Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars without Rails | 6 Pick With Ultimate Guide

Finally, you have got to the place where you will have an answer to your every question about the best kayak roof rack for cars without rails. It will take a few moments of your busy schedule, but this article will guide your quest.

You will find thousands of articles on this particular topic. However, rarely will you be able to have auhentic information about the roof rack for the kayak.

Therefore, to bring ease into your search, this article addresses A to Z question – means all questions. To be well informed, glance through it and reach for the best product.

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What is a Kayak Roof Rack System?

best kayak roof rack for cars without rails

It is a system that helps you transport your kayak or boat to another place. It is set on your car top and works as support. They have crossbars that run on the car’s width and fit the pre-installed rail that runs to the length of the vehicle.

The roof rack for kayak has every component that allows you to load the kayak on the car top, tie it by straps, and save the roof from damage. There are many types of kayak roof rack system according to lifting and setting.

How to Choose the Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars without Rails?

This is a pertinent question one can ask who wants to buy the best kayak roof rack system without rails. If you enter the market, you will be taken aback at the varieties. However, seldom could people grab a good kayak roof rack.

What is the reason? The reason is simple: they do not have a preplan about what makes them best, among others. Here, you will have the sketch of what the best kayak roof rack for the cars without rails should have. 

Tower base

The tower base is necessary that works as a mounting tower to which crossbars are attached. They work as a support to the kayak rack. In case the system has no mounting tower, the chances are bright that the roof will be damaged or dinted. To avoid such inconvenience, a tower base kayak roof rack system is necessary.

Cushioning or pads

You bring the system to transport the belongings from one place to another. The weight of these things will affect the top of the car if there is no cushioning or pad. Like mounting towers, they also act as support to the roof. 

Lock system

A few roof racks for kayaks have such a feature. No doubt, this is an extra amenity. Nonetheless, it has much more critical due to the many obvious reasons. First, the crossbars will be fixed like cement; second, there is no chance of theft. Just lock them with a key and be tension free. 

Complete system

But once the kayak racks, that include every accessory. Since, in many cases, people take out the roof rack system, they need everything to fix the system back on the car in the wake of need. The complete system – that even you need not buy a screw – is perfect for many reasons.

Durable material

The bars should be made of heavy-duty steel so that they can bear the force of some weight. You will carry weight on them; therefore, they have to be sturdy to remain durable. Kayak racks that are made from second quality material do not last long.


Now, you will think about why it has to be inflatable to be the best. Of course, for the best thing, every minor thing counts. If the system is inflatable, it will be of great convenience. You can store them in a small space by reducing the length of the crossbars. It is the feature of the best roof rack that it should always be convenient in every aspect.


Okay, buy a more extended bars roof rack system with an adjustability feature for transporting the kayak. As a result, it can fit many cars. Even if you have decided to change the car, you need not change the roof rack system because it can fit a new car by reducing or increasing the length.

 Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars without Rails

Check out Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars without Rails

6 Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars without Rails Product Review, Features

01- SportRack Complete Roof Rack System

It has become easier to move things from one place to another without reducing interior space. Here is the solution: this best kayak roof rack for a car without rails. It is included in the top-rated roof rack system for transporting the kayak. It can fit most of the cars and can fit perfectly. The roof rack design will not look odd on top of the car but will be a decorative addition to a car. The major advantage of this roof rack system is its lock system. It will keep saving the system from theft. The worth of this system will be clear once you look below at the features of this system.


  • Lock is included
  • With all accessories
  • Universal fit
  • Perfect adaptability 
  • Black color
  • Complete rack system
  • Easy to install
  • No drilling required
  • Holds much weight
  • Lasts long

Lock included

The lock system makes it easier to fix the bars on top. Moreover, once you have locked the bars on top, there is no chance of theft. It, further allows bars to be fixed fast on top. Also, it is easier to unlock the key.

Complete rack system

It includes everything with it. The system even does not require a screw extra. No accessories and nothing are required. In simple terms, it is ready to install. It saves you from extra expenses.

No drilling required

Do you need to drill on the top of the car to fix the roof rack system? The adverse effects of drilling can damage your car. Also, you cannot take out the roof rack system after drilling. However, it needs no drilling in this system. Therefore, firstly, it saves your car from damage; secondly, you can remove the system when you don’t want it on top.

  • No damage to the vehicle
  • Durable
  • Everything necessary included
  • Holds firmly
  • No worry of theft
  • No folding
  • Little Expensive

Why should you buy this?

It is ready to install. Therefore, it is convenient for you. It is a safe and secure system and durable, too. Subsequently, there are many reasons to buy it.

02- HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack Bars

This system is also highly demanded in the market due to its high quality and multi-features. Therefore, it will be a great thing to have. You can transport a lot of weight safely. A universal system perfect for most vehicles, the twin tubes in the system is very sturdy. It contains a perfect guide about installing and is easy to install. See the below features, and you will appreciate the quality.


  • Universal roof rack
  • Twin tubes
  • Cushioning
  • All accessories included
  • Ultimate versatility
  • Multipurpose
  • load capacity 175lbs
  • Easy to install
  • With comprehensive details
  • Inflatable


Of course, the purpose of the roof rack system is to help you transport kayaks. But what if this roof rack system is multipurpose? It allows you to carry a variety of things, whether it is winter or summer.


Very few roof rack systems have such a protective feature. The advantage of cushioning is immense. It protects the roof from any dint or damage. It works as a barracked between crossbars and the roof of the car.


Unsurprisingly, you will rarely find these features in the roof rack system. You can easily fit it on the top. But, you can store the system easily when you want to take it out. Its inflatable feature allows you to reduce its size.

  • Compatible with many vehicles
  • No damage to the roof
  • Lasts long
  • Occupies small space
  • Best for winter
  • No locking system
  • Expensive

Why should you buy this?

As you have seen this system’s features, you now know why to buy this. But, it should be purchased because it can be reduced and is multipurpose.

03- Seah Hardware Universal Roof Rack Cross-Bars 2 PC

You are probably looking for the best roof rack for cars without rails, which could prove long-lasting. Then, the solution is here in the form of this roof rack system. The crossbars are adjustable to reduce the width according to your car-top need. The two bars made from heavy-duty steel tubes can carry a good amount of weight. The waterproof straps immensely protect your car from dripping during rain. Now, your tour will be unique because you can take needed things easily with this roof rack system’s help. 

Just take out and install it easily on top. To get a good picture of the system, look at the below details.


  • Heavy-duty steel tube
  • Adjustable crossbars
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Straps fit bars
  • Two bars
  • waterproof ratchet tie down
  • Holds fast on car top
  • Strong and safe
  • Screw and lock nut
  • Easy installation

Heavy-duty steel tube

The crossbar of the system is made from a heavy-duty steel tube. Therefore, they can hold much more weight. Also, it will help those lasts much longer than usual crossbars.

Straps fit bars

It would help if you had no drilling or cutting to fit the system on the rooftop. Instead, it has straps to pass under the roof through the doors. It requires you to pass the straps from all four windows. In this way, it will hold fast.

Easy to assemble and disassemble

You need no technique to assemble and disassemble the system. It is very is to do so. Likewise, when you want to take it back, it will be easier, too.

  • Carries more weight
  • Lasts long
  • Remains fix on top
  • Strong bars
  • Much safer
  • No locking system
  • No folding

Why should you buy this?

You buy a roof rack system to transport many things during your tour at any fascinating place. This system will prove convenient in every aspect.

04- Malone Auto Racks Universal Car Roof Rack

One thing in mind is that your car must be protected besides giving you the facility of transporting things. It is possible with this system. It has four towers that keep the bars above the top so that the car top’s delicate parts should not be damaged. All necessary features and extra amenities are there with this system. With one year warranty, there remains no question about the durability. It fits most of the cars and looks amazing. You have the facility to lock with a key so that there is no chance of theft. To get to know this product clearly, glance at the overall features.


  • Four locking towers
  • A universal cross rail system
  • Adjustable mounting towers
  • Strong steel bars
  • Rubber coats
  • Complete and ready to install
  • Key locking system
  • Easy to disassemble
  • One year warranty
  • Rust-resistant

Rubber coats

Okay, if you had any thought that crossbars will be rusted sooner or later, stay calm. The rubber coats on crossbars can resist rust and prevent the bars from wearing away. Subsequently, the lifespan is going to be longer.

Complete and ready to install

You do not need to visit the machines or any other specialists for the fixture of crossbars. Everything is ready already, and every material is provided. To install yourself, follow certain guidelines.

Easy to disassemble

Most people don’t want crossbars to be fixed on top always. Therefore, they put up when they are needed. Yes, you can do this with this system. It is easy to disassemble and put it back into storage.

  • No tool required
  • Durable
  • Holds fast on top
  • Easy to install
  • Carry much weight
  • No folding
  • Expensive

Why should you buy this?

It has all the features. It is safe and robust and has a good capacity for weight, and is easy to install. These are but a few reasons that you should consider this system.

