Best Dive Computer for Beginners | 9 Dominant Computers On Amazon

Scuba diving is an enjoyable experience. You explore the hidden beauty underwater and immerse yourself in a world of wonder and amazement. Once you experience it yourself, you would want to do it again and again.

You might even want to obtain your own scuba driver’s license. It is when you’d have to get your gear.

You can get a packaged kit that has got everything picked out, or you can buy the equipment from some scuba gear shop.

You’d have to choose the right snorkel, mask, wetsuit, buoyancy control device (BCD), and fins and dive computer to fully commit to the sport. But beginners face problems when they want to buy a dive computer; so we have written this updated guide of the best dive computer for beginners.

Your scuba diving computer is an essential device if you want to be on top of your game.
With the right computer for diving, you can know your dive’s limits and track how deep the waters are, ascent rate and time. With its help, you can maintain a detailed log for each one of your immersions. On top of that, based on your data, it will compute a dive profile for you and make sure that you dive comfortably staying within your limits. Choose the one that suits the style of diving you plan on doing. If you think you’d take up scuba diving as a dangerous sport and want to get trained for advanced levels too, get a device that will work for beginners as well as advanced level diving.

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What Is a Dive Computer?

A Dive computer, individual decompression computer, or decompression meter is a gadget used by an underwater diver to quantify the time. In-depth during a dive and use this information to figure and show a rising profile, which will give a generally safe decompression affliction as per the customized decompression calculation. The greatest invention in Scuba diving is Dive Computer, which is going on your wrists. This thing has a sensor in it that knows how deep it is in the water, and as you change depth throughout the dive, it continually calculates how much nitrogen is going into your blood at each depth, and then it tells you when you need to come up. 

Best Dive Computer for Beginners

How to Choose the Best Dive Computer for Beginners?

The best dive computer for Beginners is those who can easily understand how it works. It should be a user-friendly interface designed on a low profile and much more compact than the other devices available. The gadget is easier to use when contrasted with the other Diving computers in a close value range. Its security setting should be easy to adjust and flexible. You can add extra decompression quits during our dive to create a base danger of decompression ailment. You can set showcase sound alerts for base time, rising rate, profundity, and a lot more things.

Devices should be super easy to use where beginners can easily understand the menu and operate a Dive computer while diving under the deep sea. Generally specialized (and more costly) Diving Computers are “incorporated,” which implies that they interface with your controller and air flexibly. A Diving computer with air framework incorporation can follow the air in your tank and give you dead-on figures. Most recreational models do not have air framework incorporation, which minimizes your Dive-Computer expenses and the remainder of your gear.

The essential showcase includes:

Best dive computers for Beginners should show you the rudiments initially. Those are the most extreme depth, current depth, diving time, and no-fly/no-stop time.

Super Easy to Use

You must keep in mind whether it is easy to read display with a big screen and big fonts with crucial information and sharp matrix screen. It must be ensured you get simple, precise information, clear and easy to read Logbook with scrollable graphs and memory.

Understandable Algorithms

No complicated Scuba diving algorithms which are difficult to understand by the beginners. The less experienced you are, the more traditional a Dive Computer you need. It would help if you never took any risks when you’re beginning. Indeed, even experienced jumpers like me frequently use more moderate calculation algorithms to remain safe.


Backlight and glow display, you probably will not think you need one. However, a backdrop illumination is something you genuinely need to have if something turns out badly.


Preference for the beginners Diving should go for the Diving-Computers which have a user-friendly interface. So, it would be easy to operate and interact with the device in less time and can be used easily.


Water-activated computers turn on and begin computing when they hit the surface. Since we all neglect to turn things on occasion, this is one accommodation you would prefer not to manage without. It is smarter to pay more and have the option to believe your Dive computer to work in any event when you forget to activate the mode.

Alert Cautions

Cautions are the component that ensures you will see critical alarms when you must because even the most mindful Diver incidentally forgets to take a gander at their computers. Search for cautions that are movable and simple to program. It would help if you had the option to utilize whatever will grab your eye, regardless of whether it is clamor or blazing lights.

