Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount- Latest Buying Guide Review

Need help in finding out the best motorcycle cell phone mount available in the market? Read on and by the end of this article, you’ll have a ton of information and a decision at your hand. We know it can be overwhelming sometimes when there are so many motorcycle and bike mobile phone mounts offered in the market.

That’s why we have decided to put together some of the best mounts and to help you make an informed decision.

We will provide with all the details, product specifications, what they offer and what they do not, and a buyer’s guide to suggest how you should chose a specific product.

So read on and let’s take you through this decision making process!

Consider this, when was the last time you asked for the street address from a stranger? You probably wouldn’t remember it if you have a cell phone and know how to operate maps and GPS.

What if you are on a bike and trailing on a mountain track and want to follow the shortest possible path with the help of a live map?

Would you want to hold your phone in your hand while driving the bike or motorcycle or would it be better if you could mount it on the handle of your bike? Without a doubt, you would choose the latter as it is a safe, reliable and more efficient thing to do. And for that, you need a best motorcycle cell phone mount.

Let’s start by making a short comparison of the best motorcycle cell phone mounts in the store.

Comparison Table of the Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

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Detailed Review of the 5 Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

01- Roam Universal Bike phone Mount

Roam has a reputation for offering reliable and durable products for outdoor sports and gadgets for adventure activities. Staying true to its image, Roam has introduced one of the best motorcycle cell phone mount. It is specially designed for power sports. The best thing about this phone mount for bike and motorcycle is its construction. It is manufactured from hard plastic and has silicon rubber bands. It remains stable even at high speeds.

True to its name, it is a universal phone mount and fits almost every phone within the range of 3.5 inches to 8 inches. It has a 360 degrees rotating holder and the phone can be fixed in landscape or vertical position. The position is easily adjusted with a screw and does not need any spanners to adjust. This makes it easier to install and dismount the bike phone mount. Ease of use is a signature feature of this one of the best motorcycle phone mount.

There is a reason why the Roam Universal Bike phone mount is featured among the best cell phone mounts at various selling platforms across the world. It combines quality with durability at an affordable price. It makes it a go-to option for clients all around the world. When we look at the range and quality of Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount, we are convinced that it will serve us as a great companion for our adventures all over the place.

  • Fits all phones sizes and adjusts very well with large size
  • The handlebar is adjustable to get any desired phone orientation
  • A lifetime warranty takes care of the product failure
  • Money-back guarantee in case not satisfied
  • Little too flexible in movement around handlebar so not ideal for bumpy rides

02- Bike Phone Mount for any Smart Phone by Mongoora

One of the best motorcycle cell phone mounts available in the market is provided by Mongoora. It is built for teenagers who want to ride bikes on the streets and want to track their location. They can get anywhere fast using motorcycle GPS, and share their location with their friends. They can also listen to music and track their way through off-road cycling tours. This phone mount for the bike is also good for the elderly who just want to reach their old friends.  But the best match for off-road cyclists who want to record videos, ride into rough terrains and peddle through forests and on hills.

This truly universal bike phone mount fits almost any phone ranging up to 3.7 inches of width. It also fits on handlebars from 0.9 inches to 1.3-inch diameter which covers almost the entire range of handles normally available in the market. In short, this mount is for every person, every bike and motorcycle, and for every phone. Be it a kid, an athlete, a traveler, an elderly person, or a professional cyclist. Thus, we can call it a universal phone mount.

The best feature it has is perhaps its safety compliant design. Bike Phone Mount by Mongoora is made with durable and tough plastic material. It endures stress and absorbs shocks like a pro. It has the ability to be stable under extreme shocks by jumps to the bicycle. For protecting the phone from slipping out of the grip, it offers incredibly secure special durable silicone bands that will hold the phone steady and safe. This ensures 100% safety of the phone and the user can focus on the terrain or enjoy the view without worrying about the phone being damaged. Even with that level of safety, this one of the best motorcycle cell phone mount offers a lifetime warranty to make you be at ease.

