Best Shooting Glasses with Ear Muffs | 6 Highest Rated Glasses on 2022

I love adventures such as shooting and going hunting, especially during the winter holidays and autumn. My wife often accompanies me too. At first, we were having a bit of difficulty regarding the safety measure. There was always something missing.

We were not happy about some features until one day. My wife came across the best shooting glasses with earmuffs. She purchased a pair for herself specified for women, and I had lots of options to choose from. In this article, we will review those products in detail for your better understanding.

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Benefits of Wearing Best Shooting Glasses with Earmuffs

Wear safety glasses with earmuffs have lots of advantages. Such as:

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is considered a compulsory part of firearm safety. Constant exposure to loud noises or firearms without the essential safety measures causes the risk of hearing loss. Higher frequency sounds such as “v,” “s,” or “th” cause more damage.

Best Shooting Glasses with Ear Muffs

Decibel Range

A decibel is a unit used for measuring the intensity of sound. Its sound increases twice with an increase of 3 decibels, and so on. However, different firearms produce a diverse range of sounds. Let’s see why is hearing protection essential while using firearms or being in their vicinity:

shooting glasses that don t interfere with ear muffs

Permanent Hearing Loss

Sounds of 140 dB or louder not only make you uncomfortable and produce a ringing sensation in the ears, but they also cause permanent hearing damage and, sometimes, loss. Let’s make it easier for you to understand, a whisper is a 20 dB, and heavy traffic emits almost 80 decibels.

A rocket launching sound is 180 decibels, but prolonged exposure to any sound more than 85 decibels causes’ severe damage to your hearing sense.

best shooting ear muffs

Kinds of Hearing Protection

Generally, there are two types of hearing protection Earmuffs and Earplugs.

Earplugs are considered better than earplugs as they enter the canal; however, both reduce 15 to 32 decibels of sound. A combination of earmuffs and earplugs can reduce the NRR ratio, which is an American standard of noise reduction and guarantees your hearing protection.

best hearing protection for shooting 2020

Eye Protection

Shooting glasses, or any other protection glasses, prevent your eyes from getting hurt in numerous ways. Whenever you are at a hunting or shooting site, many hazards exist; some of them you may not even realize.

best shooting ear defenders

Protection from Air Pollution

Eyewear protects our eyes from environmental pollution, dust particles, or other harmful material from entering our eyes. During spring, when it’s the season of pollen, or even in winters, snowy cold winds make your eyes watery, and you lose focus.

electronic ear plugs for shooting

Gun Powder

Safety glasses provide a shield against gun powder because sometimes the shooter does not even realize while shooting, but some of the powder can blowback and burn your eyes.

Help you see Better

Besides providing a safety shield, safety glasses also help you see better at adventure sites, making the experience much enjoyable for you.

Given below are the details of six shooting glasses and earmuffs combo. Keep reading to learn more about them:

Comparison Table for Best Shooting Glasses with Ear Muffs

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6 Best Shooting Glasses with Ear Muffs Product Review, Features

01- Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff

We use earmuffs to protect our hearing, as they reduce the decibel exposures. Earplugs or earmuffs also protect against hearing loss, as they provide significant protection against noise; if used correctly. These Howard Leight electronic ear muffs are considered one of the best shooting ear muffs, and they also come with safety eyewear. Due to their outstanding quality, this pair is believed to be one of the best shooting glasses with earmuffs. To learn more about this product, let’s take a look at their features:

  • The built-in microphones are directional in these ear muffs.
  • Specialized microphones amplify the ambient sounds to a safe 82dB.
  • These earmuffs provide more natural listening.
  • Noise is blocked out passively at 30dB.
  • These earmuffs include 2AAA batteries.
  • 3.5mm connection cord for MP3 and scanners is also connected.
  • The 4-hour auto shut-off feature enhances battery life.
  • The uni-lens style provides maximum protective coverage for eyes.
  • Eyewear provides superior peripheral vision.
  • Soft and elastomer brow guard provides comfort at all points.

