Best GPS for Hunting | 6 Top GPS That Lift Your Hunting Experience

If you love hunting then you must carry the best GPS devices out there.

Have you ever faced a situation where your loved ones are trapped in a frantic situation and the adventure turns into a misadventure? These images always appear before me when I go hunting outside. Even after ten years of hunting experience, I fear these things. But they never happened to me, do you know why?

I always use the GPS for hunting which are best. I record waypoints, can have two-way communication, and the GPS device constantly informs my family and friends of the location I chose. All these outstanding features can only be found in a hunting GPS. That can make your adventure more enjoyable. Here I am listing well-chosen products that would end your search and desire to have the best GPS for hunting.

Top 6 Hunting GPS At a Glance:

Comparison Table for Best GPS for Hunting

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6 Best GPS for Hunting Product Review, Features & Descriptions

01- Garmin GPSMAP 64st, TOPO U.S.

The first is the Garmin GPSMAP 64th. It is best for precise and deep hunting. There is no use of any device if it is not user-friendly. This best GPS for hiking is easy to use, flexible, has high-sensitivity, GPS, and GLONASS. It can find the ways no matter where you are, either in a forest surrounded by thick trees or in a mountainous region this works best. The fascinating thing about the GPS hunter is that it suggests the signs that almost take you to your destination.


  • Has outstanding sunlight readability
  • Has the best expanded built-in memory of almost 8 G.B. with a wider screen
  • This best GPS hunter has 16 hours of battery life with an option of dual battery support.
  • It has a temperature sensor, can pair with ANT+ sensors.
  • Can be connected to Garmin server to obtain a view on a smartphone.
  • Uses a GLONASS receiver with a helix antenna attached to it
  • Has a 3-axis electronic compass supported with a barometric altimeter
  • Handheld global positioning has ten thousand maps.
  • The best GPS hunter has a one-year subscription to the Birdseye satellite.
  • It supports paperless geocaching that strengthens the performance further. 

Battery Timing

One of the reasons that it is the best is for its lasting batteries. After all, if you have the best GPS hunter but with little battery timing, indeed, you have wasted your money. But this has the best energy timing and has batteries other than fixed. That can be charged separately and can be used in case of need.

Information Display

It may seem appalling, but it indeed has the best information exhibiting capability. As well as, it stores and display description, routes, locations, hints, and terrains. It greatly expands the user’s insight and promotes the efficiency of the product. 


The best thing about this hand hunter GPS is its body. It is light weighted and smart. Of course, it has the best design that attracts everyone at first sight and makes you look smart. 

  • High readability
  • Durability
  • Equipped with modern technology
  • High precision
  • Colorful screen
  • Display of topo map
  • Only a few new features in the updated version.

Why should buy this product?

In my opinion, there are no problems that discourage you from buying this product. The best GPS hunter is equipped with modern technology, the best battery life, and fast catching signaling. It has the highest efficiency that any GPS tracker can have under 200 dollars. Overall the hunter is the best of its kind. 

02- Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

This product is for those who want navigation with utmost efficiency and automation. This product greatly reduces your efforts to attain the desired details and avoid problems while navigating. This is the best GPS navigator under 200 dollars and when you compare with other product of the same price they are trash. So to clarify my claims, here are the best features of this GPS for hunting:


  • Has a 2.2 inches display of monochrome
  • Has the efficient GPS with GLONASS
  • It is waterproof and is not influenced by rainwater, splashes, and so on.
  • Garmin eTrex 10 has the accessories of Garmin and paperless geocaching.
  • Includes the worldwide handheld global positioning system navigation
  • Backed by 20 hours of battery life for outdoor use.
  • Information noticing of high altitude and low altitude, the distance and time estimation as well.
  • The GPS hunter has high-sensitivity and HotFIX satellite anticipation.
  • GPS tracking even at a high altitude or in-depth with precision.
  • Can trace GPS and use GLONASS satellite at the same time.

Clear Tracks

It is the best GPS for hiking when it comes to routes. Every GPS aims to render perfect performance and clear display tracks successfully. The Garmin eTrex 10 is the crown of ideal tracing. It has the ideal display size, width, and height of 1.4″ x 1.7″. So, it is a perfect product of precise tracking.

Adding Maps

The fantastic thing about this GPS hunter is adding maps effectively. I have used many different GPS hunter radios, but they cannot add routes. But even if you find any GPS hunter with that option, it will not have the desired results. You love it when you use it. Also, it has an automatic routing, which significantly reduces your efforts. It has 200 saved tracks with almost 10,000 points. 

Active Member Support:

The company has an active support team, which solves every problem from start to adding maps. It has the explained manual to cope with the issue of complex operating. The GPS hunter is complicated only because it has innumerable options.

  • High display resolution
  • Custom maps
  • Has a barometer altimeter.
  • Electronic compass
  • A bit complex to operate.
  • Normal design

Why should you buy this?

