Best Kayak Accessories of 2023 | Top Fishing Gears & Boat Accessories

Kayaking is one of the most popular outdoor activities you can do on a river or lakeside vacation.

Most lake resorts offer kayaking to their guests to let them experience the thrill of rowing on a slender kayak and enjoy it as much as everyone else.

Taking all necessary accessories along with you while kayaking is very important. But many people are confused which are the best kayak accessories.

If you have a kayak, this buyer’s guide will assist you in selecting the best kayak accessories that should add more fun and safety to your next kayaking trip. It includes a comparison table of the featured accessories needed for kayaking and a short overview of every product included.

This article also has a guideline for selecting and buying kayak accessories online. It will help you choose the best accessories worth your money and time, so you can enjoy this fun outdoor activity without worrying about using substandard supplements for kayaking.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Best Kayak Accessories

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Best Kayak Accessories Product Review

These products are listed as among the Best Kayak accessories rated according to the reviews and number of sales. While this list is not a promotion of any brand or manufacturer, they are ranked in honor of the manufacturer’s credibility of producing kayak accessories.

01- Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag Combo

best kayak accessories

Dry bags are necessary when you’re kayaking. They are essential containers for all your items, which protects them from getting wet and accidental splashes. This dry bag combination product from Earth Pak includes an IPX8 waterproof phone case that should keep your phone dry and usable while kayaking on the river or lake.


  • Detachable Shoulder Strap included in every bag
  • Made with 500D PVC material that can last up for years.
  • IPX8 Certified Waterproof Phone Case included in every purchase of this dry bag
  • Comes in various capacities (10L to 55L volume)
  • The single strap allows convenient bag carrying. It can be placed over the shoulder or crossed over the chest.
  • Each capacity variants match with the type of traveler. All sizes are made to protect even the most delicate items from getting dirty or wet from trekking or kayaking.
  • It is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space in your luggage.
  • Leakage-proof material keeps everything dry, even when the bag is submerged halfway
  • Some reviews about the dry bag being brittle in quality are posted after a few months of regular use
  • Customer support is non-responsive to customer complaints, including returns and refunds
  • Seams are reported to be ripping off after filling it and closing the bag

02- Booms Fishing Kayak Pad Eye Kit

best kayak accessories

If you want to fix your fishing or filming equipment in place when kayaking, you should have some eye kit handy. This kayak pad eye features injected molded plastic that should allow you to customize your kayak to how you wanted it to be.


  • Made from injected molded plastic
  • ½” across and 3/8” high attachment points
  • The material used is ABS loops and aluminum rivets
  • Rubber washers for a stronger grip on the kayak
  • The rivets used have a stronger hold to anything attached to the kayak. It also secures the grip in place
  • Rubber-O-rings included in the kit are firm and helps in steadying attachments, like fishing rods, pull handles, etc
  • The rubber gasket included keeps the kayak’s surface from screw scratches
  • Customers are experiencing metal shafts not snapping correctly on the pad eye
  • No manual or online instruction video from the company website or product listing page is included, so you’ll have to figure everything out on your own or find an expert on attaching pad eyes to kayaks

03- Essential Marine Kayak Scupper Plug Kit

best kayak accessories

This universal scupper plug from Essential Marine is designed to fit the scupper holes of most kayak brands. It is made with a durable rubber component that fits in the hole perfectly and avoids water coming into the hollow of the kayak.


  • Modeled to fit all scuppers/scupper holes of any kayak.
  • Durable rubber material for easy plugging in and plugging out.
  • Compatible with all major kayak brands
  • Rope hoop included for easier plugging out and hanging storage
  • Can fit ¾” to 1.5” scupper holes
  • Its material is stout enough and malleable enough to fit scupper holes. It is also unbelievably easy to remove without exerting too much force
  • The design of this scupper plug makes it an excellent cover for scupper holes without getting water below the kayak bottom, even when it is floating or sailing on the lakes and seas
  • It has a firm hold and doesn’t pop out from water pressure or reactive push from any weight above it
  • Customer reviews on the stiff design that does not fit well on some scupper holes, even if it was in the description
  • Some scupper plugs stick out of the hole and can cause punctures on the skin. It can be uncomfortable to sit on these stuck-out scupper plugs

04- GYM TOP Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover-Storage Dust Cover

best kayak accessories to have

This kayak cover features the best polyester material that protects it from sunlight, snow, rain, and dust damage. It also has an easy-on and easy-off drawstring to hold the cover in place and fits seven (7) sizes of kayaks and canoes.