In-built Microphones

The special in-built microphones in these electronic ear muffs are directional and amplify range commands. They also balance the ambient sounds to a safe 82 dB limit, providing a more natural listening experience. All of this helps the shooter in having enhanced communication.

Blocks the Noise

Howard Leight ear muffs actively listen and automatically shut off the amplification whenever the ambient sound reaches 82 dB. These also passively block the noise at 30 dB, making them exemplary earmuffs for shooting.

Uni-lens Eyewear

Howard Leight eyewear has a 9-base wraparound uni-lens style that offers enhanced protection to the eyes. Moreover, it provides protective coverage and increased peripheral vision while providing comfort at all points.

  • Shuts off noise automatically.
  • Comfortable eyewear.
  • Eyewear has a clear lens of R-03570.
  • It increased peripheral vision.
  • 2 AAA batteries.
  • 3.5mm cord for an MP3 player.
  • These cannot be folded.

Why should you buy these?

Howard Leight electronic ear muffs with protective eyewear are a must buy if you love hunting and shooting. These protect your ears from hearing loss and give an enhanced peripheral vision while being comfortable and protecting your eyesight.

02- TRADESMART Pink Ear Muffs & Clear/Tinted Glasses

The vision protection and comprehensive hearing make this set one of the best shooting glasses with earmuffs. These are helpful for construction sites, at the firearms range, and other similar noisy sites. These are highly effective and comfortable for both; adults and children. To learn further about these wonderful ear muffs and shooting glasses, head on to the features section.

  • This kit is highly effective for various loud and noisy places.
  • TRADE SMART ear muffs are perfect for construction sites.
  • A six-piece noise filtration system blocks different frequencies.
  • Safety glasses fit perfectly and are incredibly comfortable.
  • The eyewear is an anti-fog that makes it perfect for cold weather too.
  • Clear vision is ensured due to scratch-resistant coating.
  • TRADESMART glasses fit both; adults and children.
  • The eyewear is comfortable and can be worn for hours.
  • Earmuffs and eyewear are ANSI, AS/NS, and CE compliant.
  • TRADE SMART allows you to experience safety and style simultaneously.


TRADE SMART introduced these stylish yet efficient earplugs and glasses that ensure the customers’ vision and hearing. If you love shooting and hunting but are conscious about your safety, these earmuffs and eyewear will help you out, as it promises the style and safety.

Noise Reduction

These earmuffs are of premium quality that has a technologically advanced, six-piece noise filtration system. This twin cup filter blocks the high, mid, and low range frequencies efficiently and effectively.


TRADE SMART ear muffs and eyewear fit the children and adults perfectly and are so comfortable to wear that they can hunt around or have fun in a noisy place for hours wearing them. These products are CE, ANSI, and AS/NZS compliant, so they ensure your safety along with comfort.

  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Offer complete protection.
  • Anti-fog and scratch-resistant.
  • They have an advanced filtration system.
  • Clear vision.
  • Perfect gifts for female hunters.
  • These are not electronic

Why should you buy these?

TRADE SMART donates about 20% of its profits to the programs that help underprivileged children. They make not only our adventures safer but their lives too. So buying these also makes you a part of their philanthropic scheme other than ensuring your comfort, safety, and a great experience.

03- TRADESMART Shooting Earmuffs and Anti Fog Scratch-Resistant Safety Glasses Combo

Comprehensive hearing, comfort, clear vision, reduced noise pollution, and many other great qualities are why these TRADE SMART shooting ear muffs and safety glasses are considered the best shooting glasses with earmuffs. To learn more about the fantastic qualities possessed by this safety set, keep on reading.