  • 100% security with three silicon bands
  • The aesthetic design which enhances the look of the bike
  • Available in three colors so you can match it with your motorcycle color
  • The grip on the handle can be loose when extreme jolts to the bike
  • Complaints of breakage have been reported under high pressure

03- Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount – for iPhone 11 Pro

Talking about the best motorcycle cell phone mounts, we must not ignore another universal bike phone mount. Provided by one of the best manufacturers of bike phone mounts, CAW.CAR Accessories, this gadget is truly universal as it holds almost any mobile, up to 3.7 inches wide. Also, it has a better range in terms of bike handles as it can be installed on tubular handles ranging from 0.6 inches to 1.4-inch diameter. This phone mount for the bike is easy to mount as there are no tools required to assemble or install it on the handle. It fits comfortably and holds tight even in the rough terrains.

It has an adjustable grip that rotates 360 degrees without any hassle and helps adjust the phone in any desired position. Its design with a rubber ball and the bracket is reliable and does not put the phone in any danger. Its great feature is the shock-absorbing capacity and the security it offers to the phone. The rubberized clips prevent any scratches on the phone but held the phone tight and super secure.

In addition, the silicon belt grips the gadget in a secure grip. The four corners of the phone are covered by the strip and the phone remains usable without needing to be detached from the mount. This is another desirable feature as you can search, set, and navigate the maps, take pictures, make videos by using the phone while it is on the mount. Also, the strips provide full phone access as the strips do not cover the screen of the phone. These features make it one of the best motorcycle phone mounts available in the market.

Finally, this product manufacturer offers a refund if the customer is not satisfied. Although the chances of any problems are rare, yet the company offers a replacement in case of any issues.

  • Easy to mount on the handle without any equipment
  • Absorbs the shocks effectively to stop unwanted movement of the phone
  • Silicon bands fit extremely well for extra security
  • Finishing of the product not as aesthetic as desired
  • Moves a bit when bike or motorcycle is off-road

04- Aduro U-Grip plus Universal Bike Mount

Aduro bike and motorcycle mount is the go-to choice for the customers who want less weight and simplistic design without compromising the security of the phone. It is easy to mount and dismount on the bike handle is a compact design which comes in handy when you have any other gadget attached to the handle or in case you want to dismount the phone mount and carry it in your backpack. It is also becoming a good choice when the handle of your bike is not wide or the bike is small. Especially for the kids, this product works very well. It’s easy to mount feature is also good for newbies and elderly who do not want any fuss about the process.

It has silicon bands that hold the phone firmly in place and do not let the bumpy rides let the phone fall into the ditch. These strips complement the simplistic design as the security is not at all compromised due to the concise size of the clips of the mount. When the strips are firmly placed, you can rest assured that your phone is out of danger of falling.

Its adjustment is easy and the mount works 360 degrees of angle and can be tilted to get the perfect position of the phone. One limitation of this mount is its limit to the size of mobile phones it can support. It only can hold up to 6 inches screen phones including iPhone X, but in all fairness, who owns a phone more than that width anyways. Thus it is a good choice on the whole.

  • It a minimalist design and takes less space on the handle
  • A very good choice for kids bikes and elderly
  • Fits right into the front handle without much hassle
  • Not universal and the plastic used breaks when there is an extreme shock

05- RAM Phone MOUNT RAM-B-176-A-UN7 Fork Stem Mount

Ram’s phone mount is the final product we are discussing today. First, we must know that RAM is a credible name in gadgets and accessories for outdoor sports and adventure activities. Its diverse product range and customer satisfaction for these products a testament to their seriousness for this business. Keeping this professionalism intact, the RAM phone mount provides a reliable option among the best motorcycle cell phone mounts. It’s a ball and socket mount and the mounted mobile rotates all around on an elastomeric rubber ball.

The main feature of RAM Phone MOUNT that really stands out is the strength of the material used for this mount. It is truly a heavy-duty bike phone mount which is virtually unbreakable even in extreme supports. If you are a pro, you need RAM phone mount. If you are constantly in rough terrains and need a reliable option, go for the RAM phone mount. Its reliable assembly hardware is tough and made from composites, steel, rubber, aluminum and stainless steel. You can see from the materials that the RAM phone mount does not take its durability lightly. In addition, it is not affected by rain and is, therefore, a great waterproof motorcycle phone mount.

Although its heavy-duty materials are reliable, it makes the mount expensive and there is a significant price difference with the above products. It is also more in weight than the above-reviewed products. So, if you are deep into adventure sports or love the adrenaline drift, you should have this mount on your bike to secure your phone. All in all, it is one of the best motorcycle phone mounts in the market.

