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With bow hunting season in full swing, it’s important to have your gear ready for the hunt. One of the most important pieces of equipment is a good ladder stand – and this blog post will take you through some of the best ladder stands for bow hunting on the market! We’ll look at features like weight capacity, range of height adjustment, ease of assembly, and more as we explore how each model stacks up.

“Why do you need a ladder stand for bow hunting? I’ll tell you why. The best thing about a ladder stand is that it gives you an advantage over your prey. You can be up in the air and have a clear view of everything around, which means that when you’re ready to take your shot, there’s no way they can escape.” 

“There are many different types of ladders on the market; some higher than others, but all offer great benefits – plus most are affordable too! If this sounds like something for you, then continue reading below!” “I have reviewed of 6 to choose from at the end of this article.”

Although I will discuss the 6 ladder stands reviewed below, our personal choice is Summit Treestand SU81119 Goliath SD Climbing Treestand. It is extremely secure, reliable, and comfortable to use. Its critical parts have been filled with specially engineered expanding foam, which lowers the noise produced.  Its core material is Aluminum, which gives it maximum strength and makes it lightweight. Due to less weight, it’s easy to move around. It can also bear weight many times than its own.

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What is Ladder Stands for Bow Hunting?

best ladders stands for bow hunting

As the name implies, ladder stands have a ladder, and a wide-spaced platform, where a hunter or two can sit and stand beside. Since bow hunting involves aiming for a hunt from a long distance, it is practically impossible to hunt from a distance in a jungle. Neither can the hunters climb up on a tree and shoot from there.

Therefore, ladder stands have become necessary for the bow hunters as it provides them comfort and eases to do their job. These stands also help the hunters to be in a good position while seeking a hunt. These stands again usually come with a full-body harness, so there is a meagre chance of tree-related injury.

Comparison Table

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6 Best Ladder Stands for Bow Hunting Product Review, Features

01- Summit Treestands SU81119 Goliath SD Climbing Treestand 

SUMMIT TREESTANDS are known to make the best ladder stands for bow hunting, and their products prove it. The tree stands do not produce loud noises, as the advanced technology used by SUMMIT TREESTANDS reduces the noise by many folds. Not only this, but their cable retention system is also the fastest and helps you get concealed in the trees rather easily. Their ladder stands are secure and reliable to use. To learn further about their ladder stands, head on to the features section;


  • The ladder’s stands are secure and do not let your boots slip.
  • Sound Deadening Technology makes the ladder stand very quiet.
  • The noise-reducing feature provides you additional safety in the jungle.
  • A cable retention system is the fastest.
  • A cable retention system prevents you from fumbling with the pins, knobs, nuts, etc.
  • These ladder stands can be climbed easily.
  • Maximum strength makes this ladder stands the superior one.
  • Before welding the joints, they are locked into their places for maximum precision.
  • SUMMIT TREESTANDS are built to last.
  • These ladder stands come with a five-year warranty.

Noise Reduction

Summit treestands use an advanced dead metal sound deadening technology that reduces the noise by filling in the parts or ladder stand with specially engineered expanding foam. This not only reduces the sound but also makes a stand more reliable and secure for you.

Cable Retention System

The cable retention system used by Summit Treestands is fast and easy. It prevents you from fumbling with nuts, bolts—knots, and pibs, etc. You only need to insert the cable into the bracket, adjust the cable to fit the tree diameter, pull the cable to the back of the bracket until the QuickDraw “trigger” locks into the place automatically. This makes this ladder stand easier to use.

Maximum Strength

Precision welds with absolute rigidity and high-quality Aluminum give SUMMIT ladder stand extreme strength. Before welding, each joint is “locked” into its place; this way, stress on the weld is minimized. Therefore, these ladder stands are quietly, secure, safe, and concealed. 

  • Increased strength
  • Maximum security
  • Safe and quiet
  • High-quality Aluminum core
  • QuickDraw cable retention system
  • It can expose you to chemicals, including TDI.


SUMMIT TREESTANDS make sure that you get the best quality product. These ladder stands have maximum strength and are secure to use. They provide you with increased security due to strong aluminium core and precision welds. So buying this product will do wonders if you love hunting.

