Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet- Latest Collection with Buyers Guide 2022

Hiking is an advantageous experience if you do it with the right gear. Your hiking boots are essential for your hiking performance and comfort. Almost all good stores have hiking boots, but people with wide feet always struggle to find their right fit. The best hiking boots for men are sturdy and robust, supporting your feet when you walk.

If you got wide feet your option becomes a bit narrow, but all good brands do make men hiking boots for wide footed people. In this article, we will review the best hiking boots for wide feet, which will help you get one quickly.

Learn about your Feet First

Maybe you think that you are aware of your shoe size. But the generic sizes are for regular people. Do you know that the feet of adult people can become wider with age? It is a fact.

Plus, when you gain weight or lose weight, your feet can change their shape.

One more surprising fact is that your feet get more significant in the afternoon as compared to their size in the morning.         

It happens because the feet swelled when you spent the day walking or standing. And this goes for hiking too. Now you won’t want to get constricted in your boots during a hike—this why it is advised to get your measurement at the end of the afternoon for the best fit. Lastly, when you want your feet to be comfortable, the shoe width is as important as the length.

But you already know these things. 

Like most people, you might have got your feet to measure a long while ago. So it would help if you got a measurement again now.

You can either go to a good shoe shop, get it done, or do it yourself at home. 

How to do it? 

First of all, make a trace of your feet on two separate papers. Compare the left and right foot. Do you notice one foot bigger than the other?

Don’t worry; this is a common thing.

Your bigger foot is the correct foot to measure. So take the trace in your hands and measure the length from your heel to your longest toe. It is the length of your foot. Now see where your foot is the widest, measure your foot’s width over here.

After that minus 3/16 of one inch from the length and width to make a provision for your pencil or pen’s width. 

Look for this size on a size chart.

Now you have your foot size. But what about its width. There are charts for that too.

When you are searching for wide feet shoe sizes, you’ll find different notations for shoe widths.

Manufactures size guides will be:

  • A and B indicate a narrow feet size.
  • C and D indicate medium width feet size.
  • E, EE, EEE, and onwards indicate full feet size.

Conversely, shop owners denote their shoes as N for narrow shoes, M for medium shoes, and W for wide shoes. These denotations might be indicated along with the shoe model number.  

Two quick methods to know whether your shoe has the right width for you or not. The first way is to check if the shoe feels very loose or very tight on the feet. It is quite easy. 

However, even if a shoe doesn’t feel uncomfortable when checking, it still may not have your right width. How to know that?

Here’s a trick, tie up your shoelaces usually. Then rock forward on the ball of your feet. The right shoe will crease at the broadest part of the feet. 

If it is creasing elsewhere, its width is not right, and it can get uncomfortable for you when you’re hiking.

Comparison Table Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet

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6 Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet Product Review

01- Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

best hiking boots for wide feet

The White Ledge is a waterproof hiking shoe by timberland with an upper-body made of leather and outsole made of durable rubber. These are very reasonably priced with good quality and timberland brand name.

It has a quick lace system along with a gusseted tongue to keep the feet safe from dirt. It is lightweight with an insole of cushioned EVA to provide support and comfort. There are sizes for both wide feet and medium feet in White Ledge. 

People reported discomfort in the heel because of the metal feel. Most customers agree that it provides excellent value for its price—an excellent option for occasional hikers who want to spend little and hike comfortably. 

  • The timberland white ledge has a full leather body
  • There are no seams on the side, ensuring a comfortable fit
  • The sole is wide perfect for wide footed people
  • The price is low
  • The sole will delaminate with time
  • The ankle support is not as good as other hiking shoes

02- Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot, Breathable, High-Traction Grip

best hiking boots for wide feet

The newton ridge plus II is one of the best hiking boots for men. It is an inexpensive pair of shoes providing high quality within your budget.

The synthetic plus leather exterior has a combination of leather, mesh, suede, and metal with a PU coating. The waterproof seals block out all the elements on the trail. Its outsole is made of Omni grip rubber that increases the traction. It is an excellent feature if you are hiking in muddy areas.

It is highly comfortable for the feet with a lightweight Techlite midsole. When you are on a budget, you have to compromise on some of the features.

This shoe is not very breathable, so your feet can get sweaty after a long hike. However, these are lightweight comfortable and protect your feet from water and dirt and other elements. You can wear these comfortably on the roots, the rocks, the gravel, and the grass.

