Best Places to Canoe in Europe

Best Places to Canoe in Europe

Europa offers something for kayaking enthusiasts of every kind; lakes, rivers and sea kayaking all await discovery here. Europe even saw the first continent-crossing kayak expedition begin there!

Escape the crowds on Mediterranean beaches and find peaceful picnic spots along France’s Orb River in southern France. With half-day to four-day trips featuring class I-II rapids, this breathtaking river is sure to take your breath away!

Lake Como

Lake Como offers an idyllic combination of luxury, natural beauty and historical significance. Situated among picture-perfect villages and sumptuous villas – long popular among Italy’s elite – this breathtaking lake makes the ideal location for taking in some Italian culture while relaxing in one of its luxurious villas or taking an exclusive boat tour around it.

Bellagio is one of Lake Como’s most beloved destinations, renowned for its picturesque villas, lakefront promenade, and delectable food offerings. Famous celebrities such as George Clooney and Madonna live here; for a more tranquil visit, consider visiting during its off-season months instead.

Varenna offers some of the finest views at Lake Como, with quieter surroundings than Bellagio and several villas featuring incredible gardens lining its shores. A visit here would make an excellent opportunity to uncover Lake Como’s rich history.

Lake Como’s most beloved pastime is taking a boat tour. These excursions allow visitors to see its shores from a unique viewpoint while getting away from the large tourist crowds that normally gather at Lake Como’s major towns. Boat tours operate all year long; however, spring or autumn offer optimal conditions.

If you want to experience all that Lake Como has to offer, be sure to book a tour with an expert guide. They can recommend places you should visit based on your interests and help find accommodations near top attractions that are easily walkable.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness, best-known for the mythical monster it shelters, is Scotland’s deepest lake and draws visitors from around the globe. While an expedition to Nessie’s aquatic lair will satisfy hard-core monster hunters as well as curious souls alike, this mysterious lake offers much more to discover: from its ancient geology to fascinating flora.

Loch Ness lies at the heart of Great Glen in Scotland and is connected by Thomas Telford’s Caledonian Canal designed in early 19th Century. Its waters feature Crannogs – artificial islands resembling cottages or fortresses built by ancient Scots – adding an air of mysticism.

Situated along Europe’s only underwater observatory and featuring numerous idyllic coves that offer kayaking or scenic walking opportunities, St Tropez boasts one-on-one boat tours for an individualized experience.

Although many have claimed sightings of Nessie, no physical evidence has ever been discovered to support such claims. Earlier this year, water levels at Lake Eyre had dropped significantly since 1990 according to The Mirror and celebrity businessman Dave Fishwick offered a PS25,000 prize for anyone who can find evidence of Nessie in Lake Eyre.

Drumnadrochit offers many choices of accommodation in its charming lakeside village setting, making an excellent home base to explore Urquhart Castle as well as other notable attractions such as Cherry Island’s crannogs or Nessieland exhibition center in Drumnadrochit.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled, situated high in Slovenia’s mountains, is one of Europe’s most iconic glacial lakes. Surrounded by forests, mountains and stunning views, it makes an idyllic location for hiking, swimming or relaxing – ideal for both relaxing or hiking adventures alike! Visitors often come here specifically to see Lake Bled’s iconic small island with church at its center – called Assumption of Mary Church which can be reached either via an intricate 99-step staircase or traditional Pletna boat transport.

Visitors to Lake Bled can appreciate its scenery by taking a leisurely stroll or diving in for a refreshing swim, although visitors should note that its water level changes frequently with climate changes and glacier meltoff. Some parts of the lake may make swimming challenging at certain points due to changing waters levels or low glacier levels; it may even become impossible.

Lake Bled offers ideal visiting conditions during spring and fall when temperatures are mild, crowds are reduced and beautiful weather prevails. Summer can also be fantastic but can become very busy quickly.

Lake Bled’s main attraction is its church, which you can reach either by renting your own rowboat or taking a tour boat. Most visitors opt for hiring a traditional wooden pletna boat dating back centuries – the oarsman known as a “pletnar” stands while rowing it, using two oars with special techniques that propel it forward using only two strokes – for an unforgettable experience! Once at Lake Bled Church you can admire its picturesque views before walking up its 99 steps or make a wish at its bells ringing bells!

River Soca

Soca River, located in northeastern Italy and springing out of Trenta Valley in northwestern Slovenia is one of the most stunning rivers in Europe. Spanning 138 kilometers between Triglav National Park and Adriatic Sea in northeast Italy, Soca attracts nature enthusiasts and photographers from around the globe.

Rafting on the Soca should be on everyone’s bucket list. This activity can be enjoyed by all age groups without needing special skills; plus it provides an incredible adrenaline rush while traversing this stunning river valley!

Kayaking along the Soca River is another popular activity, offering multiple river sections and lakes suitable for kayakers of any skill level. Summer months provide optimal conditions, when water levels rise dramatically.

Kayak the Soca River from various points along its course, such as Kanal ob Soci and Tolmin. With its spectacular turquoise blue color and scenic surroundings of mountains and snow-covered peaks, kayaking the river feels like floating through an Instagram filter without actually doing that – simply how the river appears in reality.

The Boka waterfall is another attraction of Soca Valley. This giant waterfall stands out with its impressive height and can be reached in under thirty minutes by walking from Bovec. Additionally, visitors should not forget the Kozjac waterfall near Kobarid village, boasting an astounding height of around 144 meters and offering beautiful scenery along its route.


Saimaa Lake in Finland’s south-east region is Europe’s fourth-largest lake. Covering an approximate 4,400-square kilometer area and with more than 14,000 islands scattered across its surface area, sail boats and motorboats traverse it throughout summer while you can walk between islands across its forest floor to pick blueberries or lingen berries (juniper). When winter rolls around the lake freezes over into an ideal playground for skating and cross-country skiing activities.

Lake Lappeenranta holds great significance to locals and represents their way of life in many ways. Ilkka Rasanen, environmental director of Lappeenranta which sits atop it, refers to it as their’soul landscape’ while Mikael Kraft of Saimaaan Vesi- ja Ymparistotutkimus Oy company concurs; people can feel its importance with every bone they possess according to him.

The area’s striking landscape and lake views have long been an inspiration to artists, and cultural events held outdoors take full advantage of nature to provide a more immersive experience. Additionally, its stunning scenery has provided opportunities for activities like cycling along the Saimaan Archipelago Route or visiting Kolovesi National Park or Linnansaari National Park – as well as cycling along its Saimaan Archipelago Route or visiting either.

Lakes play an integral part in local economies, both tourism-wise and business. Summer cottages and lake cruises organised by VIP Cruises can be found around it; during warmer months many residents live in nearby small villages and towns while some commute into city centres for work; in winter most move away to their cabins on lakes where they spend more time.

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