  • Waterproof polyester material, sunray reflecting cover made from the best oxford fabric.
  • Roll and clip closure available, adjustable up to 18ft length
  • Suitable for seven kayak or canoe sizes, from 2.6-3m/7.8-9ft up to 5.6-6m/16.8-18ft.
  • Excellent storage material for off-season and transport cover.
  • A size chart is available to ensure your purchased kayak cover fits your boat’s dimension
  • The lightweight cover makes it easy to store and would not add weight to the kayak
  • The material is durable enough even to endure snow weight and acid rainwater damage. It reflects sunlight adequately to protect the kayak’s texture
  • The cover should not be soaked with seawater or use it under extreme sun heat
  • Delivery problems were noted in customer reviews — some complaints about longer delivery time and improper packaging

05- Shoreline Marine Kayak Lightweight Design Carry Handles

best kayak accessories amazon

These carry handles make you carry your kayak with ease. Its one-size-fits-all feature allows anyone to attach it to their kayaks and canoes without any problem. The handle’s grip is ergonomic and keeps the comfort while carrying your kayak from your car to the water and vice versa.


  • Easy to attach to kayak side, with 9 or 16” center-line to center-line distance.
  • Durable plastic material with rubber handles
  • Lightweight handles but strong enough to withstand reactive force.
  • It has four fastener points for a stronger grip on the kayak surface.
  • The handle is ergonomic enough. It does not hurt the arm or the palm when holding the carry handle while transporting the kayak
  • It is also strong enough to withstand corrosion, water pressure, and even age
  • The four fastener keeps a stronger grip, and it can even carry kayaks that weight 100 lbs
  • The easy-to-install feature allows anyone to attach it themselves without asking for technical help
  • No technical instructions available, especially for distinctive kayak designs
  • Problems with delivery shipping days and handling are reported on some customer reviews

06- Scotty Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm with Gear-Head

cool accessories to put on a kayak

This mounting arm is excellent for Scotty transducers, and other related accessories, that are useful for kayaking and SUP anglers. The product is made from high-quality and durable composite material and has a 360 degrees’ swivel capacity.


  • This mounting arm is built with high-strength composite material, with a telescoping arm and a 4” usable track for its dimensions.
  • It has 360 degrees of swivel capacity.
  • Easy-to-install transducer makes it less technical for beginner anglers and kayakers.
  • 438 track Adapter included that works in combination with Scotty sidetrack and allows the attachment of the Scotty sounder mount as well.
  • Scotty’s reputation as a fishing and watersport brand makes all their products reliable and easy to handle
  • Screws and fixtures on this mounting arm grip better with its bolts and nuts
  • Easy swiveling on its arm means versatility of its use for either fishing or other watersports
  • This mounting arm prefers more of Scotty’s transducers and other products requiring this arm. Different brands of these add-ons may or may not work with this mounting arm

07- OLIVIA & AIDEN Folding Kayak Anchor

best selling kayak accessories

This kayak anchor is designed to be portable and durable for use simultaneously. This folding kayak anchor is crafted with a lightweight galvanized sheet with a small, pop-up fluke hook design. It also weighs only 3.5 lbs. It is a perfect portable anchor for your kayak.


