Best Handgun Safes in 2022 – A Complete Buyer’s Guide & Review

Undoubtedly, many people own a gun for self-defense in case of emergencies. However, if you are not careful, this weapon might be dangerous if not kept well. Suppose a thief breaks in and gets the gun before you? Or, you want to use it in case of emergency but cannot retrieve it faster? It will only mean a waste of money invested and render it ‘useless’. Yes, I mean my words. Sincerely, is a firearm useful when you cannot use it when needed? Of course, no! Finding the best handgun safe is hard as there are a lot of products available in the market.

It is for this reason that you need to buy a firearm safe that can be accessed fast and easy. But, difficult for children and intruders to get it the same way you can. Sounds challenging, right? Yes, not an easy task to find one that does the work well without thorough research. However, you do not have to worry as we have done much work for you. In this article, we have explained factors that should be considered when purchasing one, the features to look for and reviewed the best handgun safe that is secure and accessible. READ ON, click the links provided and buy a safe for responsible gun ownership.

Comparison table of the Six Top-Rated Best Handgun Safe

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What is a handgun safe?

A handgun safe is storage equipment used to keep one or more handguns together with its/their ammunition. The main reason for having one is to keep the gun safe and prevent unauthorized persons from accessing it. They should allow the owner to access it easily and faster in case of an emergency.

Benefits of Handgun Safes

In many countries, access prevention is one of the laws governing gun ownership. This calls for the firearm safes that come with the following benefits:

Prevents children from getting hold of the firearm

Children like playing around and when the gun is not safely kept you will be surprised to find them with it. This is dangerous considering that they can fire it accidentally and hurt anyone around. This act is also against the laws of many countries and you may be jailed if this is reported to authorities. With the safe, you will be able to keep the gun safe to allow you to undertake your activities without worrying about children getting hold of it.

Foils theft of firearms

The worst that can happen is to lose firearm in case of robbers gaining access to your home or office. Therefore, a firearm safe will safeguard the firearm and their ammunition. You should get one that is difficult to interfere with the safety system and thwarts any entry attempt.

Offer storage space for important items

Pistol safe offers additional space where valuables can be kept safely. This depends on the size of the safe you pick. Money, magazines, ammo, keys and any other item that can fit the extra space can be kept in a pistol safe.

A suitable way to keep the firearm

Without the safe, you can spend time looking for a proper location to keep the gun. However, by investing in one you can safely store the handgun without worrying about damage from external environmental factors such as water and fire. Though not all are fire-resistant they can withstand it for some time.

Ideal for traveling

The pistol safe allows you to carry along the gun whenever and wherever.  Without want, you might be barred to carry the gun on airlines due to the strict regulations. It is a requirement to put the firearm in a safe when traveling therefore, buying a portable one.

Features To Look At When Purchasing the Best Handgun Safe – Buyer’s Guide

The following are some of the things that you should look at before settling on pistol safe. Read them carefully so then you can pick one with ease from the six products that will be reviewed in detail later in this article.

Size and Internal Capacity

Size is a crucial feature to look at when purchasing a firearm safely. Ensure that the one you buy will fit the space you intend to put in your home. However, since they are designed for handguns which are small in size compared to other firearms, the majority are significantly compact in size. The smaller ones are easy to carry around but you should also ensure that they offer maximum functionality. If you want to keep two guns inside then a larger one will be ideal. Also, those who intend to keep other valuables in it should consider the extra space left after the guns are put in the safe.


It is also significant for your safe to become secure and hard to split. The very best forms of locks to get a pistol gun safe are all durable and powerful key locks or perhaps a combination mechanical lock of some type. 

Key locks would be the least expensive option, while mechanical locks are going to become more money. A key lock only operates by adding a key to the safe to maneuver a dead bolt, allowing you access into this safe. 

Mechanical locks are more complex and need that you punch in a combination as a way to get into the contents of a safe. As there are a huge number of different potential combinations, someone who does not recognize the code is going to have an extremely tough (long) time breaking in to the safe. 

