Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers | 9 First-Rated Speakers With All Details

Great music enhances the fun of any drive. If you ride a motorbike and you add a good music system to your vehicle the riding experience is just surreal.

You can make great memories with a fairing speaker system playing your favourite tunes, winds in your hair and a great drive on the road. A camping experience can be made delightful with just the right music playing from your motorcycle audio system.

A barbeque can become super fun and memorable with good music coming off your motorcycle fairing speakers.

A good motorcycle soundbar will definitely enhance both your riding and camping experience. You will obviously want to put your money in the best speakers for motorcycle fairing and nothing less than that. But what exactly makes a speaker the best for you? Aren’t they all just speakers like any other? Well, no. For motorcycles, the speakers need to combat the road noise and the bike noise, withstand the elements because of being exposed and still be portable to easily go on a motorcycle.

There are several factors that impact whether your fairing speakers will work great for you or not. You need to be sure they are durable, their sound quality is just right for your needs and they are the right size for your vehicle. If you want to upgrade your bike’s audio system but unable to decide on which model to buy, you should definitely give this guide a read.

This guide will show you what are the features of the best motorcycle fairing speakers, how to find one that fits your needs and things you should know about motorcycle audio systems in general.

Have a look at our handpicked, tried and tested speakers that are best speakers for motorcycle fairing.

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What Is a Motorcycle Fairing Speaker?

Sports bikes and racing motorcycles often have a shell placed on their frame to minimize air drag. That shell is known as motorcycle fairing. It also protects the rider from hypothermia induced by wind and airborne hazards. Motorcycle Fairings work as a shield for the engine components in case of accidents. The fairing design almost always includes a windshield with it.

Riders often want to enjoy music while they’re out on road trips. Technology has made it possible for bike riders to set up good motorcycle speakers for their ride. Here’s where motorcycle fairing speakers come into play. Installing an audio system in your bike has many advantages. It enhances your bike ride experience, adds style to your biking life, and increases your bike’s price if you wish to sell it. 

You will find front fairing on motorcycles and rear and belly fairing or a combination of any of these. Usually, motorcycle fairings are mounted on the motorcycle’s handlebars. Most of the fairings have mounts included, making them easy to install and adjust the directions as per your liking. The best motorcycle fairing speakers come with an amplifier system so that you enjoy the best sound quality.

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers

Settling on one set of motorcycle speaker can be hard with the abundance of choice available. Every rider has a different type of bike, different tastes in sound quality and speaker design, and a different budget. Different sound systems come with different specifications to cater to these requirements. Here are some important features that you should keep in mind if you want to buy the best motorcycle fairing speakers.    

Sound Quality

You will find several aftermarket motorcycle speakers in different shapes and sizes and operating on different power outputs. You want the speakers that deliver crystal clear sound with deep bass, no matter how high or low the volume is. They should be able to offer good sound quality at both low and high frequencies. 

Do check the output of the speakers when comparing models, especially the RMS rating. You will find large speakers having low RMS rating or small speakers with a high rating, so be careful. The type of head unit can also affect the sound quality. Do check the capability and output of the head unit with the speaker.     

The best motorcycle fairing speakers must offer superb sound. Bike rides can be fun when your speakers play clear crystal sounds.     

best speakers for motorcycle


When compared to home and car audio system, your speakers for motorcycle stay exposed to the elements more. There are higher chances of them getting damaged from bumpy road impact and dust, UV rays, and water. This is why finding a durable sound system is important for bike riders. You will find marine-grade motorcycle speakers that are waterproof. There is also an IP65 rating for speakers offering protection from dust and water damage. The best motorcycle sound system will also have resistance against UV rays, corrosion, and vibrations.

Always check the ratings to know what your speakers can withstand. You spend a substantial amount of money to get the best motorcycle fairing speakers. Make sure that they are long-lasting.              

best speaker upgrade for harley

Included Hardware

Some speakers will have a design that will perfectly match your bike, and others will require modifications. Your first preference should be ease of installation without making modifications where there is a risk of damage to the bike. Sometimes modifications can make the warranty void for the existing system. It is best to get an audio system that comes with all the necessary hardware included for installation. Look for a set with mounting hardware, screws, wiring harness, and adapter plate included in the package. While finding everything separately is possible, you can save money and time with all included in one set.

You can also minimize the hardware need if you get speakers compatible with the existing spaces and connectors already present on your bike.        

best 6.5 speakers for harley fairing


Before you buy any fairing speaker, decide what size of the sound system will be appropriate for your specific bike and your music taste. The speaker’s depth and diameter directly affect the frequency range, and your speakers’ sound quality. The size also matters as you want the speakers to fit your bike just right without disturbing your ability to ride. 

best 6.5 marine speakers for harley


Usually, motorcycle speakers are waterproof, but it is best to confirm, so there are no surprises if you’re faced with a wet environment. Your bike will move on the road in the open for quite a huge amount of time, and the weather can change anytime. You may have to face rain, snow, and wet surfaces in some places. Your audio system must be able to handle that kind of exposure.           

