Best Slackline Kit for Beginners | Top 6 Picks From Amazon on 2022

My kid urged me to bring a slackline. I could not say no to them. Therefore, I, with my wife, inquired about the best slackline kit for beginners. After an intense search, I found these slackliners. But I could not trust everything blindly.

Moreover, I love my children, so I cannot give them something that does not suit them. What I most like about these slackliners is their safety and easy setup. Interestingly, these slackliners proved best for the adult, too. My kids were thrilled with what I brought for them. I felt proud of myself. I also suggest these slackliners to all those who are beginners.

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What is Slackline?

Slackline is a special rope that is tied on two poles. What is special about the slackline? It is not like ordinary rope because it is broader and more robust than ordinary rope. Also, the slackline is soft and flat, which helps one to walk on it easily. Therefore, it is used for walking, running, and balancing. In turn, all this process improves the health and balance of the user. Moreover, it increases the focus. It has everything with it that helps one to learn this art of slacklining – Things such as mainline, training line, tree protector, and instruction manual.

Benefit of Slackline

You may ask that yes, you enjoy walking on the slackline, but what are the benefits, besides fun. There are many benefits. Some of them are as below.

When you first time walks on a gibbon slackline, you fall and stumble. Slowly and gradually, you learn to walk with proper balance and without falling. Subsequently, it indicates that you have improved your balance. Thus, it helps you improve the balance.

No one can refute the importance of body work out because it is vital for a healthy life. When you walk or run on the slackline, you use all of your body parts. Therefore, it results in work out of not only the body but mind, too. Besides a complete workout, walking on the slackline is a meditative exercise. 

Since you know it is a meditative exercise, it improves your focus and eliminates stress and anxiety. Also, reports indicate that walking and fun on slackline reduce depression.

Like many other sports where you need training, slackline training is a need, too. Interestingly, walking on slacking, in turn, trains you in other sports. Further, it improves posture, which is desired by a keen dancer. Hence, besides fun, slackline has many other benefits.

Types of Slacklining

It is described that slacklining is a sport or activity in which one has to walk or bounce on a rope. However, it has many types depends on the way the slackline is fixed. These include waterline, highland, trick-line, yoga-line, and Redeo-line. 

The waterline is slacking, where the mainline is tied over the water. It is difficult slacklining, but it is the safest slacklining. It is difficult in the sense that it is complicated to maintain balance when looking at fluctuating water. Simultaneously it is safe because there are very slim chances of injury in water.

Highland slacklining is usually said to be thrilling. It is exhilarating because the mainline is tied high up. However, it is not much thrilling because of extra backup at every point. It makes it the safest slacklining.

The webbing is stretchy in trick-line slacklining, and one performance other than walking like jumping, spinning, and flipping.

The name yoga suggests that the yoga-line is the slacklining where one has to stay in a yoga position on the slacklining.

Instead of in straight line, slackline in redeoline is in u-shape. It is not tensioned on the webbing.

What to Look for Before Buying Best Slackline Kit for Beginners?

When the beginner has to buy the slackline, she/he must be careful. Further, one has to take the below-given things into account. In case you don’t pay heed and are a beginner, be ready for a mess. You need to consider the width, rigidity, ratchet system, and safety. Moreover, accessories are also crucial for the beginner. 

Best Slackline Kit for Beginners


The slackline initially had a 25mm width. Nonetheless, some slacklines have 50mm widths. For the beginner, width 2 is necessary. Since the beginner is in the initial stage, it helps training him/her. All enlisted slacklines in this article have 50mm widths.


For the beginner, the rigidity of the slacklines should be enhanced. The slackline with less rigidity will have more stretch and will swing more. If the stretch is more, the slackline should be in highland; and, if it swings more, the balance will be difficult. Therefore, a beginner needs one with more rigidity.

Ratchet System

The ratchet system for the beginner is necessary. It is required because, due to the ratchet system, one can easily set up and take down the slackline. 