Both key locks also mechanical locks are acceptable to get a handgun night-stand safe, though lots of men and women like a mechanical lock since you never need to own a key presence in order to open the safe.


Innovative technology has made it possible to have a pistol safe that can be unlocked using biometrics. If you find one that can be opened using fingerprints then it can prevent unauthorized access with much certainty. Since the technology used differs, it is good to learn how to operate it before purchase. However, the safes that use biometrics are easy to open as they do not necessarily require code input or a key.


Mechanical and electronic locks are the most that are used in firearm safes. The one you choose largely depends on your preference. While others may feel electronics are more moderns, and therefore, work better some still prefer mechanical ones due to its performance and durability. Nonetheless, whichever case you should ensure the locks are well secured such that it cannot be tampered by robbers or any unauthorized persons.


The construction of the pistol safe will dictate whether it is safe and durable. Most of them are made of steel but type used and other extra features incorporated can enhance its functionality. Some are designed to make it hard for burglars to open it and can be water and fire-proof. Always weigh in on the cost and the features that are important in keeping the gun safe.

Ease of Use

As much as the safe should be hard for intruders to access, the owner should be able to do it with much ease. It all depends on the manufacturer, but generally, those that use keypads are challenging. Ensure you familiarize yourself well with it before you keep your gun there to avoid an incident of not being able to access during an emergency.

Things to Consider before buying a Handgun Safe

The main objective of having a handgun safe is to maintain your own pistol from their hands of kids and thieves while also allowing quick use of this handgun (punch from the code along with your own fingerprint to start the safe) while in case of a house attack. 

Unlike what most people believe handgun safe just isn’t meant to safeguard your pistol out of a fire. Irrespective of how ‘fire proof’ handgun safes assert to be, the majority of these simply won’t offer sufficient protection for your contents inside in the case your house burns to the ground. 

If you’d like a safe that is actually going to safeguard the contents out of a flame, then you’re going to need a lot larger safe that is actually created with the goal. 

Are a few questions which you need to think about when picking a handgun safe:

  • If you have children with you in your home? 
  • Are you going to be using this safe chiefly for home security purposes? 
  • Are you going to be keeping more than one handgun at the safe? 
  • Are you going to be keeping spare ammunition (or perhaps a spare magazine or speed loader) from the safe? 
  • Are you going to be keeping some cash, jewelry, or even files that are important from the safe? 
  • Are you going to be removing the handgun as well as different contents from the safe infrequently or frequently? 
  • How big a handgun (or even handguns) are you really going to be keeping from the safe? 
  • Where can you anticipate keeping the safe (bolted into the walls, under the bed, in your night stand, etc.)? 
  • What exactly is the budget? 
  • Does one need more than simply one handgun safe? 

The purpose of inquiring these questions is always to work out your own priorities, and that means you are able to more efficiently narrow down what sort of safe you need. 

For Instance, if you intend on keeping a big handgun or two handguns on your safe, then you are going to need a bigger safe in the place of smaller one. When you have children at your house, then you are going to wish to be certain your safe is extra-secure. For those who have a budget at heart, then you are going to need a cheaper safe in the place of more costly one. 

In-depth review of the top-selected the Best Handgun Safe

After understanding the features to look out for when buying a firearm safely, it can still be a challenge to go over each and every product available in the market. This is the reason why we have made it easy for you by reviewing in detail the 6 best handgun safes that can be picked with no doubt. Go through them and click the links provided to check on their prices and order any at your own convenience on Amazon.

01- GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault  Safe

best handgun safe

The GunVault Speedvault is the perfect safe for keeping your ensuring easy accessibility at all times. Access is done by the use of a keypad that is powered by one 9V alkaline battery. The drop-down design offers fast activation for quick access while maintaining it discreetly from the intruders.  The 18-gauge steel construction with 12 million access codes further makes it durable and safe.  Keeping them safe is also stress-free as it has several mounting options and comes up with override key in case you forget the code.

