Best Road Bikes under 500 | Ultimate Guide For Road Bikes From Amazon

You might be new if you are searching for the best road bikes under 500. When I was a beginner, I remember when I was exploring the market to get the best under my budget bike but failed. 

Instead, I bought a secondhand bike that works for a maximum of two months for me. Overall, it cost me much more than I was planning. I am a hobbyist road bicycle rider, but it wasn’t very encouraging to get a perfect bike with this price range. I buckle myself up and prepare the checklist for the cycle with endurance-oriented models, emphasizing efficiency and comfort. 

Guess what! I found what I want. To minimize your labor to get the right product with this price range, I have prepared a comprehensive list so you can pick your best option from these bikes. 

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What is a Road Bike?

Road bikes are bikes that can take you as far as you can and can give you the ride for as long as you want. The name of the road bike comes with the terrain because it is based on the road. 

The bikes have remained the same for years, as compared to the complicated and full-suspension mountain bikes. 

Although there is nothing traditional about the electronic 24-speed drive trains, which we only observe in the high machines, mostly the modern road bikes are fastest, more technologically sophisticated than ever before. 

These are the perfect bikes designed for busy roads and equipped with the control brake system to ensure you the safe side. 

Types of Road Bikes 

With their skinny types, big, 700c wheels, lightweight components, and drop bard’s, road bikes are the perfect choice for converting long-distance and going fast. There are different types of road bikes with the little variations that make them ideal for some discipline. 

Best Road Bikes under 500

Race Bikes 

These are the perfect entry-level road bike for racers because of their racing speed, fast, and speed thrills. 

Gravel Bikes 

If you want the bikes for general riding and venturing off-road the road, this can be your option. 

Supportive and Endurance bikes 

These bikes are designed for hilly terrain and long distances because of the Claris and Vilano frame materials. 

Aero Bikes 

These are the perfect pick if you wish to slice through the wind dragging at mid to high-end speeds. 

Commuter Bikes 

These bikes are perfect for their comfort and reliability. 

Touring Bikes 

Look, no other option if you want the bike for touring. 

Triathlon Cycle

With this bike, you ride as fast as you want. 

What are the Benefits of Road Bikes? 

People who are generally on the highway for the city roads and smoother roads can find these bikes perfect for them. But apart from riding you can have several benefits from such bikes that you don’t want to miss any day. 

  • Here is the list that you can get from riding through the road bikes.
  • If you want to travel by considering your health from office to home, you can choose them. 
  • These bikes are the perfect pick for the long-distance adventure while riding on the highways.
  • If you want to lose weight, then you need these road bikes. 
  • For the speeding and controlled riding experience, you can get this road bike. 
  • These bikes are cost-effective. If you want the bike for regular travel, choose without breaking your wallet. 
best road bikes under $1,000

Comparison Table for Best Road Bikes under 500

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6 Best Road Bikes under 500 Product Review, Features

01- Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike

It is the best road bikes under 500. If you ask the seasoned bike owner, he will also recommend you. Although it is an entry-level bike, most seasoned bike owners can also get this because of its price tag, so they can ride on commutes whenever they want. One of the best things about Bikes EURXC550 without breaking down will go as far as you want it to be without giving you any problem.

  • The bike is sturdy and robust inbuilt.
  • 00C bikes have a 21-speed shifting system
  • It has a dual disc brake, which is 0.49 cm and 0.59 cm, that matches with different size groups are made for the hilly trail.
  • The bike comes 85% already assembled.
  • All these bicycles are oversized, but you can pay it back if the package is broken.
  • Amazing customer’s service
  • The bike package involved the user guide to tune the brake, install the bike, and the speed system.
  • The bike’s speed system is supported by Shimano shifting and is one of the dual braking systems.
  • Rims and tires which are from the Bikes EURXC550 are compatible with any expensive bike.
  • The bikes have iron racing handlebars.

Product Specifications

Wheel Size700 Millimeters
Brake Style:Disc
Number of Speeds:21
Package Dimensions53 x 29 x 8 inches
Frame Material:Steel

Sturdy frame

Steel is the preferred material for bike construction for its excellent durability that you can get with the sturdy frame of this bike that will be offering Shimano Claris and Giordano system of control.

