Best Mountain Bike for Beginner of 2022 – Full Review & Buyer’s Guide

Mountain bikes are one of the best bikes in history. Whether it is for a fun time or a serious hobby, mountain biking is an excellent recreation for anyone. The benefits of biking, especially mountain biking, is astounding. It helps a lot to maintain cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, develops a stronger core, legs, and overall physical stamina. But it is hard to find the best mountain bike for beginners in the market.

This buyer’s guide will help you find your next cycling buddy. It includes a comprehensive comparison table, links to the bike models, and a short overview of every the best mountain bike for beginners featured as the best according to editorial and customer reviews on Amazon.

Included in this article is a short explanation as to why you should choose beginner mountain bikes when starting this recreation for the first time. It will help you start mountain biking, and how you can develop this hobby into a lifetime routine.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Best Mountain Bike for Beginner

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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike for Beginner Product Review

The Best Mountain Bike for Beginner on Amazon

These mountain bike models are all ranked up by customer reviews on their riding experience with these mountain bikes. Although it is not intended to promote specific bicycle brands, most reviews honor the credibility of every bicycle maker or manufacturer in developing mountain bikes suitable for beginner hobbyists or enthusiasts.

01- Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

best beginner mountain bike

With over 4.5-star rating on Amazon, Diamondback has set the records again for manufacturing one of the best beginner mountain bikes in the market. Overdrive is one of their bike models that features a lot of specifications designed for those who are starting this cycling hobby for the first time.

The most notable feature of this mountain bike is its controllability, fewer shocks when maneuvering pathways, and its wide selection of frame heights.


  • High-end, lightweight aluminum frame (18” medium/20” large). Suited for 5’7” to 6’1” cyclist.
  • 24 gear combinations
  • Shimano-made cranks, front and rear derailleurs, and shifters
  • SR-Suntour XCT 80mm travel Suspension Fork
  • 95% ready-assembled bikes upon shipment, assembly videos are also available at the Diamondback website and the user manual.
  • Properly-tuned shifters and derailleurs from time of delivery.
  • Can handle extreme rides even at entry-level mountain biking
  • Can maneuver through any type of biking trails and topographies
  • Specially designed for beginner mountain bikers
  • This bike model is an excellent starter for its affordable price
  • Reports of bikes disassembled with missing parts and shipping issues
  • Some parts are loosely attached and can quickly fly off when not checked at first instance

02- Merax Suspension Mountain Bike

best beginner mountain bike

The 24-speed Shimano shifters and derailleurs on this Merax mountain bike makes it a good companion for starter mountain cyclist. It is manageable enough for those who are learning the routine in mountain biking. It also keeps the cyclist safe and in control of his or her bike.


  • 26” of light aluminum bicycle frame paired with a top-performing front suspension fork.
  • 26” 1.95 Kenda Tire
  • Dual disk brakes for enhanced stopping power
  • 1-year warranty included 330 lbs.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for transport and cargo purposes
  • It can easily be assembled and disassembled for more comfortable transport of the bike
  • Bolts are provided to add a water bottle holder
  • Great for anyone over the age of 13 and stands more than 5’3”, which makes it a great beginner mountain bike
  • Its design is built for all types of cycling, can maneuver moderately challenging pathways and bike trails, and works well even on an older mileage
  • A little bit heavy for carrying around, but the manufacturer already warns this
  • A bit lose on some parts of the bike, which can become a significant issue when left unnoticed
  • The instruction manual is not beginners friendly. There is no video site available to instruct new mountain bikers on handling and maintaining this mountain bike model

03- Diamondback Hook Hardtail Mountain Bike

best beginner mountain bike

Diamondback mountain bike has set the record of being the most used and awesome best budget mountain bike ever. Diamondback bikes are one of the excellent beginner mountain bikes from Diamondback, Hook, is designed for beginners who wanted to taste the rough trails and pathways. Its low-slung geometry helps in enhancing its trail riding performance. Its single ring drivetrain makes shifting smooth and straightforward. The long front and short back fitted the gears, shifters, and forks well to maneuver even on the steepest downhill ride.


