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My daughter loves to ride. It is her routine to ride at least an hour a day. With the bicycle, she had a very awkward experience.

Therefore, on her last birthday, I gifted her best hybrid bikes under 500.

She was very delightful at the moment of the present. Her delight knew no bound when she rode the bike. Now, she even goes for a long-distance ride and yet feels comfortable. Being the best dad, I am happy to see my daughter satisfied. These enlisted hybrid bikes are also one reason for her pleasant mood because they are fast and safe.  

What is a Hybrid Bike?

In simple words, it is a bicycle. However, it is more than a mere bicycle because it combines the “road bike” and “mountain bikes'” features. Therefore, it can be used for a usual bicycle ride and a variety of Terrain. Hence, this type of bike is more suitable for general purposes than mountain bikes and mere bicycles. It allows you an “upright position” sitting. Also, this bike is best for the uphill ride. Unlike road bikes and mountain bikes, a hybrid bike is not expensive because it can be bought within $500.   

What are the Benefits of Having a Hybrid Bike?

The “hybrid bike” brings more benefits than a mountain bike, a “road” bike, and a bicycle. You know the hybrid bike is a combination of mountain bikes and road bikes. Therefore, they provide many “options.” 

Unlike a bicycle, the hybrid bike is excellent for long-distance and “off-road” rides. This is possible due to the speed of the hybrid bike. Also, it is way comfortable to pedal the hybrid bike than the bicycle. Therefore, besides exercising, it will be fun to ride a hybrid bicycle. 

The hybrid bike is also better than a mountain and road bike. One, the hybrid bike is not much expensive in the purchase as well as maintenance. Second, the upright sitting position and ability to work on various surfaces make the hybrid bike more favorable than other bikes.

The hybrid bike is also suitable for a long-distance ride. It is possible with the speed of the hybrid bike. 

The control of the hybrid bike is way better than both mountain bikes and road bikes. Therefore, a hybrid bike is much safer. Further, nowadays elegant design of the hybrid bike is another benefit. You can ride this bike anywhere, whether city or the countryside.  

Best Hybrid Bikes under 500

What is the Best Hybrid Bikes under 500?

The market is full of options and it’s tough to get confused. Take a quick look at our top picks;

best hybrid bikes under $1000

Comparison Table for Best Hybrid Bikes under 500

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6 Best Hybrid Bikes under 500 Product Review, Features

01- Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike

It is one of the best hybrid bikes under 500. You will be provided with every feature and amenity. Therefore, this hybrid bike could win the place in the top six bikes in this article. Besides being perfect for a short ride, the bike’s wheel size makes it suitable even for a long ride. If you appreciate reliability, durability, and comfort in the bike, you would love this hybrid bike at first glance. Instead of wasting your money on expensive hybrid bikes, you should consider the feature of this one. There is no denying the fact that many customers got impressed with this hybrid bike. 

  • 28-inches “wheels
  • Frame 20-inches
  • Linear pull brake
  • Made from Aluminum
  • 21-speed shifter
  • Rear derailleur
  • Double-wall rims
  • Tires with excellent grip
  • High stop power
  • Ideal for the short ride

Product Specification

Size20-Inch frame
Frame MaterialAluminium
Wheel Size28 Inches
Brake StyleLinear Pull
Suspension forkRigid

28-inches wheels 

You will want a hybrid bike for the short and long ride. The short ride will be easier with any hybrid bike. However, with the big wheels of this bike, your long ride will be easier, too. The speed will be amazing, and the distance will be covered quickly. 

Rear derailleur

Even if you do not usually ride your hybrid bike uphill, you still need one that could be used for the uphill ride. This hybrid bike has a rear derailleur, making it easier for you to ride the bike uphill without difficulty. 

Double-wall Rim

Bikes that feature double wall rim are made for an important purpose. Your ride will be much smoother, and your rim will last very long. Hence, it would be a good thing to have a double-wall rim hybrid bike.

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant design
  • Not for the long ride
  • Not too durable

02- 700c Royce Union RMY Men’s 21-Speed Hybrid Comfort Bike

Introduce yourself to another great hybrid bike in the market. Unlike many other bikes, it costs you less money but provides you with all the desired features. The durability of this bike is assured with the aluminum frame’s help, which is coated further. Therefore, it will remain shiny and new. Also, you will have premium comfort due to the highly cushioned saddle. The feature of a flat handlebar adds to the upright position. A combination of these features proves very beneficial in the long run. The below-given features will assist you further. 