Consider Air System Integration

A few Dive Computers are “autonomous,” which implies that they take a shot at their own. They will supplant a couple of bits of your plunge hardware (Depth, gauge, check & compass), yet they will not interface with your air framework. For most recreational divers, they are all you truly require.

Comparison Table for Best Dive Computer for Beginners

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10 Best Dive Computer for Beginners Product Review, Features

There are so many choices of different methods, it can be challenging to pick the best dive computer out of the options available. It is why we have put together this guide listing the key features and factors you should consider when comparing the dive computers. We have also selected the best available models for beginner divers. You’d surely find this helpful. Read this guide to find your own best dive computer for beginners. Now, we will go through the details of 6 best dive computer for beginners one by one, so that it will help will to understand the product features easily.

01- Cressi Leonardo Underwater Diving Computer


  • The display diameter is 1 7/8 in – 47 mm
  • One button
  • Unit system is metric and imperial
  • The dive programs are air, nitrox and gauge 
  • 9 saturation half-times ranging from 2.5 to 480 minutes
  • Data acquisition frequency is 20 seconds
  • Calendar-alarm clock available
  • Estimate battery life (50 dives / year) is 2 Years     
  • Interface available for PC and MAC
  • Interface works with wrist
  • View all data of the dive sections including time, depth and distance.

Product Description

The Cressi Leonardo is an internationally famous computer dive watch for beginners. The first considerable feature is it has a single button that controls it, and you can switch between Nitrox and Air settings very easily. If you have a conservative diving style, it has three general levels that you can choose from. There is a sound alarm that you can easily hear underwater. Leonardo by Cressi comes in fourteen different colors. It has an easy to read display. 

Beginners can easily understand how it works. Its design is low profile, way more compact than the other devices available. The feature is more user friendly as compared to the other dive computers in a similar price range. Its safety setting adjustable. You can add additional decompression stops during our dive so that there is a minimum risk of decompression sickness. You can set display audio alarms for bottom time, ascent rate, depth, and many more things.

  • 3 level settings for Conservative Diving
  • You can switch to Air mode and Nitrox mode
  • The safety alarms can be seen and heard underwater
  • The display is big, simple, and readable
  • The single button system is easy to use
  • The ascent rate alarm is loud
  • It might not be compatible with every air transmitter

02- Mares Smart Wrist Dive Computer


  • Super sharpness 
  • Segmented characters
  • Clarity of a perfectly laid-out display
  • Ergonomic advantages of two buttons
  • Comfortable
  • Wearing easy and stylish
  • Nitrtox setting from 21% to 99%
  • Mineral Glass Display
  • Software upgrades ability
  • Gas Switching

Product Description

The Mares Smart computer dive watch is great for beginners keeping their safety as a priority. There is an alarm in it to remind you not to exceed your safe oxygen saturation limit and make decompression stops during your dive. It has everything a beginner would want in a computer for Diving, be it ease of use or simplicity of user interface, or superb safety features.  

Its maximum depth limit is 492 feet or 150 meters, which makes it an excellent choice for divers who want to maximize their diving skills. 

With a dive log capacity of 25 hours, it helps the beginner and intermediate level divers to track their dives. It has a sleek design making it look like a sports watch. 

It has an ascent rate lockout feature that will lock the device for 24 hours if you maintain an excessive ascent rate during 66% of the depth of your dive. This way, your risk of expansion and nitrogen injuries is minimized. Its screen is easy to read under the water. You have three separate display windows that show you safety stops, per minute depth and other info. 

Its battery life is two years where you can go for 200-300 dives. To save power, you can adjust the backlight of the display screen. The battery life pretty much depends upon how you use the backlight. You can make its battery last longer if you limit the backlight display time. This dive computer has a user-changeable battery, which means you can keep using this after the battery end just by replacing them.    

