Best Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides in 2022- Updated Buyers Guide

Motorcycle rides are fun, especially the long rides. But bad motorcycle seats can ruin all that fun. You can get painful back, hips, legs, as well as numbness, poor blood circulation, or sweating.

You would need to take frequent breaks, stretch your legs, let the blood flow back and relieve the pain before continuing your adventure.

At times taking a stop is out of the question on certain kinds of routes. Without a proper arrangement for your butt comfort, such rides can be a literal pain in the ass instead of being fun.

All this can make you give up on your passion for long rides or bike riding altogether. Getting a custom made seat or an aftermarket seat can be expensive which everyone cannot afford.

One easy and affordable way to increase your riding comfort is to get the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides.

It would fit above your current seat, controlled via straps. They can be either foam pad, gel-based, or inflatable. Motorcycle seat pads are meant to improve your comfort level by relieving the pressure and absorbing vibrations. They cost much less than a new seat. There are multiple seat cushions for bikes that suit different bike models and sizes. Go through our top pick for the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides available these days and decide which one is your perfect fit. The buyer guide contains all the factors and features of seating pads to help you to decide what are your specific needs. Get ready to cruise with comfort within no time!

Comparison Table Best Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides

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Best Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides Product Review

01- Mad Dog Gear Comfort Ride Seat Protector

MadDog GearComfort is compatible with different bike models. You can even strap it on ATVs and dirt bikes with their adjustable straps. It is a foam-based seat pad for a motorcycle that gives you ample cushioning. Its shape is designed to wick away the sweat and encourage good blood flow to your nether region.

It acts as a protective cover for your existing motorcycle seat, so there are no tears and rips on your saddle. Keep in mind that, in the coming years a worn-out seat pad will be easy and cheap to replace as compared to repairing your motorcycle seat.

It is easy to install and take off because of its 3 buckles quick release system. And since this seat pad is versatile, you can use it on different bikes if you own more than one bike. Just make sure to tightly strap it down before going on a long ride. Otherwise, your seat might move underneath you while you take a corner.

  • It is versatile so you can use them on different bikes such as ATVs, dirt bikes, and other models
  • The 3 buckles quick release system allows using the same seat pad on different bikes
  • The high-density foam provides comfortable cushioning to the butt
  • It promotes blood circulation and keeps the sweat away
  • It works as a protective cover to the motorcycle seat
  • You need to strap it down tightly to prevent it from moving when riding
  • Its compatibility with multiple bikes means it’s not a true fit for any bike

02- Airhawk Motorcycle Seat Cushion Cruiser, Medium

Airhawk cruiser is a gel-based seat pad that’s comfortable and durable at the same time. It comes with a guarantee to double your seat time. 

Using the air hawk, you get extra riding time and avoid back pain. It has a polyester center, and its make allows great air circulations. It ergonomically designs keeping the human body in mind. This means it promotes blood flow to your manhood and relieves pressure from your buttocks. The air cell technology helps superb ventilation that helps to keep the sweat away facilitating enjoyable long rides.

Its tapered shape makes it compatible with many bikes like Triumph Tiger, Honda Hornet, and Suzuki SV. It is the base is non -skid which means this seat pad will stay glued to your saddle.

All in all air hawk motorcycle seat pads are comfortable, reliable, and durable and will make your ride time double.

  • Increase your riding time by up to 200 percent
  • Ergonomic design helps maintain the right posture
  • The comfortable seat pad helps avoid back pain
  • You can insert cushion via zipper system
  • Air cell technology promotes ventilation to avoid sweating
  • The seat pad is only for the driving seat and the passenger seat has no cushion
  • Its elastic straps are susceptible to ripping

03- Airhawk – R-REVB Cruiser R Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion for Comfortable Travel – Large Size

Airhawk –R- Revb is an inflatable luxury seat pad for motorcycles. This means you will have to blow air into the valve and then release the excess air out until it is a perfect fit for your body. It is best that you adjust the air cushion while being seated on it. The Airhawk R REVB will not disturb your height to ride.

It has a sleek cover made of mesh and spandex. Its mesh cover is washable. Underneath is the inflatable cushion. It supports the rider’s pressure points via its air cell technology. It has an ergonomic design and breathable mesh. This means you will stay cool because of better ventilation and blood will circulate freely in your bottom region.

These are not known to be waterproof so avoid rain exposure. However, its air cell technology already promotes great airflow allowing it to get dry easily even if it gets wet. It is compatible with multiple touring bikes.