02- Summit Treestands Mini Viper SD Climbing Treestand 

If you hunt regularly, you must be aware of the hazard loud noises can cause. Summit ladder stands are extraordinarily quiet because they fill the ladder’s critical parts with specially engineered foam that prevents the cracking sounds from producing. Its various features make this ladder stand one of the best pick, and to learn more about it, head on to its features section.


  • The quietest cable system gives it superiority over others.
  • The cable retention system saves you time and hassle.
  • Expanding foam fills the critical parts and reduces the noise.
  • The aluminum core prevents it from the rust.
  • RapidClimb stirrups are convenient to use.
  • RapidClimb stirrups can be adjusted to fit any boot.
  • The back of the ladder stand is 12 x 20 inches, which is comfortably wide.
  • SUMMIT ladder stand is built to last.
  • The foam-padded seat also has a comfortable backrest.
  • It provides you complete concealment and safety in the jungle.

RapidClimb Stirrups 

RapidClimb Stirrups cable retention system of SUMMIT ladder stands is not only the fastest but also the quietest. It does not let you fumble with knobs, nuts, bolts, and pins, and the attachment is silent and safe. 

Aluminum Core 

Summit ladder stands have an Aluminum core, which gives them extreme strength and rigidity. The precise welding and joints lock make the structure secure, safe, and quiet for use.

Ideal Stand 

Mini Viper SD stand makes the ideal stand. Although smile in size, it features the same comfort as the Viper SD. It is more ideal for the short hunter, and he can proceed with ease.

  • Aluminum core.
  • Provides the full-body harness.
  • Concealed and quiet.
  • Comfortable and safe.
  • Easy to set up.
  • You cannot shoot archery from a sitting position.


Summit ladder stands are strong and quiet. They provide perfect concealment and safety in jungles. The backseat and the appropriate weight make them one of the best ladder stands for bow hunting. They also have a five-year warranty, which is evidence of their outstanding quality. So, if you love hunting, you definitely should buy it.

03- BIG GAME LS3811 17′ Warrior Dxt Ladderstand 

Big Game ladder stand is hands-down one of the best, and its features prove this statement. It is reliable, secure, safe, quiet, and very convenient to move around. It also has a mounting system and supports. The padded shooting rail, backrest, and a Flex-Tec seat add to the comfort this ladder stand provides. The feature’s sections further explain its qualities in detail.


  • Light in weight and easy to move around.
  • The mounting system provides additional support.
  • The backrest and Flex-Tec seat provide extreme levels of comfort.
  • The padded shooting rails help make a steady shot.
  • It can bear up to 300 lbs of weight.
  • The support bar is adjustable.
  • Available in Camo and Black color.
  • The core material is steel. Hence, it is very strong.
  • It weighs only 48 pounds and does not cause any hassle.
  • The package also includes one ratchet strap and two stabilizer straps.


BIG GAME ladder stands are stable. Their core construction material is steel; at the same time, they are light in weight and can bear up to 300 lbs of weight. The solid stand and lightweight makes it stable and easy to carry around.

Additional Comfort

The backrest and Flex-Tec seat provide the added comfort to the hunter. The stabilizer strap, sturdy round steel tubing, and adjustable support bar make the experience wonderful.

Ease To Shoot

The padded shooting rail on this ladder stand helps the hunter to aim for a good shot. The shooting rail flips up to open the shooting lane, which does the job effectively. 

  • Full body harness.
  • Light in weight.
  • Strong steel core.
  • Backrest for comfort.
  • Padded shooting rail for precision.
  • Stable and easy to move.
  • It is only one person’s stand.


The big game ladder stand is light in weight and heavily reliable. Although it is a one-person stand only, it provides comfort and eases the hunter to aim a steady shot. This ladder stand has all the requisite qualities that any hunter might be looking for.

04- Rivers Edge RE665 TWOPLEX 2-Man, Black

Rivers edge makes ladder stands that have a flip-up bench seat that has enough space for two hunters. It is particularly great for the people who are accompanied by their friends on a hunt. The 40 inches wide platform also provides plenty of room for standing shots. Now, head on to the features section to learn more about this product;


  • A flip-up bench that can accommodate two hunters at once.
  • The 40-inch wide platform allows standing shots with ease.
  • Two-way adjustable shooting rail.
  • Adjustable height and depth that works for you.
  • Rivers Edge ladder stands are highly reliable.
  • These are stable and safe to use.
  • The core material is steel that gives them immense strength.
  • This ladder stand is available in black color.
  • It also comes with a one year warranty.
  • Rivers Edge ladder stands have solid stability.

