Best Fire Starter to Buy in 2022 | Expert Review & Buying Guide

Firestarters make for great survival tools and emergency equipment when needed be, and it’s best that you find the products that can deliver. There are manual and traditional types, while there are more advanced ones to choose from, and having this knowledge can do you well.

With that, we have devised a guide that can help you out on what to look for when finding the product that suits you and can have the opportunity to compare the features and contrast their lapses.

You may even appreciate an overview that will keep you noted on all aspects while presenting you with alternatives for a larger exercise of purchasing freedom as you search for the best fire starter for you. It is also important that you take note of the need for two main considerations: what can effectively start a fire, and what can keep a fire going for an extended period of time. Let’s begin.

Comparison: Top Rated Best Fire Starter

In this list, we have compiled 6 of the best-reviewed and tested fire starter products made available in the market. Although some may be more costly than the rest, doing a bit of comparing and contrasting in the overall list makes for a great overview.

The chosen products for the line-up are as follows:

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Top 10 Best Fire Starter Product Review

After going through that overall comparison, we reckoned it best to give you more details as to what these products can offer. In their own ways, any of these ten could be the best fire starter for you, but there are aspects to each that make them unique and well suited for particular purposes.

01- Survival Spark Fire Starter

Best Fire Starter

Windproof, high weather ability, and convenient, this Magnesium fire starter from Survival Spark includes an integrated compass and a 150-decibel whistle to complete the emergency setting. Its compact design makes it portable and easy to carry around, while its scraper has both the flat and serrated edges, making it an efficient and effective tool for survival.

The best thing about this is even when it’s wet, it still works fine, unlike the typical fire starter material. This can bring much ease whenever you go on hiking and camping trips, thus making this one of the best fire starter products in the market.


  • Windproof
  • Includes integrated compass
  • 150-decibel whistle
  • The scraper has both flat and serrated edges
  • The product is lightweight, pocket-sized and comes with a paracord lanyard, making it easier to carry around
  • It is also impact-resistant, so it can sustain a high drop with a hard landing and still be usable
  • This is a fire starter that is guaranteed to last since it is the igniting type, and not similar to the ones used to fuel the fires
  • It may not be able to produce as many sparks as marketed
  • This flint and steel type need an effective fuel for it to create a long-lasting fire

02- Swiss Safe 5 in 1 Fire Starter

Best Fire Starter

This 5-in-1 rod striker is a flint and steel Firestarter made with high-quality Magnesium Ferrocerium to make for a long-lasting piece of survival equipment.  Durable, lightweight, and easy-to-use, this comes with a built-in compass, a whistle, and a paracord to complete the set. Each package contains two fire starters, with each lasting up to 16000 strikes.

The rod is solid and resilient, while the saw-toothed edges allow for the effective extending the sparks. Its heavy-duty construction and compact design make it better than the ordinary matches and butane lighters in terms of efficiency and is more reliable especially in times of emergency.


  • 5-in-1
  • made of magnesium ferrocerium
  • built-in compass
  • built-in whistle
  • built-in paracord
  • 2 fire starters in a set
  • Capable of 16000 strikes
  • The product is made with top-grade vibrantly-colored plastic, making it easy to find and detect even in low light
  • Its high weather ability and impact resistance allow it to work through the effects of wind, water, and cold while burning up to 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • This fire starter may come as a bit pricey compared to other products
  • Its whistle may always be as effective as the other products included in the set

03- Pine Mountain ExtremeStart Fire Starters

Best Fire Starter

Starting a fire shouldn’t have to be complicated, and this is where the Pine Mountain fire starters take root. Portable, lightweight and simple, this product offers a quick and easy method that utilizes eco-friendly clean fire logs. This is a common companion for camping, hunting and fishing trips, where warmth and cooking will be needed.

These fire starters also make for better and more efficient alternatives to the typical matchsticks. Although it may not light up in airtight woodstoves, it still brings much convenience for its price, and it can be guaranteed to last an entire trip.