  • It is durable and does not break at a slight shock
  • The design withstands extreme pressures and suitable for a pro cyclist
  • Supports almost all the phones available in the market
  • Expensive and heavy and has many parts

Buyers Guide on the Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

Now that we have gathered all the facts about the products at hand, its time to analyze each product and see which product suits us best and which one is designed for someone else. The answer to this question is not simple and needs considerable thought. Let’s explore some factors one by one to assess which product is best suitable for our needs:

1-  Size of the Cell Phone

You must know the dimensions of your phone before purchasing a cell phone mount. The best motorcycle cell phone mount is the one that can hold your cell phone if it is the best in terms of design, aesthetics, and strength. But it does not contain your phone then it’s of no use to you.

2-  Type of outdoor activity and related strength

The type of outdoor activity determines how strong a design you want to mount your cell phone. If, for example, you are going on stunts missions on your bike or motorcycle then you should be willing to spend more money to secure your phone.

Also, for rainy seasons, you need a waterproof motorcycle phone mount.

3-  Price of the product

Price is a major decision making factor and only you can decide which model you can afford. Make sure that you buy the product that caters to your demands and is sufficient in terms of size.

4-  Weight of the product

It might seem like a small difference but when you are going on a mixed journey where you keep the bike phone mount in your bag for travel, it can be a consideration of consequence.

5-  Type of design

Simple design might be good for you if you have a small bike or a bike with a small handle tube. Also, a small gadget allows for space which can be used to install another piece of equipment such as a camera.

Additionally, we must know the manufacturer’s reliability and the reputation the supplier enjoys in the market-place. One way we can find this out is through checking the previous products and product range of the seller. It gives us an idea of the experience and range of the manufacturer. The more the experience, the more a manufacturer knows how to customize its products to meet the needs of the people buying the product. When we have done our research on the producer of the product, we found out the reputation of the supplier. An easy way to find out is to see the reviews provided at the end of the product listing by the people who bought the product through that seller. If there are more unsatisfied customers than it would be foolishness to buy that product from that seller.

Once you have found out about your needs, requirements, activities nature and the terrain upon which you will use that product, you should go ahead and buy the product that you have selected.

Additional Information FAQS

How can I install these gadgets on my motorcycle or bike?

All the gadgets discussed come with simple designs and do not need any specific equipment to install. You can easily install these equipment by adjusting the width, height and fitting it on the handle tube by tightening the screws.

Can I use my cell phone while it is on the mount?

Cell phone can be used while it is mounted on the mount but it should not be used while you are driving the bike. Not only is it dangerous but it is inefficient as we cannot do two things at once. Cell phone must be used after you stop the bike. However, you don’t need to dismount the cell phone to use it.

Can I listen to music while the mobile is on the mount?

Absolutely! There is no bad time for listening to music and a good song while driving through your favorite paths can be elevating and refreshing. Therefore, you can connect your headphones or ear-pieces with your phone and enjoy your favorite songs.

Do I need a separate mount for my bike and motorcycle?

No, you don’t need separate mounts as all the discussed products are capable of being mounted on bikes as well as motorcycles. However, these products work best when mounted on tubular handles.

What if my product breaks down at an early stage?

It is unlikely to happen but it does happen then you must contact the customer support center and register a complaint. In almost all the listed products, the company offers a refund or a replacement if there is a genuine problem with the product.


Summing up our detailed analysis and review, we must acknowledge that all the products we have discussed have their advantages. Every product serves a specific purpose and cannot be discarded. However, we only need one of the motorcycle phone mounts to meet our demands. And we decide based upon the size of our phone, available budget, type of our outdoor activities and size of bike or motorcycle handle that we own. For people in rainy climates, a waterproof motorcycle phone mount is required. A specific bike has a specific handle and not every mount can be fitted on that handle.

We suggest making a list of these numbers and then match these factors with the product available in the store. We have enlisted in detail the product specifications and finding the perfect fit should not be a problem now. Finally, what must be in your mind should be safety and efficiency and for that, you must not hold your cell phone in your hands while you are driving the bike or motorcycle. We have analyzed the best motorcycle cell phone mounts available in the market and also provided the criteria for the selection of the perfect product for your needs. Now, it’s up to you to decide which product suits you best.

Happy Shopping!

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