best 6x9 speakers for motorcycle fairing


The effectiveness of your fairing speaker can be determined by how much power it can produce. We measure this power in watts usually, and it directly impacts the sound quality and volume. Simply put, the speaker system that produces high wattage will give more audio volume. Speakers with high wattage are best suited for long country rides. For people who frequently ride around town, low wattage speakers will do the job.  

best speakers for harley street glide

Input Sources 

Before you settle on an audio system, always check what kind of input sources it operates on. You will find different speakers working with an SD card, auxiliary input, flash drive, and Bluetooth system. Make sure that your chosen speaker system is compatible with your favorite music device.

best 6.5 speakers for road glide

Battery Life 

If you want to play your music for long durations, choose a speaker that has long battery life so that you don’t have to charge it very often. It is good to keep a jump starter or reliable charger when you are going on a camping trip. An extra pair of the battery will also save the day. The best motorcycle fairing speakers come with a long battery life, which won’t drain quickly and play nonstop music for a longer duration.

Comparison Table of the Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers

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9 Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers Product Review, Features

01- Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series 5.25″ Coaxial Speakers

The Polk Audio DB522 are marine grade motorcycle speakers. Their defined audio makes them top of the list of best motorcycle fairing speakers. They are very easy to install. They have a sturdy built with a thin aluminium coating that makes them heat resistant. One extra bonus is that they come with Rockmart dampening mats that can greatly enhance the sound quality.


  • Coaxial Speakers with Marine Certification
  • Simple drop installation
  • High-performance audio upgrade
  • Quality sound
  • OEM factory systems
  • Marine certified with IP55 rating
  • Tested for salt-fog
  • UV and humidity
  • Polypropylene and UV tolerant cone
  • Waterproof inner

The Polk Audio DB522 comes with a paintable surface. This makes it easy for you to make your ride and your motorcycle soundbar the same colour. You will need a 4.76 inches cutout on both sides to install them. On each side, the tweeter is 0.75 inches and woofer has a diameter of 5.25 inches.   

With an IP65 rating, their water-resistance is guaranteed. Plus they come with UV-protection. These speakers have been tested for humidity, salt-fog and dirt. Your Polk DB522 are resistant to all these elements that you might face on the road.  Their original colour is silver or black whichever you pick. You can also paint them in any colour of your choice. There’s a geometric grille design that covers these speakers.

  • The sound is better than the factory speakers
  • It is paintable to any color of your choice
  • These are affordable as compared to a head unit with an amplifier set
  • These are marine grade, will withstand water
  • The installation is quick and easy
  • They might need a bit of modification to fit your bike
  • The bass is just average, you can fix that by adding a subwoofer

02- Hogtunes Speaker System Kit for Memphis Shades Batwing Fairings MSA-1

The Hogtunes Memphis Shades comes with 2 speakers that are 4.25-inch, one custom pod, and a 50-watt amplifier. This means you can enjoy high-quality sound on your motorbike ride where ever you go.  And there’s a USB charging port. This means you can charge multiple 5-volt gadgets like your GPS system, smartphone or even your power bank.


  • Great American cruiser
  • Complete bolt-on audio kit designed
  • Features two 4.25″ custom speakers
  • 50-watt amplifier with MAXXBASS
  • USB charge onl

These motorcycle speakers will fit all Memphis Shades Batwing fairings. However, if your handlebars, gauges or any other accessory is riser mounted, then it might not fit. The kit comes with complete wiring and mounting hardware needed to set it up on your bike, no rocket science there!

The colour is black which suits all bike models and colours. The handlebar mount motorcycle soundbar allows you to control the volume with just your thumb. Although these are supposed to be water-resistant they cannot withstand a lot of water. In order for them to last you for the coming years, consider investing in a windshield or a cover that protects them from water damage.

It allows you to connect your smartphone with the device via Bluetooth. That means no hassle and risk that comes with wire connection.

  • These provide awesome sound even on the highways
  • These are very easy to install
  • Bluetooth connectivity saves from the risks and hassles of cables
  • The USB port allows you to charge devices on long rides
  • These are cost-effective
  • Cannot withstand too much water damage, add a windshield to secure them
  • The physical volume control is not as good. Use your smartphone to control the volume

03- Hogtunes 362R-RM Gen3 6.5″ 2 Ohm Replacement Rear Speakers

If you are into motorbike touring and you want your motorcycle audio to be on point, the Hogtunes 362R-RM is claimed to be the audio solution for the great American cruiser. It has a 125W RMS that can peak up to 200W.


  • Loud and clear sound from GEN 3 – 6.5
  • 2 Ohm REAR speakers for 2014
  • Better Bass response
  • Neodymium magnet used
  • Tailored sound
  • No wire cutting required

The installation becomes effortless with a customized basket suitable for Harley Davidson Touring. No need to cut or grind the speaker to install it. This way you can do the set up wherever you are; at home or on the road.

The front speakers come with barbs to keep them secure in place. On top of that, there are no commercial logos over it so you can show off a cleaner look.

The rear speakers will take no time for installation. However, you’ll need to get a little involved to install the front fairing speakers. Overall the fitting is pretty easy. As the name suggests, they really have better sound than the original stock speakers. So if you are not happy with your stock speaker’s sound or have got them damaged and you’re looking to replace yours, get these hands down.