  • Uses eco-friendly fire logs
  • Can burn up to 15 to 20 minutes
  • Produces 80% fewer carbon emissions and 75% fewer particulates
  • This is a product that can easily ignite wood and charcoal fast, with a reduced need for constant rekindling as it can burn for up to 15-20 minutes.
  • It includes fire logs that produce 80% lesser carbon emissions and 75% lesser particulates for an odor-less and more eco-friendly approach
  • It can get a bit costly since its price range is similar to the flint and steel types
  • This is not a recommended tool if you are new to camping activities

04- EasyGoProducts Eco-Stix Fatwood Fire Starters

Best Fire Starter

Made with all-natural Ocoee pine internally rich with resin, harvested from the leftover pine trumps, these Fatwood Eco-stix make for a sustainable and effective choice for fire starting when camping, hunting or cooking outdoors. With these, you can expect a quick and easy start to your fires as the resin facilitates with the burning, and they also work well with wood stoves, fireplaces, and hearths.

The packaging for this product comes in different sizes and contains at least 120 kindling firewood sticks of varying lengths and thicknesses. Although it’s commended to be effective, the only downside with wood logs is that you have to keep them dry and far from moisture for it to be useful.


  • Made with Ocoee pine
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Has 120 different kindling firewood
  • Another plus point for the product is that its fumigated sticks and do not contain Methyl bromide and petrochemical additives that may harm the environment
  • This eco-friendly option is sold in bulks that last a long time
  • It may not be effective once it is wet or exposed to moisture.
  • This may require a separate container or compartment whenever brought for traveling

05- Bear Grylls Gerber Fire Starters

best fire starter tinder

This product is inspired by the legendary survival instructor, Bear Grylls, this flint and steel fire starter is durably made with metal and Ferrocerium, and it comes with a waterproof tinder storage compartment, a lanyard to keep it close, and an emergency whistle.

Its compact design and portability make it easier to bring and provide fire and warmth throughout your camping and hunting trips for up to 8000 strikes. This is easily one of the recommended essentials for the outdoors and was rated one of the best fire starter products.


  • Made of flint and steel
  • Waterproof storage compartment
  • Emergency whistle
  • Capable of up to 8000 strikes
  • The package even comes with rescue instructions for land and air emergencies, as well as a pocket guide about survivalist tips from Bear Grylls himself.
  • At a similar cost as most fire starters of this type, having such a tool can come in handy especially when the climate and the location are unpredictable.
  • This product can work, even when wet and it fits right into your pocket, so no need for a special compartment for this
  • This product is not considered a bestseller compared to the other products of the Bear Grylls merchandise
  • The whistle is not as effective as the other parts of the set

06- überlebenZünden Fire Starter

best fire starter for wet weather

This thick bushcraft fire starter from überleben boasts its 12000 to 20000 strike limit, which exceeds that of most fire starters in the market. With its handmade ergonomically designed hardwood handle, finely blended Sanft -Korr Ferrocerium rods and durable construction, this product is guaranteed to last the user a long time.

It also comes with a paracord lanyard designed for neck-carrying, a waterproof material that can endure unpredictable weather and impact, and its striker also works like a multi-tool: a micro ruler, map scale, hex wrench, and a bottle opener. With a total length of nearly 5 inches, this product comes in three varying thicknesses: the Fatty (1/2″), the Pro (3/8″) and the Trad (5/16″).


  • capable of up to 12000 to 20000 strikes
  • wood handle
  • comes with paracord lanyard
  • waterproof material
  • also works as a micro ruler, map scale, hex wrench, and bottle opener
  • The package even comes with a multi-tool so you may not need additional equipment, especially with its straight edge striker spin and concave serrated tinder scaper at your disposal
  • The product is made with heavy-duty, high quality and durable material to last
  • It is also a bit more expensive than other products of the same type, but that’s because it offers twice the features and product life span
  • This is primarily marketed to professionals and may not be recommended to amateurs

07- Bayite Ferrocerium Survival Fire Starter

best fire starter pokemon

The Striker Pro from Bayite offers us their top-grade survival fire starter with a 9ft. paracord for increased portability and better efficiency in the case of an emergency. It is specially crafted from heavy-duty HSS steel, which is durable, hard, and maximizes the production for sparks, while the rod is made from an effective blend of Ferrocerium.