Dual disk frame

This bike has a 700c road bike featured with dual disc brakes that will assure you of consistent brakes.

Standout gearing system

This bike will offer a 21-speed system, which Shimano shifting provides. This speed system has made this bike the best pick among all its rivals.

  • Durable, sturdy, and well-built to run through any terrain
  • 21-speed gearing system ensure you better performance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Consistent brake system
  • Rare and nice features
  • Chains can get loose sometimes
  • Overweight can cut fun running down

Why must you get this bike?

If you look for an attractive, sturdy, speed, durable, maneuverable, and more, look no further than this bike. Moreover, the bike is 90% assembled, and it will only take some minutes. You only need to install handlebars, seat, and pedals. 

02- 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

You can get many options with this bike. Buying the best bike is simple with this price option, where you can get a lot of attractive features and specifications. You can choose the color that perfectly matches your personality because you can get a range of 10 different shades of bikes in an affordable option. These frames are crafted with smooth Aluminum that will give you the bike riding you expect with your motorcycle. 

  • The aggressive and fast stance of the bike is attracted to the urban riders. 
  • You will get lightweight Aluminum frames.
  • Attract users with its Aerodynamic look! 
  • You will be amazed by its affordability. 
  • You will have a carefree riding experience for six months. 
  • Assembly is simp-le for a large number of buyers. 
  • It is a great beginner’s bike. 
  • Another best thing that is worth mentioning is the one 1/8-inches fork alloy.
  • The bike has 700x25C Kenda tires and Giordano libero. 
  • The bike is 90% assembled. 

Product Specifications

Wheel Size700 Millimeters
Brake Style:Caliper
Number of Speeds:1
Package Dimensions47,45, 49, 52,55
Frame Material:Aluminmum

Fork alloy 

With the fork alloy, you will get a durable wheel that can run for a long time. Hence, it is the perfect pick for you if you want to move on the busy roads. 

Kenda tires 

It has a 1 1/8 inches alloy fork, which will give you reliability and stability on rough surfaces because it also features the 700 x 25 C Kenda tires. Hence with this bike, you can go wherever you want. 


It is not the fastest bike in the market, but it’s a lot with a consistent brake. You will have the controlled speed over all the busy roads that you want. Single-speed is essential to have an organized rate that will give you the ride you want. 

  • It comes in many colors and sizes
  • The easy method for assembly
  • Well balanced bike
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Not suitable for long term use
  • Uncomfortable seat

Why must you get this bike?

Buying this bike is overall the lucrative option because of its quality and reliability. It is the best model for college students because it is lightweight and easily controllable. 

03- Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600

These bikes are famous as the speed road bikes that offer you agility, speed, and supreme maneuverability. Schwinn bike will afford you the durable frame because of the Aluminum frame and carbon fiber road fork. If you are worried about the high speed that makes this bike out of control, don’t worry. You will still get superior control with the Schwinn bike and get a consistent rate and will ride your body wherever you want to go. You will be surprised that it comes with 90% pre-assembled, and it has a fantastic guide that is easy to follow for all beginners. 

  • These bikes are designed with 700c wheels.
  • The bikes can fit the riders of 5’4”-6’2″ height.
  • You will get lightweight strength and agile because of the Aluminum road bike framed with a carbon road fork. 
  • For a controlled ride, you will get a shifter brake lever combination and micro shift 16-speed
  • Shimano rear derailleur will offer you smooth and precise gear changes. 
  • You can get secure stops with Promax alloy caliper brakes that deliver you a Crip.
  • With outweighing you down, you will get the alloy double-wall rims that will enhance durability.
  • The road style tires will supply smooth and fast riding. 
  • Includes the lifetime warranty for as long as you have owned the cell phone. 
  • Alloy crank will give you a wide range of gear changes.

Product Specifications

Wheel Size700 Millimeters
Brake Style:Caliper
Number of Speeds:16
Package Dimensions51 x 28 x 8 inches
Frame Material:Aluminmum

Robust frame 

It is a robust option that is made up of carbon fiber road fork and Aluminum road frame. We know it is not that much, but it only represents the 10 percent difference in the weight you will feel like on the bike. 

16-speed derailleurs  

The bike will give you the 16-speed derailleur, which is interrogated with a brake/ shift lever combo.