  • Its price is very affordable
  • Good accessibility
  • Has a free-diving mode
  • It has sound and display alarms
  • Its display is segmented in 3 windows for ease of use
  • Its backlight is adjustable, allowing you to save battery
  • It doesn’t have a compass
  • It lacks air integration
  • Its screen size is small

03- SUUNTO Zoop Novo Wrist Scuba Diving Computer


  • Easy to understand key dive data available
  • Big, super-bright backlit display
  • Full decompression capabilities
  • Five dive modes
  • Menu-based Suunto user interface
  • Programmable for 21% to 50% oxygen mixtures
  • Imperial or metric programmable
  • Audible alarms
  • Maximum depth display: 330′ (100 meters)

Product Description

The Suunto Zoop Novo is designed keeping the beginner and recreational divers in mind. It has an easy to read matrix display, and it’s that light is bright. Its dive log memory is up to 140 hours. It comes in a wristwatch style as well as console-style you can buy the method that should suit your diving style.

Its large screen displays all of the five diving modes: free dive, air, nitrox, gauge and off. It has three levels of conservative Diving, allowing you to set your traditional profile for each dive. 

You can use the stopwatch while Diving which allows you to track your times of meeting up between dive groups. The dive plan mode will enable you to plan your dive before you head underwater.

  • It has all five diving modes air, nitrox, free Diving, gauge, and off.
  • The display has a large matrix style
  • Four buttons operate it for user convenience
  • Its dive log memory is 140 hours
  • It has two style choices wrist style and console
  • You can use stopwatch while diving using this dive computer
  • Its buttons are hard to press
  • It is bulky for the wrist

04-Mares Quad Dive Computer


  • Magnificently clear
  • Super user-friendly
  • Clear display with jumbo size information
  • Two customizable fields for ancillary information
  • Four buttons for intuitive user interface
  • Mirrored button function during dive
  • Option to view dive time
  • Runaway decompression alarm
  • Multi-gas capable computer
  • Adjustable surface
  • Segment display
  • Combined with intelligent placement of information for easiest readability
  • Mineral glass display tempered glass with superior scratch resistance
  • Gas switching
  • A memory capacity of 38 hours
  • Features a stopwatch, power indicator, and a planning mode functions

Product Description

The Mares Quad is also an excellent choice for new divers. It is affordable but offers complete features. The making of this device is significant and can be challenging to carry around on the ground, but very comfortable under the water. Most importantly its display is the most prominent and bright of all. The divers who want the most convenient show should choose this one. Its menu can be used and operated underwater so you can change the setting, while Diving.

It has a comprehensive graph that even shows estimated tissue saturation. Its battery life is durable and will suffice for up to two hundred to three hundred dives. The battery is user changeable, so that is a plus. Its maximum depth display is one hundred and fifty meters or four hundred and ninety-two feet. It can log thirty-eight hours of dive data. You can program it for saltwater or freshwater diving. You can set its display for imperial units or metric units of measurements. There is a power indicator, stopwatch, and plan mode functionality. It is wirelessly integrated. You can adjust the altitude to your liking. It is operated with four buttons making it user friendly.    

  • The underwater menu lets you change the setting when you are diving
  • You can check the estimated tissue saturation with the help of its in-depth graph
  • Its battery has a long life and user-changeable
  • It has air, nitrox, and multi-gas capability
  • It has stopwatch functionality
  • Its LCD can be difficult to read in direct sunlight
  • Its size is huge for some divers

05-Cressi DRAKE TITANIUM Free Diving Computer


  • Designed specifically for the needs of freedivers
  • Current and maximum depth of the dive
  • Depth alarms available
  • Time alarms available
  • Dive time in minutes and seconds
  • Dual time
  • Maximum depth and time for the day
  • Dive logbook able to save 500 progressively numbered dives

Product Description

If you are love free-diving or spearfishing or both and are looking for a dual-purpose free diving computer that you can wear underwater as well as in your daily life, the Cressi Drake Titanium can be the best dive computer for you. You can check your actual depth and maximum depth while diving along with your dive time and water temperature. The display digits are significant to view. When you are on the ground, you can check your recovery time and recovery ratio. The Cressi Drake is easy to use even when you wear gloves because of its big buttons. It has alarms for depth and time to ensure your safety to the max. 

