is no specific classification of the golf discs based on their plastic. Each manufacture uses different patented plastic blends to make their different category discs. 

Like, Innova uses base level plastic to make the DX series discs. These are specifically created to offer superior grip and perform in multiple kinds of weather. The Innova DX aviar on our list is the best disc golf putter, having won various Championships.

Kestrel uses flexible plastics to create discs that fly reasonable distances, offer accuracy and flexibility, and the bend to play the game. They’re not too pricey but aren’t very durable as well. We have two beginner bundles by Kestrel on our list, which works well to get the beginner player started in the game. 

If you’re a beginner, go for premium plastics;

Mainly to play on a rough course having too many obstacles such as trees, etc. You don’t want your disk to lose its performance after a few tree hits. The right kind of plastic will also withstand different weather conditions. 

Even if you find no concrete information about the plastic used for a disc, try holding the disc in your hand. If it feels good in your hand, start using it. The disc that feels good in a disc golfer’s hands will be entirely in control of the player offering just the right speed, glide turn, and fade. 

Checking out user reviews is another way of choosing the right plastic purpose. It is especially true for golf discs that you buy online. Amazon has some excellent disc golf equipment, and there are hundreds of reviews from buyers with verified purchases to help you make your decision for the best disc golf discs for you. 

What to Look at when Buying a Putter?

Putters should be the most substantial discs in your bag. Technically they are not ideal for a long-distance flight which is why in choosing a putter the primary thing that you should consider is its weight. The weight of a putter is what determines its ability to fly in different wind conditions.

You also have to look at yourself when you are buying a putter. You need to assess whether you are capable of wielding one on the heavier side as it would require a certain amount of arm strength. However, you could always go for a lighter putter and go up from it as time goes by.

Another thing to consider when buying a putter is the material used. Choose one that is made out of durable plastic-like Innova’s DX plastic, for example. This way, you are getting the highest value of your money.

What to Look at When Buying a Mid-range?

The difference between a mid-range and a putter is the distance that it has to cover. Usually, mid-range drivers are used to covering 150ft and up the range. For it to do so, in a manageable way, you need to choose a lighter disc as a mid-range.

The grip is also an important aspect to look at in this one as a grip is essential in the spin and throw build up. Having a mid-range with a good grip can increase levels of control.

The material used should also be a deal-breaker in this on. Go for a more trusted brand that has established a right amount of reliability in terms of quality. And since this flies reasonably well, the design should also be considered as you would want it to be easily found. Choose bright and fun colors that will not blend well with the environment.

What to Look at When Buying a Driver?

Drivers are used when targets are far as they can travel more. However, there are a few things to consider before purchasing one. The first thing is the build of the driver. Choose drivers that are more stable and can quickly fly straight.

 A driver that has a rim that can easily be grip should be a significant factor as well — lastly, you’re a style of the throw. Different drivers correspond to those who prefer backhand and forehand throw. Researching on which disc is more ideal for your style is essential.

Do Heavier or Lighter Discs Fly Farther

Generally, lighter discs will fly farther than more massive discs, but this depends on other factors. For example, when it is windy on the course, more massive discs can fly farther because of being more stable. The average disc golfer should stick to discs that weigh around 160 to 165 grams to throw at the best distances.       

In the Wind?

When winds are blowing, you want a stable disc that won’t be blown off by the wind. This is why it is best to have a heavier driver disc for distance shots on windy days.      


When the wind’s speed is high, the disc golf disc needs to be heavier for stability. When the situation is a tailwind, a lighter disc will be a better distance driver.    

Higher Power?

Advanced players with a lot of power prefer heavier discs that can handle their speed. Beginners with lower arm speed can throw farther with lighter discs. The best bet is to use a mid-weight disc that offers both stability and higher glide.   

What is the Best Weight for a Disc Golf Driver?