  • TRADE SMART safety kit provides complete protection from noise pollution.
  • Earmuffs protect your hearing in a noisy neighborhood.
  • The advanced filtration system in the earmuffs offers comprehensive hearing.
  • Earmuffs can block frequencies of different ranges.
  • Safety glasses are anti-fog and are reliable for winters.
  • The glass for eyewear is scratch resistant.
  • Safety glasses are comfortable enough to be worn for several hours.
  • Ear cushions are soft and convenient to wear.
  • The design is foldable, which makes this safety set easily portable.
  • UV lenses protect your eyes from glare.

High Spec

The six-piece noise filtration system and twin cup block different frequency ranges, whether they are low, high, or mid frequencies. This feature helps keep your hearing sense from damaging and makes the shooting and hunting experience fun.

Can be used for different purposes

These earmuffs and eyewear are perfect for vision and hearing protection whether you are at a construction site, going for a hunt or shooting practice, industrial works and road maintenance, and many more.

Can be given as gifts

TRADE SMART ear muffs and eyewear set are unisex and can be given to any of your friends or family members regardless of gender. The slick yellow color makes it look cool, and the comfortable ear cushions make these an excellent choice for adventures.

  • Wide variety of uses.
  • Ear and eye safety
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Unisex color.
  • Anti-fog eyewear.
  • It does not come with a storage case.

Why should you buy this?

The comfortable ear muffs cushion and anti-fog eyewear are enough of a reason to buy these shooting glasses for adventure; since these can be worn for more extended hours while having uninterrupted fun.

04- Trade Smart Shooting Range Earmuffs & Glasses

TRADE SMART donates about 20% of its profits to causes that help underprivileged children. Not only this, their products are incredibly reliable. Their safety glasses ensure a clear view, and no for even if you wear them for hours in winters. The ear cushions are soft and comfortable to wear. To learn more about these products, head on to their features section.

  • No pressure at temples due to non-rigid design
  • The wraparound lens does not impair the vision.
  • This safety glasses and ear muffs set keeps you alert throughout the day.
  • For a variety of head sizes, a comfortable fit is assured.
  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Safety glasses are anti-fog so that you can wear them for longer durations.
  • UV400 screening protects your eyes from the blazing sun.
  • Availability of shock-absorbing pads
  • You can aim with 100% clarity.
  • TRADESMART can be used for a variety of tasks.

Ear Protection

TRADE SMART ear muffs protect your ears from ballistic sounds, as these have NRR 28 noise reduction and provide complete shielding in noisy places such as construction sites, shooting, hunting, etc.

Non-rigid Eyewear

The non-rigid eyewear design eliminates the pain at the temples. The wraparound lens and soft rubber nose guard does not impair the vision. They also keep you fresh and active throughout the day.

Fits a range of head sizes

The flexible construction of TRADE SMART eyewear and earmuffs makes these fit for different head sizes. Even children can wear them too.

  • No temple stress.
  • Flexible design.
  • Radiant colors.
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch eyewear
  • Protect you from the ballistic sound.
  • The eyewear cannot be worn over prescription glasses.

Why should you buy them?

There are plenty of reasons to buy TRADE SMART products. They are comfortable, protect our eyesight, prevent hearing loss, and not cause stress on temples. All these qualities make them one of the best shooting glasses with earmuffs.

05- Howard Leight by Honeywell Women’s Shooting Sports Safety Combo Kit

A shooting gear specifically for women! It has been designed to fit women, hunters, and shooters, perfectly since women have small head sizes compared to men and shorter temples, slimmer nose bridge, overall narrower width, and light in weight. These qualities make this safety gear one of the best shooting glasses and earmuffs that provide complete protection and style simultaneously.

  • Glasses are lightweight, designed specifically for women.
  • Anti-fog glasses that provide a clear view
  • The slimmer nose bridge and shorter temples make it fit perfectly.
  • These are ideal fit for youth as well as women.
  • Slim ear cup design reduces noise pollution.
  • Soft ear cushions allow you to the earmuffs on for hours.
  • Convenient storage possible due to the folding design
  • Beautiful colors, particularly for women
  • For superior hearing safety, a noise reduction rating of 25 is maintained.
  • The headband is adjustable for different sizes.

