Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating | 6 Leading Wheels on Market

If you read this article, we will be very grateful to you for your precious time. We love to have your concerns towards the detailed description of the top best skateboard wheels for street skating, which we have picked especially for you after doing a lot of research.

We tried our level best to impress you with our products by giving every detail about skateboard wheels.

As there are many different products on the market, we know that it will be difficult for you to choose the best one for your skating purpose. As you know time and money both are precious. And obviously, no one wants anything wrong with itself. So for that, we pick the six best quality products and explained their features, pros, cons for your better understanding. 

After giving your precious time to this article, we are sure that you will not think that you have wasted your time. This article will help you a lot to choose the best skateboard wheels for street skating. After reading this article, we will quickly decide which product you should buy for yourselves. So without wasting time, let get started with this article. 

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Why is Skateboard Wheels Made of Polyurethane?

best skateboard wheels for street skating

Polyurethane is the material that uses in the production of skateboard wheels. A resilient and grippy material uses for many different things ranging from rigid foam or car tires to carpeting. Since the seventies, this is the best-considered material making wheels for skateboards. 

It is an excellent material for wheels for skateboarding because it is not so expensive to produce, and it is durable (long-lasting). It saves resources through its long term cycle. 

Its main reason for its use in skateboard wheels is that it is ideal material and perfect for longboard wheels due to their different properties, including mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. 

Below are some best features of polyurethane, which will clarify why it is a good material for skateboard wheels: 

  • It has a high weight-bearing capability if we compare it with rubber, which is an essential element in making it best for skateboard wheels. 
  • As compared with rubber or any other material, it is best and has much more resistance to tear or rip, which makes it beneficial for closures, padding, cushions, and liners. 
  • It is easily resistant to gasoline, oil, greases, solvents, and also fats. 
  • If wheels of a skateboard are of polyurethane, they possess high tensile strength, do over cracks. They can go smoothly and at a significantly faster pace. 
  • This material is challenging due to its remarkable resilience component. 

So it is clear that polyurethane is suitable for the best skateboard wheels for street skating and not only for them, it is also a good material and can be used in the production of many other pieces of equipment that uses for outdoor activities. Because of all of its aspects, it is a perfect and long-lasting material. 

Things you should check Before Buying the Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating

best skateboard wheels for street skating

It is not easy to choose the best skateboard wheels as it is crucial to select one from many wheels for skateboarding from the market. As many different companies introduced their product and competition is very tough. It will be very tough for you if you don’t have any knowledge about wheels for Skateboard. For this purpose, it is essential to know what things one should consider before purchasing skateboard wheels for your street skating intent.

For clearing your confusion, a detailed description of products and its pros, cons, and features are essential to be studied well. 

Skateboard wheels play an essential role; if your Skateboard has low-quality wheels, it is evident that your life is in danger. You can injure due to any incident; it may lead to a severe mishap just because of having bad wheels. It would be best if you will be very focused and careful while buying wheels for Skateboard. 

How to Choose Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating

You need to keep in mind some points before buying the best wheels for street skating. As it is clear that wheels are a significant part of your skating board that helps you move and tell you how quickly you can go. 

The wheels for Skateboard are polyurethane. 

Skateboard bearings wheels have different sizes, durability stages, and as well as colors. You can select wheels according to your relevance and preferences.  

There are two main things that should observe are; the Diameter of wheels and the Durometer of wheels. The diameter is concerned with the wheels’ size, whereas the durometer is concerned with hardness. So both these factors affect your life preferences because both these things matter a lot for the best skateboard wheels for street skating. 


You can measure it in millimeters (mm), mostly its ranges from 50-75 mm. If the number is lower, then the size of the wheels will also be smaller.

The wheel’s diameter directly impacts your speed, how fast you can accelerate, and how powerfully you can turn it. 

You will have a small ride if you choose small wheels. If you desire to have a fast ride, you have to buy wheels with a larger diameter. Generally, small wheels are very close to the ground and are very easy to handle. So for street skating purposes, small wheels are perfect. 