Lightweight, waterproof, impact-resistant and weather-proof, this is a product you can rely on to bring fire and warmth when you’re outdoors, with the sparks reaching up to 5500 degrees Fahrenheit. Each package contains two rods, and you get to choose from the varying diameters from 1/2″, 3/8 or 5/16″.


  • Includes 9-feet paracord
  • Crafted from HSS steel
  • Waterproof and impact-resistant
  • Weatherproof design
  • Also, this is a flint and steel fire starter that is fairly affordable and practical, making it a great choice for those who like to do some casual outdoor activities.
  • This fire starter is reliable and easy to carry around when traveling
  • There can be difficulty in usage, especially when one is not well-versed with outdoor equipment mechanisms

08- Better Wood Fatwood Fire Starter

best fire starters for fireplace

Fire starting has never been easier with these wooden sticks and many highly recommend this as one of the reliable and best fire starter sticks in the market.

Sustainably manufactured from harvested stumps of non-endangered pine trees in non-rainforest areas, this versatile fire starter from Better Wood is all-natural and remains combustible even when wet.

This is a FatWood product that’s ideal for outdoor cookouts, camping and hunting trips, or bonfire evenings when making fire shouldn’t be complicated and time-consuming.


  • Non-toxic
  • Created from logging waste
  • All-natural
  • Waterproof
  • It works best with layers of crumpled newspapers and a bit of kindling and it is guaranteed to last.
  • The product’s 10 lb. packaging can last up to 6 months.
  • They even make for good firewood for barbecues since it doesn’t give off lots of soot and the wood doesn’t contain any harmful additives for a longer-lasting burn
  • They don’t come in small packages and are sold in bulk
  • You are required to repack them in containers or compartments to keep them dry during hikes and camps

09- Weber 7429 Rapid Fire Chimney Starter

best fire starter for wood stove

Specially made for producing coals and embers for fire starting and cooking, this chimney starter from Weber is durably constructed with aluminized steel and ergonomically designed handles.

Prized for its quick and reliable performance in igniting charcoal, this product can make for great companion equipment for outdoor cook-offs.  This bestselling item is a bit costly, but it guarantees to save you time and energy as you won’t need to keep rekindling embers with this one. It is as well adequately sized and performs impressively.


  • The diameter of 7.5 inches
  • 12 inches in height
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lights charcoal in 20 to 25 minutes
  • For the purpose is ease and convenience for residential areas, this fire starter can deliver with reliability
  • It is easy to use, safe to handles and makes for a great companion in barbecues and outdoor grilling cook-offs
  • The main disadvantage of choosing this product is its difficult portability, and it’s not exactly the bulk you want to carry when hiking
  • It can be a bit of an investment when it comes to the cost


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10- Pyro Putty Phone Skope Emergency Survival Fire Starter

best fire starter cubes

A product that is unlike any other, this PYRO putty from Phone Skope is an ecologically-safe non-toxic fire-starting blend that is designed to burn continuously in spite of the weather, altitudes and change of temperatures.

It is as well waterproof, pliable and easy to use, making it an ideal survivalist tool. Be prepared for any disaster with a little tub of this putty, which can be placed almost anywhere and be lit up to create fire in no time.

This is the ultimate fuel you need to start a fire, and its high effectiveness makes it a bestseller. Nothing complicated is involved in the process, and you can look forward to having a great time outdoors without the fire-starting hassle.


  • Non-toxic
  • Waterproof
  • Can create fires that burn up to 15 minutes
  • The putty is concentrated and effective than a small quarter-sized dub can last up to 15 minutes, which is enough to burn firewood
  • This is intuitively easy to use for both amateurs and professionals
  • This product only acts as an assistive agent, and you will need an igniter to set the fire up
  • The price, with regards to its quantity, can be considered an investment

What to Look Out for When Buying Fire Starters?