You can record all your dive data such as depth, descent speed, surface time, and immersion for five hundred progressively numbered dives. You can transfer this data to your laptop via the infrared system. It is a scratch-resistant, impact, and wear-resistant dive computer which means it is highly durable. It has four apnea programs for you to choose from: static for static apnea training, dynamic for pool training, free for spearfishing, and pro for advanced scuba diving. You can see the recommended recovery time between dives in the Pro and Free programs based on the number and depth of your past descents. Its stopwatch has the precision to show lap time and split time functions.

  • You can view the actual depth and maximum depth of your dive
  • There are depth alarms and time alarms for your safety
  • It has an anti-shock case made of titanium, stainless steel, and ABS scratch-resistant mineral crystal, making it highly durable
  • It has four different free-diving modes
  • Its battery is durable and user-replaceable
  • While it does log the past dive data, you can’t see the recent dive data on the watch and need to load the data on the laptop and watch it there
  • You’d need to separately buy a docking station to log the dives on your computer

06-SUUNTO D5 Scuba Diving Wrist Computer


  • 100m Water Resistant
  • Wireless Tank Pressure
  • Vibration Alarms
  • Digital Compass
  • Wireless Mobile Connection

Product Description

If you’re tired of batteries dying in dive computers, go for the Suunto D5 wrist computer for a rechargeable battery. There are an idle mode and a sleep mode for power saving. You can even connect it to the Suunto Mobile app with Bluetooth. It has a depth limit of 100 meters or 325 feet. Its straps and made of silicone and leisure and are exchangeable. For the divers who prefer to don’t think visual and audio alarms are enough, this has a vibration alarm too. With a digital compass, the Suunto D5 has Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and free-diving modes.

  • You can set it to a conservative or aggressive profile
  • It has a gas switching feature mid-dive.
  • You can control your ascent rate
  • There is a built-in compass for better navigation
  • It has air, nitrox, free dive and gauge mode
  • The compass needs recalibration after every battery recharge
  • If you break the decompression limit, it will lock down for 24 hours

07- Cressi Scuba Diving Computer


  • 3 buttons
  • PO2 and FO2 parameters setting
  • Logbook
  • Backlight display
  • Calendar and clock
  • Alarms

Product Description

Cressi is a trendy Italian brand known for manufacturing swimming equipment since 1946. This is one of the best dive computers for beginners. Cressi dive computer is made with many advanced features that will amaze you. This dive computer has 3 buttons; the purpose of these 3 buttons is to display all the required and necessary information about the dive, such as duration of dive, ascent rate of the diver (rise of a diver), depth of the dive, and the surface intervals during the dive. Software is installed in this diving computer that collects the data of your every dive.

Moreover, with the help of PCD (priority compartment digit data), the dive’s calculated data is displayed to the user. With the help of software, the user can easily have the opportunity to have direct dialogue with the device. Cressi dive computer has a backlight display; it also has the feature of alarm and clock.

  • It warns you with a safety stop, as it is for the beginners
  • It continuously calculated the consumption and release of nitrogen
  • You can easily connect it to a computer and view your dives on the computer
  • It provides complete detail of your dive like depth, duration, ascent rate, and with the backlight, the information is visible
  • The dive planner mode of this dive planner is fantastic.
  • Size is too big.
  • Safety stop timers should have been in seconds, not minutes.

08- Garmin Descent Mk1, Watch-Sized Dive Computer


  • Amazing navigation sensors
  • Wrist-based heartbeat system installed
  • Color display
  • Smart connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Amazing dive log

Product Description

This dive computer has many different and unique features, and it is a complete package. Dive planning software of this computer is remarkable. The GPS is installed in this dive computer for navigation, and it gathers the data regarding the starting point and ending point of your dive. There are sensors installed in this dive computer like a compass, barometric altimeter, and gyroscope.