  • Aluminum frame
  • Red metallic coat
  • Frame 17-inches
  • Padded saddle
  • Upright position
  • Dual spring
  • Easy paddling
  • Linear pull brake
  • Tires 700c
  • Easy to handle
Product Specifications
ColourMetallic Red
Included ComponentsA Bike
Model Number76208
Number Of Speeds21
Number of Items1
Part Number76208

Red metallic coat

If you want to keep your bike shiny and new, you need to consider a metallic coat. This bike provides you with such a coat for durability. Further, the frame will remain much protected. 

Padded saddle

Yes, every bike needs to provide a padded saddle. However, this bike has extra pads. This makes your “Shimano journey” comfortable. Further, whether you use the hybrid bike for exercise or a casual ride, your experience will be finer. 

Easy paddling

Whether uphill ride or long-distance ride, this hybrid bike is made to bring ease to your ride. When you paddle this bike, you will feel enhanced ease. That’s why this hybrid bike is ideal for a long ride. 

  • Frame Lightweight
  • Easy assembly
  • Frame never rusts
  • Comfortable ride
  • Elegant design
  • Not too durable
  • No foot-forward

03- Hiland Road Hybrid Bike

If you want a hybrid bike for both short and long rides, consider this hybrid bike before deciding. This bike is perfect for those who usually ride on various surfaces and “conditions.” High-grip tires enable you to ride smoothly on all types of surfaces. Likewise, this bike is unique in its frame because its durability is ensured with a manufacturer’s warranty. Also, the disc brake gives the bike great power to stop. You must have in mind that hardly any bike at this price could provide you with all these features. This is why you should consider every feature of this hybrid bike before deciding. 


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Disc-brake
  • Kickstand
  • Frame warranty
  • Padded saddle
  • 24-speed gear shift
  • Easy assembly
  • High tire grip
  • Comfortable experience

Product Specifications

Brake StyleDisc
Number of Speeds24
Item Weight28 Pounds


This hybrid bike has the optimal power to stop due to the disc brake. Therefore, you will have great control over your ride, but avoiding any unwanted incident is possible. 

Frame warranty

This hybrid bike provides a frame warranty to prove the bike’s durability. Therefore, your money will be invested in a better place. Also, you can have rough rides without a damaging frame. 

High tire grip

With a sturdy frame, this hybrid bike’s high tire grip makes it completely possible to go on a different train. There is no denying that this bike is perfect for any surface. However, some protection from your side is necessary. 

  • Durable
  • Elegant style
  • Great speed
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • No proper upright position
  • Not the urban style

04- Hiland Hybrid Bike for Adult 700C Wheels with 7 Speeds

With 700c wheels and “7-speed,” this hybrid bike has great value in the market. This bike succeeded in impressing the purchase due to its amazing features. Likewise, it will impress you if you consider every feature critical. In this way, you will realize the actual worth of this hybrid bike. With the high quality and elegant frame, durability is not questioned. The double brake feature is something unique to this hybrid bike. This unique feature enhances the power to stop the bike quickly. Therefore, your safety is ensured in any unwanted incident. Furthermore, you can also take this hybrid bike for a long-distance ride. 

  • High-quality frame
  • Double brake
  • 700c wheels
  • Pre-assembled
  • Frame 18-inches
  • 7-speed shifter
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Great power to stop
  • Made in Taiwan 
Product Specifications
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Brake StyleCalliper
Number of Speeds7

High-quality frame

The quality of any hybrid bike is identified with the frame quality. This bike provides you high-quality frame that not only lasts longer but also gives you an elegant design. 

Double brake

If you want high control on your ride, look for the bike which has a double brake. This bike has this feature; thus, this bike has great power to stop and improve your safety. A rider will want nothing more. 


Most of the hybrid bikes are pre-assembled. Likewise, this bike is pre-assembled, and so you can start your riding as you bring your bike home. 

  • Great for a variety of activities
  • High performance
  • Great speed
  • Safe and sound
  • Stylish frame
  • No frame warranty
  • No rear derailleur

05- Hiland Road Hybrid Bike Urban City Commuter Bicycle

When you take your hybrid bike out, you should look attractive. Yes, this bike has an elegant urban frame that comments on the personality of the rider. Not only in the city, but you can also take this bike in the countryside without being noticed awkwardly. The great tire grip of the bike makes it favorable for a variety of trains. As a result, nothing outward hindrance stops you from enjoying the ride. It has great speed and big tires, which also make the long trip much more comfortable. In this way, you will exercise much more than you can do with any other hybrid bike. Easy paddling and a highly padded saddle ensure the comfort of the rider. 