05- AUXMART Universal Roof Rack

Here is the one equipped with all the amenities. You will not regret it once you hold this one. There are plenty of systems, but a few give such features. You can carry a good amount of weight; your system will be secured, and durability is certainly the hallmark of this system. Overall, it gets to be better than many others. Many consumers who tried this gave a quite positive response. Therefore, it is one of the high-rated systems. Below given features will help you understand why such a response it got—glance down at the features.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • 150lbs load capacity
  • Rubber pads on the bottom
  • Adjustable width
  • No drilling and cutting
  • Mounting clamps
  • Universal fit
  • Easy to assemble
  • With instruction

Adjustable width

You might be thinking whether it will fit in my car or not?” Don’t worry if you have such thoughts. It has an adjustable width; consequently, you can reduce it to your need. Even if you change the car, this will fit most of them.

No drilling and cutting

Don’t think of damaging the roof of the car. Therefore, bring something that requires no drilling and cutting. It requires no such thing as this. Tower holds the bars, and there is a lock system. The bars will be glued to the roof. 

Rubber pads on the bottom

Most parts of the roofs of the car are fragile. Likewise, the bars can also prove that they have no rubber pads that protect it from wearing away. It not only increases the lifespan of crossbars but also keeps them protective.

  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Light Weight
  • No tool required
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Not coated bars
  • No locking system

Why should you buy this?

One of the best reasons to buy it is that it is a highly-rated system with all the features. Many other reasons are also there.

06- Malone VersaRail Bare Roof Cross Rail Rack

Now, this is the last but not the least. This best roof rack for cars without rails is going to be of great help in your tour. With all features, you can easily transport your belongings from one place to another without reducing interior space. You will be satisfied with the result of this roof rack system. If you think it is not your cup of tea, see the features below it will prove you wrong. Since it is one of the best on the list, its worth is not less than any other. It will last long, ready to be fitted; it can carry a good amount of weight without a dining car top. Do you need more features, look below; your search for the best roof rack system has met its destiny.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • No tool required
  • Ready to install
  • Safety straps
  • 135lbs load capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Tower base
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong bars
  • Safe


Are you afraid that the crossbars of the system may be rusted? Yes, if you have no corrosion resistant feature. But, this rack has coated corrosion-resistant bars. In this way, the chance of the system lasting longer is brighter. Durability and coated bars go hand in hand.

Ready to install

Everything is prearranged; you only need to assemble them and fix them. To fit this on the car top, you need not have machines. You can easily fix it on top. Likewise, you can quickly put it off when you desire.

Tower base

Now, both cars and crossbars need to be elevated by the tower base. The towers elevate the bars to not lean on the fragile part of the car top. It prevents the car from being damaged. Concurrently, it helps you to transport more weight. 

  • Durable
  • All required accessories
  • Holds firmly on top
  • Carry more weight
  • Coated bars
  • No locking system
  • Problem in rain

Why should you buy this?

You should buy this for multiple reasons that are enlisted in features. Moreover, it is one of the top-rated and widely demanded roof rack systems.

Buyers Guide on Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars without Rails

Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars without Rails

This portion is invested to let you know what to find in the enlisted best roof rack for cars without rails to get the best items. These kayak roof rack systems are the best. Therefore, they are on the list. But what makes them best, and what things will help you value them as best? Stay calm and look at the details.

These kayak roof rack systems are made from heavy-duty steel tube that makes the crossbars very sturdy. To get a good amount of weight transported, strong crossbars are necessary. This sort of material will help them last longer.

Most of the enlisted systems have a lock system in them. The look system helps crossbars to hold fast on the car top. Also, this keeps them safe from theft. Next, you can unlock them and take them out easily.

The mounting towers that these enlisted roof systems have been of great use. When you carry a kayak (since it has weight) on the roof, there are chances that bars may damage the fragile parts of the car top. Towers, on the other hand, prevent such inconvenience. It helps as support from substantial parts of the car.

Most Importantly!!

If you have bought the system, you need a specialist to help you fit on top. No! These systems are complete and ready to install. Therefore, you need not have anyone specialist for this. You can easily set with a bit of guidelines. Also, you need not visit any specialist to take this outback. This helps you take out the system when you do not need the roof system without anyone’s assistance.

One of these systems is inflatable. It helps you reduce the size of crossbars according to your need. It helps you store the system easily and can be useful even if you buy a new car.

These systems have a universal fit that they can fit most of the cars. Further, their design is good, and the color is sophisticated.

So? Let yourself have the one among the best. This will address many questions related to the kayak roof rack system.

Types of the kayak Roof Rack

Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars without Rails

The kayak roof rack systems are based on how the kayak is lifted or set on the roof. Different types have different advantages. However, some are best, while others are average. To know the types, just read this section.