On the other hand, if you choose larger skateboard wheels, so they provide you two advantages at a time balance and speed. And they are more than perfect for skating or cruising. 

Your height and weight also matter which wheels will be suitable for your use.

Wheels are generally along with three different diameters.

50-53mm; these are known as the smallest wheels. Wheels with a small diameter are for those users who begin skating. It gives perfect trick riding stability.

54-59mm; you can consider it as average or medium diameter, and wheels with this diameter are for both beginners and intermediate skaters.

60mm+, as it is a larger diameter and this diameter and wheels are for experts in skating. The result of these wheels is remarkable even on challenging terrains.

The ideal wheels for street skating are those whose diameter range is 49-53mm. Due to their small diameter, they are more responsive and light in weight. You can efficiently perform varials, heelflips, and kickflips. 

49MM-52MMTechnical Street Skating Wheels
52MM-55MMAll Around Skating, Geared more Toward Street
55MM-60MMAll Around Skating, Geared more Toward Transition
60MM-65MMTransition Skating Wheels
65MM-70MmSome Transition Wheels in this size, many Cruisers & Longboard Wheels
70+MmBasically all Downhill Longboard Wheels

Duro-Meter of Wheels

It is the second factor that one would keep in mind before buying wheels for street skating. Duro-meter means the hardness of wheels. It clarifies how grippy the wheels are and to what extent it can absorb shock. There is a direct relationship between the number of DURO-METER and the hardness of wheels. 

There are different DURO-METER numbers 100A 

  • 90A
  • 88A
  • 85A
  • 82A
  • 78A 
  • 74A
78A-87ASoft & Grippy; Great for Long-board & Cruiser Setups
88A-95AHarder & Faster, but Still Soft Enough to Cruise over Bumps
96A-101AHarder & Faster, Most Common for Street & Park Skating
83B-84BThe Hardest Wheels on the Scale. Good for Experienced technical Street/Park Skaters

Wheels with DURO-METER number 99A are the perfect match for street skating and harsh surfaces. These wheels will give you high speech and are also grippy and ideal for new users for Street skating.  So I think you have known from the above discussion that which kind of wheels will be suitable for a skateboard for street skating. 

Comparison Table for Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating

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6 Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating Product Review, Features

01- FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

The first best skateboard wheels that we have chosen for street skating are FREEWARE skateboard spacers and are the best skateboard wheels for street skating. This brand is well own and gives tough competition to other brands in the market. These wheels are very much eye-catchy. And they are very smooth while riding and not very much expensive people can easily buy them. It is less expensive with high quality.

Isn’t it a perfect combo?

Yes, it is. Because people always want an excellent product within their range, so here it is. These wheels are beautifully designed and are in black. The installation of these wheels is also effortless. By merely putting the wheels on the axle as we do for fixing regular wheels. 

Below we have briefly discussed features and the pros and cons of this product for your relevance. 


  • Pre-lubricated 
  • Durability
  • Attractive
  • Delicate Packaging 
  • Black in color
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • For people above three year 
  • Inexpensive
  • Great quality 

Soft & Comfortable

If you want something good for yourself or your children so you should consider these wheels for skateboard. These wheels are perfect if you want something comfortable and soft, along with super excellent quality. These are very much soft to roll over small gravels. 

Delicate Design & Well Packaging

The presentation of things matters a lot—it means how the items are present. In the case of FREEWARE wheels, these wheels’ design is beautiful that attracts customers a lot. And not only its design but its packaging is also remarkable. You can buy it as a gift for someone special as their present because the packaging of this product is very much attractive. 


As you know these wheels are long-lasting. So it is another essential feature that you should take into consideration while buying wheels for your skateboard. Because of the quality of product matter a lot along with its durability. Most people get bored because of changing their skateboard wheels after some time, so these are recommendable due to their durability. One should try these. 

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • High in speed
  • Better for gifts
  • Stable wheels
  • Available in black color
  • Terrible bearings

Why should you buy them? 

We have tried our level best to make everything clear to you about this product. You can buy it because of its unique features. This product is beautiful and black, as it is the favorite color of most people. It can be the best gift for your beloved ones. It would be best if you gave it a try. 