Since the beginners are naïve at slacklining, they have to make sure they 100% safe. Therefore, buy only from the websites which are authentic and responsible. Many websites claim 100% safety, but the result proves quite contrary.


Some accessories come in handy for beginners. First, the instructional manual helps one to set up and take down. Next, the tree guard protects not only the tree but also prevents the slackline to worn out. These are but a few accessories. If you can have all accessories, nothing will be better than that.  

If you carefully consider these above-given things, you will be saved in your slacklining. It should be noted that the enlisted slacklines, in this article, have all the features.

Comparison Table for Best Slackline Kit for Beginners

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6 Best Slackline Kit for Beginners Product Review, Features

01- flybold Slackline Kit

The first in the list, the flybod slackline, is the best slackline and has some fantastic features to help the beginner slackline safely. Yes, safety is ensured in this slackline. It has 50mm width webbing that is always suggested for the beginner. Moreover, the ratchet system helps you set up and take down the slackline easily. Also, when you are naïve at slackline, you will be trained by this slackline. Further, you can see the features of this best slackline for beginners. The storage bag, with this best slackline, protects the slackline itself.


  • mainline
  • training line
  • ratchets for the mainline
  • ratchets for training line
  • bag
  • instructional manual 
  • working line 57 feet
  • tree protects
  • arm trainer
  • ratchet protector

Ratchet for the mainline

When you set up the slackline, you need to tension the line. There are many tensioning systems. Among many tensioning methods, the ratchet system is the best and easy for the beginner.

57 ft. line

The webbing is 57 feet. And, it is the ideal length for the beginner. Similarly, this length is neither too short nor too long. Therefore, the 57 feet webbing is perfect and lightweight.

Tree protects

When you do not have a spider outdoor slackline, you need two trees in your area for the slacklining. If you slackline, the tree will be hurt. However, the tree protector, with this kit, will protect the tree.

  • Longer line
  • Perfect for beginner
  • Safe
  • Solid
  • Easy step
  • Less thick line
  • Less than 60 ft. line

Why should you buy this?

If you are a beginner, you should buy this flybold slackline without a second thought. It has solid webbing and a wide mainline. Moreover, it is easy to set up and take down. 

02- Complete Slackline Kit with Training Line

If you plan to buy your kid a slackline kit, what could be better than this slackline kit? This best slackline for beginners is specially made for the kids. Therefore, it is ideal for the beginner. It can be a perfect gift for your kids. With three years warranty, the durability of this gibbon slackline is secured.

Moreover, the 50mm mainline help the kid to improve the balance. The length of the mainline is also ideal. With a storage bag, one can easily transport this slackline. Further, you can see the features and appreciate the worth of this slackline kit, not trees.


  • Holdover 300 lbs.
  • three-year warranty 
  • 52 feet line with 2-inch width
  • Tree protector with guide loop
  • Carry bag
  • Instruction sheet
  • Ratchet for training 
  • Complete kit
  • 8 feet ratchet loop for the mainline
  • Ideal for kids

Ratchet loop

The long ratchet loop is advantageous for many reasons. In many cases, it is difficult to find a slim tree. If you cannot find a slender tree, you can do with a fat one because the 8 feet ratchet loop for the mainline can do just OK with the fat-tree.  


The warranty for this slackline for beginners is proof of its durability and safety. Safety is the principal thing for the beginner. Also, a warranty guarantees the durability of this slackline. 

Holds over 300 lbs. 

Like the warranty, this feature proves that the slackline is solid. It can hold over 300 lbs. It is possible because the webbing is thick. The thick webbing is suitable for the beginner because it feels soft on feet with thick webbing.

  • Super strong
  • Lightweight
  • Quality material
  • Easy to setup
  • Perfect for beginner
  • Without training line
  • Ideal only for kids

Why should you buy this?