  • The installation is very easy
  • No modification needed to fit your bike
  • There are barbs to keep them secure
  • The USB port allows us to charge 5V devices on the go
  • No commercial logos on the mesh grills giving a clean look
  • The 3 mounting bolts on the bottom might be difficult to access
  • They are on the pricey side

04- Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG Power Harley-Davidson Street Glide 6.5″ Full Range Fairing Speakers

Specially designed for Harley Davidson bikes, the Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG is a strong contender among the best speakers for motorcycle fairing. These are highly durable with features like water resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and vibration resistance.


  • TMS6SG is a pair of 6.5” full-range coaxial speakers
  • Designed to fit the fairing speaker locations
  • Featuring 75 Watts RMS/ 150 Watts MAX power
  • An ultra-efficient 25mm dome tweeter 
  • Integrated phase plug
  • 4-Ohm speakers with a Power Handling of 75 Watts RMS/150 Watts MAX
  • High output midrange
  • 1” high-efficiency tweeter 
  • High strength design
  • Pre-assembled with a direct fit black anodized grille

The 6.5-inch full-range speaker works with almost all street glide models from 2006 to 2013. It has a 75W RMS that can peak up to 150W. Their tweeter is a 25mm dome-shaped. They are easy to install as you don’t need to make any modification to them. Just replace the original stock speaker with the help of the same factory connectors and mounting hardware. You might find the screws to be a little longer and they may poke through the fairing’s other side.

They are a tad bit expensive but that is something that happens when you own a Harley Davidson bike. They enhance the sound and clarity of your music, making you want to play something every time you ride.  

If you are a rough rider, the Rockford Fosgate will not disappoint you as they are manufactured to withstand the toughest of rough road elements.    

  • The sound is high quality and sound clarity is on point
  • The installation is easy
  • Very durable with great weather and water resistance
  • The new grille assemblies also keep the speakers secure
  • The high frequency sounds great when the speed is high
  • These are highly expensive
  • The long screws may poke through the other side

05- Hoppe Quadzilla Fiberglass Fairing HDF-RK

The Hoppe Quadzilla Fiberglass motorcycle audio system is suitable almost all models of Harley Davidson road king from 1994 to 2017. These are a combination of a high-quality sound system and Batwing fairing.


  • Classically styled fairing
  • Supreme sound quality
  • Top-quality hand-laid fibreglass construction
  • Gloss black gel-coated and ready to paint
  • Includes Eclipse AM/FM/CD/USB radio
  • Features removable faceplate
  • Auxiliary input
  • Three-band EQ
  • USB connection
  • Stereo comes completely assembled with marine
  • Concealed
  • Internal antenna for a clean look

This is a complete kit with an internal antenna that is concealed and 4 speakers which are weather resistant with a marine-grading. This is a fully assembled pack with an Eclipse head unit that includes CD player, FM/AM radio, removable faceplate, AUX port, USB port. You can remove the faceplate and put in a CD drive. You also get a clear 12-inch windshield with the Quadzilla. The fairing has a classic make with fibreglass that’s hand-laid and has gel coating. The original colour is gloss black and it is paintable to any colour of your choice.

The price is on the high side as it has so much to offer and this is why these are meant for the road kings. And the Quadzilla is bulky too, as it has 4 motorcycle speakers and a head unit.

The speakers are easy to install as they are pre-wired. These are very durable and will last you many years because of their fiberglass make.                 

  • The installation is very easy
  • These are paintable
  • The USB port allows us to charge devices on the go
  • The fiberglass make is both durable and classy
  • Very sturdy with great resistance to all the elements
  • These are very expensive
  • These look bulky because of all that it has to offer

06- Hoppe Industries Mediazilla Fairing CM0119-MZ-RK

The Mediazilla by Hoppe Industries is also one pricey option suitable for almost all models of Harley Davidson Road King from 1994 to 2017. It’s a dream motorcycle soundbar offering superb comfort and great sound.


  • Mediazilla Fairings give you the higher level in sound
  • Pull-out drawer conceals USB plug
  • Aux input cord
  • Waterproof drawer
  • Integrates with the OEM windshield mounting
  • Stampings
  • Included hardware
  • Have 180-watt JBL Black Box Portable Media Edition AM/FM radio
  • Four 5in. coaxial marine speakers for great sound
  • Superb wind protection and great audio with a classic appearance.
  • Made of hand-laid fibreglass stronger than ABS plastic and only 20 lb. complete.
  • Made in the USA.

This one offers you great media accessibility as the name suggests. Its FM/AM radio is JBL Box Edition with a 180 wattage.   You get superb clarity on all the radio channels you want to tune into.  There are four 5 inch speakers which are marine grade offering superb sound quality even if the bike is too loud.

You can connect other audio devices or your GPS unit via its 3.5mm mini-jack auxiliary. Then there’s a USB port for more connectivity. If you want to charge any other accessories on your road trip, it has two sockets of 12 volts each.   The mediazilla also has a clear 12-inch windshield that’s detachable mean you can take it down when you want to.