  • Ultra-portable boat anchor makes it a transportable component for your kayak.
  • Galvanized steel anchor keeps it durable even when exposed underwater for longer.
  • Dragline and buoy ball included in the product purchase.
  • It is an easy-to-store anchor with its bag included.
  • Its ultra-portable design makes it transportable anywhere at any water level
  • The 40 ft. anchor line allows anchorage on deeper water surfaces and can steady your kayak on any water depth for a sailing or fishing interlude
  • The buoy ball attachment makes the line identifiable right away, so it will be easy for you to locate where it dropped
  • The knot on the anchor is a bit loose and needs to be tightened up every now and then before using it

08- BEST Marine Throw Ropes Rescue Bag

best inflatable kayak accessories

If there is one thing that stands up on this dry rescue bag, it is the longer rope. This rescue bag is excellent storage for all your stuff and should serve as your emergency buoy bag in case of sailing accidents.


  • 70 feet rope included for emergency rescue use
  • Bright orange color makes it noticeable right away during rescue operations
  • High-quality nylon material for durable and long-lasting rescue bags
  • 12”-5” length-to-diameter dimension holds a massive volume in its compartment.
  • Flotation insert included keeping it floating above the water surface.
  • The rescue bag is easy to use. It is also versatile for any watersport and fishing activities, whether it is on water or ice
  • It has a huge compartment that should fit even the densest fishing ropes, camera equipment, or even your clothes
  • It can be adequately folded for storage and baggage transport. The rope is easy to attach and detach from the bag as well
  • It takes some practice to throw the rescue bag accurately without damaging the items inside the rescue bag
  • The ropes are a bit dense when submerged underwater, so it takes a little bit of mastery on rope throwing and using the rescue bag for emergency use

09- Shoreline Marine Propel Kayak Pull Handle

sea kayak accessories

This kayak pull handle is made with a durable polymer material with an ergonomic design. It also has a slim look for secure handle storage when not in use. The cord assembly is strong enough to pull heavy kayaks with ease.


  • Easy to attach design makes beginner kayakers and enthusiasts use it without any technical difficulty.
  • Heavy-duty polymer material keeps the handle durable even when pulling heavy kayaks.
  • Its 3.6” full handle is a slim and ergonomic design that makes pulling strainless.
  • The rope is replaceable if you wanted to use a longer one for pulling the kayak out of the water
  • The handle is wide enough to be handled with two hands if the kayak is heavy to be pulled out of the shore
  • The plastic edges can become brittle over time, but this does not pose a significant issue on the quality of the pull handle

10- Yakgrips Paddle Grips for Solid Shaft Kayak Paddle

best selling kayak accessories

These paddle grips keep you comfortable while rowing on your kayak. Its material conforms with your grip that makes it steady yet enjoyable. It is easy to install the grips and keeps itself in place no matter how extensive the paddle edge can be.


  • Hand-conforming material for comfort on grip pressure.
  • Easy to install paddle grips on any handle.
  • Easy to wash and maintain paddle grips.
  • Adjustable grips for any paddle thickness.
  • The exerted pressure on the paddle significantly reduces when using these grips
  • It quickly dries up which keeps water from building on the paddle handle
  • It is stretchable that matches the level of the kayaker
  • The Velcro tape doesn’t hold properly, mainly when used for a long time
  • It doesn’t grip well with hand or wrist gloves

Things to Consider when Buying Best Kayak Accessories

Sailing on a kayak is an activity that is available to everybody. While many are using kayaks for shallow river fishing trips, most are into recreational kayaking. When looking for kayak accessories, it is best to ask this question first. What sort of kayaking activity are you doing?

Best Kayak Accessories of 2021 | Top Fishing Gears & Boat Accessories

There is a difference between technical and recreational kayaking regarding the need for kayak accessories. Professional kayakers prefer more adjustments or upgrades to their kayaks. They want more accessories that upgrade their kayaking game. On the other hand, recreational kayakers want more to experience the thrill and capturing moments by installing mounting arms for sports cameras, waterproof bags for their valuables, and good paddle grips so that they won’t hurt their arms.