This GPS hunter is made according to the modern complexities in world navigation. It almost has a perfect result that you hardly get under this price.

03- Satellite Communicator with Topo Maps and GPS Navigation

Here is the Satellite Communicator with the most sophisticated and perfect technology, making it the best GPS for hunting. This GPS hunter is for those who want to explore more but don’t want to lose connection with loved ones. Or for those who want maximum safety. This hunter is the only choice for you if you are fed up with using outdated maps. Here it provides you access to NOAA charts and other things like that. For further here are the features:


  • Has worldwide satellite coverage and allows two-way texting.
  • Comes with IPX7 battery, also rechargeable
  • Shares your location repeatedly with your family if you chose to, for safety 
  • Can be connected to two mobiles to download the maps, color air imagery, and the United States NOAA charts.
  • Has the best accessories, including already loaded topo maps, barometric altimeter, and accelerometer.
  • Has the best SOS for rescue and management of unfortunate incidents for twenty-four hours.
  • Can use the Iridium satellite service for worldwide exploring.
  • Earthmate allows you even to get access to maps on your mobile using InReach. 
  • Comes with lithium polymer batteries, which ensure maximum battery timing.
  • The GPS hunter is self-contained without wireless access.


Each one of us loves our family and wants to be connected with them. Here it allows you to continually share your location with your family member or friend you chose. However, it depends upon whether you enable or disable it. They have the best rescue watch system to cope with every unfortunate incident on your way. The option is hard to be found in other GPS hunters.


There is no match for this best GPS for hunters when it comes to performance. It has Inreach access where you can download maps, charts, and much material. You can use this product even you don’t have wireless. It comes with an inbuilt 24k scale map and digital compass. This best GPS hunter increases your efficiency and insight.

Additional Features

It has all the most advanced features and some additional features to reduce your efforts to reach your destination. It has a website for saving waypoints, list your most-used contacts, create routes, and add maps. These might not seem advanced but can save a lot of time.   

  • Texting option
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Paired with smartphones
  • Exact positioning
  • Best design
  • Costs for every message
  • No warranty

Why should you buy it?

The overall product is the best. You can have an Inreach service to stay connected to your family. The best GPS radio has additional features that can hardly be found. So, the product more than worth using.

04- Garmin Oregon 650t 3-Inch Handheld GPS

Here we introduce the Garmin Oregon 650t. It is the best GPS for hunters that you could go through. It is easy to use and has various options that can be used to have the best experience. Moreover, it has some of the best features like a camera, high readability, and about one hundred thousand maps preloaded.

The performance of the GPS hunter is outstanding. The battery times add to the product’s beauty, which greatly enhanced your ability to work for more hours. From my personal experience, this is one of the best products. Here are the prominent features of this best GPS hunter:


  • Has the highest readability of almost 3-inch
  • Has multi touchable touch screen display
  • Comes with the best dual positioning system, i.e., GPS and GLONASS
  • Supports Bluetooth and ANT wireless system
  • Includes 2 A.A. chargeable battery pack
  • The GPS hunter has an 8MP camera with a flash/torch.
  • The capability of digital zooming with one-touch capturing
  • Already loaded almost a hundred thousand maps.
  • Accessories include a barometric altimeter, accelerometer, and 3-axis compass. 
  • Has flexibility impossible to be found in others.


It is the most, I should say, user-friendly GPS hunter, you could ever find. You have interactive maps that can be shared wirelessly, shows waypoints, and has 100k preloaded maps. The GPS hunter is made for outside hunting with the most excellent readability. Also, Oregon 650t has HotFix satellite prediction. That simply makes it priceless.

Touch Screen

The best GPS hunter has the best touch screen capability. The screen is highly sensitive, that it can work with gloves. It has a multi-touch capacity. It is hard to see these types of touch screens supported by GPS hunters under 200 dollars. Moreover, it also has a one-touch image capture shortcut if you chose it.


The GPS hunter has an 8MP camera. You don’t need another camera to capture memorable events. It has the best camera, which can be further customized. You can view and download pictures on your S.D. card. The best thing about it is geotagging. It means that the GPS hunter will tag the location where the image was taken.

  • Preloaded U.S. TOPO 100K
  • NiMH battery pack
  • A.C. adapter
  • Carabiner clip
  • Easy to use
  • Normal exactness
  • No warranty

Why should you buy it?

With proper flexibility and user-friendliness, this is the product you were looking for. The design is best that makes you look smart. So make a smart choice and go ahead.