02- Skateboard Wheels with ABEC 7 Bearings and Spacers 

It is the second product you have selected for you people, famous in the market because of its unique features. These are special for those people who want beautiful and attractive wheels on their skateboards. These wheels are very much suitable for the best skateboards wheels for street skating. It is available in all sizes you can choose according to your needs. 


  • These Wheels are with Gel in color. 
  • These wheels can refresh your board.
  • Spins freely and smoothly 
  • Well-known brand product
  • Different sizes 
  • 50-54 mm size for street and park skaters
  • 55-60 mm for size are for old school
  • Skaters.
  • Right wheels for daily skating purposes.
  • Fits perfectly
  • Great performance
  • Durability
  • Bearing Spacers 
  • Extraordinary for price 

Affordable and Good Quality

Due to the best material use in manufacturing this product, these wheels are of good quality, affordable; you can use it for a long time. As many people face the issue of durability of the product due to many reasons. But this product gives you a guaranty about its durability.  

Bearing Spacers

These wheels also possess speed spacers, which play an essential role in increasing speed and promoting long-bearing life. If you have wheels with spacers, you are free to tighten your nuts down for eliminating wobble of wheels, and your wheels can spin freely and smoothly. 

Extraordinary For Price

These wheels are best and available at affordable prices. You will get this product as we describe it along with proper packaging, we are sure that you don’t need to spend your money on any other products after buying it. As these wheels are at a reasonable price with high quality, so definitely are the best skateboard wheels for street skating.

  • Removable for cleaning
  • Hard plastic
  • Affordable
  • Better quality
  • Don’t have washers or spacers.
  • Don’t have exact ABEC spacers.

Why should you buy them? 

If you are scared due to some other brand wheels’ awful experience because of durability issues, don’t need to worry. These wheels are not too expensive and have a durability character. So we should buy them.

03- Sunset Skateboard Co. 59mm 78aLED Light- Up Cruiser Wheels

Sunset brand is one of the famous brands in the market. If you use this product, you will get amazing advantages like comfort and better performance. This product is formed by keeping the convenience of the customers in their minds. So by using this product, you will not face issues related to performance and comfort. 


  • For all ages 
  • Brightest LEDs 
  • No batteries required 
  • You can quickly and easily replace them 
  • Flashy and easy to ride 
  • Best Skateboard bearings 
  • Possesses kinetic energy 
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent quality and material
  • Easy Installation
  • Attractive design
  • Super fun light-up wheels 
  • Mostly purchased product
  • Super cute
  • Easy to clean 

Easy Installation

The method of installing these wheels is not too much difficult. You have to loosen and remove out your old wheels with a 3/8 inches socket wrench. Then you have to pop on your new Sunset LED wheels and washers and right tightened them according to the instructions mention with your wheels. And that’s all! 

Attractive Design

These wheels are mainly designed in California, flashy, and very easy to ride these cruiser wheels and are suitable for all ages and are awesome in performance; you will always impress with a great performance no matter its size, color, or style selected. 

Super Cute 

You will get these will exactly as we explain this product. Not only do these ride perfectly, but also these light up. And these kinds of characters mostly influence the buyer. If you buy these wheels, they will surely look beautiful on your skateboards. 

  • Amazing
  • Super fun light wheels
  • Blue swirl beautiful color
  • Having light up the capacity of 100,000
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive
  • Easy to use
  • Bad packaging

Why should you buy them? 

Yes, it would be best to buy them because it possesses all the quality that the user mostly wants. These are durable. You can use this product easily for a long time.

04- FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 52mm with Bearings and Spacers

You will love to use these wheels if you give this product a chance. These wheels are 4 in quantity, along with eight bearings. The hardness of this product is 95a, which is suitable for 52mm Skateboard wheels. This product possesses soft skateboard wheels that have grip and is ideal for many skaters, especially beginners. A high brand FREEWARE in china manufactures these wheels. This brand facility its users with premium products. 