Consistent brake 

Promax alloy will provide the pivot caliper road brakes best for braking power.

  • Durable
  • Range of speed
  • Consistent brake
  • Precise gear system
  • Controlled ride
  • The clicking sound of pedals.
  • Brake cables are wrapped into the grip tape.

Why must you get this bike?

Overall, it is the safe option that provides you a consistent brake system and speed range. It is the perfect pick from the best road bikes under 500 to work on the long roads to give you a relaxed and calm tour. 

04- Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Road Bike

The bike will offer you great value for the price. It looks fantastic due to its eye-catching design, and you will love to ride on this bike every day without any need for repairs any time soon. It is perfect for long distances and on rough surfaces because of its durable tires. Some owners have replaced the pedals and seat. But other than that, you will be delighted with the value you get from the Trinx TEMPO. It is the perfect pick for beginners because it is lightweight, and it has the ideal set of features that sets with their demands:

  • The robust structure due to the Aluminum Alloy frame
  • You will get the fantastic speed of Shimano 21 Speed. 
  • With the Trinx Hi-Ten Steel Fork, you can quickly move through the rough surfaces. 
  • It is portable and light that only weighs around 25 labs.
  • The bike is super unique with TZ50 Derailleur, and TZ31 front, and a Shimano Ao50 shifter. 
  • You can have consistent brakes because of the WinZip Alloy brakes. 
  • Trinx 430mm Hi-TenSteel Road handlebar that will provide you a safe journey with maximum grip.
  • Ride easily on the rough surfaces because of the double-wall rims of Trinx Alloy!
  • The perfect option for beginners 
  • Affordable option 

Product Specifications

Wheel Size700 Millimeters
Brake Style:WinZip Alloy brakes. 
Number of Speeds:16
Package weight25lbs
Frame Material:Aluminmum

Low-cost bike 

It is a low-cost bike with lightweight. Moreover, the structure is long-lasting.

Shifting gears 

The shifting gears are reported to be smooth, which are with Tempo 1.0’s Shimano SL-A050 levers. 


The bike has both drop bars and, across the top, is installed on the Tempo that allowed both aerodynamics and upright riding positions. 

  • Durable
  • Light frame
  • Easy assembly
  • Steel fork absorbs shock and vibrations.
  • Available in different colors
  • Seats are uncomfortable.
  • The brakes are not aligned.

Why buy this bike?

It is the most durable bike with quality features and specifications. If you want the bike that makes you ride through the hill trails, look no further than this bike. 

05- Hiland Road Bike 700c Racing Bike 

Suppose you are searching for the best road bikes for both women and men. Then you are learning about the right motorcycle. It is the ideal urban commuter bike that comes with everything that you need. If you want to maintain your physical fitness or own the commuter bike to travel away from your home daily, it is the pick to choose. It is the perfect bike for the whole family. So, with the affordable price, you can get only one for the entire family.  

  • Sturdy and reliable Aluminum frame 
  • It is the hybrid fitness bike that can be best on roads.
  • You can have the controlled ride because of the Shimano EF 51 3/8 speed shifters.
  • You will have a durable frame with an SST steel fork. 
  • For a controlled ride, its Mechanical disc brake is essential. 
  • You can quickly move around the hilly trail with Kenda 700x40C tires.
  • Shimano Tourney Groupset is also available in 3×7.
  • The bikes are available in 3 sizes. 
  • Great customers service 
  • Safe ride on the bike 
  • Only after some tuning, you will get the best road bike because it is 90% pre-assembled

Product Specifications

Wheel Size700 Millimeters
Brake Style:Caliper
Number of Speeds:14
Package weight50.3 x 28.2 x 8 inches
Frame Material:Aluminmum Alloy


You can enjoy the consistent brake system because of the 180 mm disc brakes and 160mm rear radius. With this brake, you can enjoy busy road biking without any fear. 


You will get the speed with the 24 Shimano gears, so it is perfect for fast riders. 


The bike comes with an eye-sparkling design, and you cannot resist the temptation that you will get with this bike. It is a perfect bike because of its compelling design, which is very hard to find with this price range. 

  • Best customer service
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable
  • Perfect value to your money
  • Best disc brake working.
  • Need professional.
  • Wheels can be out of shape.