The battery timing and battery life of the dive computer are fantastic. In dive mode, this can work up to 40 hours. The wrist heartbeat system is also installed in this dive computer. When the computer comes in contact with the skin, it can pulse rate displays the screen’s heartbeat. This dive computer can store 200 dives, and the data can be shared via Garmin connect or its app. This is one of the best dive computers for beginners with its efficient navigation sensors.

  • The navigation system shows your direction with a compass, the starting and ending point of your dive.
  • A wrist-based heartbeat system displays your heartbeat when it comes in contact with your skin
  • This dive computer has incredible battery timing.
  • You can connect it with your mobile easily through smart connectivity.
  • It is accurate than many other dive computers.
  • It does not have a touch screen
  • It has minimal wrist bands

09- Aqua Lung i200 Wrist Computer


  • 4 Operating modes
  • LED alarm light
  • Changeable battery
  • Versatile design
  • Safety stop

Product Description

This dive wrist Computer is a sporty dive computer with a versatile design. This dive computer has 4 different operating modes. It has a changeable battery; the user can easily change its battery. You can easily find the battery of this dive computer from any supermarket. This dive computer works with excellent efficiency and accuracy. The calculation of your dive time calculation of depth is much more accurate than other dive computers. It is highly recommended, and the data of the dive stay when you change the battery.

The outstanding features of this dive computer make it unique among other dive computers. Software is installed in this dive computer for a safety stop. Safety stop works automatically on this dive computer. The device has a backlight, and the device can store the data of a limited number of dives. The LED alarm light is also installed.

  • The dive computer has 4 operating modes for the convenience of the user
  • The LED alarm light is installed in this dive computer for safety purpose
  • The safety stop timer starts automatically.’
  • Users can easily change the battery of this dive computer.
  • This dive computer is much more efficient and accurate than other dive computers.
  • The quality of the buttons is very cheap, should have been better at this cost.
  • According to some reviews, it has stopped working underwater.

10- Aqua Lung i300C Dive Wrist Computer


  • 4 different operating modes
  • User changeable battery
  • Bluetooth technology for better connectivity
  • Backlight
  • LED alarm light
  • Safety stop

Product Description

Aqua Lung i300C Dive Wrist Computer is a fantastic dive computer that has many different features. This is a dive computer with a compass for better navigation and integrated with the latest Bluetooth technology for smart and easy connectivity with a mobile phone. This dive computer works with excellent efficiency and accuracy.

This dive computer comes up with 4 different operation modes, air/nitrox gauge, calculation of the duration of dive, calculation of the depth of dive, and the calculation of the dive’s entry and exit point is much more accurate. The calculation of your dive time calculation of depth is much more accurate than another computer for diving. The battery system of this dive computer is user-changeable.

Battery changing cannot affect the data of the dive. It retains the data of a limited number of dives. A safety stop timer is also installed in this device that informs you about the safety stop automatically. This is a highly recommended dive computer, and the features of this dive computer make it one of the best dive computers for beginners.

  • The computer has 4 different operating modes for convenience
  • User can easily change the battery
  • It has a versatile design and better accuracy
  • Better Bluetooth technology helps to connect mobile phone easily
  • Automatic safety stops and LED alarming light for safety.
  • Bluetooth connectivity works excellent with android, not IPhones
  • Size is more prominent than usual

Buyers Guide on Best Dive Computer for Beginners

Design & Ease of Use

Your first drive computer should be easy to use with an intuitive design. Pick a model that lets you easily navigate the menu to plan, log, and monitor your dives. Remember if you get a high-level computer that is confusing for beginners, it will not help you but will distract you. All you need is a basic scuba diving computer to accompany you on your dive. 

suunto dive computer

Screen Size & Brightness

For beginner scuba divers, it is important to be able to see their device underwater. If you’re near reading eyesight is weak, and you struggle to in low lights, choose a dive computer with a big screen even possibly oversized screen. If you prefer your dive computer to be compact, choose one whose backlit screen is bright so that you can read it easily in the deep waters.          

best dive computer 2020


There are many different kinds of designs when it comes to scuba diving computers; however, the wrist and watch style works best for beginners and recreational divers. 