Two really cool features of the mediazilla are its pull out drawer and waterproof drawer. The pull out drawer will hide all the data cables and USB wire. The waterproof drawer will keep all your electronic gadgets dry and safe.

  • The sound quality is excellent
  • There’s a waterproof drawer to keep your gadget secure
  • The pullout drawer keeps all the wirings
  • hidden
    The USB port allows charging 12V devices
  • The original equipment manufacturer windshield stampings make installation very easy
  • The fiberglass makes looks great and is durable
  • The price is very high
  • The weight and make are bulky

07- 98-13 Harley Speaker Bundle

98-13 Harley speaker bundle is one of the important products for the motorcycle fairing speaker. The package bundle kit of 98-13 Harley speaker bundle contains two speakers: 1 pair of kicker DSC65046-1/2″ Inch 2-way coaxial 240W car Speaker stereo equals two Enrock EHDSA98-13 mounting adapters brackets for 6.5 speaker which is equal 1 Enrock 50 foot 16g wire for speakers. The DSC6504 6-1/2 inch coaxial speaker uses PEI.


  • Peak power per pair is 240 watts/ RMS: 60 watts.
  • Contains a rigid polypropylene material cone.
  • The speaker is surrounded by polyester foam.
  • Contains a stamped steel basket.
  • This feature consists of a stamped steel basket.
  • Its excellent sound consists of a stamped steel basket. 
  • Have 1/2″ zero protrusion polyetherimide tweeter.
  • Neodymium tweeter magnet.
  • PEI balanced dome tweeter.
  • Top-mount Depth: 1-13/16″.
  • 4 ohms impedance.
  • Frequency Response: 40 – 20,000 Hz.
  • Sensitivity: 90dB.
  • Grilles included.

You need every bit of clarity. A ribbed supports stamped steel, UV- treated foam can stiff and surround polypropylene cone with EVC technology. The speaker adapters Enrock’s EHDSA 98-13 bracket you can install will allow selecting 6-1/2″ or 6-3/4″ speaker in the factory of factory opening of 1998 to 2013 Harley Davison. The speaker wire is 50 feet long and 16 gauge for super strong quality. The manufacture offers thirty days money-back guarantee and one year warranty.    

  • It is consists of a great quality of sound.
  • It is available at an affordable price; even it is easy to install and exact fit.
  • Its cone material is containing rigid polypropylene.
  • In this product, grilles are included.
  • Its Frequency Response rate is 40-20,000 HZ
  • There is improper mounting within the batwing.
  • Some rear case it does not fit on a different motorcycle.

08- Hogtunes 352R-AA Replacement Rear Speaker

The 5.25 inch Gen 3 hogtunes rear speakers produce strong, loud, and clear sound and superior bass response. They come with a lightweight speaker cone and a one-inch titanium tweeter that gives great volume and smooth sound. The 2-ohm speakers cut through wind noise and exhaust, giving you superior music even at high speed.


  • The feature is a vented magnet to increase power handling.
  • It is 2 ohms style feature all-new 1 “titanium dome tweeter for smoother.
  • The response of new technology is giving more bass than the previous models.
  • It is predictably rated at 100 watts RMS power handling.
  • They are sold in pairs.
  • Its weight is 2.85 pounds, with having 11.81 x 7.32x 3.35 inches dimension.

The hogtunes 352R-AA speaker has passed rigorous tests for eight full hours running with 100 watt RMS to acquire the power rating. The replacement of rear speakers is easy to install without the need for any wire cutting. The kit has everything included for the installation. It is a very simple and hassle-free plug n’ play speakers. The vented magnets can handle increase power. The rear speakers come in a set of pairs. These are best suited for street cruiser motorcycles. 

These are, without doubt, the best motorcycle fairing speaker on the rear.

  • They are easy to install and have great sounds effects.
  • As compared to the previous models, they have more bass response.
  • They have 100 watts of RMS power rating.
  • You can enjoy music at highway or freeway speed.
  • These are best well-matched for street cruiser motor vehicles.
  • A bit costly

09- Memphis Shades (MEM7031) Batwing Fairing

Memphis Shades batwing fairing has a smooth aerodynamic design. It has an opaque black Lucite exterior and a black ABS inner structure. You can use the exclusive Memphis shades No-tool Trigger-Lock mounting kit that allows you to easily and quickly mount or detach the fairings. The fairings have push-out hole plugs predrilled and fitted so that you can easily install this wind deflector. There are seven options of translucent colors and four height options for the windshield.


  • Memphis shades batwing are smooth aerodynamic in shape.
  • It has a Lucite exterior and a black ABS inner structure.
  • The fairings have push-out whole plugs predrilled and fitted
  • They are not compatible with any other wind deflector, windshields, and accessories.
  • The windshields are available in four heights and seven translucent.
  • They are also compatible with any other deflector, accessories, and windshields.

You can add an optional windshield tri-pouch to add storage space, optional wind deflectors to enhance downward airflow, and fairing trims to add style to your bike. These fairings are also compatible with optional Hog tunes speakers for motorcycles. The Memphis shades batwing fairings are not compatible with any other wind deflector, windshields, and accessories. The Memphis shades are manufactured in the United States of America. While its black finish is great looking, you can easily paint it to match your bike’s colour.              

