Best Fish Finder for Salmon Trolling | 6 Supreme Picks With Detail Review

You are looking for the best fish finder for salmon trolling? But tried finding exactly the fish finders that are made especially for finding salmon. You just have landed in the right place. 

When I was a newbie at fishing, I used to hunt without a fish finder. As a result, it would spend many hours catching single fish. But one of my experienced friends at fishing suggested a great fish finder that greatly enhanced my fishing speed. And I am better off now.

At fishing, salmon hunting is prevalent nowadays. But it would not be elementary for you to catch a salmon without the best fish finder. It is one of the most widespread fish species. Salmon’s are well-known for incredible runs from oceans or, even if stocked, lakes to spawn upstream and excellent runs once habituated. 

One of the very first salmon fishing strategies for novices is identification. There are many Salmon varieties like Coho, chinook, Atlantic, and sockeye from the U.S. Due to its increased popularity; companies are not sitting idea. People who love fishing now can easily catch salmons by the best fish finder for Salmon trolling.

But you might be thinking about how to get the right one?

After years of fishing experience today, I am reviewing the best fish finder for Salmon trolling for you. That will change the fishing experience with their have the best technology. They have better display size and color with outstanding contrast.

The most exciting thing about these fish finders is the cone angle. That decides the range of fish finders. They almost all have a greater cone angle, therefore a more fantastic range.

If you are in rush I recommend you to get the Elite-7 Ti2-7-inch Fish Finder.

Our Top Pick
Elite-7 Ti2-7-inch Fish Finder Active Imaging 3-in-1Transducer, Wireless Networking, Real-Time Map Creation Preloaded C-MAP US Inland Mapping

Elite-7 Ti2-7-inch Fish Finder Active Imaging 3-in-1Transducer, Wireless Networking, Real-Time Map Creation Preloaded C-MAP US Inland Mapping

The top features of Elite-7 Ti2-7-inch Fish Finder at a glance;

  • Has a built-in wireless networking 
  • Supported by Navionics plus mapping cards
  • Best display of seven inches with high resolutions
  • Best display colors by SolarMax
  • Has a CHIRP sonar
  • Includes side scan and down scan
  • Updates the map for a better experience
  • Supported by the C-MAP genesis
  • Provides a clear picture of fish
  • Can record waypoints.

Scroll down for further details:

Top 6 Fish Finders for Salmon Trolling

Comparison Table for Best Fish Finder for Salmon Trolling

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6 Best Fish Finder for Salmon Trolling Product Review, Features

01- Garmin Striker Plus 5cv with Transducer, 5″ GPS Fish finder

With the highest readability, this product makes hunting more fun. With GPS ability, it enables you to get waypoints, find your way back, and correctly plan your next trip. It can locate boat ramps and other locations in water even let you see if fish are biting in the spot. It also helps you determine the proper speed for trolling, which makes it the best fish finder for salmon trolling. Further, here are the features:


  • It has a CHIRP traditional with ClearVu scanning.
  • Comes with Quickdraw software for creating maps and saving them
  • Include a GPS for creating routes and record waypoints.
  • Can determine the moving speed of boats.
  • Has frequency 50/77/200 kHz
  • Sunlight readability of about five.
  • The resolutions for display are 800 x 480 pixels.
  • With utmost sensitivity, it can locate your position anywhere. 
  • Best for deep hunting.
  • Made for outside fishing.

Fit to Work

With the highest readability, about five provides you a clear view outside. It makes it more suitable when you have a bit larger display pixels that make hunting fun. You can track the position of other boats and yours too.

Greater Depth

The feature that would force you to go for this product is its ability for in-depth hunting. It has the latest technology of CHIRP ClearVU. With the fantastic sonar can reach depth. That enhances your ability to cover a much larger area underwater. You can see the structure and position of things.


It has a frequency of 50/77/200 kHz. That simply means it has the best frequency to work with. Has the ability to cover the larger area strengthens your insight to find and hunt.

  • Higher readability
  • Display resolution
  • Work under depth
  • Covers greater area
  • Smart design
  • No warranty
  • A little less durable

Why should you buy it?

The product is for you when you need productive results. This product will significantly maximize your ability to work. And can be used under glaring sunlight.

02- Humminbird 410230-1 HELIX 5 CHIRP SI GPS G2 Fish Finder, Black

This fish finder is the answer to the call to catch a large number of fish without wasting your precious time. The Humminbird 410230-1 is equipped with HELIX 5, and with that, it can access the latest data. It allows you to have a customized and furnished map too. This best fish finder for salmon trolling has already preloaded maps of about ten thousand lakes; here are further details:  


  • Has a display of a five-inch LED
  • CHIRP to have side imaging, filter, clear view, and noise.
  • Has a CHIRP digital sonar to cover larger areas.
  • Comes with dual-beam sonar plus
  • Preloaded Charts of about 10,000 lakes and their coastal lines.
  • Has wireless communication
  • Best color display
  • Perfect side imaging
  • Perfectly integrated to hunt out of the box
  • Identify different objects inside water.