Why must you get this bike?

It is the best bike with disc brakes, tubes, and great gears that is certain. All these things will change your biking experience more than ever. 

06- Eurobike Bikes XC550 700C Wheels

If you are buying this road bike, you will get the entire set of Shimano group sets. You can use these bikes for the long term and can get the maximum performance for them. You will also find all the vital equipment with this bike so that you can get different types of racks, fenders, and other accessories. Hence, buying this bike without any time is the best option. Moreover, this bike has all the essential features that make this an ideal pick for the road bike. If you want to learn more about this bike, then read on!

  • High steel and durable steel frame for the road bike 
  • The dual disc brake gives you a consistent brake system. 
  • Get the controlled ride with its 21-speed shifting system! 
  • The package has free pedals that can be rotated clock or anti-clockwise to ensure quality.
  • You can choose the bike according to your height. 
  • The bike comes 85% assembled. You only need to install pedals, handlebars, and air up the tires. 
  • You can get a safe experience while moving on the road. 
  • For further assistance, the product comes with a comprehensive user guide.
  • Perfect for both men and women
  • It offers you a range of gears.

Product Specifications

Wheel Size700 Millimeters
Brake Style:Caliper
Number of Speeds:21
Package weight52 x 28 x 8 inche
Frame Material:Steel

Durable framework 

It is a perfect long-lasting road bike with all the quality materials that build the frame. The frame is made up of high tensile steel that comes with durable strength. 

Speed gear

You will get the range of speed gear, which is essential for riding on the road. You can have optimum control over your ride, direction, and consistency over the whole time. 

Available parts 

The bike comes 85% assembled, and you don’t need to worry about the adjustment of parts because the user guide manual will guide you all about it. 

  • Durable
  • Safe on busy roads
  • Highly tensile
  • Value of your money
  • Easy assembly
  • Lacks handlebar space.
  • The pump will break after first use.

Why must you get this?

With the careful riding and the right adjustment, the construction will withstand forever in the city seat. The overall design comes with the significant sickness to avoid scratches over the steel frame. 

Buying Guide: Best Road Bikes Under 500

Here you will learn about the simple guidance about selecting the best road bikes when you cannot spend more than 500 dollars. The best brands among all are the Bikes EURXC550, 6KU, Trinx TEMPO1, and Euro bike Bikes. Without any delay, let’s dive into what you need to consider while buying a road bike. 

best entry-level road bike 2020

Quality of fork and frame material     

It is the frame that will decide if the ride is weak or sturdy. These two items are made from two different kinds of materials like Carbon, fiber, titanium, and steel. This extensive range of the material will decide the quality of the fork and frame. Let’s study how different materials can impact the bicycle build. 

As a universal fact, all the bikes under $500 will be more than the outfitted with heavier components and wheels, so if the weight on the frame redact, it will make sense. 


It is the most common material which is used for making forks and frames. It gives a lightweight structure that can make the bike speedy, but it will ensure a biker’s safe motorcycle. 

The carbon fiber 

It is the most lightweight material out of all the industries. It can give you superior stiffness and then decrease the probability of failure.

The prices of the road bikes that are made from this material will change gradually. Frames and forks made from carbon material are very sturdy and can control the speed more. 


Steel is another standout material that will assure you of the quality forks and frames of road bikes. If you can find the best steel road bike, then your journey will be tension free, comfortable, and incredible all at the same time. Moreover, steel prices are less than other materials. 


It is the newest kind of material to make forks and frames of your bike from titanium. Moreover, it will give you the combined best experience of all the materials mentioned above. It will provide you with the lightest weight body that is hard to find from any other material. However, the price is more than the other three, but the riding experience is much more than the rest.

Group set quality

The group set is called the mechanical components that can come with bikes. It also has integrated brakes, gear levers, crank set, shifter, cog-set, brake lever, chain, and derailleurs. All the quality of these materials is essential for better performance. 

Manually operated caliper brakes 

Most of the bicycles’ brakes are manually operated to pressurize the brakes levers and wheel rims to slow down the bike. Recently several mechanisms have invented hydraulic and disc brakes. But the caliper braking system will give you a more controlling braking system, but other brakes are essential for the automated functionality. 