Standing Shots Space

Rivers Edge ladder shots have a 40-inch wide platform that’s particular for standing shots. It provides enough space for two hunters to aim steady shots with ease without hassle.

Steel Core

Rivers Edge ladder stand’s core material is steel. Steel makes it reliable, stable, and very strong. Steel core makes the ladder stand last for years and also makes it durable.

One Year Warranty

Rivers Edge ladder stands come with one year warranty. If you find the product flawed, you can just get it exchanged or simply get your money back.

  • Stability.
  • Core strength.
  • Durability.
  • Comfortable.
  • Accommodates two people.
  • One year warranty.
  • The package is a bit heavy, and it’s a two-person job to move it around.


Rivers edge ladder stands are reliable due to their core strength and their ability to accommodate two hunters at once. The standing shots platform and all the qualities make them a great deal and a must-have.

05- X-Stand Treestands The Comrade X 18′ Two Man Ladderstand

The Comrade X is an 18′ two-person ladder stand that features our revolutionary jaw safety system. Hunt at ease, knowing your stand is safe and secure before you leave the ground. The V-shape platform provides a unique hunting experience with comfort for two hunters. It comes in the form of flex mesh seats angled out to provide different field views, along with independently adjustable shooting rails on each seat that can be flipped back or removed entirely from view when not needed.

The comrade has a middle console allowing quick access to equipment while providing ample storage space too!


  • The jaw safety system allowing you to secure it from ground level
  • An exclusive 73″ w x 18″ d, a v-shaped platform for the ultimate hunting experience
  • Two independent seats, 10″ w x 16″ d
  • Helix oval tubing for added strength and durability, easy to grip
  • Center console for easy access to accessories.
  • Made with Steel

Safety system

The Comrade X 18′ Two Man Ladder stand is a top-of-the-line trekking stand. It features the jaw safety system allowing you to secure it from ground level.


The product provides an exclusive 73″ w x 18″ d, a v-shaped platform for the ultimate hunting experience, and two independent seats at a 10″ w x 16″ d.


Helix oval tubing gives this model added strength and durability while providing easy gripping along your climb up the ladder.

Quick Access

The center console provides quick access to any necessary accessories that one needs up in their tree stand, so you never have to take off your pack or leave anything but what’s necessary on the ground below!

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality materials
  • Low QA/QC


Due to its high-quality material, it has been best for customers.

06- Rivers Edge RE649 2-Man Ladder Stand

Standard among most hunters looking for a tall two-person ladder stand, this product is made to provide you with the support and stability needed during your hunt. The padded bench seat of this ladder stand makes it an excellent choice for two hunters, but if you are looking for that elbow room feel, then the fish buddy will be right up your alley!


  • Platform size is 36″ x 12. 5″ 
  • Seat size is 38″ x 12″ 
  • Holding capacity 500 lbs
  • Included Components: Safety Harness
  • Made with steel 
  • Extra elbow room
  • Flip-back, padded shooting rail makes for an easy entry or exit

Durable Construction

Before going to market, all of Rivers Edge’s products are designed and thoroughly tested at our headquarters in Cumberland, WI. We use high-quality materials that ensure years of reliable use.

Stable and Secure

By trusting our tree stands, you can focus more on your surroundings. The manufacture works hard to ensure high stability and security when you’re in our products. This product meets industry standards recognized by the Tree stand Manufacturer’s Association.”


These tree stands are built with the hunter’s comfort in mind, from thicker padding to ergonomic mesh seats and larger platforms.

  • Strong Construction
  • Steady 
  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Value for money
  • Small two-person stand


Due to its strong construction, it is considered best for customers.

Buyers Guide on Best Ladder Stands for Bow Hunting 

best ladders stands for bow hunting

Given above is the detailed review of the six best ladder stands for bow hunting. If you love bow hunting or are familiar with it, you must know the hassle the hunter has to go through. A ladder stand is a great invention for the ease and comfort of the hunters. 