Three factors determine the best weight for distance driver in disc golf:

  • The distance 
  • Wind resistance
  • Temperature


Lighter discs are known to fly farther, but you often lose control because of the long-distance and wind conditions. Typically a medium weight disc around 167-169 grams will offer maximum distance with better control and accuracy. Not everyone can throw a 150 class disc and maintain accuracy with the distance it covers.

Wind Resistance

In long-distance flight, the air can turn the disc. It is best to choose a disc with a stable shape and lighter weight. You can also choose a more stable (heavier) plastic if you expect your disc to turn more because of wind. In a headwind, when the wind is gusty, max weight disc around 174-175 grams will be more stable and consistent and land a longer distance. The lightweight disc will fly farther in the tailwind situation as the wind will carry the disc to maximum distance.              


In hot temperatures, the discs lose their stability causing lighter discs to turn more. So, heavier discs can offer better consistency in hot weather. Likewise, in cold temperatures, discs gain extra stability and fly straighter. So, the lighter disc can offer maximum distance in cold weather.      

Where is the Best Disc Golf Driver for Distance?

You will see flight ratings for disc golf discs for their speed & glide, turn & fade. 

Speed: Rated on a scale of 1-14, this tells how fast a disc can cut through the air.

Glide: Rated on a scale of 1-7, this tells the disc’s ability to stay aloft in the air during its flight. 

Turn: Rated on a scale of +1 to -5, this tells how likely a golf disc will turn over to the right. With -5 being the disc that turns the most and +1 being most resistant to turning, this rating defines how stable a disc is. 

Fade: Rated on a scale of 0 to 5, this tells if the disc will land straight or hook left at the end of the flight. 0 represents straightest flights, and 5 represents hard hooking discs.

For maximum distance, higher ratings of speed and glide are recommended. It is best to have a distance driver with a speed rating around 12-14 and a glide rating around 5-7.  Turn rating decision depends upon your given wind condition. A mid fade rating is best for maximum distance driver so that your disc comes back towards the intended target when landing.

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Types of Disc Golf Throws

Different golf throws help in different game situations. As you polish your skill, you can throw better and apply other techniques to achieve other targets. Here are some significant throws that you should know: 

The Backhand Throw

The most frequently used and renowned throw in disc golf is the backhand throw. In this throw, your arm can move across your body to release the disc towards its target. It also helps the player to reach maximum distance without exerting any efforts. 

For a successful backhand throw, your whole body has to act in coordination with your shoulder, hips, and feet, all working together to create the energy and movement. Most golf disc manufacturers assign ratings to their discs based on a backhand throw.        

Forehand (Side Arm)

The forehand throw in disc golf is quite similar to the sidearm throw of baseball. In this technique, the player throws the disc on their body’s side with their palm facing forward. 

Stable discs with straight flights are the best disc golf discs for forehand. You have to combine your hip motion and footwork to achieve the ideal rhythm for this kind of sidearm throw.      

Overhand Throw

In overhand throw, the player releases or throws the golf disc-like done in a baseball pitch. It’s also referred to as the Tomahawk throw. This is best for open holes or courses where there are tree branches and other obstacles. 


The hyzer shot is thrown at a slightly downward angle. The idea is that an RHBH player throws the hyzer shot in a windy condition so that the wind turns up the disc a bit and flatten it out.  


As opposed to the hyzer, this throw is released at a slightly upward angle. It is thrown to avoid the disc turning to the right in a headwind.

Scooby Shot

This throw is executed like you would start a lawnmower, reaching down and pulling up like you pull the cord. You hold the disc’s underside using your backhand grip and first reach down and then pull straight up and throw as highest possible.  

Thumber Throw

This is the opposite of an overhand throw. You will release the disk-like you do in an overhand fashion, but putting your thumb under the rim. 

No player starts using all kinds of throws from the start. Initially, you start with only a few throws and then ease yourself into the game. 