Wrist style computers are a bit heavy and bulky as compare to watch style computers that makes them easy to read during the dive. The wrist and the watch model are often more robust and durable; however, they don’t have an emphasis on fashion. 

Still, the watch style computer for diving is compact and stylish so much that you may want to wear them every day underwater and outside of water. However, beginners can have difficulty with small watch computer, especially in cold water and low light. So when you pick your dive computer, keep your personal preferences in mind and think of how often will you be using it and in where, and decide accordingly.             

dive computer with compass

Durability, Longevity

Remember high price doesn’t really mean high quality in scuba diving computer. There are many great models for different prices that are very safe, as the expensive options. What you want is to get one that’s durable, compatible with your experience level and stay with you for many many years. 

If you want to use your device daily or your diving cause an impact on your gear, look for an option that is long-lasting. Look up the warranty of your desired model before buying.

Types of Diving

There are so many diving types you can try, from night dives to ice dives and deep dives; here are the few common types of diving.

Night Diving

It is what it seems like; however, there is something else entirely to the late evening diving experience than merely hopping into the water around evening night time.

Deep Diving

How profound deep would you be able to go? A jump is viewed as a ‘Deep Dive’ when the scuba diver goes farther than 18 meters underneath the surface level. Most deep dives will occur at 30 meters or more underneath ocean level.

Cave Diving

Most scuba divers are cave diving fans, which takes you exploring the sea’s numerous ways, aperture, and passes. Lowered caverns can be discovered everywhere on the sea, and specific objections are known for having mostly amazing ocean gives in that draw in divers from around the world. It resembles a submerged play area or maze that you can explore.

Wreck Diving

There is nothing so interesting, secretive, and delightful as a submerged boat submerged, with the entirety of its components still there to find and explore. Typically, wrecks will have pulled in a different environment of fish, coral, plants, and ocean life, making them staggering spots to explore.

Ice Diving

Ice diving is for those insane cold searchers who need to investigate cold sea conditions underneath sheets of ice.

How to Use a Dive Computer?

Dive-Computers come with a screen that shows information digitally. Most Dive-Computers have three modes.

  • Pre dive mode: which is where you look at your gas?
  • Dive mode: which is where you look at dive time depth and the ascent rent?
  • Dive Log: which is where you get the information that was recorded during those dives?

That you can put it into your dive logs and physical dive logs, and your instructors can sign them, so let’s take a look at each one of these computers individually. Remember that these computers have the dive tables built into them; we don’t need table-charts anymore. This is one button computer, and when you press the button, it goes to the pre-dive mode.

From there, you press the button three times, and you get to the log mode. When you get there, you can see on the screen it says log to get into the log mode; you hold down the button and what comes up is the history of all the dives on that computer when you press the button one more time. It goes into the first log dive. All of the information recorded by the computer in the dive mode will be there for you to record into your logbooks.

What is a Dive Computer Used for?

Dive Computer which is going on your wrists, basically this it has a sensor in it that knows how deep it is in the water. As you change depth throughout the dive, it continuously calculates the depth, time pressure, and measures how much nitrogen is going into your blood at each depth. Dive Computers address a similar issue as decompression tables. However, they can play out a nonstop figuring of the incomplete weight of inert gases in the body dependent on the Diver’s real profundity and time profile.