There are several brands making ladder stands with features every hunter usually looks for; however, it’s better to be safe before investing a handsome sum. We have made a detailed list of the things you should make sure of while purchasing a ladder stand for bow hunting. Generally, all the product details and instructions are given in the manual, but it is better if you are already prepared.

Strong Core 

Most of the ladder stands have cores made up of steel or Aluminum. Aluminium is lightweight and strong. Steel, too, is durable and is built to last for a long time. No matter the core material, the stand frame’s strength matters the most, as it supports the platform, backseat, and the hunter.

Noise Reduction Feature

Many ladder stands are built so that their frame’s critical parts are filled with specially engineered expanding foam. The presence of foam in the cracks reduces any noise produced and keeps you safe and secures this way.

Cable Retention System

The cable retention system should be fast and quiet. It should not be messy or involve knobs, nuts, bolts, or pins, etc., as they are time-consuming. Choose the QuickDraw cable system as it is the fastest and quietest and does not consume any time.


The stand should be stable. A stable ladder stand supports the hunter the best. It should not have any sliding chances, as it should attach to the tree quickly too. Its welding plays an important role in determining the stability of the ladder stand. In many cases, the joints are locked in their respective positions before being welded. This provides them a precision welding and makes the frame strong and stable.


The ladder stand must be safe. Since the hunter relies solely on the ladder stand connected to the tree, it should be safe for the hunter to stand or even sit on. It should be strongly built and attach to the tree tightly and easily. There should not be any chance of sliding.

Full Body Harness

A full-body harness prevents you from getting tree injuries if you slide from your ladder stand or fall down the tree while climbing up or down. So make sure that the product package includes the full-body harness pack as well.


It should be comfortable, so the ease of the hunter is ensured. Padded armrests, padded seatback, and the seat itself do wonders. They are very comfortable and secure to use. 

Wide Platform

Whether the ladder stand is for one person or two, the platform should be wide enough so that you can sit and stand freely. It should not make you uneasy or cause other difficulties. So check out the platform’s measurements as well while purchasing a ladder stand.

Easily Portable

Finally, the ladder stand should be easily portable, regardless of its size and weight. The more easily portable it is, the easier is the moving and setting up process.

All of this information is given in the manual so go through it before finalizing the deal.

Types of Ladder Stand

Ladder stand, or ladder treestand itself, is one of the types of treestands. There are three main types of treestands, specially designed for hunters. These are:

Hang On Treestands

These are versatile are easy to use. You climb the tree using portable ladder sections that can be attached temporarily to the tree. However, these treestands do not offer a greater degree of protection to the hunters, and they have to be cautious while aiming for the hunt.

Climber Treestands

These treestands have two sections. The upper section/piece is the seat, and the lower one is the platform. This stand is used to climb the tree, so there is no need for a ladder or steps.

Ladder Treestands

Ladder treestands include the platform, seat, and ladder, all in one package. They do require a bit of effort to assemble but are secure and comfortable. They are very safe; even a kid can stand/sit on the stand.

Benefits of Owing a Ladder Stand for Bow Hunting?

best ladders stands for bow hunting

There are many benefits of owning a ladder stand for bow hunting. Such as:

Ease of Use

Ladder stands are extremely easy to use for people of all age groups. All the instructions are given on the booklet inside the package, and the parts are easy to assemble. They make the whole hunting process very easy and fun.

Source of Comfort 

Bowhunting is not an easy task. You have to wait for the right moment to steady an aim, so it takes a lot of time. Ladder stands, provide comfort and support in these times. A hunter can sit in a comfortable position, rest on the padded backseat or armrest, and aim for the hunt even while sitting. 

Help you keep Company

Many ladder stands can accommodate two persons at once. This way, you can keep the company while hunting. Or your friend can accompany you, and both of you can aim while being on the ladder stand.

You can take out kids 

Since many of the ladder stands are designed to accommodate two persons, you can also take your kid with you on weekends to either teach them bow hunting or just to let them enjoy their weekend. 

Easily Portable

Ladder stands for bow hunting are easy to assemble and set up and easily portable too. They are usually light in weight but can bear lots of weight. They also provide security and safety in the jungles.

All these factors make owning a ladder stand compulsory if you love bow hunting. They have proven to be very beneficial and a source of ease and comfort for the hunters.

How do you Set Up a Ladder Stand?