It has the best sonar that will help you obtain side imaging that, in turn, maximize the area. This fish finder has one efficient sonar with a more remarkable ability to catch signals returning from an object. It merely lets you see through the eye of a fish. It has a digital sonar hence easy to use.

Preloaded Charts

It has the latest preloaded charts from NOAA. This is not it; Humminbird 410230-1 has almost charts of ten thousand lakes. Which significantly enhances your ability to go anywhere, anytime. 

Wireless Communication

This is the most attractive feature because it is hard to have a link underwater. Even if you manage, you cannot cover a larger area. You have limited ability. But Humminbird 410230-1 gives you the wireless communication that maximizes the performance. 

  • Best design
  • Outmost efficiency
  • Durability
  • Outstanding colors
  • Modern technology
  • A bit short battery life
  • Improper instruction

Why should you buy it?

The fish finder is appropriately designed for those who want to have freedom while hunting as it does not require any link. It can hunt out of the box. It is all you need to be an expert in hunting. 

03- HDS-12 Live – 12-inch Fish Finder Active Imaging 3 in 1

What else can you demand when this HDS-12 has a triple imaging system? This fish finder works perfectly, and the more extensive coverage area marks it. It has a broader range area, which gives you leverage to hunt without limits. It is all in one product. Also, it supports dual-channel sonar. Here are unique features that are hard to be found:


  • Comes with a twelve-inch fish finder
  • Active imaging with sonar and FishReveal enables targeting with smartphone
  • Includes C-MAP with greater mapping
  • Can get view and structure simultaneously
  • Supported by QUAD-core processor far greater efficiency.
  • Has a variety of dynamic color range
  • Can obtain Images of side scan, down scan with HD/3d quality
  • Supports dual-channel CHIRP sonar
  • Has the best frequency
  • The product is user-friendly.

Advanced Fish Finder

As the name suggests, this is the best fish finder when it comes to sophisticated technology. It has developed features with greater automation. It has Structure Scan HD to have a clear structure of a thing. Along with that, it has Structure Scan 3D to see around clearly.


It comes with a QUAD-Core processor and swift response period. It can redraw faster, with more power and accuracy and saves a lot of your time. This particular feature is hard to find under this cost.


It has perfect sonar, especially when it comes to coloring. It has higher contrast and a dynamic color range that helps you see things with more in-depth insight. With CHIRP, sonar can perform many vital things. It can navigate faster with the help of this quality sonar.

  • Faster in working
  • Precise
  • Best colors
  • Perfect display
  • Covers a larger area
  • Base maps not properly loaded
  • The map does not move when sailing

Why should you buy it?

It is one of the most advanced fish finders. It has sophisticated technology with greater automation. Moreover, it almost makes an expert hunter by the time you buy it.

04- Raymarine Axiom 7 Fish Finder

The Raymarine is the best for experts or for those whose abilities are hindered by traditional fish finders. You are in the right place if that is the problem you encounter while hunting. Here I am about to review this fantastic product that is the best fish finder for salmon trolling. It has access to the latest charts, has an axiom 7D display and dual-channel sonar system. Here are more fascinating details. 


  • Ultra-wider CHIRP for downside imagery
  • QUAD-core processor for outstanding performance.
  • Supported by the multi-touch user interface.
  • Can be connected to mobile 
  • Comes with Navionics plus charts
  • Has coastal coverage of Canada and USA
  • Includes the information of almost 20,000 lakes
  • Has a Raymarine navigation system
  • Equipped quantum radar
  • Supported by the ability to move the map while sailing.

Mobile Control

Your Android or IOS can control the best fish finder through a wireless connection. It has the best award-winning navigation system. Through their app, Raymarine can be operated through smartphones, making it easier to use and renders maximum flexibility. Also, mobile can be connected to Raymarine app to download the latest charts.

Touch Screen

This best fish finder is supported by multi-touch. It makes it easier to use and with greater display size. The exciting thing is the touch, which is highly sensitive.

Sophisticated Technology 

It has more advanced features that would make your mind spin. The features has a sonar for getting bottom structure and detection of fish with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It has accessories like FLIR thermal cameras, quantum radar, and taking it to the next level as it includes evolution autopilot.

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Advanced technology
  • Greater display size
  • Powerful navigation system.
  • Navionics plus charts
  • Side looker is problematic
  • Software is hard to update.

Why should you buy it?