Knowing who you are as a kayaker will determine your need for kayak accessories and limits to what you buy and what you don’t buy. If you want to explore technical kayaking, you can purchase those needed accessories but ask for supervision from kayaking experts to help you set it up.

Why Should You Buy Kayak Accessories?

The main reason why kayakers buy accessories for their kayaks is to enhance their experience. Customizing and upgrading their kayak’s exterior, function, and mobility makes kayaking more enjoyable, more manageable, and less of a hassle when putting it in or pulling it out of the water. If you want to upgrade your kayak experience, you can start researching accessories that can get up your kayaking game. For starters, you will want to have a mounting handle and a paddle grip for a better start and a memorable kayaking experience.

What Should You Look Out When Buying Kayak Accessories?

When buying kayak accessories, always look for trusted brands. Scotty, Shoreline Marine, and BEST Marine and Outdoor are the best Amazon stores selling sailing accessories. They have accessories specially-made for kayaks and offer dedicated products for the different levels of experience in this watersport.

You can read customer reviews if you’re unsure whether the brands meet your preference. They will help you decide on your next kayak accessories purchase. Most of them feature their experiences with a specific kayak accessory while receiving the product up to the moment they’ve used the attachment. You can tell from their reviews immediately whether the product is trustworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all kayak accessories available and usable for all experience levels?

Not all kayak accessories are useful for all experience levels. Though this is available for everyone, the use of every accessory depends on your level of knowledge in sailing with your kayak or canoe.

Is buying kayak accessories from physical stores better than online shopping sites?

If you want to ensure the quality and do not trust online products, physical sailing stores are open to welcome your inquiries. For first-time kayakers, or if you just had your first kayak, store clerks can answer your questions right away than online store managers.

What are the essential accessories a beginner kayaker should buy?

Start with paddle grips and some rescue bags. They’ll be helpful for one who has recently started kayaking.

Do I need to buy kayak accessories?

It depends on you. If you plan to take your kayaking experience to the next level, it will surely help you have your mounting arm, transducers, or your pad eyes in possession. Plus, it makes your kayak look way more relaxed and more pro-looking than regular kayaks.

How do these kayak accessories upgrade my kayaking?

It depends on the technique you are learning with kayaking. If you want to angle-fish with your kayak, a sounder and transducer on a mounting arm will help. Fishing rod holders on your kayak will also keep it in place while waiting for something to bite on the bait.

Rapid river kayaks would benefit on added pads fastened with pad eyes, and some pull handles for maneuvering.

Important Notes

Kayaking is both a recreational watersport and an extreme watersport. If you are looking for accessories that would upgrade your kayak for excessive levels, look for durable accessories. Durability is one of the essential qualities of a kayak upgrade. Lake water corrodes plastic faster than saltwater, so you would want any upgrade or accessory attached or used with your kayak to be more durable to handle rapids, currents, and oxidation.

If you are kayaking for relaxation, have a rescue bag in handy. You can put in your phones, cameras, fishing books, and other things you want to bring while rowing down the lake currents. A sports camera can add some documentation on your kayaking, which you can post on social media and share it with your friends. Overall, it is best to get kayak accessories that suit your level of kayaking.

Bottom Line

The best kayak accessories are more than the brand and reviews. It is all about making your kayaking experience thrilling and enjoyable. You do not even need to buy these recommended accessories. All that matters are what you need and how it should add to your kayaking activity.

If you know the ins and outs of kayaking and understand what you’re getting, you know which accessories to buy. However, if you are new to sailing kayaks, you should take some time to review, understand the use of every fixture, and know what you want to achieve or experience with this watersport.

Kayaking is a fun water activity. You can do it alone or with your family and friends. If you are willing to take it to the next level, it will teach you many lessons in sailing and life, and with the right accessory in place, it will become the most thrilling experience you’ll ever have.

Additionally, if you are confused about which kayaks will be best for you, we have written a buyer-friendly guide for making your purchase easy and convenient. Check out the Best Fishing Kayaks Under $600.

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