Ideal for women and youth

The ultra-lightweight construction of these ear muffs and shooting glasses make them ideal for youth and women. The headgear is adjustable so that people can adjust it accordingly.

Clear Vision

The glasses have a clear polycarbonate lens that offers excellent vision. These glasses are ideal for most indoor and outdoor settings. The anti-fog lens allows you to keep on the glasses for hours in winters.

Noise Reduction

Air Flow Control Technology for ear muffs blocks the hazardous noise, and for superior hearing safety, keeps the NRR at 25.

  • NRR 25 airflow technology.
  • Adjustable headband.
  • Lightweight glasses in cool colors.
  • Anti-fog lens.
  • Sleek design & safe to use
  • Glasses do not fit over eyewear.

Why should you buy these?

Women usually face difficulty using safety glasses and earplugs that are designed for men. These earmuffs and eyewear are light in weight and adjustable headgear, and all other equipment is suitable for women.

06- Shooting Ear & Eye Protection Gun Safety Glasses Hearing Protective Combo

Whether you are a construction site, at a gun shooting range, or in a noisy neighborhood, these earmuffs provide you comprehensive hearing. The eyewear is equally suitable for your safety. The anti-fog and anti-scratch lens promises clear vision while protecting your eyes. To know more about this safety gear and why it is considered one of the best shooting glasses with earmuffs, head on to the features section.

  • Foldable design helps in storage.
  • Earmuffs are light in weight so that they can be worn for a long time.
  • Anti-scratch coating of glasses’ lens ensures a clear vision.
  • The headband can be adjusted, and people from different age groups can wear it.
  • The eyewear and earplugs combo is comfortable.
  • Earplugs reduce noise efficiently.
  • European and American standards qualify the hearing protection feature.
  • Lens protects eyes from 90 to 100 range of harmful UV radiation.
  • Earmuffs are comfortable on your temples, and do not dig into them.
  • ABS ear cups are skin-friendly.

Hearing Protection

HUARUI ear muffs provide comprehensive hearing, and the skin-friendly ABS cups are also very comfortable and convenient to use. These earplugs offer an SNR 24 dB / NRR 21 dB protection from noise.

Easy to Store

HUARUI ear muffs are not only lightweight; they are easily foldable, hence, easy to store. They also save space this way and make it convenient for the owner to carry them around.

Eye Protection

UV 400 lens protects your eyes from glazing sun, as well as the UV light from artificial sources. Anti-fog features of eyewear let you wear them for an hour in cold weather, and the anti-scratch guarantees clear vision.

  • Protection from sun glare.
  • Protection from artificial UV light.
  • Saves space by being foldable.
  • Adjustable headgear.
  • Comfortable.
  • It might be a bit uncomfortable if you have sensitive eyes.

Why should you buy it?

The eyewear protects your eyes from both; artificial and natural sun glare and UV radiation. These are comfortable and easily adjustable for kids and adults. All these features make them the best shooting safety gear.

Buyers Guide on Best Shooting Glasses with Ear Muffs

We thoroughly reviewed the top 6 and best shooting glasses and ear muffs pairs for our customers’ ease. These reviews also explain their features in detail. However, when a customer steps in a store to buy a pair and do not find the one mentioned here or generally get confused due to several brands, we got that covered too. We have given below a list of tips, one need to keep in mind buying the best shooting glasses and earmuffs.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses, or eyewear, plays a vital role in determining our shooting and hunting experience. Not only this, during lawn mowing, or being around construction or industrial area, a good pair of glasses prevents our eyes from dust particles and other environmental pollutants. Moreover, they also protect your eyes from sun glare and harmful UV rays, even the ones coming from artificial sources.