Disc Golf Stability

A golf disc’s stability is its tendency to turn towards the right, go straight or fade towards the left during a flight for right-hand backhand throws. There are three categories of instability that determine how a disc will fly.

Stable: straight flight when you release the disc flat.

Understable: flight turns over to the right when you release the disc flat.

Overstable: flight will most often fade to the left at the start when you release the disc flat.

Simply put, the way a disc flies as soon as you release it flat and straight is its stability. The disc’s stability will tell if the disc will turn to the right, go straight or fade to the left when thrown flat. 

Every disc has a different level of stability. All discs have different characteristics know as their flight ratings. Every disc is rated for its speed & glide, turn and fade. Flight ratings also tell a lot about the stability of a disc. 

All three types of stability in discs serve a different purpose. There are times when you’d prefer a disc that turns to the right or fades to the left to achieve your target. 

Flight Rating System

The flight ratings identify how a particular disc will fly. There are four aspects on which each disc golf disc is rated, namely: speed & glide, turn & fade. All disc manufacturers have their rating system. We will discuss the ratings based on the average that every disc golfer usually considers.   

Speed: 1-14

The speed rating characterizes the minimum power and speed that you should apply to throw a disc. Speed rating also specifies a disc’s capability to cut through the air, relying on how fast or powerful you throw it.

For a higher speed rating, the disc needs to be thrown with more power and speed. A disc rated 13 at speed will only accomplish its maximum distance potential if you throw it faster powerfully.

You can also identify different disc types with the help of their speed rating.

Some brands give a maximum speed rating of 14 to their drivers. A disc’s speed can also be judged by the shape of its rim other than its rating number. The best disc golf disc for beginners has a speed rating of 8 and lower.

Glide: 1-7

Glide rating identifies a disc’s ability to stay in the air. The glide rating range is between 1and 7. The majority of the disc has a glide rated between 4 and 6. 

Discs with a lower rating of glide are generally overstable and will fade as soon as you throw them. Such discs work great for approaches because they will most likely go near the basket. 

Discs with a higher rating of glide are generally stable and will give a straight flight and stay afloat for longer. Such discs work great for distance shots. High glide rating discs are the best disc golf disc for beginners. 

Turn: -5 to+1

The turn rating tells how quickly a disc will turn to the right after release. It ranges from -5 to +1. A disc with a negative turn rating will turn soon to the right since it’s an understandable disc. 

A positive turn rating of +1 shows that the disc will go to the left as soon as you release it since it an overstable disc. 

A turn rating of 0 tells that the disc will fly straight and won’t turn during the initial course of its flight.  

The turn feature or stability of a golf disc also depends on how you throw the disc. Left-handed backhand (LHBH) and right-handed forehand (RHFH) throws will go to right usually. LHFH and RHBH throws will go to the left usually.      

Fade: 0-5

The fade rating tells the likelihood of the disc going to the left at the end of its flight. The fade rating also means a disc’s ability to reward back to its starting position. It ranges between 0 and 5. 

A high fade rating indicates an overstable disc that goes left and lands at the end of its flight. A disc with 0 fade rating and 0 turn rating will fly straight throughout. A disc with a two fade rating and -2 turn rating will fly in an “S” like a curve. Different fade ratings serve other purposes. You don’t always need your disc to fly straight and cover maximum distance. Disc with a high fade rating will perform great ask putters were you want to hit the target, and the hook to the left of the disc helps. 

How to Read Flight Rating System

All four aspects of the flight ratings determine a disc’s unique flight persona. Let’s take a look at a few examples to read a disc’s rating. 

An Innova DX Aviar is rated 2/3/0/1, indicating a speed rating of 2, a glide rating of 3, a turn rating of 0, and a fade rating of 1.

At two speeds, the Aviar is easy to throw. A 3 glide tells that it will stay afloat for longer. At a 0 turn and one fade, it will fly straight and then hook to the left as the flight ends. This is why the Aviar is an excellent putter.   