  • 120mm SR Suntour suspension fork for better maneuver and shock absorption
  • SRAM 3X 1×8 speed drivetrain for the continuous (yet controllable) wheel when traveling downhill
  • 27.5” DB-SL-7 wheels paired with Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes for maneuverability of the entire mountain bike mechanism.
  • This is one of the preferred mountain bikes for beginners who are trying the rough trails for the first time
  • It is lightweigh
  • It has durable aluminum frames and well-fitted components for better control on an entry-level mountain bike
  • The low-strung geometry gives seating and riding access to any rider of ages 15 and up and over 5’6” in height
  • No tubeless compatible wheelset compared to its entry-level competitors
  • No front derailleur present, which can pose some danger for non-professional mountain bikers when managing a downhill ride
  • Warranty agreements must be arranged with customer service, which is a little inconvenient for any online customer

04- Raleigh Tokul 2 Hardtail Mountain Bike

best beginner mountain bike

Boasting its durable mountain bikes that handle even the roughest terrains, Raleigh’s Tokul 2 is a great beginner mountain bike. Easy-to-assemble bike components make shipping easier and portability possible. The most notable feature is its Weinmann U28 27.5” wheels paired with Vee Rubber Crown Gem tires that make it grip better in any surface,


  • SR Suntour XCM HLO 100mm suspension fork, durable and lightweight aluminum frame and cranks
  • Shimano Alivio with 9-speed cog set rear derailleur and Shimano Altus 1×9 speed shifters
  • 27.5” Weinmann U28 wheels covered with Vee Rubber Crown Gems (27.5×2.5 inches)
  • A more comprehensive range of age and height compatibility (13 years old, 5’3” height and up)
  • Portability is possible with its assembly capacities, paired with lightweight frames and cranks.
  • It has a lot of compatible parts when needing replacement, which is a little lapse on the manufacturer’s end for dedicated mountain bike parts for this model.
  • Durability level is top-notch, as attested by many reviews on their Amazon product page
  • Some parts are missing during delivery. Others are also broken during receipt.
  • Assembly is quite a challenge for beginners with no additional user-friendly manual included upon purchase. The manufacturer provides no videos (other than contributed bike assembly videos)
  • Warranty is upon request during purchase, and one must contact customer service to secure one

05- Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

beginner mountain bike buying guide

While this is the most unique in the list, a fat tire mountain bike is an excellent starter for anyone who wanted to feel the thrill of extreme mountain biking minus the fear of tripping over. The knobby terrain tires are supersized to match up the cycle training to prepare you for a more extreme mountain biking experience with the thinner wheelset.


  • Supersized wheel tires attached firmly on a steel-framed mountain bike
  • Seven-speed Shimano rear derailleur with twist shifters
  • Threadless headset for seating adjustability
  • Beach cruiser pedals and dual brake discs
  • This is great for extreme rides
  • The fat tires are better for more extreme trails (water, muddy, sand, etc.)
  • It has a lighter frame and rims make it more manageable despite the size and weight of the front and back wheels
  • Twist shifters and the rear derailleur from Shimano make it easier for navigation, whether it is an uphill or downhill path
  • It is the tire’s weight that makes it hard to carry. You would need to assemble and dissemble to bring it to your desired biking trail
  • Reviews on fragile parts and components breaking easy are circulating this product plus the customer support is not so helpful in getting a replacement or arrange the warranty of the bike and its parts

06- Gravity Full Suspension Mountain Bike

best mountain bikes for the money

This 24-speed entry-level mountain bike is excellent for learning speed maneuvering when doing cross-country mountain biking. While its easy-to-use shifters give more control to your cycling, the adjustable suspension fork makes this bike more manageable even on rough trails.