Mainly, the best fire starter would be a lighter, seconded by a matchstick. But, over time these products have developed to have more enhanced features and longer effects. Still, the principle remains: you need a pair to get the best results and be able to make fires quicker and easier, and you can take your pick from the line-up we have prepared. The question still stands though, “Which one?”

Every product has its own features and lapses, and what may be the best fire starter for some may not be what you need. With that, there are certain features that are important when looking for the product that is most suitable to you, and we’re laying them out here for you to evaluate for yourself.

Spark-making capacity

One factor to consider when looking for a fire starter is the product’s capacity to produce sparks and the maximum number of strikes it can offer. The more strikes it offers, the longer you can make use of the product, and the lower your cost per use will be. This is particularly for flint and steel types since wood blocks and sticks were naturally designed to keep the fires going, which is a different factor.

Combustion period

This refers to how long the fires or the embers last, and such a factor should be taken into account, especially when you make these fires to keep an area warm. The longer these fires last, the less time is wasted repeating the process, and less energy is spent trying to rekindling the embers. Pairing up fuel with a flint and steel igniter can ensure a long-lasting flame, but this may cost more than the typical lighter to wood log pairing.

Weather ability

High weather ability denotes the versatility of a material when it comes to the unpredictability of climate, temperature, location, and events. Flint and steel types are recommended in this regard, since they are useful even when wet, and are resistant to impact. Putty fuels are also chemically designed to withstand these effects, while wooden blocks are rated least in this aspect unless they are carefully placed in sealed bags or containers.


Almost all of the mentioned products are portable to some degree, with the putty ranking highest in portability, seconded by the flint and steel fire starters, so these two can make an effective fire-starting duo. Wooden logs and sticks are packaged in bulk, but they can be transferred to waterproof tinder containers, some of which come with a flint and steel product. The bulkier one for transport is the chimney starter, so this is not a recommended companion when going on hikes, but is ideal for outdoor cook-offs and barbecues.

Additional info (FAQ, Tips, and Tricks)

With our main goal as finding you the best fire starter to suit your needs and preferences, you as a buyer must be able to consider what can effectively create the fire and keep it burning as need. So here are a few compiled tips and tricks to move you towards the goal:

What makes a good fire starter?

A good fire starter, whether it is a single product, a set or a combination of various products, should be able to create fire quickly and easily, and be able to maintain the flame over time – better if it can withstand the effects of wind, weather, and temperature.

Which fire starter can produce fires effectively?

Although we may not have to point out directly which product, checking for how well it can produce sparks is a good indication. Also, Ferrocerium and Magnesium are the specific metals to look out for, since they create copious sparks and lasting embers when the scraper is appropriately scraped against the rod.

Which fire starter can make the fires last longer?

 If you’re looking forward to the best results, not one product can do this alone, but what you can take into consideration is the resistance of the material to weather and temperature changes. Although fuel like gasoline can do well to keep a fire going, the aforementioned wood logs and sticks are manufactured with less internal moisture, and that’s what makes them ideal for burning without the need to carry a potentially harmful substance around when traveling.

How long typically is the shelf life of these products?

Considering that these are products made for survival and emergency purposes, they are guaranteed to last for years. However, in the case of the wood and the putty, exposure to other chemicals, moisture, and other matter may interfere with their effectiveness. Flint and steel types usually last a long time, until the rod becomes too thin, or the scraper becomes too dull.


Now that we have all the cards on the table, let’s mention one vital fact before moving on: Fire is a valuable and precious resource to mankind, but without control, it can easily turn into a harmful monster that will devour anything it encounters.

In fact, several wildfires had been caused by fire starters that had not been fully taken out or extinguished. Thus, it is important that when going camping or hunting, the grounds have to be checked for embers in order to avoid these catastrophes.

These are products specifically designed to bring ease and convenience to our outdoor activities and in our indoor spaces during the colder months. Now that we are aware of these certainties, may we be more vigilant and responsible for our footprint, and may we use these tools properly and appropriately. May this buying guide help you as you go about your search for the best fire starter product, pair or set that will work for you. Read more about camping here.

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