The Tern of the Innova Champion series is rated 12/6/-2/2, indicating a speed rating of 12, a glide rating of 6, a turn rating of -2, and a fade rating of 2.

At 12 speed, the Tern needs a right amount of arm power to throw it. A 6 glide tells that it will stay afloat for longer and will go the maximum distance. At a -2 turn and 2 fades, it will be a slight amount of turn in the start and will slightly hook in the end. This makes the Tern a great choice for a maximum distance driver. 

How Do You Throw A Disc Golf Disc Farther?

The PDGA found out that, on average, a disc golfer having a gaming experience of 1-2 years throws a distance of 200 to 300 feet. A beginner disc golfer, on average, throws the disc at a distance of 175 to 250 feet.

What distance you can throw depends on several factors such as your age, gender, and level of experience. Other factors can be the disc’s weight and flight ratings combined with the wind and weather conditions. 

If you’re a beginner player, it is wise to throw a lighter disc for maximum distance, especially in tailwind situations. 

If you have developed some arm strength by playing this sport or some other sport and can throw with power, choose a heavier, more stable disc with a high-speed rating for maximum distance.

Your disc needs to be stable and heavier a headwind r not easily blown off by the wind. This stands not only true for maximum distance but also short distances and putts and approach shots.

Generally, male players throw farther than females. This can vary due to experience and skill level. As a player age, their throwing distance gradually decreases. However, it is possible for an older person to be fitter and in better shape than a younger novice and throw farther than them.                       

What is the Best Weight for a Disc Golf Driver?

The weight of a disc greatly affects its flight. Beginners and the young player should opt for lighter discs that need less power to throw them. All skill level players’ use of mid-weight discs. Advanced and competing players choose heavy discs; they also work best in windy conditions.    

What shall weight disc work best to achieve maximum distance? The most suitable maximum distance drivers for beginners and junior players are the 150 class discs and the 165 to 169 grams range. A common myth is that heavy discs fly further. That’s not true. Lightweight discs work just fine for players of any skill level. Several advanced level players take drivers under 170 grams to competitions, for uphill throws or moderate wind. 

The most common weight class for maximum distance is 165 to 169 grams, other than blizzard discs. 

Disc golfers that can throw more than 100 meters use heavier discs lying in the 170-172 grams and 173-175 gram classes, which is heavier than distance drivers. Heavier discs act as better drivers in a headwind. 

How Many Discs do you Need for Disc Golf?

There are different opinions among disc golfers for this question. At least a player must have three discs as follows:

However, every player should carry six discs at least with two discs of each type in their bag when going out to play around. 

There is a huge difference of opinion about this among players. Some contend that just three discs are enough: the driver, the mid-range, and the putter. Others think, for a winning arsenal, you must carry 20 to 40 discs when playing. The best way to decide the number of discs for you is to take as many as you feel like taking without being overwhelmed. Whatever number feels right can be the right number of your discs. 

How do you Throw Disc Golf Straight?

Throwing a disc straight is every player’s aim many times. Here are some tips you can follow for straight flights:

  • For a straight flight on a less than 300 feet path, use a putter with neutral stability in base line plastics. 
  • Longer paths than 300 to 350 feet, your disc will perform best if it is neutral to slightly understandable. 
  • For shorts greater than 350 feet, you should play safe and choose a slower disc and give it your seventy to eighty percent strength for straight flights.
  • For your run-up, keep your pace slow and steady to maintain your balance. Don’t sprint for your run-up. 
  • Let your hips guide your shoulders. Your hips will turn to release the throw and not your shoulder.
  • Your release point must be in front of your body. Let your momentum move towards your release point.
  • You can also use a slight hyzer shot to finish straight. 
  • With practice and enhancing your skill level, you can finish straight instead of making the disc fly straight throughout its course. You would be using some angles and curves to accomplish a certain finish.                   