  • Durable hydroformed aluminum frame, lighter double-wall rims
  • Quick-release 27.5” wheels with front and rear Tektro Novela disc brakes
  • Shimano front and rear derailleur with 26in Dbl Wall Alloy Wheelset
  • Aluminum handle raiser and alloy seat post
  • The price is worth the bike itself. It is not expensive, but you can expect the quality of the bike equal to its value. It has excellent paint and a good build
  • It does not feel heavy and can be carried around easily
  • It is suitable for casual cycling on well-paved pathways and concrete roads, but not so for moderately-challenging trails
  • This is NOT for cross-country cycling. Although this is an excellent bike to practice speed control, the durability of the major components (derailleur, shifter, and wheels) are not built for long-distance biking
  • This mountain bike is perfect for starters but won’t provide the same experience in the long run. Eventually, you must give this up if you wanted to go higher in your mountain biking hobby

07- Takara Jiro Mountain Bike

best budget mountain bike

This mountain bike is another casual and entry-level cycling partner that should give you the initial experience of mountain biking. With its lightweight 6061 aluminum frame and smooth travel suspension fork, Jiro is a learning device for the younger cyclist or those who wanted to start learning the mechanisms of mountain biking before settling into the real deal.


  • Dual suspension frame attached to a 6061-lightweight aluminum
  • Shimano Tourney derailleurs and Shimano Revo twist shifters
  • 27.5” wheels with front and rear disc brakes
  • It has a significant shift and derailleur for easy mountain biking
  • It can be easily adjusted and assembled
  • It can also be exchanged for compatible parts for upgraded biking experience
  • The brakes are working fine and as intended. Brake pads are also sturdy and last longer compared to other brake pads
  • Speed and shifts are easily managed with this mountain bike
  • It is suitable for casual biking and off-roading, but it cannot handle more challenging mountain trails
  • Instructions were a little gibberish for beginners
  • Some parts easily fall off, and replacement parts suited for this model are hard to source

This Schwinn mountain bike is one of two Protocol models that offer a more powerful cycling experience. The full suspension frame is made from lightweight Schwinn aluminum and is fitted with a front suspension fork that helps in managing the ride.


  • 24-speed Shimano trigger shifters and rear derailleur
  • Promax front disc brake and rear alloy V-brake fitted on 26” wheels
  • Schwinn-graded alloy rims and crank
  • Suspension fork mounted on the front wheel
  • It is suitable for casual biking and trail biking on a lesser distance
  • It has a great look and feel of a mountain bike that you can take anywhere
  • This is an excellent starter for those who are learning gear shifts and maneuvers
  • This bike has serious issues with customers lately. A lot of reviews concerning this bike reveals how it does not match the described specifications
  • This is not suitable for any moderate or extreme mountain biking

09- Huffy Summit Ridge – Hardtail Mountain Bike

types of mountain bikes

This 21-speed mountain bike is known for its clean design. The hardtail frame of Summit Ridge is painted with glossy colors and is fitted with a Kolo 1200 suspension fork for better control over bumps and rocky trails.


  • Kolo 1200 suspension fork on steel-grade hardtail frame
  • Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur paired with micro-shift twister shifter
  • 21-speed acceleration modes and better gear operation
  • 24” knobby tires paired with front and rear disc brakes
  • ATB saddle, alloy quick release seat post.
  • ATB-type resin pedals, 3-piece Kolo crank, and Krayton grips
  • It has a lot of color selection
  • It can easily be adjusted to suit any age or height of the rider
  • It can be easily adjusted and upgraded for better use
  • Handle, and seat posts are easily modified for better seating and riding experience
  • This is a ladies’ bike. It can handle casual cycling but cannot withstand extreme rides and longer biking trips
  • It is reported to have a weak gear system with fragile components that quickly wear off after some time

10- Mongoose Men’s Detour Mountain Bike

best mountain bikes under 2000

The SRAM shifters paired with Shimano derailleur is what makes this mountain bike suitable for beginners who wanted to learn mountain biking. This full-suspension mountain bike has 21-speed capacity that should get you some wind on the face for faster cycling.