  • Urban style
  • Wheel 700c
  • Speed six
  • Steel frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Carries 230lbs
  • Great tire grip
  • High speed
  • White frame
  • Padded saddle
Product Specifications
Speed 6

Urban style

Whether you want the hybrid bike for exercise, long rides, short rides, or for market purposes, this bike has such a design to be used everywhere. Further, its “urban style” comments on your personality. 

High tire grip

Besides being perfect for a short ride, this hybrid bike is good for any ride. It has a high tire grip, which enables bikes to go smoothly on all types of trains. However, you need to take certain protective measures. 

High speed

With frame style and high tire grip, high speed makes this hybrid bike ideal for long-distance touring. Usually, hybrid bikes have 15 to 20 km; this bike will have more than that. 

  • Small size
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent features
  • Durable frame
  • Great power to stop
  • Average tire grip
  • No rear derailleur

This is not available check the similar one here> >> Hiland Road Bike Hybrid Bike Shimano 24 speeds with Disc Brake, 700C Wheels Bikes for Men Mens 3 Colors 3 Sizes.

06- Tommaso Sorrento Shimano Tourney Hybrid Fitness Bike

If you want a reliable, durable, safe, fast, and affordable hybrid bike, you have this best hybrid bike under 500. You will feel that you have rightly spent the money. No regret and frustration; this bike provides you with all the features which a hybrid bike can provide. If you worry about weight, stop worrying right now because this bike can carry up to 300 lbs weight. Isn’t it something unique? When you narrate all these features and then tell the price to any expert, he/she will be taken aback. Yes, that’s why you should consider this bike before you take any other. Further, the given features will guide you. 

  • Compact frame
  • Maximum durability
  • Flat handlebar
  • High power to stop
  • Great tire grip
  • Latest design
  • Professional assemble
  • Platform paddles
  • Suitable for all riders
  • Carries 300lbs weight
Product Specifications
SizeS (5’6″-5’8″)
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy

Flat handlebar

Like an upright position, the flat handlebar plays an important role. Besides being easy to turn immediately, you will have good control over the bike. Also, it will be quite comfortable to ride the bike. 

Upright position

All the riders desire the upright position. The upright position is good for the uphill rider as well as for a comfortable ride. All this is possible with this hybrid bike. 

Carries 300lbs weight

No hybrid bike would be able to carry 300lbs weight. However, this bike is the exception. Therefore, no matter what your body weight is or what belongings you have with you, your ride will not be uncomfortable. 

  • Perfect for the long ride
  • Safe
  • Reliable performance
  • Elegant design
  • Strong frame
  • No double brake
  • No frame warranty

Buying Guide: Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500

This section is to help you in many respects. It is a fact that you will find many but the best hybrid bikes under 500. However, you aim to find one that is best. It is not easy to find the best among multiple choices. Therefore, many customers bring the average hybrid bike and then feel dejected. Unfortunately, this section will prevent any dejection. You will have the best hybrid bike if you throw glance at the below-given details. Hence, before deciding in favor of any hybrid bikes under 500, you should give these details proper consideration. 

best hybrid bikes under 300

Wheel size

You know that hybrid bikes are a combination of mountain and road bikes. Therefore, these bikes are used for long-distance rides. To make this long-distance ride quick and “comfortable ride,” you need to check the wheel size. It would help if you looked for a hybrid bike that has 28 inches or more wheel size. Due to the big wheel size, the speed of the bike will be okay. All hybrids mentioned above bikes have either a 28-inch wheel or more. 

Frame material 

Every passionate rider knows that hybrid bikes usually come in either steel or aluminum frames. Each type of frame has its benefits. Now, the decision is yours. The aluminum frame does not easily rust, while the steel frame is durable. Enlisted hybrid bikes have steel as well as an aluminum frame. Many riders choose a frame, keeping in view their surroundings. 

Frame style

The frame style is probably more important than frame material. The frame style indicates your style and design choices, while the frame material is durable and lightweight. If you want a hybrid bike for the city or both city and countryside, you need an urban-style frame. Besides the elegant design, you will have the benefit of riding anywhere you want. 

Power to stop 

If not on a long ride but on a short ride hybrid bike’s power to stop makes a big difference. Knowing your bike has great power will make you less worried about an accident. If even you are faced with such a situation, you can escape it easily.

Therefore, the power to stop in a hybrid bike results in excellent control. All mentioned bikes have great power to stop. Thus, your safety is ensured. 

Tire grip

If you ride a hybrid bike on a different type of surface, you will be familiar with this feature. The tire grip is important for a safe and smooth ride on different trains. Therefore, if you wish to ride a hybrid bike for long-distance, you need to ensure that the bike tires have a good grip. Otherwise, you will not be able to have a safe and sound ride. It is no surprise that all enlisted hybrid bikes have great tire grip. 