  • It is still very firm when ridding.
  • It is a little bit thinner.
  • It was not difficult to install.
  • It’s a quick-lock mechanism to remove, and installation is excellent and great.
  • They are quick to change to replace and easy to remove.
  • They are costly in price.
  • It is good, but it is not stiffer.

What are the Benefits of a Motorcycle Fairing Speakers?

Enjoying Music

A camping trip or a bike ride becomes ten times more enjoyable when you have the best motorcycle sound system playing quality music in the background. It feels great to watch the sunset while listening to familiar tunes in a serene location. 

speakers for motorcycles


The majority of the speakers for motorcycles are weatherproof. They come with a UV coating to stay protected from sun rays. They are also waterproof, mostly. This way, you can enjoy your favorite music, rain or shine.  

bluetooth speakers for motorcycles


You will find motorcycle Bluetooth speakers as well as CD and USB as a source of music. The option of FM and AM radio is also available in most of the fairings speakers. This flexibility allows you to play quality tunes from any source of your choice.  


When you upgrade to the best motorcycle fairing speakers, it adds to your bike’s show points. In a motorcycle show, judges give great value to such upgrades. 

motorcycle bluetooth speakers

High Resale Value

Your motorcycle’s resale value increases a lot when you add a nice pair of speakers for a motorcycle. You can make a quick and easy profit this way. It can help you sell quicker and with more profits. 

Types of Motorcycle Fairing Speakers


You can purchase speakers integrated into the fairing with a head unit. They are a bit pricey, but they produce superb sound and look great on a bike. Generally, the fairing speakers have a fiberglass make, and there are cutouts for the head unit and speakers. The equipment is pre-wired for the fairing speakers generally for more convenience. 

Installation can be easy or difficult, depending on the type of speaker. Many fairing speakers come in a different color, and you need to respray them to match the color. Usually, everything is included in the set, so you cannot mix and match a different speaker with a different head unit.    

radio harley davidson

Speakers Only

A practical and easy solution is to upgrade the speakers instead of changing the head unit’s fairing. You will find several aftermarket speakers designed to replace the original manufacturer speakers, offering louder volume, clearer sound, and booming bass. 

There are adapter plates included in some sets to make the speakers easy to install. You can only install fairing speakers on areas having the right amount of space, unlike other motorcycle speakers that can fit anywhere on the handlebars. Sometimes you need notifications for the installation. Be careful when making these modifications not to damage the bike.   

sound for motorcycle

Speaker Kits

You will find the best motorcycle sound system with everything like speakers, amplifiers, wiring harness, and everything. Because of the amplifiers, such kits provide a whole different experience in terms of sound quality and volume compared to speakers only. Although the whole package is expensive, all the components match each other, and there are no compatibility issues. For the installation of the amplifier, there should be space to mount it. Since every bike is different and amplifier system also comes in different designs, the installation can be difficult for such systems.         

One of the drawbacks of adding the amplifier is that you need to mount it on the bike. Depending on the bike and type of system, it can also be difficult to install.

What are the Top Brands of Motorcycle Fairing Speakers?

Certain brands create the best motorcycle sound system and are well known for quality accessories for bikes. You will find Harley Davidson speakers on the top of such lists. Both Harley speakers and Harley radio offer superior sound quality even in remote areas and on highway speeds.  Bose speakers for motorcycle also offer competitive performance at relatively low prices. However, suppose you are looking for the loudest motorcycle speakers to enjoy nonstop music even at highway speeds. In that case, you need to check out the best 6.5 speakers for Harley fairing on the aftermarket. The upgrade can be expensive, but the results are definitely worth the expense. 

Buyers Guide on Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers

All bike touring enthusiasts want to get their hands on the best speakers for motorcycle fairing. But changing your motorcycle audio system is not the same as changing your home or car sound system.

On a motorbike, your speakers are exposed to dust and dirt and other natural elements. You don’t have a lot of space. Also, your bike has its own noise that you want to counter.

The fun of motorbike touring gets doubled when you get a good motorcycle soundbar. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right speakers for your motorcycle.        

speakers for harley


You want a speaker system that connects to the existing connections by the manufacturer. This way your motorcycle speakers stay safe and the warranty by the manufacturer doesn’t become void. In case you make modifications to your connectors or the bike, you might be at risk of getting the warranty void.    

Water Proof

On the road, you will have to face dust, dirt, rain and extreme conditions. You want to keep your fairing speakers safe from all the elements. So make sure the, once you are getting one, they are waterproof and weather resistant.        

Vibration Resistant

When out on your biking adventure you will ride through bumpy roads.

 But that doesn’t mean that your music gets distorted because of the vibrations. To make sure there are no interruptions in your music, speakers with vibration resistance.

Hardware Included

One big hassle while installing the fairings speaker, is that users spend a lot of time looking for the right hardware to connect it. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of finding the right size bolts and connectors, get the speaker system that comes with hardware included.     