05- Garmin Montana 680t, Touchscreen Hiking Handheld, GPS

Here is one of the finest products, Garmin Montana 680t you were looking for. It has the best size and shape that would simply attract you and make use of it easily. Also, it has the best camera and creates editable images that can be further customized and have the relatively best durability that any product under 200 dollars cannot have. Here are the outstanding features:


  • Has almost 250,00 geocaches around the world 
  • Has the birdseye satellite subscription for GPS
  • Highly sensitive supported by GLONASS, WAAS enabled with a GPS receiver
  • Equipped with hotfix satellite
  • Can discover location even under covered places and thick forests
  • Can record tracklogs and navigate through waypoints.
  • Has an 8-megapixel camera to capture the best moments
  • The most developed Geotagging option 
  • Best body design to look attractive 
  • It supports the paperless geocaching GPX file uploading.

Best Developed Software

The best GPS hunter has the best developed free software. BaseCamp software allows you to organize waypoints and record logs and routes. It will enable you to create a Garmin adventure to share with family and friends. Even BaseCamp lets you have the 2-d and 3-d display over your computer.  

Easy Sharing 

The best thing about the product is the simple sharing of maps, routes and adding routes to it. It has a GPX file uploading option that works the best and gives you the best experience.


The critical thing each of us demands is that the GPS hunter should be the best, and its effects do not fade over time, so the product is made for you. I have used it for years, but it still works as it has been brought today.

  • Faster
  • Lasting
  • Fast charging
  • Best design
  • Best signaling system
  • Touchscreen
  • Does not have spare batteries
  • Lesser preloaded tracks

Why should you buy it?

I love this product, the way it works, and its durability. I see no best GPS hunter better than this. So, don’t miss this opportunity. Rather grab it. 

06- DeLrome AG-008727-201 InReach Explorer Two Way Satellite Communicator

The DeLrome AG-008727-201 is quite versatile than others. It has InReach access. The quite interesting is its two-way connection, however, with certain limits. It has a global reach and can guide the best in your hunting. The GPS is fully equipped with the latest technology that makes your hunting a piece of cake and more fun. Here are some of the features:


  • Display the information throughout the route.
  • Comes with an accelerometer, digital barometer, and a compass
  • Can receive text messages throughout the world.
  • Has SOS delivery system for twenty-four seven
  • Can be connected to mobile devices.
  • The United States NOAA charts and topographic maps can be downloaded.
  • Has search and rescue monitor center
  • GEOS can inform you of your current location.
  • Has a DeLrome InReach.
  • Can continuously post on social media automatically.

Global SOS

It has an SOS supported by the GEOS that helps two-way conversation. It is accompanied by a rescue and monitoring system that enables you to have security first. Of course, you cannot enjoy an activity that threatens your safety. This GPS tracker ensures you the maximum protection.

Global Coverage

The GPS tracker has global coverage supported by Iridium. It has an enormous satellite connection that provides international level reach. That almost simplifies your work and has significant results. It is the only service that has two-way communication too.


Finally, the manufacturers deserve a few words. The company is the best in its performance, and it creates the best and reliable products that are durable. Also, the features outcross the price. 

  • InReach Explorer
  • Best performance
  • Good design
  • fast charging
    Best preloaded maps.
  • Battery durability
  • No warranty

Why should you buy it?

The GPS is best in the performance at large. With individual specifications, it out passes modern GPS devices. Words cannot explain the experience. When you use it, you can know about it the most.

Buyers Guide on Best GPS for Hunting

Most people widely use GPS technology. It provides us with the ability to solve all the issues related to location, i.e., how far it is, where you are, and what is the distance between two points, etc. most of the time, its results are undesired, and all your money is lost when you chose a poor GPS tracker. But there is no need to panic; here are some factors that will help you chose the best.

Battery life

It is the first proof of every electronic device’s performance, including GPS trackers. You can only dream of hunting and adventuring over a long distance if you have a GPS with a little battery. So, it is the cornerstone for any GPS tracker to be the greatest in quality.


Every one of us wants the products that their effectiveness and features do not fade over time. There is no use of a GPS tracker with the best features that last for a little while.


By accessories, I mean both the features and the things that come with it. Suppose a GPS tracker uses a Magnetic meter that can be best replaced by the digital meter and is therefore easy to handle and weightless. A protective cover can insulate it from water, and a good antenna can make it more efficient.


It is one of the best features for the flexibility of the product. By this, you can share your maps, can send or receive things wirelessly. Also, the InReach is the best feature for it. These can be found in Garmin’s products, including Etrex, DeLorme, and Montana 680t.

Benefits of Having a GPS while Hunting 

There are enumerable benefits of GPS during hunting. The only condition is to use the correct GPS. If you chose otherwise, the GPS would be not less than a burden. 

The best thing about GPS is the distinction between private and public areas. It merely tells you where you can hunt. GPS hunting shows you the best hunting position as it displays wind direction and other related things. 

You can also record waypoints and tracklogs that make your hunting easier and enjoyable. You can have options for saving different paths that later can be taken depending on the easiness and reduced hindrances. It can also display time, sunset, and sunrise, which in turn assure safety.