The safety of the beginner with this slackline for beginners is secured. How is it possible? It is likely due to the thick and solid main slackline. Therefore, this slackline kit with no trees is ideal to purchase.

03- Premium Slackline Kit 60ft Longest Ever

Do you need a slackline that can be of use to every family member and friend? Yes, you would say. This slackline for beginners is perfect for all ages, whether kids or adults. What does make it ideal for all ages? The safety, durability, and easy to set up system makes it perfect for all age people.

Moreover, it has all the features that a slackline lover wants. With an instruction book, beginners are tension free. Now, slackline can’t be better than that. However, if you are not satisfied, you can assure yourself by glancing at all the fantastic features.


  • Perfect for all
  • Three-year warranty 
  • Holdover 300 lbs. 
  • Easy to setup 
  • Main slack 60 ft
  • Ratchet loop eight ft
  • Instruction booklet
  • Carry bag
  • Tree protector with guide loop
  • Fully tested

Perfect for all

Some are especially for the kids, and others are for the adult. However, this best slackline for the beginner is perfect for people of all ages. Therefore, nothing can bar you from fun and full-body works out. Also, any member of the family can use this slackline. 

Easy to setup

The beginner’s important thing is that the slackline should be set up quickly and taken down accordingly. With the instruction booklet, this slackline is easy to set and takedown. Therefore, the beginner can enjoy their passion for a slackline.

Fully tested

The next thing after the easy setup is safety. Many slacklines claim to be safe but rarely is it true. This slackline not only safe but thoroughly tested safe. As a result, the beginner can enjoy their slacklining without any worry.

  • Long slacking
  • Tight rope
  • Durable
  • Best quality
  • Safe
  • No arm trainer
  • Without training line

Why should you buy this?

What does a beginner want in a slackline? Safety, durability, and ease – these are the things desired by the beginner. This best slackline for beginners meets all these criteria. Consequently, it is ideal to buy this slackline.

04- Slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line

Another ideal slackliner is the best slackliner list; this slackliner is best for the beginner for many reasons. Since the beginner needs to learn the art of slackliner, s/he needs to be trained. For the training, this slackliner has the teaching line.

Therefore, quickly you will be the master of slacklining. With its fifty feet mainline, the width of the mainline is 50mm. Also, it has all the necessary accessories that make the slackliner ideal for the beginner. Moreover, you can set this slackliner up if you follow the given guidelines. Further, you can see the features provided below.


  • Storage bag
  • Instructional manual 
  • Easy setup
  • Quality material
  • Extra training line
  • Wide Nylon Webbing
  • Best for beginner
  • For all ages
  • Training slackline
  • Teaching line

Training line

For the beginner, it isn’t easy to maintain the balance on the slackline. Therefore, for them, the training line is necessary. The training line makes slacklining safe and secure. Moreover, a training line is required for the kids.

Quality material

The slackline may prove dangerous if the slackline has not utilized the quality material. Quality material in this slackline prevents the slackline from hurting you. Therefore, it not only makes the slackline safe but also durable.

Instructional manual

When you do not know the ABC of slackline, you need to have the instructional manual. The instructional manual helps the beginners learn the art of slackline. Therefore, you will be able to set up slackline easily and train yourself quickly.

  • Solid line
  • Risk-free
  • Lasts long
  • Best for the beginner of all ages
  • Attractive bag
  • Without warranty
  • Not 60 ft. line

Why should you buy this?

You should buy this best ninja slackline for many reasons. A few will be enlisted brief to make it ideal to be purchased. The instructional manual will help you learn the art of slackline quickly. Also, you can set up and take down the slackline easily.

05- ZenMonkey Slackline Kit

Does your family want to enjoy the slacklining? If yes, then this slackliner is perfect for family fun. Along with your safety, the safety of your children is secured with the help of this slackliner. It has all the amenities which a beginner wants. This slackliner has an instructional guide with it to help you set up the slackline easily.