Lift assisted kayak when you are alone. This type of system is best for uplifting vehicles. These have a lift to uplift the kayak. However, this is an umbrella type that has varieties of other lift facilities.

Full lift assistance

It folds down to get to uplift the heavyweight kayak. It requires you only to uplift the boat to a small height and usually an expensive type that comfortably helps you uplift the boat.

Roller lift assistance 

The rod in this type of system comes out of the roof from one side to help you uplift the boat. It requires you to uplift one side of the boat at a time. This will also be a great help in uplifting.

Horizontal kayak rack

You have to place your boat on its belly on this type. It allows you to load and unload the boats.

Vertical kayak rack

In this type of system, you have to place your boat on its side to create a good space.


They are like curdles that you can fold when you do not want to use them.

How to Transport Your Kayak without a Roof Rail

Once you have bought the best kayak roof rack for cars without rails, you need to transport the kayak to the nearby watercourse. Kayak is not something that you can carry by yourself; you need a vehicle. Now, to set the kayak on the roof, you need a roof rack system, which helps you easily transport it to another place. 

What if you do not have a roof rack system? No worries at all because there is still a way forward. Really! What? Follow the below-given steps, and you can transport the kayak without a roof rack system.

First, you need to buy the noodle pools. These noodle pools are like foam. You set them on the car top. First, you know that the kayak is heavy and can damage the car roof; second, if there is no noodles pool, the kayak can slip off the roof. The noodle pools save the car from damage and prevent the kayak from slipping off. 

Next, you need straps. As you set noodle pools on the car top and place the kayak on it, you need straps immediately after. The straps must be solid and waterproof. You need to run the straps on the kayak and under the four doors. Tie them tightly so that there should be no chance of falling. Further, if the straps are waterproof, they don’t drip inside the car.

Okay, everything is done. But, still, you need someone who could help you mount the kayak on the rooftop. You cannot do it alone except if you have a roof rack system, which lifts the kayak.

This is the simplest way you can transport the kayak without a roof rack.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars without Rails

What type of roof rack do I need for a kayak?

There are a few types that are enlisted above. Now, what you like depends on you. However, the full lift assistance roof rack system is good in many terms.

Should kayak be transported upside down?

It depends on you how you transport it. Nonetheless, in case of rain upside down is much more convenient.

Can you put two kayaks on top of a car?

Yes, it is very much possible. You could place them side by side while their bellies connected. And, of course, you need straps to tie them up.

Can you put a kayak on a car without a roof rack?

Even if you do not have a roof rack, you can still transport a kayak. The foam blocks will be needed for this.

Do you need crossbars for a kayak rack?

Yes, it would help if you had crossbars for a roof rack.

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Can I add roof rails to my car?

Yes, you can add roof rails to your cars because there are multiple options to do so.

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How far can a kayak hang out of a truck?

There are multiple opinions about that. Also, there are various laws—however, the safer, the better. You need one red flag if it hangs out at 4 feet, two if six feet, and three at ten feet.

What is the best way to transport a kayak?

The best way to transport a kayak is to have a roof rack system. Without a roof rack, the car will be damaged.

Do roof bars damage your car?

It is conditional. You will face no such problem if the bars are properly fixed. However, if these are overloaded and extra-tight, the chance of damage is there.

What is the point of roof rails?

Roof rails are attached to car tops. They are elevated by feet or so. 

And it provides an attachment point to the crossbars. 

What is the difference between roof rails and roof racks?

Roof rails run along the car’s length while the roof rack runs across and over the roof rails.

Why are roof racks so expensive?

Because of their high-quality design and top-quality parts, they withstand high speed and resist wind. 

Our Recommendation for the Best Kayak Roof Rack for Cars without Rails

You went through all of the best roof rack systems; now, you must have some idea that suits you better. All enlisted roof rack is of high quality and top-rated. These systems are demanded widely in the market and work satisfactorily. Instead of going to any other useless systems, check them and be happy. However, if you want to a point recommendation, we need to put it forth. Malone Auto Racks Universal Car Roof Rack is perfect in every way. If you want others, go for an enlisted result that will be satisfactory. 

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Last Words

Wasn’t it the best? The decision is solely yours. We tried to be relevant as possible—this article was collected to date from authentic sources and suggestions from experts. In the end, these enlisted systems could win the place in the article. Interestingly, these roof rack systems will suit everyone because of their different variety, features, price, and usefulness.

Furthermore, to equip you with everything about the roof rack, the article formed and answered different questions. After all, it is your satisfaction and the best response that is wanted. Get the best and transport your kayak easily.

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