Another benefit that one can reap is topographical maps. It is crucial when you are planning to hunt outside. If you chose Garmin GPS for hunting, you have the latest and more significant number of maps. Later you can customize these maps and even add them. 

GPS helps you not to get lost while hunting. During hunting, you can use maps and adapt a possible shortest route. This can help you when hunting an animal that runs faster. One of the crucial features is recording waypoints. They may include tree signs and bloodstains. It can also help you find a way even at night. This dramatically makes hunting fun.  

Counting the benefits, scouting can be one of them. It can guide you when passing through unfamiliar ways. It refers to moving forward by recording waypoints.  While hunting carrying bushcraft backpacks is a good idea. Here is the Ultimate bushcraft backpacks guide.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best GPS for Hunting

Which Garmin GPS should I buy?

The answer to this question is very simple. What you need is best for you. Garmin is a reliable company and has the best-developed GPS. It has several different GPS which you can choose that serve your interest.

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How accurate are Garmin GPSmap 64s?

They have the utmost accuracy, show additional information on the way, and they have a waypoints recording option. They have access to satellite imagery, which ensures you the maximum accuracy.

Which Garmin handheld GPS is best?

Well, it is simple if you are hunting in a mountainous region, the one with GPS is best. They include Garmin eTrex, and Garmin Oregon 650t. But if you are using it for urban areas, the GPS with GLONASS can perform perfectly.

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How do you use a GPS for hunting? 

It can be used for hunting to add us. It can help us to record waypoints, determine short and new routes to reach the target directly. Also, it can be used for taking the distance-time required between two points. 

How do hunters not get lost?

To avoid getting lost during hunting, here is sufficient information for that:

Use GPS that can tell you where you are and your destination’s stance, along with related information. Don’t use only audio signs. For a long-distance, GPS is perfect or you can use handheld ham radio for communicating. One should record waypoints too, in case you forget to the way or it is getting dark.

How accurate is a handheld GPS?

The question is a bit tricky and cannot answer directly. The reason is it depends upon many factors. The important factor is what type of GPS hunter you are using. It also depends upon the route you are following and the understanding of the reader of the GPS hunter. To attain almost 100 percentage, I would recommend your GPS trackers by Garmin Company that contains all you need for the greatest efficiency. They have precise mapping and use satellite imagery. They are easy to understand for the user as they have signs for routes and customized routes.

Can I install Google Maps on my Garmin?

Yes, you can. The process is quite simple. You have to follow the steps as follows:

  • Connect your GPS device with a computer via cable.
  • Go to Google maps and discover your route on your pc
  • Look for the option send, and there you find GPS, and the Garmin website will appear. The address can be found in the favorite tab.
  • And you are done! Enjoy the route.

Which GPS watch is most accurate?

The Garmin GPS is the most accurate watch. They have unexpected results. The best watches may include forerunner 745, forerunner 945, the Instinct series, etc. They also come in different colors and designs.

How accurate is a Garmin handheld GPS?

It is one of the top-ranking manufacturers when it comes to accuracy. They have almost A GPS location accuracy of 3 meters (10 feet). It uses the most advanced technology for navigation. Has GLANOSS along with GPS option available for greatest accuracy. Also, it has high resolution and colored images with the relatively best resolution. It uses GLO signaling for tracking and, more importantly, not influenced by weather and cover. 

Which GPS app is most accurate?

When we hit a search on any major online store, we found thousands of app for that but simply don’t work. Here a few apps that will get the job done for you. Backcountry navigator is the finest app. For clear maps, you can have the here we go app. The third choice can be Mapfactor.

Is Galileo or GLONASS GPS better?

It simply depends upon what your taste is. Galileo is modern technology and is a simple and proper navigation system. However, the technology is still developing to be 100 percent accurate. On the other hand, GPS is the eldest and developed navigation system. Also, most of the devices use this option. The GPS is best for the mountainous region, while the Galileo is best for urban regions. But the overall GPS works the best, and another one is a bit risky.

Our recommendations

All the GPS that I have mentioned are the best. All the products are best when it comes to features. But they can be different in features by keeping in the view of different tastes. Garmin inReach Explorer+, Handheld Satellite Communicator manufacturers have quality products with outstanding durability. This is what we recommend. 

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I have listed all the best GPS for hunting, along with their best and different features. They can be useful and make your hunting too simple. Under best prices, you can have a hunter that makes your hunting two times faster. There is a feature like an 8-megapixel camera, long-lasting batteries, proper efficiency, and high-quality signaling systems. These are hard to find in a single GPS for hunting.

More importantly, the feature that I like the most in Garmin GPS for hunting is security. You can connect almost all the hunters to your family or friends and send your location to them. Also, it can be paired with smartphones. From which you can download different maps, even from google maps. Or the maps can be customized easily.

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