  • Aluminum mountain frame geometry with suspension fork attached to the front wheel
  • 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM twist shifters
  • Alloy rims added with front release wheel
  • 26” wheel with front and rear disc brake added to 18” frame dimension
  • It came with an assembly instruction
  • You can also have the option to have it assembled before delivery
  • It can be easily upgraded for better parts (but this will cost you extra)
  • It is a great beginner mountain bike, especially for teenagers
  • Some components are brittle and fragile
  • Shipping issues are reported in some customer reviews. Reports of broken brake handles, gears, and bent wheels are the most common
  • Seating pads are quite uncomfortable and may not aid in any long-distance cycling

What to Look Out for When Buying a Best Mountain Bike for Beginner

Many think that mountain biking is all about buying a mountain bike and cycle up and down a mountain trail. The truth is, when you start mountain biking, you realize the importance of compatibility and durability of your mountain bike when cycling on a challenging trail.

When buying mountain bikes, it is best to consider its relevant specifications. These will help you choose the right mountain bike, help you learn the basics of mountain biking, and gets you comfortable to ride it while learning the techniques for better riding on the mountain bikes.

The following specifications are considered before buying a beginner mountain bike:

Wheel and Frame Dimension 

This will determine its standing height, the reachability of the seats, and the seat-to-handle reach and comfort when riding these mountain bikes in any topography or pathway.


This is all about shock control. Mountain biking is not just about traveling through smooth trails. The suspension forks help cyclists control bikes when hitting on massive road bumps and trail boulders without flipping the bike over or slowing down on the trail.

Derailleurs and Shifters 

This determines the controllability of your bicycle for an uphill or downhill drive. The derailleurs control your uphill power to avoid leg fatigue while the shifters control the spinning to regulate the bike’s speed when moving downhill. The two worked together to maintain momentum and control on the mountain bike, whatever trails they will encounter in your bicycling.

Portability and Assembly 

While most mountain bikes are shipped ready-built, some of them are not assembled or are partially assembled, and you must do the rest. If you have no idea how it works, you can either refer yourself to YouTube videos, the manual, or some guy you know that knows how to assemble bikes. If none of them is at your disposal, you can head on to your nearest bike shop to have it assembled. This will cost a certain fee, though. While this may pose some serious concerns over neophytes in this sport, it is a great learning opportunity. Plus, knowing how to assemble and disassemble bikes make it more portable to carry wherever you wanted to bike.

Parts and Warranties 

Durability can be a guarantee but not for an extended period. If you are now accustomed to using it a lot of times in a week, you will notice how parts are starting to wear off. Like any other bikes, mountain bicycles require an extra amount of care and maintenance. To ensure longevity, go for bike manufacturers that make their replacement parts or have them in stock. You can depend on other compatible components, but some mountain bikes prefer those of their brands. Warranties are also required to secure your bike’s overall performance at any circumstances, albeit specific rules are laid upon for agreement in any warranty certificate offered by most companies.

Why Choose Beginner Mountain Bikes?

Choosing beginner mountain bikes to make it easier for you to learn mountain biking. This is not just about driving it to extreme paths or challenging trails. This is you learning the techniques in handling mountain bikes, becoming familiar to their parts, the maneuver schemes, the drifts, the shifts and derailleurs, and the overall cycling experience.

While you are learning the basics of mountain biking through beginner bikes, you would find out how the whole sport works. Practicing balance, stunts, and controls would help you get acquainted with professional beginner mountain bike while loving the sport even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mountain bike manufacturer? Does it add credibility to the beginner mountain bikes in the market?