What does Flippy Mean in Disc Golf?

The term flippy tells that a disc flips over on throwing. It doesn’t mean complete flipping over but just flipping from its intended angle of flight. Usually, discs used a lot and did not fly the way they were designed to fly originally are called flippy. However, a flippy disc can also simply be an understandable disc thrown with a certain technique that flips and hyzer and turns in the opposite direction than their original path.

There are times when a flippy disc can prove to be highly useful. You just have to know to choose the right at the right time.              

What Weight Discs do Pros Throw?

You will find golf disc in different weights ranging from 120 to 180 grams. The popular models are available in a variety of different weights. The most common range for disc golf disc is 165 to 175 grams. Several new players think that starting with a 175 grams disc will help them become a pro disc golfer. This approach is not good to pick the best disc golf disc for beginners.   

Pro players start with lighter discs appropriate with their strength and skill level and gradually move to heavier weight classes. Competing players carry 20 or more discs from different weight classes and throw different discs for different targets.   

What is a Hyzer Shot in Disc Golf?

The hyzer throw utilizes the natural angle of a disc. For an RHBH disc golfer, the disc will naturally travel to the left. Once the player understands this natural angle of the disc, they can plan their next angle for the throw. 

For instance, if there is a tree that blocks your approach shot to the basket, you can throw a hyzer to angle your disc further down towards the left if you are an RHBH golfer so that the disc turns harder, avoiding the obstacle and hitting the target.   

Different Types of Discs 

You will find several options in disc golf discs with different colors, weights, and plastics. This can make your buying decision overwhelming, especially if you’re a novice to this sport. Let’s look at their various types and find out the best fit for you. Disc golf discs have four major types:

  • The distance driver
  • The fairway driver
  • The midrange disc 
  • The putter

When you’re new to this sport, you should look for a disc that offers the right distance for your game. The classification of the golf discs is based on their speed of flying or cutting through the air. 

Maximum Distance Drivers

The disc golf discs that are very fast at cutting through the air come in drivers or distant discs. These can go far from their starting point, more than 400 feet if you throw them using the right technique and power. 

If these are thrown improperly, there will be a lack of control and lesser distance covered, and overall frustration. 

You can recognize a maximum distance driver disc looking at its thick rim with a thickness of 2.1 centimeters or more. Their speed rating is also ten or more. 

Fairway/ Control Drivers

These aren’t as fast as distance drivers, offering better control. Their rims are thinner, giving a more stable and straight flight. Previously, these were known as power discs. Their flight distance isn’t as impressive. However, a new disc golfer will appreciate the control it has to offer. 

Midrange Discs

These fly slow and steady. The edges are rounded and not as aerodynamic. Some midrange drivers can give a perfectly straight flight. Most discs that are now considered to be midrange drivers were classified as distance drivers in the past. You should expect superb accuracy and complete control so you won’t miss a target if it isn’t situated very far away. Advanced disc golfers often tee off with these and even putters.

Putt and Approach

Putters have the least flying speed. You can easily control them, and they won’t offer a great distance flight. Their flight is pretty straight than the drivers. You don’t only land quickly in the basket with these, but also provide great approach shots that and near the basket making the putts easier. Putter offers straight, accurate flights covering short distances. 

Best Disc Golf Disc for beginners: FAQs

What disc should a beginner start with?

Beginners should preferably start with a lighter disc as they are still probably practicing. There are many disc bundles from Innova and other brands that contain one putter, mid-range and driver which are enough to get you started in playing.

From there, beginners can collect other types of design of discs that they will find preferable. It is also ideal to have spares as these discs are prone to be lost or destroyed after significant usage. 

How many discs to bring in a game?

In a 9 or 18 hole game, disc golfers should ideally have at least 6 discs. These should be composed of two putters, two mid-ranges and two drivers. The reason behind that is that there are high possibilities where the drive can fly off somewhere that cannot be retrieved. This is somewhat the same notion in regular golf, which is why it is better to bring a spare rather than being forced to use a disc that is not optimal to the condition that you are playing in.