This product is for maximizing your abilities and helps you use your expertise with greater freedom. Don’t waste your energy and time using some cheap kind of GPS fish finders. Try this. It will surely change your perception. You will come to know how handy it is.

05- Elite-7 Ti2-7-inch Fish Finder Active Imaging 3-in-1Transducer

The seven-inch display of this fish-finder greatly assists you in catching fish. There are innumerable benefits that you can reap, like updated maps, best sonars, and so on. It has sophisticated technology, which is a bit hard to operate but gives you various options. This is why it is the best fish finder for salmon trolling. Here are additional unique features.


  • Has a built-in wireless networking 
  • Supported by Navionics plus mapping cards
  • Best display of seven inches with high resolutions
  • Best display colors by SolarMax
  • Has a CHIRP sonar
  • Includes side scan and down scan
  • Updates the map for a better experience
  • Supported by the C-MAP genesis
  • Provides a clear picture of fish
  • Can record waypoints.

Active Imaging

The only demand always comes to our mind, how clear images does it depicts? After all, the sole purpose of a fish finder is to give us eyes to see underwater. This has a SideScan as well as a down imaging option. With portrays things with much clarity. 


This best fish finder has the best mapping options. It is supported by C-MAP, which can be updated easily. It has surprising results because the sailing map moves smoothly. This feature is hard to find in fish finder out there in the market. It shows clear borders with ½ foot contours. 


One of the best things about the product is its design. It has a solid color that does not fade. Also, it can work outside, and the body is environmentally friendly. 

The rain or salty water does not influence the colour and body.

  • Best charts
  • Amazing design
  • Durable
  • Best color display
  • Fascinating display sized
  • Not user-friendly
  • Hard to operate

Why should you buy it?

This fish finder is equipped with sophisticated technology. This product is for experts.  

06- Garmin GPSMAP 942xs Plus, 9″ Chartplotter/Sonar Touchscreen Combo

With the best touchscreen, this product is fantastic. It has the best features that are hard to see in a product. It includes CHIRP and a panoptic sonar. This is one of the most advanced product which can be used for commercial fishing. With the most excellent efficiency and wireless connectivity, this product is the best fish finder for salmon trolling. Here are further details:


  • Sunlight readability of nine
  • Comes with one-kilowatt CHIRP for clear view as well as scanning
  • Has built-in Panoptix sonar, which shows everything clearly
  • Can be connected to a third-party device with Onehelm feature
  • Can create marine system easily from sonar to camera
  • Has Garmin network and NMEA 2000 connectivity network
  • Built-in GPSMAP with best navigation system
  • Comes with BlueCharts and G3 LakeVU
  • Can share user data, and record waypoints
  • Has the most developed IP cameras


It has the best maps as well as the best options to avail of these maps. It has BlueCharts and G3 LakeVU. These maps give you an inland view also. It makes fishing easy and more fun. The features provide you the freedom to move without limits.


When you have this option, almost all your worries have been solved already. This technology allows you to share maps, user information, and IP cameras. This is a fascinating option and worth considering.

Network connectivity

One of the best features is connecting with multiple devices. It can be connected to Garmin’s device, including Watches, transducers, wireless remote control, etc. The connection is perfect and hardly gets interrupted.

  • Greater automation
  • Sophisticated technology
  • High readability
  • Provides wind data
  • Best connectivity
  • Live maps
  • A bit heavy
  • Not for beginners

Why should you buy it?

If you are an expert in fishing and have experience using fish finders, don’t look elsewhere. This product is reserved for you. It has the latest and modern technology to have productive results. 

Buyers Guide on Best Fish Finder for Salmon Trolling

There are many products out there in the market that claimed to have the utmost efficiency and benefits. But once you buy them, they are just useless. Your total money is gone for a piece of trash. Here I provide you some general features that will guide you through buying a reliable product. I am about to mention a prerequisite for a fish finder to be best for trolling.

Even there are different types of best fish finder so you have to decide what type would be best for you. If you need one with the best sonar and buy one with the utmost display feature, it would be futile. Decide before you buy. 


It is one necessary thing that is a sonar technology. The feature helps you identify fish. So it would help if you always went for it only when CHIRP supports a more considerable distance. Most of the time, fish finders have a limited and shorter-range for detection that will hardly help you in fishing. 


With the help of this feature, you can find a perfect spot for fishing. You even record the waypoints that will let track back and forth. It will help you find the way when returning even either you have lost the path or save your time when returning. It would help if you always looked for this option when buying any fish finder. 


Here, by the display, I mean both display size and color. Both of these things are very vital. I would say that is the essence of a fish finder. Think for a movement, fishing without any screen display. It would do no good to you. But this feature makes fishing modern. Let you see through the screen what is going on underwater. Also, the coloring is essential too. This will distinguish different objects for you. Contrast helps you to identify things even under the sunlight correctly. 