Wattage and Speaker Size

The wattage has a huge role in your music experience during the ride. Low wattage means less power of the speakers. Now, this depends on your noisy your bike is and what kinds of roads you mostly ride: quiet or noisy? If your bike doesn’t make too much noise and you also take routes that are calm, choose a low wattage speaker and you’re good. But if your bike makes noise and you ride on noisy roads like highways, a low wattage fairing system can fail you and you may not be able to listen to your music. So in that case, a higher wattage sound system is in order.

Speaker size is also another important thing. Usually, the speakers range between 4 inches to 6.5 inches. Pick the size that suits your bike.

Ease of Use

When surveying a specific model, see what kind of control it gives you if you buy this particular model. For example, a speaker system can have an interface that’s very easy to use. Or a model might have very accessible sound volume controls, radio channels and equalizers, etc.  Ease of installation is also a cool factor, particularly if you’re not too comfortable with mounting the speakers and wiring and stuff.

You know your needs best, so whenever you get a chance, go for options that make your life easy.


Just like you make sure the sound system’s compatibility when buying one for your car, same goes with the motorcycle soundbar. This means get speakers size that’s just right for your bike and make sure it is appropriate for the place where you want to mount it.

If you have a regular motorcycle, make sure your speakers are not too big for your bike.


Since your speakers face a lot of natural elements, it is best to buy the quality ones. Find out what material they are made of and if the brand is reliable. Also, make sure you are getting great sound quality. Don’t compromise on the quality of the accessories that come with the fairing speaker system.  

Additional Facts While Buying the Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers      

Apart from the above mentioned factors, pay attention to these details as well:

  • Buyer Ratings and Reviews: – Look up buyer reviews that are genuine and see what the most negative reviews say.
  • Brand: – Check the authenticity of the brand. Have they been in the motorcycle audio business for long enough? Are they famous for good quality?
  • Test reports: – good speakers come with test reports that are informative and reassure their quality.
  • Test results: – Check out if independent bodies other than the manufacturer has found the speakers to be as weather-resistant as claimed.
  •  Price: – Do your chosen best motorcycle fairing speakers meet all your needs and are within your budget?   
bose speakers for motorcycle

How to Install a Motorcycle Fairing Speakers

Installing your motorcycle fairings can be very easy if its design is compatible with your specific bike model. If the design doesn’t match your bike make, you might have to make some modifications, making the installation process a bit difficult. Here are the general steps for installation: 

Step 1

Take out the existing OEM fairings from the bike. You may need a ratchet and a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts or fasteners.  

Step 2

Compare your previous OEM fairings and your new aftermarket fairings and get an idea of how it will fit on your bike; once you’ve understood what part will go where take the next step. 

Step 3

Now you know where the fairings will go on the bike, set the screws and bolts in place using a screwdriver or a ratchet. Secure each fairing properly in place, and you are good to go.

These steps are for fairings that are fully compatible with your specific bike. Sometimes bikers choose fairings that do not match their bike design perfectly. For such fairings, you will have to make some modifications to the bike. It is best to get it done by a professional as you may damage your bike while making the modifications yourself. 

Be very careful when getting the modifications done to your bike. Remember, you aim to make enough changes that the aftermarket fairings fit right on the bike. It would help if you were very sure that the cuts or the changes you’re making to the bike do not put the bike’s warranty in danger. 

Once the modifications are made, secure your new aftermarket fairings to the bike with the help of a screwdriver or ratchet, or both. Make sure it is fully secure with all the screws and bolts tight in their place. Your new fairings are installed!

How Can You Remove Scratches from a Motorcycle Fairing?

New fairings look beautiful and add to your bike’s style, but it can get scratches with time and use. The good thing is that the scratches are repairable, and with little effort, you can make them as good as new again without using expensive professional help. Yes, it can be a DIY job. That’s the best part.

You’d need the following items if you have all these things with you, it’s great. If not, we have recommended the best products from Amazon. You can get them from the below box and start removing scratches from a motorcycle fairing.

Warm water

Motorcycle soap or liquid detergent 

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Plastic Polishing

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1,000- to 1,500-grit sandpaper (dry / wet)

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Plastic Adhesion

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Tack Cloth

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Motorcycle Paint

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Clear Coat

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Use warm soapy water and a sponge to wash the fairings.


Once the fairings are washed and dried, use a soft sponge to apply the plastic polishing product on the scratches.


Use a soft towel to buff the area to remove the light surface scratches. For deeper scratches, follow steps 4 and 5. 


Soak sandpaper in warm soapy water. 


Take the fairings out of the bike and sand the scratches lightly without going too deep.


Use warm soapy water to wash the fairing again. Let dry and later use a tack cloth to wipe them clean.


Apply a thin coating of plastic additives. Let dry and apply one more coating and dry again. 


Use a medium polish compound to buff the area. Apply 3 to 4 coats of paint using an airbrush, giving appropriate drying time in between. 


Use tack cloth to wipe the fairings and apply 2 to 4 clear coatings, allowing recommended drying time in between.

How to Sand and Paint Motorcycle Fairings

Follow these steps to the sand and paint your motorcycle fairings: 

Step 1

Please take out the fairing from the bike and use an alcohol-based cleaner to clean it.