  • Great value for money at an affordable price
  • Waterproof coating helps keep water and dirt out
  • They provide superb traction on the trail
  • These are a highly comfortable pair of shoes
  • These are very lightweight and take very little time to break-in
  • These are not breathable
  • These aren’t best hiking boots for men for rocky and gravel trails

03-Quicksilk Eyushijia Men’s Waterproof Snow Boots Hiking Boot

best hiking boots for wide feet

When the weather gets cold, hiking doesn’t stop. You can trek amazing locations when the weather is chilly. But you don’t want your feet to freeze on the trail. Quicksilk Eyushijia is here to the rescue.

With its faux leather exterior, your feet will stay warm, and you can focus on the trek. These are highly durable and can endure tight trails without getting damaged. 

Despite the warmth, these shoes provide a reasonable amount of airflow so that your feet don’t get stuffy in there. It has a snug fit that won’t feel tight or uncomfortable and won’t get loose after long uses. 

  • These are nice looking and lightweight
  • These boots are comfortable to walk and run in
  • Faux leather material and design are durable for these shoes
  • These are inexpensive
  • These are easy to clean after a hike
  • The sole of Quicksilk Eyushijia is a bit thin
  • These are not as breathable as the other options

04-KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

best hiking boots for wide feet

It is made of hundred percent leather the Targhee II Mid durable, sturdy waterproof. Flexible for foot comfort, these men’s hiking boots have a supportive rubber sole that will keep you secure on the road. 

The collar and padded tongue provide greater comfort while hiking. Your feet will stay cool and dry in these breathable and waterproof shoes manufactured by Keen.

The exterior is made up of a combination of textile material, allowing plenty of airflows.

The nubuck leather keeps the water away, making these shoe waterproof. Keen is famous for its unusual “Keen Dry” technology keeping your feet dry no matter what trail you choose.

For better traction, there are multi-directional 4mm lugs with a heel lock that is contoured to your foot shape for an excellent grip.              

  • These are high-quality shoes made of hundred percent leather
  • These can last very long with their durable design
  • They provide reliable traction on the trail
  • The sole is designed to provide extra toe support
  • These are highly comfortable and breathable pair of shoes
  • If you are style-conscious in these might the best choice for you
  • Some people may find the color choices to be ugly

05-Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

hiking shoe

The Merrell Mob 2 has a breathable design with a synthetic leather exterior mixed with mesh for breathability. The midsole is highly supportive, making them even after a long day of hiking.

You can take out the insole after every hike and easily clean it. It has a synthetic Vibram TC5 outsole that ensures superb traction on rough trails. There is a Merrel air cushion in the heel to maximize stability and shock absorption when you have to jump during your hikes.

These are great when it comes to breathability. You can wear the shoe all day and your feet won’t feel stuffed and won’t stink when the boots are removed.  

The shoes are marketed as waterproof. While they do keep the rain out, if you try your luck crossing a small stream, these shoes will probably get wet. 

  • These provide comfort all day long
  • The material is durable and can withstand tight trails
  • It gives support to the heels and feet for more excellent stability
  • Offers superb traction on the trail
  • It has shock absorption functionality when you land from a jump
  • These aren’t 100% waterproof
  • They are a bit pricey

06-Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5″ Hiking Boot

mens hiking boots

The Danner men’s mountain hiking shoes provide excellent comfort with almost no break-in time needed. It fits significantly with its lightweight design. Customers vouch for its superb traction, especially where the mountain gets slippery.

Easy on the eyes: It comes in multiple styles, with an option in suede leather, and another is full-grain. It has Vibram SPE midsole that absorbs shocks, provides superb support and flexibility to the foot.

Advertised as waterproof there tongue doesn’t do an excellent job at keeping the water out. The breathability of the shoe is also not as satisfying. However, the comfortable fit and the superb performance on the trail make up for the lacking.      

  • It is a highly comfortable pair of shoes that needs no time to break it in
  • These are very lightweight to make your hikes easy
  • It is relatively low priced than other shoes with similar features
  • These offer great flexibility, making them the best hiking boots for men
  • They provide maximum traction on wet and slippery terrains
  • The sides of these boots are not as sturdy
  • The tongue is not as waterproof as the rest of the shoe

Things to Consider When Searching the Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

Many a time’s hikers give up halfway during a hike because of blisters or shin splints due to lousy quality hike boots.

Add wide feet to the mix you would have sore feet on a trail in the middle of nowhere, and no one would want that. To find the best hiking boots for wide feet, you need to know your size accurately. Here are the factors to keep in mind when searching for the best hiking boots for men. 


All shoes are not designed to follow the same dimension for a size. Some shoes run small than the regular size, while the other size runs more significant than the proper footwear.

Moreover, who they feet your feet is essential because some shoes run narrow. Read the customer reviews for a model to know how proper their fitting is. But keep in mind everyone has different kind feet.   