To be honest, almost all-mountain bike manufacturers have their strengths and shortcomings. If you have bought one from them and have proven themselves an excellent bike brand, then you could be assured of their quality. It is a great practice to check customer reviews on every mountain bike brand before making the purchase.

How can I assemble mountain bikes on my own?

This is a tricky task, but you can refer to the manual included in the package. You can also check assembly videos online. Some manufacturers and online sellers include an assembly video on their page or provide a link where you can see instructional videos to assemble your bike.

Is there any guarantee that beginner mountain bikes help me become better in cycling sports?

Cycling, in any way, requires dedication. No matter how high the value of your mountain bikes is, you would learn to maneuver hills and ravines only when you are ready to experience it. In a way, you will grow with mountain biking each time you take your bike out for a trail.

Why some companies prefer arranged warranties?

Mountain biking is an extreme sport. Chances of bikes getting damaged during trails are inevitable. However, many are experiencing bike defects during shipping, upon receipt, and even the moment you have opened the package. This is what bike companies cover most of the time. However, if you think the damage is caused by something more than neglect, it is best to settle it with the manufacturer’s customer support.

What Sort of trek mountain bikes should I Purchase?

The two type’s mountain bikes that I featured in this article, hard tail, and full suspension, have altered benefits and drawbacks. Though, if you’re factually opening out with zero experience then I would like to suggest a full-suspension. You can pick one of the best beginner full suspension mountain bike we have picked. You’ll spend longer on maintenance, but you’ll even have a safe ride because the shock absorbents do their paramount job at keeping you closer to the ground.

What’s an honest price range for a beginner?

I certainly not suggest you spend quite outstanding for a beginner as their types of mountain bikes are available in the market. The bulk of these bikes I have reviewed in this buyer’s guide (if not all of them) are priced under $800.00 and if you’re an off-the-cuff rider just starting out, I like to suggest going for the bikes reviewed in this article. Naturally though the higher the bike the lighter it’ll be.

Does the brand really matter?

Unquestionably, all of the manufacturers and brands I stated on this list are reputable sources of best mountain bike brands for years. When you go for a bicycle shop and ask a worker, I can give you 100% assurance they’ll point towards one among these brands. My main concern is usually getting to be the warranty. Enquire the worker about the company’s warranty policy on the bike, a lifetime warranty may be a lifesaver. I certainly not commend buying bikes at sporting-goods stores. If you ask my recommendation after reading this full article then I would say go for a diamondback hybrid bike.

What sort of brakes will be best for me?

I continuously acclaim disc brakes rather than rim ones as you’ll guarantee your protection in wet/damp zones.

Will it be better to purchase one online?

Yes without any doubt. You can unquestionably purchase online, the reason behind this confident answer from me is they have a tendency to supply better deals. And the products I have reviewed are the best products and have very good customer review. I like to recommend with full confidence you can surely buy one from one of those as these suppliers also have good reviews.

What would be the best size for me?

It actually depends on your body size and frame. Every bikes have diverse geometries which will feel different from an individual. A number of people have shorter torsos, whereas other people have short legs, but each bike will have a definite feel counting on their body. As long as you’ll sit correctly, and not experience any pain after a couple of hours you ought to have an honest bike on your hands.


Technically, this is all about familiarity. While most mountain bikes in the market are now shifting to make bikes for starters, some of them do not simplify the mechanism of professional mountain bikes. This will pose a challenge to anyone who has little or no knowledge at all in handling mountain bikes.

Mountain biking is not an easy sport. It takes some time to know first how it works, how mountain bikes maneuver slopes and pathways, the methodologies, the terms used especially with parts of a mountain bike, and the types of mountain bikes used for every cycling trails. From here, you will get to know more and appreciate mountain biking as an excellent recreation for you.

Now, this is the best time for you to select the best mountain bike for beginner that suits you and would give you a life-long experience of the thrills of mountain biking, especially for those who are starting this sport as a hobby and a lifetime wellness routine.

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