Moreover, this slackliner has a training line and ratchet with a solid mainline to help the beginner be trained. Interestingly, the tree which you choose will be protected with the help of tree protectors. It also includes the arm trainer. Check the below-given feature, and you will realize the worth of this slackliner.  


  • Mainline & ratchet
  • Training line & ratchet
  • Arm trainer 
  • Tree protector 
  • Storage Bag
  • Setup instruction
  • Multi-weave webbing
  • Safety ensured 
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy takedown

Training line & ratchet

The training line with the ratchet system makes this slackliner best for the beginner. You will have two lines: one for waling on and the other for holding on to maintain the balance. Therefore, the beginners will be safe when they walk on this slackline. Further, the training line will help train the beginner.  

Tree protector

Two ratchet loops of the slackline must be tied around the trees. This loop may harm the tree. Therefore, a tree protector is necessary. This slackline has two tree protectors to save the trees. 

Setup instruction

The setup of the slackliner for the beginner should be easy. But how will the setup be made easy? With setup instruction, it is easy to set up the slackline. Further, it will also be easy to take down the slackline. With little guidelines, you will be an expert soon. 

  • Complete kit
  • Longer line
  • Helpful for beginner
  • Highest-grade Material
  • Soft underfoot
  • Without outdoor setup
  • No warranty

Why should you buy this?

It has a mainline of 60 feet and a training line with the ratchet system. It has an instructional manual with it and is safe for the beginner. Therefore, you should buy this for convenient slacklining.

06- Get Out! Slackline Beginner Kit

This classic slackliner is best for both kids and adults. It has all the features that a beginner wants to have. Due to quality material, this slackliner is durable. Likewise, it is safer than many other slackliners. It has a storage bag and can be set up quickly with the help of an instructional manual. Further, the below-given features will clarify the picture of this slackliner. It beats many slackliners in the market.


  • Strong webbing
  • Hold 150kgs 
  • Two tree protectors
  • 50-foot x 2-inches slackline
  • 50-foot training line
  • drawstring adventure bag
  • easy setup
  • convenient to store 
  • perfect for all-age
  • quality material 

Strong webbing

This slackliner has a strong webbing that proves durable. Therefore, the webbing will last longer. Further, strong webbing is safe to walk one. The injuries’ chances are very slim because this webbing will not snap and can hold more weight.

Two tree protectors

Of course, your safety is necessary, but the safety of nature is equally important. This slackliner has two tree protectors to protect the tree trunk. Instead of using a local towel for the protection, use the material provided in the kit.

50 feet x 2 slackline

The length of the mainline is 50 feet, and the width of the mainline is 50mm. The length is not too long. However, the width is ideal for the beginner.

  • Risk-free
  • Long slackline
  • Safe for beginner
  • With instruction
  • Durable
  • Less than 60 ft. line
  • Without warranty

Why should you buy this?

You this buy this for two reasons: it is a risk-free slackliner for you and the tree. Therefore, beginners should buy this.

Buyers Guide on Best Slackline Kit for Beginners

What is vital in these best slackliners for beginners that you should ensure before you buy them? Since you’re a beginner, you need to be extra cautious. Some vital details are going to be enlisted here. These slackliners are the best; then the question is what makes them best for the beginner. This is the question to be answered here.  

First of all, you need to ensure that you buy the product from an authentic platform. Being a beginner, you cannot say which product is right and which is wrong. Therefore, instead of purchasing on any local platform, select a platform like Amazon.

slackline kit no trees


The width of most of the slackliners is 25mm, which is suitable for the expert. However, this can prove very dangerous for the beginner. Therefore, beginners need to have the main line with 50mm in width. Since you will be naïve at the slacklining, the balance will be challenging to maintain on a 25mm width line. 

Trailing line and ratchet

These above-mentioned best slackliners have training line and ratchet. The training line and ratchet are the same as the mainline and ratchet. But the difference is, the training line and ratchet are tied above your head. It is beneficial for the beginner because it helps maintain balance.