If you are headed towards a long hike, it is best to look for lightweight hiking shoes. But remember, a lightweight shoe might not be as durable and long-lasting as the sturdier ones.

The standard hiking boots are somewhere between 2.75 to 3.25 lbs.

Whenever choosing your hiking shoes look for what kind of terrain you have to face and how long the route is to settle at the right mix of lightweight and sturdy for the roughness of the trail.


There are bumps under the outsole of hiking shoes known as lugs to allow a better grip on the surface. The thickness of these lugs has a direct impact on how well you can grip the various surfaces during a hike. But keep in mind, thicker lugs mean more weight added to your shoes. 

The outsole material also has a high impact on the durability and the weight of the shoes. Some rubbers are of superior quality and can withstand rough terrains better than other shoes.

Recycle rubber might be lightweight and flexible, but they don’t have the endurance of a high-class rubber like the Vibram. However, Vibram is heavier than recycle rubbers. Settle for an option that needs your needs best.             


Your budget is also an essential factor to consider when you are looking for the best hiking boots for wide-foot. When there are high-end material and technologies used in a pair of shoes it, will increase the price.

However, you definitely can find options that offer the comfort and durability that you are looking for, even on a budget.

Just take into account the environment and the kind of terrain you would be hiking on and decide what features are the most important for you. Don’t get tempted to spend extra dollars on the advertised features that you don’t need for your shoes.


You don’t want your feet to get sweaty during the hike or stink when you remove your shoes. It is why you need a well-Ventilated pair of boots when you are going on a hike. Usually, proper ventilation in shoes can result in reduced waterproofing. So choose your pick wisely.


The purpose of buying hiking shoes is to have comfortable hikes. Whether you want to explore along the route or a short trail, your shoes have to be comfortable enough so that your feet don’t get irritated or blister.

You can help that by using soft socks. However, the cushioning of a soft insole can work wander for your feet comfort.

The right side is equally essential for foot comfort, especially if you have wide feet.

As we discussed earlier, the feet get swollen after hiking for some hours. It would help if you kept into consideration when choosing your size. Follow the tips we have discussed sizing for wide feet for a perfect size of your shoes. 



The thick layer of rubber beneath the shoe that touches the ground is called outsole.


The top layer of the shoes that keeps your feet covered is usually referred to as the upper. 


How high the shoe comes against the ankle is referred to as the height of the shoe.


It is a kind of mesh used in a shoe lining to make it waterproof while still being breathable. 


In some shoes, you put a flat material in the midsole to support the arch, and it is referred to as the shanks.


It is a high-quality rubber that provides a superb grip and remains lightweight.


How to know if my feet are wide?

You must know if your feet are wide or not, especially when shopping for buying hiking shoes. You can measure your feet at home and look up a size chart online to determine if your foot lies in the general category. If you think a professional can find a better fit for you, go to a shoe shop that you trust to get your feet measured. 

Remember, your feet changes its size throughout the day. It is advisable to get your measurement late in the afternoon for a relaxed fit. When you want to buy hiking boots, wear socks while taking the measure or trying on a new pair. The answer to this question is if your feet are wide by looking at the measurement of the fullest part of the feet.      

Can hiking boots stretch for wide feet?

Your hiking boots can feel tight when they’re new, and there is a possibility that they will stretch with use.

Almost all sturdy and durable shoes take some time to break in. The hiking shoes made of leather can extend throughout prolonged use. It is because leather is a durable yet flexible material. 

If you want to stretch your hiking boots for wide feet, for a better fit, wear then for some time daily before your big hike. Use thick socks while doing so. And go around your house wearing the shoes so that they mold themselves to the shape of your feet.

There is also an option to get your boots stretched by professionals, but that can cost you more than you may want to spend. 

What’s the best way to lace boots for wide flat feet?

The majority of the hiking shoes have lace closure. Lace offers the best adjustability for your feet. You can loosen up as well as tighten up the boots for how you feel best during a hike. If your feet are flat and wide, lacing them can get painful. 

You can insert the laces from the front or the rear of the closure for the right fit, depending on your foot’s wisest. Usually, it is recommended to secure the laces tightly when hiking.

But of course, give your feet to move around a bit because your feet have a natural arch that you don’t want to constrict with too tight lacing, especially while hiking. 

When wearing climbing boots for wide feet, you have to ensure that the laces are made sure about firmly. However, you should consistently permit yourself some space to move your feet as you would prefer not to impede the natural arch of your foot or prevent movement during your hike.


Finding the best hiking boots for wide feet can be difficult, but with the knowledge that you have now after reading this guide will empower you to find your perfect fit. You know some of the best options for wide feet review right here, one of them can be the one for you. 

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