How far should a disc cover?

It depends on the type of disc. We can divide divers into two classifications: distance and fairway. Fairway drivers are those that have tinier rims which makes them reasonably easy to control but can have lesser speed. When a driver has a lower speed, it covers a smaller distance as well.

Meanwhile, a distance driver is the opposite. They have broader rims that make them faster and cover a farther range. So, all in all, it depends on the type of disc.

What is the most durable disc material?

Generally, the most durable and ideal material for a disc is plastic. Plastic is both lightweight and can withstand impact. It is also easy to clean in a simple swipe. However, there is a variety of plastic depending on the brand.

Trusted brands such as MVP and Innovahavetheir own kinds of plastic that each has its own benefit. For example, Innova’s DX plastic can withstand multiple hits to trees without showing any signs of chipping and warping.

However, no matter how strong the material of a disc is, longevity still depends on the user. The user must be able to handle the disc well for it to last long. They should also be willing to do maintenance such as cleaning to keep it in a prime condition.

Do more massive discs fly farther?

A: It is a good question. Weightier discs don’t certainly fly farther, but they’re more steady and precise mid-throw. It entirely depends on how strongly you’ll get a throw off. A massive disc thrown convincingly will possibly go an equal distance to a nimbler disc thrown lightly.

What are the best shoes for disc golf?

The most beautiful shoes for disc golf would possibly be some out-of-doors trail shoes. Numerous courses at local parks tend to want you to move walking trails and work your way through specific gnarly land; consequently, you would like to be sure you’ve got shoes made precisely for that. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes is one of the best shoes for disc golf.

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What are disc golf discs made of?

Discs golf are made very likewise to how Frisbees are prepared, so plastic! Nonetheless, all are made from plastic, the particular sort of plastic that’s used might affect your game. So, confirm you’re selecting high-quality disc golf that isn’t weak or merely breakable.

Can you use a regular Frisbee for disc golf?

My answer is yes, you can, but it won’t do much for you in case you’re considering to build up your game. Meanwhile, Frisbees are all a uniform weight and extent; you won’t be prepared to nail a long-distance shot plus get an in-depth chance into the basket. Yet, you’ll use a Frisbee as an outline for the sport.

Can I break in a disc golf disc?

Why!!! I don’t think it’s necessary. Yet propelling it into a limitless number of trees or fences will only wear away at its honesty and make the disc frailer completely. Flouting in your disc will have little or no if any, influence on its performance.

Where do you play disc golf?

Therefore, you’ve got the set. Now what? If you deliberately are trying to discover them, you nearly never even saw the disc golf baskets at your native park. You’ll hunt online for local disc golf courses or perhaps create out your basket in your courtyard.

How are disc golf discs made?

Disc Golf discs undergo a complicated procedure of inoculation decoration. Usually, producers use a beading engine to perform this process. The disc, furthermore, is providing with a hopper, heated vessel, mould clamp, replying screw, and a spout.

The engine temperatures the plastic till it’s complete with flowing smoothly below force then such force is working to pull-out the fiery plastic before the liquid plastic to the mold. Formerly, the molten plastic is decanted into shape then chilled to supply a hard form. At last, a pair of extras are required to stay the golf disc in its flawless procedure.


Disc golf is indeed a very complex but exciting sport. Who knew there were so many types of discs, right? We have now come to the end of our review of the best disc golf discs for beginners. Hopefully, after all the information listed above, you were able to gain useful insights in terms of which disc is appropriate for you. Always remember the three varieties of a disc which are putter, mid-range, and driver. Always consider the quality of material and efficiency before buying the best disc golf discs for beginners and keep on improving your skills. By the end of the day, like in any sports, it is all about the player. Instruments are only the second factor in winning.

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