  • Great Wheels For Trick
  • Best price and services
  • Strong material and quality 
  • Suitable hardness
  • Best for the average age 
  • Perfect for street skating
  • 6- months warranty
  • Yellow stripes

Great Wheels for Trick

These wheels are great and are suitable for street tricks. This product is premium along with high-quality bearings, which facilities you perfectly during skating in the streets. The packaging of this product is remarkable. You can buy it a gift for your friends and family members. 

Best Price and Services

This product provides you best performance at a reasonable price. FREEDARE is a famous brand and introduces the product along with a warranty. So it is the same in the case of this product it comes with a six-month warranty. We are sure that this product will prove itself in front of you as one of the best products you ever use. 

Strong Quality & Material

FREEWARE also used high-quality polyurethane material, which is perfect, durable, stable, and quiet for manufacturing. It is fast and soft skateboard wheels. It also possesses a grippy edge that is very beneficial when you go on downhills.

  • Grippy edges
  • Stable
  • Perfect
  • Fast
  • Reasonable price
  • Not good for beginners
  • Make noise while using this product

Why should you buy them? 

If you want to be in fashion it would be best if you went with these wheels. These are attractive, classy, and according to today’s style.

05- Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels 53mm 83A Soft Cruiser Filmer Wheels 

By introducing this product to you, we are sure that it will be best for you while skating. Because it contains all characteristic features and full fill all the requirements that one should expect while buying wheels for their skateboard. It contains a hard plastic core, faster in speed. It is very easy to fit these wheels into your skateboard. This product is manufactured along with 30 days warranty. If you feel any issue, you can changes them easily. These wheels are stable and long-lasting. 


Below are it’s some of the features, which will make it clearer whether this product is good or bad: 

  • Fast speed 
  • Smooth ride
  • Best for street and park skating
  • Soft rolling
  • Hard plastic core
  • Best for filmers
  • 30- day warranty
  • For unisex-adult
  • Bones skateboard wheels
  • Smooth ride for any skill level 
  • Fits perfectly
  • Speed
  • 53mm, 55mm Cruiser Wheels 

This product is 53mm in diameter and is perfect for skating in the streets, parks, and bowls. These are slower, and small cruiser wheels provide you with good stability and are ideal for trick riding. Its hardness is 83a, and due to this hardness, it allows the wheels to handle skateboard even on a harsh and rough surface, gives you a smooth ride. 55mm Cruiser Wheels are also best for parks, streets and bowls skating.

Smooth Ride for any Skill Level

Their wheels are one of the perfect wheels products in the market. Good in quality, better as compared with any other brand wheels. There are enough to Ollie still, and you can try flips comfortably, be used for technical skating, and have a smooth ride. 

Fits Perfectly

For skating, it is necessary to fit your skating wheels perfectly because, during skating, your wheels must work perfectly. So these are the best wheels which you can easily fit.  

  • You can choose your favorite color.
  • Attractive in design
  • Best for skating the street, parks, and bowls
  • Good stability
  • Perfect for trick riding
  • Smooth ride
  • Can be better
  • Not light

Why should you buy them? 

This product is the manufacturing of one of the famous brands. So it would help if you gave it a try because it facilities users with high quality and durability.

06- Mafffoliverr Roller Skate Wheels Luminous Light Up

Mafffoliverr is one of the most selling brands in the market. These brands’ products are the most favorite of customers because of their high quality and other features. Mafffoliverr wheels are well known as bones skateboard wheels. These wheels are fast rebounding and very responsive. It is not possible to flat spot. You can enjoy it while skating because of its smooth and fast speed. 


  • Wheels for double row skating 
  • Safe
  • Looks great 
  • No need for batteries
  • Smooth ride for optimal skating
  • Versatile skating
  • Designed to maximized speed
  • Stylish and Super Cool For Night Skating
  • Easy to install
  • Bright in color
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor
  • Suitable for many occasions
  • Easily Washable 

Easily Washable

You can wash these wheels very easily. By removing the wheels from its bearing, you can easily clean the dirt by brushing off embedded dirt and grime and easily washing them with hot soapy water.