Here are a few things you should look for in eyewear:


The lens is solely responsible for the view quality. UV400 or UV900 lens is considered the best in this regard. They protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

electronic ear plugs for shooting

Scratch Resistant Lens

The scratch-resistant coating on the glasses’ lens means that they will last longer, and the lens would get any scratches and provide you clear vision.

best in ear electronic hearing protection for shooting

Anti-fog Glasses

Special glasses that do not get fogged are the best for winters and even for other weather for longer durations. They do not get fogged up; that way, you do not have to worry about taking them off and clearing them.

best hearing protection for hunting

Clear Lens

To have a better and accurate color view, choosing colorless lens glasses as a tainted lens induces a specific shade to all colors. Therefore, many people prefer colorless glasses.


Earmuffs or earplugs protect your hearing, filter out unnecessary noise, and also provide comprehensive hearing when required. Advanced filtration systems filter out low, medium, and high frequencies. Others reduce the NRR to 25. SNR 24 dB / NRR 21 dB protection is also sufficient if this feature is available.

women's ear protection for shooting

Adjustable Headgear

People usually have different head sizes. But to reuse your safety gear and make sure that more than one person can wear it, go for an adjustable headgear. That allows you to adjust the headgear size, and people from different age groups can wear the earmuffs, including children and women.

shooters ear protection

Foldable Design

Whenever one goes for an adventure, they pack up the necessary stuff to save space. It also applies to the safety gear and has a foldable design; it can be stored easily and does not consume a lot of space, making it easier for you to carry it around.

These are some of the critical features your safety gear must contain. You can receive further information on the box or by consulting the assistant and the reviews on an e-store.

competition shooting glasses

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Shooting Glasses with Ear Muffs

Are shooting glasses the same as safety glasses?

There is a fundamental difference between both. Safety glasses are usually ANSI certified, while shooting glasses are MIL-PRF-32432 certified glasses and offer high-velocity protection compared to the former ones.

Who makes the best prescription shooting glasses?

TRADE SMART, Howard Leight, and Huarui make excellent prescription shooting glasses.

Are earmuffs better than earplugs?

Earplugs often provide more excellent protection than earmuffs because they fit directly into the ear canal.

Is a higher dB rating better?

Higher dB means louder noise. The highest noise reduction rating or NRR is 33. A decibel up to the earmuff’s NRR rating is blocked out immediately.  

Is z87+ the same as z87 1?

Yes, the marking is the same. There has been a change in standard; however, before, they were marked Z87 for impact.

What does the Z87 on safety glasses mean?

Z87 means that glasses have been tested for a regular impact, which means that they are eligible to protect against everyday hazards.

What I class 5 hearing protection?

Class 5 hearing protection means the highest level of hearing protection. There are five hearing classes standards set by AS, and five is the highest.

What does z87+ mean?

This mark indicates the high impact that your safety glasses meet. It means that these glasses have a high-velocity impact requirement.

Where are the markings on a pair of safety glasses to let you know they z87 approved?

Either on the sidearm of the safety glasses frame or the right side of the lens are the markings that let you know that the safety glasses are z87 approved.

Are prescription glasses OSHA approved?

Prescription glasses are mostly never OSHA approved. However, they can be considered OSHA compliant if they are ANSI Z87 approved.

What ear protection does Special Force use?

The Special Forces mostly use pelter ComTac’s and similar hearing protection.

Our Recommendation for the Best Shooting Glasses with Ear Muffs

The six shooting glasses and earmuffs pairs we review are the best ones, but our recommendation is Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff. These are light in weight with adjustable headgear and can be used by women as well as children.

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Get the Best Arrow Rest for Compound Bow Hunting.

Final Words

We reviewed and thoroughly explained the six best shooting glasses with earmuffs and also provided you with a basic buyer’s guideline to help you choose a suitable product for yourself. We are hopeful that you will find it helpful. Thank you for reading it. Take care!

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