I would recommend you to have a fixed fish finder if you have a perfect setup of your own. But, most of the time, hunt using a rental fishing boat. The portable fish finder would be perfect. But it is necessary to have that in mind. 

Cone angle and Beams

This is the best feature one should always look for. It is the cone angle that demonstrates the width of the ray given off by the transducer. The wider the beam, is more significant the area it will cover. You should make sure that the beam does not fade or expand too early as it would not return any details. Here I would recommend you a 20-degree cone that would be perfect for you.

It is vital, too, to look at the number of beams that a transducer emits. The number is directly related to the image of the object. A more significant number will display a clearer picture.

Benefits of Fish Finders

The fish finders are the tools commonly used to detect fish or other underwater creatures. It changes the way of fishing from traditional to modern. But you might also need a good canoe for fishing. You need not wait after throwing a hook where there is no fish at all. You can detect the structure of a fish, depth, and speed through this tool. Here are further details about the benefits of the fish finders.


One of the best features of a fish finder is to locate the position of the fish hunter and the hunt itself. You can record waypoints and find your way back or even plan your next trip. The best display screen will surely assist you in adequately watching the movement underwater.


Through this feature, you can have the benefit of deciding the speed of a boat. This is vital because more incredible speed disperses fish. Also, they have trackback movements that can be used to view the movement that a vessel has made.

In-depth search

This feature determines whether the fish finder is worth buying or not. The device is simply peace of trash if it does not have the ability for in-depth search ability. Most of the finders from Garmin have this feature. How deep can a fish finder work depends upon the type of water, i.e., salty or fresh?


It is of the most significant importance. It helps you see with the fish finder’s eye, which lets you develop the perfect sight. Also, the color in it assists you to discriminate among different objects. This saves your energy and time. Imagining how hard it would be to catch fish without any guess, I would call it blind fishing. And if you are fishing for commercial purposes, you’re each second determines whether you gain or lose your importance in a market.

Best Fish Finder for Salmon Trolling: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see salmon on a fish finder?

 Well, most people think that it does not show salmon on a fish finder. It depends upon the intensity and sensitivity of the fish finder. If it has higher intensity, it will show up, but it will not show if the things are otherwise. 

Which fish finder shows fish the best? 

It is simple. Use those fish finders with greater cone angle, which will have greater strength to penetrate through.

Also, it depends upon the reflection of rays. If the transducer emits more beams, the picture will be more visible, significantly increasing the reflection.  

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What size fish finder do I need? 

If you more often do fishing through rental boats, I would recommend you smaller and portable. Along with that, if you are hunting in deep water, the greater size is preferable that you can afford. The more substantial power will help you to have better insight.

Which is better, Lowrance, or Humminbird? 

It is hard to say. They both have different and best features. If you have a limited budget, the Lowrance is fit for you. It has better products at an affordable price. Humminbird is best for a more advanced option like sidescan and touch screen.

What’s better, Garmin or Lowrance?

Garmin has the best products but demands a handsome amount of money. They have premium features and developed technology. But Lowrance has cheaper products that can still have premium features. It is also a subjective preference and budget limit. 

What is the easiest to use fishfinder?

There can be specific products that are very user-friendly. Those products with DownScan are best. Also, the range and display make a fish finder easy or hard. A fish finder with these options is easier to use.  

Is chirp better than sonar? 

CHIRP is better than traditional sonars. They have greater strength when it comes to the transmission of pulses. The pulses emitted by CHIRP are durable and strong. They have a greater range too. So, the CHIRP is better than the sonars. 

Our recommendation for the Best Fish Finder for Salmon Trolling

As I have already said, all the fish finders are best. But I would recommend you Elite-7 Ti2. The reason I have suggested this product is, it is highly developed. This is recommended for those who have some knowledge of using fish finders. It has a live mapping system. When you sail, the map keeps on updating.

Also, it has in-depth reach scanning. It has a clear underwater view. SideScan HD and 3D also support it. With more excellent contrast, the product is an outstanding choice. 

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Here I have listed well-chosen best fish finders for Salmon trolling. There are innumerable products in the market with similar claims. That would cost a lot of time to choose the best product. These fish finder I have listed are hard to find. Look nowhere; I have chosen these products that work amazingly with greater output. You have to be careful when deciding to buy one. 

These all fish finders are best but vary in features. So, you have to look for one according to your need. These are equipped with the latest technology. They include in-depth scanning, more excellent contrast, side-scanning, and the best cone angle. These are hard to find in any single product. So it is safe and best to choose one from the list. 

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