Manufacturer’s reputation

Everyone wants to get the products from the reputed brands or manufacturers that are well known. In most cases, brands that are famous for their quality are getting more sales. However, all the brands will produce quality products. 

Gear levels of road bikes 

You must keep a sensitive look into the gear levels of different road bikes. If you can get the quality gear parts on to your roads, your controls must be like the professional bikers. Moreover, the standard gear levels of the road bike can be 21 or 24 gear systems. Before you are buying any bike, check their gear levels. 

Quality chain set      

If you want to have controlled riding, then you can only get that with a quality chain. The number of teeth of the chain will decide the size of the chainset. Moreover, a higher number of chainset can make the chainset larger, and mostly the pro-racer is using it to get more speed. Mostly the standard is 53t/39t, and it will give you the best performance. 

Size of the road bike you must buy. 

If you want to ride comfortably, then always consider your height while buying a bike. When it means to reach out while you are standing or riding, even the bicycle’s size will matter. It is not that funny either and would help if you considered the height of the bike while buying a bike. It is ok if the bike is of the right size for you because there must be a clearance of 2 inches. 

The size that you can reach

Always choose the size that you can reach easily. Your upper body height, including the bike’s top elevation, is essential because it can change the riding experience. Moreover, if you are ok with the size, you must not buy it because you will end up in an uncomfortable bike.

Height when you stand.

When you stop on the road bike, then you have the surface beneath your feet. If the bike is perfect in these regards only then choose it otherwise, you must not buy it. You can get different bikes of different sizes, which is ideal for you for your height. Hence, always choose the bike that is perfect for your height. You will enjoy both the larger size and right size bike. Whether you are a novice or a pro-level rider, you must choose the perfect bike size that will provide you with a comfortable ride. You must check every aspect while buying the bike for under 500 dollars. 

Fixed Road Bikes vs. Geared Road

Here is the difference between the fixed and the geared road bikes.

Fixed bikes advantages 

  • These bikes need low miniatures due to their more straightforward structure.
  • Perfect for flatland rides 
  • If you own a flip-flop hub, you can switch between the freewheel and fixed wheel. 

Disadvantages of Fixie bikes 

  • It will take time to assemble. 
  • Hills are not the place to drive. 
  • Some of the fixes don’t have brakes. 
  • Customizations need some knowledge. 

Advantages of Geared Road

  • Multiple gears will allow you to shift your ride wherever you are riding.
  • The highest speed of all bicycle 
  • Useful for sprinting at high gears 
  • All the bikes are perfect for carbon fiber. 

Disadvantages of Geared Road bikes 

  • They could make it expensive if you got the carbon fiber. 
  • Uncomfortable will leave your seat irritated. 
  • Need special riding. 
  • Are not best for rough pavements. 
best bikes under $500

Precautions for Using Road Bikes

While riding on the speed friendly road bikes, you need to consider some rules that can prevent accidental health damages. You must be cautious about all sorts of speed problems that you can get through bike riding. Here are some essential rules that are important to avoid road bike accidents. 

  • Always wear the helmet on your head while riding. 
  • Always wear gloves on your hands. 
  • Adjust the mirrors to look who is coming behind you. 
  • Keep the reflectors safe from other vehicles. 
  • The light must be mounted on your bike to avoid dark time accidents. 
  • You must check if your tires are inflated correctly or not. 
  • Always ride the bike in the same direction. 
  • Follow the signals, stop at the red lights, obey the traffic signs and stop signs.
  • Use the lanes or paths on which you will see marks! 
  • While traveling with children, be extra cautious. 
  • While riding on the expressways, highways, interstate routes, and thruways are not legal in most countries.
  • Please don’t use our cell phones. 
  • Don’t ride If you are drunk. 
  • Always stay on the right side of the lane. 
  • Consider the driver’s blind spot. 
  • Drive with your one hand on the handlebar at least.
  • Signal well!
  • Stay visible! 
  • Take a mini tool kit when you travel. 
  • Don’t forget to consider sporting your mirror.

For more regulations and rules, check the state traffic laws and your local municipality. 

best hybrid bikes under 500

Traffic Laws of Riding Road Bikes

Depending on your state where you live, there are some passing laws for the helmet and vehicle requirements. All such laws can be varied. There are some basic laws that we strongly recommend all the bikers must wear while traveling.