Frame coat 

Besides frame material, a framed coat is also necessary. Not many hybrid bikes’ frame is coated. However, given hybrid bikes provide you with such protective features. The coat will keep the frame in good condition. Further, when you clean the bikes, it will again look shiny and new. 

Upright position 

The upright position is a very important feature. Due to the upright position, your comfort in a long or short ride is ensured. Also, the upright position helps you paddle faster. As a result, you can cover any distance very easily. Further, the upright position is useful for exercise and an aged person. The hybrid mentioned above bikes has this feature.

Padded saddle

You will say every hybrid bike has to provide a padded seat. You are right. However, the question is how much seat is cushioned. Thus, you have to make sure that the seat is sufficiently padded. A padded saddle is essential for the short or long ride and young or adult. These best hybrid bikes under 500 are sufficiently padded to provide you comfort. 

Double disc brake 

You know, every hybrid bike must have a brake. You would hardly expect a hybrid bike with a double-disc brake. However, some of the given bikes have double disc brake facility. Therefore, their power to stop is much quicker. 

Flat handlebar

In the present time, it has been the fashion to have a flat handlebar in a bicycle. Not only that this meets the fashion standard, but it also provides an updated feature. A flat handlebar is necessary for a smooth ride and turn. Also, the upright position requires a flat handlebar. All the hybrid mentioned above bikes has a flat handlebar. 


This feature is not much important. However, extra amenities are desired by everyone. Provided hybrid bikes are almost 80% to 90% pre-assembled. Hence, everything is a ride for you to enjoy. 

How to Size a Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes come in a variety of sizes. You will find different sizes in men’s hybrid bikes and different in women’s. Therefore, choosing the right size hybrid bike is no easy task. It is better to check the bike when you purchase it, but if you go to the online shop on Amazon, you need to make sure of the hybrid bike’s size. Hybrid with bigger sizes can be useful but not with small sizes. Broadly size has types such as x-small, small, medium, and large. Now, you will be able to distinguish what you want. 

best hybrid bikes under 500 uk

Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500: Frequently Asked Question

How much does a decent hybrid bike cost?

A hybrid bike will cost around $500. It will have all the features and will have an elegant design. 

Can you ride 100 miles on a hybrid bike?

A person with perfect fitness can cover this distance with a cycle. Therefore, it will be easier to cover with a hybrid bike. Hence, the answer is yes. 

Are hybrid bikes worth it

Yes, it is worth it. Hybrid bikes may not be ideal for racing and road. However, they are worth it if you need them for an uphill ride, daily use, and more. 

  • Our hybrid bikes good for fitness

Yes, like cycles, hybrid bikes are great for fitness. Besides, it will provide you with a comfortable ride to have a long-distance ride that will be best for your fitness. 

  • Our hybrid bikes any good

Hybrid bikes combine the feature of road-bike and mountain bikes. Therefore, you are rendered great advantages: a comfortable ride, a great chance to exercise, and all the features for a long-distance ride. Thus hybrid bike is the best. 

Is a hybrid bike good for long-distance?

Hybrid bikes can go for a long distance. These bikes are a combination of road and mountain bikes. Therefore, they can go for a long distance. It is estimated that they can cover 100km plus. 

Should I get a mountain or hybrid bike?

Mountain bikes are for commuting on the rough road. If you want an upright position and great control, you will need a hybrid bike. It depends on you what you want. 

Can you ride a hybrid bike on trails?

It is mostly recommended that you should use a hybrid bike for moderately rough trails. However, if you want to use a hybrid bike on trails, ensure it is upgraded. 

Is a hybrid bike faster than a mountain bike?

Unlike hybrid bikes, mountain bike proves hard to pedal, and a hybrid bike is easy to pedal. Therefore, a hybrid bike is much faster on the pavement than a mountain bike. The mountain bike may be good for various surfaces, but a hybrid bike beats it in speed. 

Can I use hybrid bikes on trails?

Yes, you can ride a hybrid bike on trails. However, you need to ensure that you have quality tires suitable for the trail. Further, ride when you feel the condition is favorable.

Our Recommendation for the Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500

It will be quite difficult to recommend one hybrid bike among all top-rated ones. Therefore, it is recommended that you go for hybrid bikes with great control and high speed. Additionally, the design is also important. Interestingly, all these features are available in these best hybrid bikes. 

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Besides enlisting the top-rated and best hybrid bikes under 500, this article addresses any question. After reading this article, you will have enough knowledge to choose what you want.

Furthermore, all documented information is gathered from reliable sources and hybrid bike experts. Hence, this small article will be of great help if you want any.

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