Arm trainer

After the training line and ratchet comes the arm trainer. It is equipment that is set across the training line to have some support. Without an arms trainer, the training line will have little value. Interestingly, all the above-given slackliners have this necessary accessory.

Solid Mainline and ratchet

All the slackliners must have the mainline and ratchet because the slackliner will be incomplete without them. But the solid slackline is rarely found. These enlisted slackliners have solid mainline and ratchet, which are relatively safe.  

Storage bag

All the best slackliners for beginners mentioned above have a storage bag. The storage bag helps the slackliners to be stored easily. Further, it will be easy to transport the slackliners. Also, it improves the lifespan of a slackliner. 

Tree protector

Trees protector is also an essential accessory that a best ninja slackline kit can provide. It saves trees from hurt. Therefore, you can slackliner every time on your chosen trees. Also, nature will be protected. 

Instructional manual

First of all, the best slackliner for beginners must be easy to set up and take down. How will it be possible? It will be possible with the help of the instructional manuals provided with all the above-given slackliners. Also, you will master the art of slacklining with the help of the instructional manual.

Thick webbing

The webbing is also called the mainline. For an excellent mainline, it is necessary to be thick. There are two advantages of the thick webbing: firstly, it will make the webbing strong and, as a result, safe; secondly, the thick webbing will feel soft on the feet for the maintenance of the balance.


Last but not least, a slackliner must have some warranty. These above-given slackliners have the warranty. Further, some have more while others have less, but none is without a warranty.

These are the things that a beginner should look into the slackliner. All these things and accessories are included in the above-given slackliners.

How to Setup a Slackline

If you want to set up your slackline for the first time, you need to follow this procedure. Make sure that the slackline is knee-high and the distance between the trees is short. Therefore, first, you need to spot the close trees.

Step one: run your slackline around the tree and pass the loop through the ratchet. When you run the slackline around the tree, make sure that the slackline is nice and straight. 

Step two: once you have run the slackline around one tree, do the same on the second tree. You can use a towel to protect the tree trunk from damage.

Step three: once you have run the slackline around both trees and passed the loop through the ratchet, you need to bring the slackline to the ratchet and pass through it. Now pull it as much as you want to make it tight. Make sure that it does not have any twist.  

This process may seem more straightforward but will prove difficult when you practically apply it. Therefore, you must have an easy setup system and manual instruction. All the above-given slacklines have the manual instructions. With them, everything will be easy. 

Slackline Webbing?

Slackline webbing is another name of the slackline. However, slackline includes all the things, but webbing consists of the rope (the term used for understanding). When you buy the slackline, you need to consider webbing. To understand what slackline webbing is, you need to understand the slackline to other parts of the slackline.  

Length: slackline webbing come in a variety of length, i.e., 52ft or 60 ft. the more, the better. It would help if you thought that when the beginner needs close distance, why need long webbing. One day, you will be an expert, so buy slackline with the long webbing. 

Width: the webbing comes in 25mm and 50mm. The 50mm width is better for the beginner. The wide webbing will be helpful for the beginner to maintain the balance. Therefore, you need to buy a slackline with 50mm. 

Thickness: some webbings are thick, and others are not. Those slacklines which have thick webbing is good for balance and soft feet on feet. Further, it also makes the webbing last longer than others.

Weight: the weight of the webbing is necessary. You can easily move lightweight webbing. Therefore, weight should be taken into account when the slackline is bought.

slackline for beginners

Slackline Tensioning Systems

What is the slackline tensioning system? The slackline tension is the system in which you tight the line into the ratchet system. After pulling the webbing line enough into the ratchet, you need to lock the ratchet so that the tension should not go loose. But there is more than meets the eye. If you are a beginner, you need to make a knee distance from the ground. Therefore, the tension you correctly so that the slackline should not touch the ground when you balance the weight. There are many types of slackline tensioning systems. Some of them are given below.