Follow these all rules so to stay safe while obeying the traffic laws:

Rule no 1.

Check if there is someone else on the roadway, then ride carefully. 

Rule no 2. 

Ride in the same directions while following the traffic rules.

Rule no 3 

Obey every traffic signal and sing.

Rule no 4.

Never ride on the sidewalk. 

Rule no 5. 

Yield before you are changing your directions.

Rule no 6.

Always use the hand’s signals. 

best road bikes 2020

Gears essential to keep you safe. 

  • Reflector’s 
  • Lights 
  • Helmets
  • Bike bells 
  • High-visibility clothing 
  • Mirrors of helmet

FAQs: Best Road Bikes Under 500

Is it cheaper to build your road bike?

It mostly costs less to buy a complete bike than when you are building up from the frame. It is valid for almost every part. However, you can get a discount because of the different deals on different pages. You can use lightweight components and frames. In this case, building your bike can be cheaper. 

It would help if you visited shops around 3-4 times to have the wheels that are returned, and some parts must be upgraded, for example, parts like the saddle; hence everything must be simple for you to ride and sit. 

What size road bike should I ride?

You might be traveling the bike with a smaller size or maybe flexible with the smaller frames. If you want to find the perfect riding bike, then you need to check the right bike with your height. If you cannot touch your toes, it is better to choose the right size. 

How much should I spend on a road bike?

You can buy any affordable bike and be happy. About $1000-2000 is on the high-quality bikes used. It will last up to 5 -10 years. It might seem too much money, but you don’t need to maintain your cycle again and again, so it is the right decision. 

Is a Trek bike worth the money?

Trek is priced as compared to other bikes. In most areas, they tend to sell around 10% on average, which is about $1000, not much. Hence, you will feel worth buying the bike itself. 

Are expensive bikes faster?

Yes, 80% of expensive bikes are good, but you don’t need to worry. Only 20% of bikes are expensive. If you get some affordable price features, then there is no bad in it. Features like Aerodynamic wheel set are making a difference. However, benefits cannot kick at any stage. To make a difference, you must get 15 mph. 

Does cycling give you a flat stomach?

A flat stomach is the dream of every workout buff, and cycling can help with that. You need to follow the combined strategies of a healthy diet, excursion, and cycling to get visible results. Hence in this way, you will get the training to get a flat stomach. Moreover, the bike is an excellent tool that makes you promote fat loss and scorch calories. 

Is Cannondale better than Trek?

When you are comparing both manufactures, Cannondale is the winner in terms of innovations and research. Moreover, on average, the bikes of these brands will give you a better riding experience. However, the trek is also the second good brand but drops down because of the price tag. Mostly 99% of the entry-level road of treks will meet all your needs. 

Are road bikes worth it?

A bike on the road is well worth it because, with the bike, you will go faster with less effort than the hybrid or any other type of bike. Moreover, the touring bike is also the best bike for you, the distant bike rides. The main difference between both brands is their price tags and extra weight. 

How to do assembly to your new entry-level road bike?

It would help if you assembled the handlebars, pedals, front wheel and then seat yourself. You will also need to check the gear and break system. 

Are you a road biking maniac and looking to get an affordable Road Bike?

If yes, then look no further than the Bikes EURXC550, because these are the fantastic bikes in your price range. You will be surprised by the features of this bike. With the durable and eye-catching structure, this bike will be the ideal pick. 

How much should I spend on a cheap road bike?

Always buy the smart, and you must get most of your money value. The reasonable amount of owning the bike is $500, and we have mentioned the best six bikes on our list. 

Our Recommendation

Bikes EURXC550 are an affordable option. It is the perfect pick for both experienced and novice. It might seem like an entry-level bike, but the experts can also take the bike because of the attractive price tag. Hence, it is the perfect option because of its features and specifications, including speed control, gear range, wheel size, etc. 

[amazon box=” B078J35LPV”]

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Bottom Note 

For all those who want the road bike to pursue their road bike hobby or sport, that is fun. WE have listed the best road bikes for you under $500. You will be amazed by buying any of them because of their specifications. Purchasing an affordable motorcycle is an excellent idea to keep yourself fit and healthy with the perfect regime. 

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