The interior is equally well designed to store the handgun and valuables well. Courtesy lights inside ensure that you are able to spot the gun and other items when the safe is opened in low lights such as at night. The interior also has soft foam that shields firearms and other valuables against any damage and avoids rattling. What is more, is that the quality is assured through a 5-year full warranty against fire and burglary. Buy it and keep your gun safe, protected and set for action any time.

Key Actions

  • Strong lock mechanism
  • Two back-up override keys
  • Internal courtesy light that illuminates gun and other items during low lights conditions
  • 18-gauge steel construction
  • A soft-foam interior that averts rattling and protects valuables against any damage
  • 5-year warranty against burglary and fire


  • Brand: GunVault
  • Model: SV500
  • Weight: 6.61 pounds
  • Dimension: 6.5*3.5*13 inches

02- Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe

best handgun safe

This is a pistol safe that is simple and secure with a signature built from Vaultek.In order to ensure easy access and safety in case of emergency, this model uses biometrics and smartphone/Bluetooth connectivity. It also has back-up keys and keypad that can be used to open. The 18-gauge construction is strong and durable with interior shielding, internal hinges and anti-pry bars that ensure no tool can be used to tamper with it. Safety is enhanced pre-drilled mounting spaces that come with its hardware plus the steel security can be used on the fly.

The lid auto opens on-demand to additionally allow quick access. A numeric keypad that contains over 40,000 combinations is included and is safe as the security sleep mode will go off after 4 minutes if there is suspicious guessing of the code.  No worry when using the device in low-light situations as it has LED numeric keypad and in-built internal light. The durable rechargeable lithium-ion battery is also included and can power the safe for over four months with 2.5 hours charge time. Gift yourself one and rest assured of the safety of your firearm and other valuables.

Key Features

  • Illuminated keypad and in-built internal LED lights
  • Over 40,000 keypad combinations
  • Rechargeable battery that can power for over 4 months
  • Durable 18-gauge carbon steel built
  • Auto-open lid for quick access
  • Portable slim design


  • Brand: Vaultek
  • Model: VE10
  • Weight: 5.29 pounds
  • Dimension: 10.6*8.5*2 inches

03- BILLCONCH Biometric Handgun Safe

best handgun safe

BILLCONCH safe has been designed with 16-gauge carbon steel fabric that can safeguard your guns and valuable in all aspects. With the app and the capacity of two guns, this safe can be controlled more easily and conveniently. In fact, through the app, you can change the password, manage fingerprints and unlock the safe. Fingerprint recognition makes access easy and prevents any unauthorized persons from getting hold of the gun. The unlocking can be done up to 6000times before recharging the battery.

You do not depend on biometrics to open as there other options that add up to four unlock choices. These include the use of an app, code and the keys when you do not want to use the fingerprints. Furthermore, the safe has LED keypad and internal LED lights for easy use in darker conditions. Last but not least the anti-cut and anti-theft wire rope ensures that you fix it in the car or any other place securely without chance of burglary. Buy one and use it anywhere including when traveling due to its compact size.

Key Features

  • Durable16- gauge carbon steel built
  • Can hold two pistols at a go
  • Include anti-cut and anti-theft wire rope
  • Include two back-up keys
  •  LED keypad and internal LED lights
  • Fingerprint recognition for unlocking the safe
  • App control via Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable battery that can be used up to 6000 times


  • Brand: BILLCONCH
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Weight when packed: 4.2 KG
  • Dimension: 263.6*177*50 mm

04- Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

best handgun safe

This is the best handgun safe that can store 2-3 pistols and still leave some space for other valuables. The mechanical lock it uses is simple but hard for any other person to gain entry. With a 10-gauge thickness, the safety and durability of the device are guaranteed. Fort Knox safe is also reliable as it does not need any batteries to work. This means that you can use it without the worry of malfunction at any point in time.