As the Dive Computer naturally quantifies profundity and time, it can caution of unreasonable rising rates and missed decompression stops. The Diver has less motivation to convey a different dive computer watch and profundity check. Best dive computer for beginners gives extra data to the Diver, including air and water temperature, information used to help forestall oxygen poisonous, a Computer-readable dive log, and the weight of the excess breathing gas in the diving chamber. This recorded data can be used for the Diver’s very own Logbook of their exercises or essential data in the clinical survey. Or legitimate cases following diving mishaps that keep Diver safe, so this is a vital piece of gear. It means you don’t longer need to use Tables- Charts because Dive-Computers continuously calculate it.

cressi dive computer

What are the Technical Features Of Dive Computers

User-Replaceable Battery

You depend upon on your use the average dive computer battery last for two to three years. Once the battery ends, you can replace it on your own if your model has a user-replaceable battery. This is especially great for divers who travel to exotic locations where there is no service centre. This way your diving adventures won’t ever be spoil because of low battery.         

Adjustable Safety Settings

All the dive computers are designed to ensure safe diving; however, some models let you choose exactly how conservative you want your dive to simple words with adjustable safety settings you can go on a lowest risk diving plan.

Some models let you make multiple decompression stops, lower the ascent rate and set multiple kinds of display and sound alarms.          


The devices have air integration feature keep track of tank pressure during the dive via Bluetooth. So you will be able to see how much air is left for you. Some divers prefer this feature so that they don’t have to take up a pressure gauge underwater. 

However, air integration is not meant for every diver. You need to buy a wireless transmitter for this feature. So keep your budget in mind when deciding to go for air integration in dive computers or not. One more thing to remember is that air integration transmitter needs to be handled with care because they are sensitive devices.        

Modes: Air & Nitrox, Gauge, Freediving

Nowadays all computer dive watches have three basic modes the air, the Nitrox mode, the gauge. 

Air mode is for diving with twenty-one per cent oxygen. Mostly this is the gas blend that is common, and beginners get there training and certification for this blend.

Nitrox mode is for diving with the oxygen-enriched tank. Usually, nitrox has thirty-two to thirty-four per cent oxygen. This certification speciality is quite popular among divers. 

Gauge mode shows only time and depth. People who want to measure their dive profile themselves use gauge mode. Technical divers planning multi-gas immersions also go for gauge mode. 

The divers hold their breath underwater use the freediving mode. You don’t have to actually wear a dive computer when apnea diving or free diving. However, it does help to keep track of depth, ascent rate, surface interval and bottom time. Freediving has its risks, especially after scuba diving, you should not mix these two sports.        

Gas Switching

Technical divers usually use gas switching when they have planned the dive decompression stops. You may want to get this feature of being able to switch gas blends while diving if you want to go beyond recreational diving later when you advance your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Dive Computer for Beginners

How to operate a scuba diving computer?

Read the user manual after buying your first the computer and understand all the instructions. Before going underwater, make sure to fully learn how to use your device, and find out its functions and safety limits. There will be visual or audio ascent alarms to remind you if you ascend too quickly. While diving keeps an eye on your dive computer to know how deep you are underwater and your bottom time.       

What makes a dive computer easy to use?

A dive computer that is easy to operate and has a good display is easiest for beginners. If you are going to just dive a few times recreationally during a year, it is best to get a dive computer with basic features. More features mean more complications. Be sure to practice using your computer dive watch before going underwater. If you plan to get certified in nitrox mode diving, be sure to get a dive computer with this functionality and learnt to switch between air and nitrox mode before going for a dive.

What to do if your dive computer stop working mid-dive?

If your dive computer suddenly stops while you are diving, immediately alert your dive partner and slowly and safely end your dive within the limits the dive computer was showing you before it stopped. Don’t rely on your partner’s computers because they might have set it differently, and every diver has a different dive profile. If you don’t own a backup dive computer, it is advised not to dive again on the same day.

Computers may stop working if water leaks into their battery or if the battery ends. Keep a spare computer for diving if you don’t want a failure to disrupt your dive. It is also recommended to carry at least one extra battery, especially while traveling. Most of the dive operators know how to change the batteries of dive computers. Otherwise, you will have to read the instruction on the manual to carefully replace your battery yourself. 