  • It is very easy to install
  • It is comfortable enough to double your seating time
  • The cover is breathable and the seating pad is inflammable
  • Its bottom is non-slip, meaning it will stay in its place while driving
  • The ergonomic design promotes better blood flow and relieves pressure points
  • Its elastic strap wear and tear with time
  • Inflating by mouth can be difficult for people with breathing issues
  • It is a bit pricey

04- Butty Buddy OS2018 Black Over the Seat Mounting Seat

ButtyBuddy OS2018 is meant for the rear seat rider’s comfort. It has an ergonomic design with 3 snap-together feature to provide comfortable long rides to the riding companion. You can easily put ButtyBuddy in a tote bag when not using it.

ButtyBuddy has two versions. One, you can fit it to your existing seat, or you can install it on the bare fenders. To install it over the bare fender, there is a suction cup made of rubber to help you. The package comes with a black bag to put your seat pad secure when it is not in use. The installation and taking off is very easy and takes only 5 minutes. 

It has an ergonomic design that supports the posture of the person sitting on the back and allows blood circulation.

These seat cushions for bikes have a great ventilation system to keep you cool in warm weather. They are a universal fit for almost all bikes provided that the seat or the fender is 4-11 inches wide and has a maximum of 9 inches gap from front to rear area.

  • It has a 3 snap together ergonomic design
  • The seat can fit most of the bikes
  • You can use it upon the existing seat as well as the bare fender
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty
  • The ventilation keeps you cool in hot weather
  • It adds 2 to 3 inches to your ride height
  • It only works for the rear seat

05- Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Pressure Relief Pad Large for Cruiser Touring Saddles

The Air Seat Innovations have designed this air-based cushion to fit the majority of the large cruising bikes and Harley Davidsons. Its inner make of neoprene rubber vouches for its durability and outside mesh fabric allows ample ventilation.

You have to blow air in it via your mouth to inflate it. Very little air is required to do this. You can adjust how firm or how soft you want your seat to be. When rightly inflated, the riding height stays almost the same. These motorcycle seats pads have a staggering air pocket system that brings relief to the hips and tailbone area. All in all, these are great quality cushions with great airflow and secure feel on your bike. They come with a year warranty.

The clips and straps that should keep the seat in place can loosen over time or for certain bikes they might not be long enough to reach the bottom. Over-inflating your seat may make your sitting experience uncomfortable. So it is best to have some trial and error sessions before your long cruise.

  • Its neoprene inner material makes it a durable product
  • The mesh fabric allows airflow to stay cool in hot weather
  • The cushion is easy to inflate with the mouth
  • The installation is a very easy process
  • No change to the riding height when rightly inflated
  • You have to be handy while inflating it to make sure the air is just right
  • The clips and straps can come loose with time

06- Conformax Topper Excel Ultra-Flex Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion

motorcycle seats

The Ultra-Flex seat pad for the motorcycle is made to keep your buttocks and lower back protected. It has gel-on-foam material. Its adjustable and secure strap has two systems to attach to your seat. Either use the Velcro loop or a D-ring/ ear tab fastening, whichever you prefer.

 The cushion has got a superb airflow, keeping you cool at summer drives. It adapts to the shape of the rider’s body and minimizes the pressure while sitting. The gel and foam combination works wonders and provides what gel or foam alone cannot.

There is no information about it being water-resistant as such. You can always park your bike in a covered area when it’s raining. And its mesh exterior will surely dry itself quickly if the rain soaks it.

  • It makes your riding comfortable and pain-free
  • The make is flexible with gel and foam
  • Two options to set up: D-ring or Velcro
  • Its dimensions make it compatible with a lot of motorcycle seats
  • The grippy bottom keeps the cushion secure in its place during long rides
  • It adds to your riding height
  • It can get warm if left out in the sun on a hot summer day

Buyers Guide of Best Motorcycle Seat Pads for Long Rides According to their type

Air Cushion

These are filled with air and typically you can inflate it with your mouth. This allows you to adjust the ride height according to your choice. Being air-filled, they distribute the pressure equally which helps you avoid getting your butt numb. They also absorb shocks very well.


The foam also provide a really comfortable cushion. They are shock absorbent and help prevent but numbness. There are seat cushions for bikes that have a combination of foam and gel.


Gel has the ability to conform to the rider’s body that makes riding comfortable. They also distribute the pressure equally and prevent numbness.