Step 2

Use 400-grit sandpaper for sanding the fairing lightly. 

Step 3

Use a microfiber towel to clean the sanding dust from the fairing. 

Step 4

Hang the fairing and spray primer from an appropriate distance in sweeping motions. Give appropriate drying time before applying another coat.   

Step 5

Use 800-grit sandpaper to buff the primer gently. Clean the sanding dust with a microfiber towel. 

Step 7

Apply 2 to 3 light coats of lacquer to the fairing using sweeping spray motions. Allow appropriate drying time between coats.    

Step 8

Apply 2 to 3 coats of top code using sweeping spray motions. Allow appropriate drying time between coats. Don’t touch until it is completely dry. 

Apply wax to fairings and buff them after the paint job to give it a glossy finish.     


  • If your lacquer colour is dark, the easy way is to get a dark grey primer, so you don’t have to apply extra coats. If your lacquer colour is light, the easy way is to get a white primer.   
  • For running paint, let it dry completely and then sand it before you apply the next coat. 

What is a Batwing Fairing? How do you mount it?

Like other motorcycle fairings, the batwing is a type of accessory compatible with almost any bike. Its design has a fitting in the center with two pieces on the sides looking like a bat with open wings.  

There are several benefits of adding a batwing fairing to your bike. It keeps your hand protected, gives stability to your ride, and offers fuel efficiency. Because it is better than a windshield in shape, it cuts through the air better and deflects it more efficiently to the sides and up and down direction.

Clean your batwing fairing before installing it. It should be free from any dirt or debris. Also, clean the headlights, handlebars, and all the front area of your motorcycle. 

Place the fairing on the handlebars of your bike. Attach the screws of the fairings and tighten them securely. You might need to make further modifications based on manufacturer recommendations or personal preference. 

If you know how to maintain your motorcycle, stalling the batwing fairing should be easy for you. However, if you are not a pro at this stuff yet, there is the harm in getting the help of a professional motorcycle mechanic.       

How to Put Speakers on a Pod or Fairing?

The good thing about motorcycle fairings is that you have the option to add speakers to them and enjoy music on your rides and camping. Different speakers are compatible with different fairings. It is best to confirm that your fairing and speakers are compatible with each other, and both of them are a good fit for your bike before you invest in them. Some fairings may look more stylish to you than others, and you might like the sound output of some speakers better than others. You may be tempted to add the most stylish fairings and best sound quality speaker combinations to your bike. However, compatibility is important as you won’t always make the necessary modifications to fit a fairing or set of speakers to your bike. 

With that said, the first step to put the speaker on a pod or fairing is to install the fairing to the bike with the help of necessary tools. If you have chosen a model that requires modifications in your bike, you’d need first to get those done.

Attach the fairings to the handlebars or the fork legs of the bike. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to secure the screws and bolts. You may need to drill some holes for this purpose. Tether the speaker wire using a P clip and then seal the pod thoroughly. Fill the holes using silicone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to do the wiring of my new motorcycle speakers?

If you just got your hands on your speakers and you don’t know how to wire them, don’t worry because the whole process may be a lot easier than you might be thinking. Number one, open the user manual and see the instructions in there. Every kit comes with a complete set of steps to install, the harness connectors, and the hardware.

Now, first, join the cone inserts into their respective housing in the fairing and once that’s done then you should mount the cones. If your sound system is supposed to mount on the handlebars directly, make sure you use all the available nuts, bolts and fasteners. Also, mount the amplifier too. Have a good look at the diagram in the user manual and connect the wires accordingly to each wire’s positive socket and negative socket.

Q: Will I be able to hear my motorcycle speakers?

They are many factors that determine if you can or cannot actually hear your speaker. One of them is the power handling of your speakers, we have discussed that in detail above. What kind of helmet you wear and what speed are you driving also affects your music experience while riding a bike. What kind of road you are driving on, also place an important role in how well you will be able to hear your music.  Suppose you are on a highway with a full-face helmet on driving at full speed, chances are you won’t be able to make sense of your music.

What you can do, is getting an amplifier and pairing with a Bluetooth helmet when you go on highways. When you drive on low speed, the speakers are supposed to sound great.                 

Q: How does motorcycle sound bar function?

Just as all the other speakers, a motorcycle fairing system translate electrical signals into sounds. There is an electromagnetic coil that helps this by changing its magnetic field’s direction when an electric current passes from it. A bigger fixed magnet also facilitates this process by attracting or repelling the electromagnetic coil according to the magnetic field’s orientation.   

The coil is joined to the cone of the speaker that is made up of plastic or paper or something else. The vibration of the coil makes the cone vibrate and this amplifies these vibrations turning them into sounds that have different pitch levels and volumes according to their frequency and amplitude.

Q: How do I make my speakers waterproof?

If you want to save your time and efforts, just get marine grade speakers which are definitely water-resistant. You might have to spend some extra money for them though.

Or you could get a front fairing and a windshield. Coating your speakers with a high-quality sealant or high-gloss polymer paint or spray can also make them waterproof.

Who makes the best motorcycle speakers?