Do I need a dive computer?

As a diver, you should have a computer for diving to be aware of your diving duration. It is vital to calculate the time and depth of your dive. It helps you to improve yourself and does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro; you should have a dice computer when diving. Now dive computers come with excellent quality, and you can get dive computers very quickly at affordable prices.

How deep can you dive as a beginner?

Beginners are advised not to go more than 9 feet when diving. It is not safe for a beginner to deeper, more than 9 feet. There are different stages of divers. The depth increases with the improvisation of the stage. It is essential to follow the advice and suggestions of professionals. 

How long does a dive computer last?

Dive computers are efficient and long-lasting. If your daily usage is about 1 hour, then an average dive computer will work up to 300 days. 

How much are dive computers?

Different dive computers come with different prices. Companies charge for their names, while some charge for their features. You can get the best dive computer for beginners from 200$ to 1500$. Advance features come with an increase in costs. The most expensive dive computer will have the maximum advanced features and the best quality.

What does a dive computer tell you?

A dive computer is a device that collects essential information about your dive like the depth of your dive, duration of your dive, starting and ending point of your dive, and it has some different features according to its cost.

At what depth will water crush you?

The human body can resist 3 to 4 atmospheres of pressure, then water presses in from all sides. The pressure of the ocean’s water will crush the human body.

Do dive computers have a compass?

Different companies manufacture dive computers, they charge for it according to their features. Some dive computers with a compass, some are not. Dive computers with fewer features are cheaper as compared to the dive computer with the compass.

How deep can you dive without decompression?

Decompression stops are required when you dive deeper. Decompression stops increases with depth. A diver can dive into the water for about 40 meters, but after 40 meters, decompression stops are required. 

Is scuba Diving an expensive hobby?

Yes, scuba diving is an expensive hobby. You have to spend a lot on scuba diving, like the minimum amount you have to spend on the diving certification is 300$. Then there are gears for scuba diving. You will never be done with buying gears because news gears are introduced daily with new features, and you will look to buy them. The cost for scuba diving gear starts from 250$ to 1000$, and the cost for a single scuba dive will be 75$-150$ per dive.

What is an air integrated dive computer?

An air integrated dive computer programs your dive. A dive computer with an integrated air system is required for deep dives.

Air integrated dive computer indicates the diver that when nitrogen will be required. It tells the level of the tank filled with air. This system informs you that at which point you need to use oxygen/nitrogen. A non-air-integrated dive computer cannot provide this vital information to the diver.

How do wrist dive computers work?

Wrist mounted dive computers work like a standard wristwatch and it easy to read information from the dive computer watch by twisting your hand. The wrist computers gather essential data, like the starting and ending point of dive, depth of dive other vital points with software installed, and display this information on the display screen.

What is the deepest dive ever made?

Explorer recorded the deepest dive ever by descending 35,853 feet (10,927) meters deep under the Pacific Ocean.

What should I do if my computer stops working during a dive?

If the dive computer stops working during a dive, end your dive, signal your team, and coordinate with them. If you are not required with decompression stops, then start your dive again.

Our Recommendation for the Best Dive Computer for Beginners

After reading this brief guide now you have to get one. If you ask for our recommendation we will say go for the Mares Smart Wrist Dive Computer. It is fundamental for beginners with advance features like nitrox up to ninety-nine per cent, free-diving and gas switching. You can use this computer dive watch as a regular wristwatch too, which makes it perfect for professional divers spending a lot of time underwater. Its compact face and bend size make it great for warm waters.

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Last Words

Your dive computer is going to make your scuba diving experience easy. As a beginner, it is advised to get a basic model that is easy to use and has a wide display. Hopefully, this guide has helped you to understand the important feature to keep in mind before choosing a model for yourself.

One of the top choices in this review can surely be suitable for your diving style. Learn more about computer here.

Happy Diving 🙂

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