Sheepskin keeps your seat cool in hot days and warm during cold weather. They also easily dry on getting soaked.


These don’t really give you cushioning and are more of massaging seats. Their ventilation is good. They are used on bikes, cars, and offices.  

Best Motor Seat Pad For Long Rides Features

Size and Shape

There are different shapes and sizes for motorcycle seat pads. It is best to measure your existing seat and make sure the one you get, fits your seat.


When you add a seat pad to your existing seat, it adds some height to your ride. Some people are okay with the height, others don’t want too much-added height.

Ideally, you should look for a seat pad that is thick enough to give you butt support and thin enough to not increase your ride height too much. In some cases, riders prefer the added height. So keep your desired height in mind when choosing. 

Cover Fabric

The fabric or material of the seat cover also matters. There are polyester covers, Neoprene covers, polyurethane covers, etc. The durability of the seat pad depends on the cover material. Many times, the cover is made of mesh fabric that helps keep the seat ventilated providing ample flow of air between the rider’s legs to make sure there’s no moisture build-up.

You shouldn’t really care about your seat cover being waterproof or not. This is because you want your cover to be breathable. So when in rain either park your bike in shade or protect it with a waterproof cover during rain. This is because soaking for a continued time can compromise the seat pad’s breathability. 

Moisture Resistance

Most riders go on bike tours in summers. Heat causes sweating, sweat can cause chafing. So choose a seat pad for a motorcycle with good ventilation to wick away the moisture.

Ease of Installation

There are multiple ways seat pads are installed on motorcycle seats. It can be elastic straps, Velcro or loops, etc. Make sure yours is easy to set up and does not slip and stays in its place.


Posture varies from person to person and bike to bike. For example, if your bike has footpegs on the back of the bike, more of your weight will go on your legs. And if your bike is shaped to make you lean forward, then your arms will get more pressure. The cruiser-style bikes that have their footpegs on the bike’s front will make the rider’s weight go to his hips.

Then comes your personal preferences on how you position yourself on your seat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are motorcycle seats pads water proof?

A: There are seat pads that are waterproof, but most of them are not. That is how you decide where you’d need the extra cushion. You need to look for what you’re getting by checking the manufacturer’s guide. Some brands even make machine washable covers, whereas you might need to dry some covers substantially in order to use them again if they get soaked in rain.

Q: Can seat pads increase my ride height?

A: Yes they do. But the difference is very minimal. However, some seat cushions for bikes add more height than others so choose your pick wisely.

Q: What is the best material for my seat pad?

A: The best way to determine that is to touch each of the seat pads physically and examine what works best for you. In case you cannot physically examine it, read their details carefully to understand what exactly are you getting. Remember to keep your specific needs in mind. Some things work for some people and don’t for others.

Q: How to make sure that the seat pad I get will fit my bike?

A: This also needs your attention. Read the dimensions of your seat pad and measure the dimensions of your bike. Compare them to make sure they will be compatible or not.

Q: Is it possible to get a matching passenger seat pad?

A: Not all seat cushion makers make matching passenger units. But if you want to protect your riding partner’s butt, matching should not be very important. Just get a rear seat pad for them.

Q: Is it necessary to remove the existing seat to install a seat pad?

A: Most of the times you will have to remove the existing seat to set up some makes of seat cushions on your bike. The process is usually easy,  subject to what kind of motorcycle do you have.

Q: Can I leave a seat cushion on my bike when parking it outdoors protected by a cover?

A: We won’t recommend you to leave a seat pad on even if it is waterproof. If you expose your motorcycle to rain and other outdoor elements, the seat pad, and the other accessories can develop moisture build-up, which in turn can lead to mold and other problems. It is best to park your bike indoors, under a roof.   

Q: How can I regulate the pressure on an air based seat pad?

A: Usually a valve is present on the air cushion where you can blow in to inflate it and also take the air out to deflate it. A few times of trial and error will give you just the right air quantity to ride comfortably on long tours. Make sure to sort it out before your long ride plan.

Wrapping Up

We have listed all the possible factors that affect your riding comfort in this buyer’s guide. If you have read all of it, you know everything you need to know to choose the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides.

It’s time to choose yours, one that matches your preferences and style. Whether you want a seat for your front seat or one for your riding partner on the back or even for both, this guide has got you covered. You can select one from our list or look up online or in your desired motorcycle gear store. Since you know all that you need to know, you will definitely make a perfect choice.

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