Ratchet: It is a simple mechanism that uses many levers to put tension on the webbing. When you want to increase the tension, the force has to be increased too. At last, you can lock the ratchet. 

Primitive system: instead of the pulley, it uses the carabiners. Also, it uses a webbing line instead of a rope.

Soft Release: this is a simple brake-free system. Instead of pulley and carabiners, the shackles and knots are utilized to secure the slackline. It is usual when releasing the system, also when tensioning.

There are other minor slackline tensioning systems. However, these are the major which must be taken into account.

zen monkey complete kit

Frequent Asked Questions on Best Slackline Kit for Beginners

What is a reasonable slackline distance for beginners? 

The distance from the ground to slackline, for beginners, should be of knee height. More than that may prove unsafe for the beginner.

How do you slackline for beginners?

First, the distance should be knee height; then, you should proceed further. Stretch out your arms, straighten your chest and look straight to the tree you are walking. That’s how a beginner should slackline.

Is slacklining a good workout?

It is not only useful but the best workout. It helps improve balance, focus, and core strength. Similarly, it gets rid of anxiety, stress, and depression. Further, it is considered as a meditative exercise, too.

How do I pick a slackline?

If you are a beginner – which you must be – you need to pick a more rigid slackline. The rigid slackline can easily be set on knee height. The knee height is recommended for beginners.

How dangerous is slacklining?

It can be very dangerous but in a specific condition. If the slackline is tightly stretch, it can cause a severe injury when it breaks. However, for beginners, safety measures are recommended.

Is slacklining easier than tightrope?

The process is the same. However, the difference is there. In tightrope, one uses rope or wire, while, in slackline, the webbing is used.

The width of the webbing is usually greater. Therefore, a slackline is more comfortable than a tightrope.

Is slackline dangerous?

No, it is not dangerous if the proper measures are taken. It is less hazardous for a beginner, but it can prove hazardous when the slackline is thrilling.

Why do climbers slackline?

The climber is one who climbs on the highest mountains. Therefore, s/he needs to learn the art of balancing the body weight. The slackline improves balance. Subsequently, climbers use slackline to enhance balance.

Is a slackline just a ratchet strap?

The ratchet strap is essential, but that does not mean slackline is only a ratchet strap. These straps have webbing, training line, and ratchet system.

How tight should a slackline be?

It should not be too tight. Similarly, it should not be too loose. When the slackline is too tight, it will snap. When it is too loose, it can touch the ground when you make the balance.

Can you slackline without trees?

Sometimes it is hard to find trees. But yes, it is very much possible to slackline without trees. If you have a spider slackline outdoor kit, you do not need a tree for a slackline.

What’s the point of slacklining?

Slacklining is fun. Besides, it has many other advantages. For instance, it improves balance, gets rid of stress, and is a complete body workout.

Does slackline hurt trees?

Yes, the slackline may prove very harmful for trees. Therefore, you need to do something to protect them. When you run the slackline around the tree, use a towel between the tree trunk and slackline.

Our Recommendation for the Best Slackline Kit for Beginners

When you read the entire article, you will need not have any recommendations because you will be theoretically an expert in slackline by then. These above-given slacklines are best for the beginner with top-rated brands. These all are safe and easy to setup. Nonetheless, one should be recommended. “Flybold Slackline Kit” is the best for the beginner. It was quite challenging to choose among the all six best.

[amazon box=” B01LZWDIPM “]

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After an intense search and extensive consultation, this article came into being. The slackline kits included in the report are all of the best quality and are especially for beginners. Furthermore, it incorporates all the related information that a beginner must be aware of before slacklining. 

Since this article is primarily for the beginner, those who are expert can also take some help. The sole motive behind this article was to familiarize you with the essential things related to the slackline kits. Also, your search is made easier due to the best slackline included in the article. These slackline kits are 100% for the beginner. 

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