The two foam layers keep the gun and prevent any damage caused if the safe fall down or somebody tries to tamper with it. Of course, they will not succeed to reach the gun, but the foam is to ensure despite the effort the pistol remains safe and intact. You can mount it conveniently using four pre-drilled holes that further enhance its safety and the security of the contents. Buy one and appreciate the safety of the sturdiest firearm safe that can be purchased.

Key Features

  • Gas strut that makes the opening of the door quite easy
  • User-friendly mechanical simplex lock
  • Easy to mount due to four pre-drilled holes
  • Two-layer foam to prevent damage of the gun
  • Store up to 3 guns
  • Does not use batteries
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Brand: Fort Knox
  • Model: FTK-PB
  • Dimension: 10.2*12.5*4.5 inches

05- SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe

best handgun safe under 200

With SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe you have guaranteed lifetime peace of mind in regard to firearm secure storage. The biometric locks that have a fingerprint scanner make it impossible for any unauthorized person to break in. the back-up access is also provided by the use of override key and digital keypad that offer additional protection of the device. Furthermore, quiet and fast access is ensured by the use of gas strut that can be operated single-handedly.

The construction of SentrySafe has been done using solid steel and it has a pry-resistant door. This ensures the durability of the safe and safeguards the gun against theft attempt using any tool. Interior protection done by the use of soft lining ensures that there is no damage to the gun whatsoever. Use the bolt down a gear to firmly fix it the safe sin place where no one can easily remove from office or home.

Key Features

  • Safe biometric lock
  • A digital keypad that can be operated single-handedly
  • Gas strut for automatic and discreet entry by the owner
  • Durable steel construction
  • A soft lining in the interior to prevent any damage on the gun
  • Can be anchored securely using bolt down gear
  • Strong pry-resistant door


  • Brand: SentrySafe
  • Model: QAP1BE
  • Weight: 11.9 pounds
  • Dimension: 9.9*12.1*3.2 inches

06- AmazonBasics Security Safe Box

best mechanical handgun safe

Amazon Basics’ safe box provides enough space where guns and other valuables can be kept securely. With a capacity of 0.5 cubic feet and compact, it can accommodate many items while being easy to mount it anywhere in the house or office. Damage and scratches of any kind are shielded by carpeted floor with steel construction that ensures that the safe cannot be broken. The other features that enhance the security of the safe include; reprogrammed digital access, pry-resistant concealed hinges, 2 live-door bolts, and two override keys. Buy one and mount it anywhere using the mounting hardware provided for safety and quick access.

Key Features

  • The capacity of 0.5 cubic foot that holds many valuables
  • Tough steel construction with carpeted floor
  • Electronic lock with pry-resistant hinges and 2 live-door  bolts
  • Mounting hardware with four bolts
  • Reprogrammed digital access


  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Model: 25EI
  • Weight: 16.5 pounds
  • Dimension: 13.8*9.8*9.8 inches

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Do I need a handgun safe?

As long as you own a firearm it is recommended to buy a firearm safely. Some people buy safes to store valuables but with the gun, it should not be debatable. It is a regulation in many countries for gun owners to securely store the gun to prevent theft and access by the children. Without one, you might scratch your head more often because of the uncertainty of gun safety.

Not every safe box will be best for storing guns. This is because the ones for firearms should be easily accessible as they might be needed in case of emergency situations. Therefore, it is recommended to get want tailor-made to store handguns.

Final Word

Undoubtedly, you own a gun for security reasons. It beats logic, therefore, not to keep it safely to avoid being used against you. The children should also not be able to access as it is against the regulation and might harm them. Clearly, owning a firearm goes hand in hand with buying a firearm safely. Therefore, you can only look for the best to avoid investing in something that is substandard and does not perform well. Purchasing might not be an easy task since you will have to consider many factors while going through the countless options in the market.

However, as you have seen above we have only presented six pistol safes together with a buying guide to make your work stress-free.  Pick one and be assured of the quality and safety of your gun.  You can narrow down depending on your preference and the size that is ideal for the gun and other valuables to be safeguarded. By using one, from the ones reviewed, you will realize that they are the best handgun safes that the market can offer. Read about gun here.

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