There are a lot of top-class brands that manufacture the first-class speaker. There is some excellent example you can find after research like Harley, Hog tunes, Memphis.  

Are motorcycle speakers waterproof?

It is important not to make the mistake of choosing a normal “indoor” speaker or unless car audio speaker for a motorcycle. Either they are waterproof, probably it becomes damaged from humidity and waterproof. The moisture in electronic components can cause the speaker to short out.    

Can I hear fairing speakers at high speeds?

This depends on your motorcycle speakers. If you have a good audio system with an amplifier and a good RMS rating, you will be able to hear the music at high speeds.  

Is there any difference between waterproof and water-resistant speakers?

Commonly, weather-resistant speakers can hold well in foggy and sticky circumstances, as well as coincidental showers. In any case, being weather-resistant does not make the speakers water-resistant. Weather-resistant speakers can get hurt within the occasion. Take them off inside the rain for long periods. Waterproof speakers, on the other hand, can overcome long presentations to rain.

Is it safe to use motorcycle fairing speakers when driving?

Fairing speakers are distinctive from a headset or earphones and, thus, much safer. As a biker, you’re much more mindful of your surroundings when utilizing bike speakers, and you’ll be able to explore the activity very well. You’ll be able to listen to sirens from a remote place additionally when a truck is around to surpass you.

Is it legal to use motorcycle fairing speakers when driving?

Fairing speakers are legal everywhere, while the Helmet speakers are illegal in many parts of the USA. It is a little distinctive in tough sound because the speaker using a helmet doesn’t like outside noise. This is exactly why they are illegal, almost everywhere.

Is wiring of motorcycle speakers easy?

It is not a big deal if you have no idea about the motorcycle speaker wiring. You can understand it very easily and use the manual to understand the instruction to see the hardware, harness connectors, and installation stepping. You fair got to join to the lodging the cone embeds and let the fairing mount on the cone. The speakers straightforwardly can be mounted on the handlebars. Put up with in mind to sue the nuts fasteners and bolt. Increase the amplifier and connect the parallel negative and positive sockets to the wires, as mentioned in the manual diagram.

What is the working of motorcycle speakers?

There is no difference in the work of speakers in the motorcycle and other speakers. You can listen to music to translate the sound. It is an electromagnetic coil that transforms the magnetic field direction as electric current flows. A fixed magnet can attract or repel the coil on the magnetic field direction. This electromagnetic coil is in plastic, paper, and other material attached to the speaker’s cone.

There is the vibration of the coil. This vibration can interpret into sound vary in volumes, pitch level based on the amplitude and occurrences.        

How to waterproof motorcycle speakers?

For beginners buying marine-grade speakers is recommended for motorcycle. It will be done because waterproof speakers will keep the speaker safe, even spending extra money. You can also construct a waterproofing system; keep your speaker safe from other elements by install the fairing. Utilize thermoplastic or materials that guarantee to waterproof to form a case. Buy quality sealants or utilize high-gloss paint or polymer splash to coat the speakers.

What is the expectation of the motorcycle speakers and the environment?

Choosing nice fairing speakers for motorcycling is an excellent idea. You can enjoy music anywhere in its superior sound. The motorcycling speakers take powerful consideration as compared to the other accessories.

Getting good fairing speakers for your motorcycle is a fabulous idea. You get to go anytime enjoying music in its quality sound. However, consider the speaker configuration. 

The main difference between the home speaker and motorcycling is the non-stop movement. While on the other hand, the car speaker is always staying safe. Thus a speaker system allows easy rising or the one gets included with fairing protection enjoying is perfect.

The addiction to the wind is a nice option to save the speaker from rain and forwarded winds. Buying weatherproof speakers, so it is safe even after the experience and humid environment. 

Our Recommendation for the Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers

After reading this full detailed guide now, you know everything about motorcycle fairing speakers. Now it is time to make a final decision. You can pick any of the above-reviewed speakers as they have been picked after doing practical research. Yet if you are confused about which one to buy and ask for our recommendation, we would say go for the Hogtunes Speaker System Kit. It is one of the best motorcycle fairing speakers on the market with many positive customer reviews and every feature that a perfect motorcycle fairing speaker must-have.

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Bottom Line

When you upgrade your motorcycle audio system, you enhance your whole riding experience with clarity of sound. Usually, it is a challenge on bikes to turn the music volume up or down. The sound can get distorted and you will be needing to just turn it off whenever you have to stop.  So ease of use should be your top priority when looking for best motorcycle fairing speakers.

Another thing is clarity of sound without the need to blast off the music. You just don’t want loud noise blasting from your speakers on the road.  You want to make sense of the songs and that is only possible with sound clarity. So be mindful of this factor when for your next upgrade.

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers | 9 First-Rated Speakers With All Details

Hopefully, you are well equipped with all what you need to know to upgrade to the best speakers for motorcycle fairing. You know all the factors you need to take care of, you have got a great list of choices specifically picked to suit your needs. Just weigh all your options and decide which one is the right choice for you. Make your riding experience super fun with your brand new motorcycle fairing system. Read where to put Speakers on motorcycle.

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