Setting up a ladder stand can be a bit of an effort if you are new to this. First of all, you must be sure of the direction. Bowhunting is all about aiming to hunt something from a distance. Analyze your location and think about the direction that an animal will approach from most probably a deer. Ideally, set up your stand downwind off to the side of the trail, within an oak tree or a dense conifer, which has enough cover to hide your silhouette. 

This set-up is considered an ideal one because it allows you to hunt the prey without scaring them off. Your set-up also depends on the style of the stand you are using. 

However, if you leave home for a solo hunt, you must be aware of setting up a stand all by yourself. 

In this case, you start with your bow first. Try to get hold of an automatic bow hold that can be attached to a tree, so you do not have to keep holding it all the time as it ends up tiring you.

Finally, get binoculars to identify your prey from a distance, so when it comes near, you are all set to aim a shot.

Safety Guide with Ladder Stand

There are a few tips that need to be kept in mind to avoid any accidents. Most of the accidents occur when hunters are climbing or down the trees. To avoid getting tree injuries, always use the body harness. Newer body harness models also provide more protection than older ones.

Please read the instructions carefully on your body harness manual, and look for its expiry date. 

Never carry equipment with you whenever you are climbing up the tree. Make sure your guns are not loaded. At all times, while you are climbing, the mule should be climbing downwards. 

Do not try to modify your tree stand in any way. Neither carries anything in your hands or on your back while climbing. Try to eliminate all the possibilities that might lead to an injury.

B wary of the slippery steps, and wear non-skid soles boots, and avoid slippery steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should a tree stand be for bow hunting? 

A 17 to 20 feet tall tree is sufficiently tall for your tree stands for bow hunting to be set up. Any tree that is shorter than this will affect the range being covered by you and taller will affect the aim’s clarity and precision.

Are ladder stands for bow hunting hard to set up? 

Ladder stands are not hard to set up. All the instructions are given in the manual. However, if the ladder stand is large, assembling, it might be difficult for one person alone.

How safe are ladder stands?

They are pretty safe to rely on if you have some experience with them. However, most common accidents or injuries occur when people are climbing up or down a tree. In this case, a full-body harness proves to be helpful.

Are ladder stands good for bow hunting? 

Ladder stands are secure, quiet, and very comfortable for bow hunting. They not only allow a safe position to stand on and aim from but are very reliable and effective.

What is the most comfortable ladder stand?

Summit Treestands are the most comfortable ladder treestands. They are safe, reliable, comfortable, and do not make any noise.

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What is the best two-person ladder stand?

There are many best ladder stands for two people available on market. But according to our research Rivers Edge RE665 TWOPLEX 2-Man, Black is the best one.

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Can I paint the ladder stand? 

Ladder stands are usually made up of steel. So it is possible to paint them with good paint colours.

Is one person ladder stand okay to be used by two persons? 

One man might provide enough space for a second person to hop on, but it is not safe to do this. It may also cause trouble to both hunters.

Where can I store the ladder stand?

You can store it inside to keep it safe from the effects of changing weather. However, taking it out a night before the hunt and spraying it increases its durability.

How the ladder helps you in your bowhunting? 

The ladder helps you to climb up the tree and safely set up your stand. Once you reach your stand, you are free and secure to aim for a hunt.

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Last Words

We have provided the best ladder stands for bow hunting review is an in-depth analysis of the top ladder stands on the market. It covers all aspects of what makes a good bow hunting stand, and it’s worth your money. This guide reviews models from various brands; we have listed the top 6 picks and hope you have learned about each model’s features and read customer feedback to see why these products have earned 5-star ratings.

Our personal choice is Summit Treestand SU81119 Goliath SD Climbing Treestand. Suppose you’re looking for a safe, reliable, and comfortable tree stand that is easy to transport and will last through many seasons of hunting sessions. In that case, the Summit Treestands Goliath SD Climbing Treestand (SU81119) might be your best option. Its lightweight construction and durable design make it perfect for hunters who are constantly on the go or need to carry their stand from one location to another.


The Goliath SD has been engineered specifically with safety in mind so that no matter what kind of terrain you’re climbing into their ever be any surprises waiting at the top! We believe this product offers unbeatable value for money when considering the bow hunting ladder with all these features combined.

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