Stylish and Super Cool for Night Skating 

If you want to maintain your fashion and want to be fashionable, then these will suit you. You will be in love when you start using them. They will give you a great feel and are super easy to handle. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor skating. And the best thing about these wheels is that you can use them for nighttime skating also. 


These wheels also possess speed spacers, which play an essential role in increasing speed and promoting long-bearing life. If you have wheels with spacers, you are free to tighten your nuts down for eliminating wobble of wheels, and your wheels can spin freely and smoothly. 

  • Great quality
  • Super durable
  • Perfect price
  • Colorful
  • Stylish
  • Not easy to wash
  • Not best for Kids

Why should you buy them?

If you are looking for skating wheels, especially at night time, you should buy these wheels for your skateboard to use for nighttime skating.

Buyers Guide on Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating

best skateboard wheels for street skating

This article discussed the six best skateboard wheels products for street skating readily available in the market. After reading this article, it will become easy for you to choose which product will suit you. But, wait a minute before purchasing these products; you have to keep some essential things in your mind. 

Undoubtedly, the products briefly described in this article are best, but we want to give you some essential guidelines for your relevance. Hence, you only buy that product that will be beneficial for you or your beloved ones. This product also possesses the best Skateboard bearings. 

While purchasing wheels for your skateboards, the first thing you should examine is the product’s quality. Because there is no compromise over quality, make sure that the product you are going to buy should have good quality. 

Secondly, if you want to buy something beautiful and attractive, you are exactly right. The products that in this article are beautifully designed and are very much attractive. However, you can choose according to your desire. We are 100% sure that you will never regret your buying decision if you select one out of these products. 

The weight of these products is also not too much as they also contain the best Skateboard bearings. You can use these products easily. However, these wheels are not too light and not too heavy in weight and much better if you compared these products with any other products. 

These products are very much comfortable and help you a lot with smooth skating in the streets, parks, etc. Therefore, you should consider these products. 


If we talk about these products’ materials, all of these six products are of polyurethane material, which is excellent material. This material possesses a wide range of hardness. In both tension and compression, polyurethane has a commendable load-bearing capacity.

All these products are of polyurethane, and, undoubtedly, these wheels’ performance is excellent. They perform well even in professional skating. This material has high electrical properties. 

The most characteristic of this material is that it has strong bonding properties. It quickly bonds with many other materials during manufacturing, including wood, metal, plastic, etc. So hence this material is considered an ideal material for making wheels, rollers, etc. These wheels are compatible in any condition. They can even work on the oily or greasy surface. 

The article has the best Skateboard wheels for street skating, along with different sizes. You can choose the size according to your needs. 

Each product is available in a different color. As for most people, color matters a lot. So, in this case, you don’t need to be worried about whether your favorite color is available r not. These products are available in so many colors so you can easily choose according to your taste. 

These wheels are specially made for people of all ages—range from kids to adults. Finally, we want to say that you should try these products because they are the best in all aspects and highly affordable for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating

Are Spitfire wheels suitable for street skating?

Are you obsessed with skating and thinking that Spitfire wheels are suitable for street skating or not? Here’s the answer to your question yes, Spitfire wheels are the best skateboard wheels for street skating. There are a variety of options available for street skaters. This brand has three types of skating wheels: formula fours, the classics, and the chargers.

These skating wheels are different from each other based on their use. Spitfire wheels are designed so that they can move smoothly in the streets without any difficulty. They have high resisting power that makes them durable and convenient for skating, so definitely, Spitfire wheels are the most appropriate option for street skating.

What size skateboard wheels are good for street skating?

To enjoy your skating to the fullest, the perfect selection of the skateboard wheels’ size is very important. And it’s not complicated or difficult to select the size of your skateboard. You have to choose the size according to the place where you will go skating. The ideal size for a skating board is between 52-54 mm. As we all know, most of the skateboard is made up of polyurethane, so polyurethane’s quality and hardness are equally important. Wheels with a larger diameter are challenging to handle, but you will enjoy excellent skating once you get used to it. Wheels with a small diameter are easy to handle, and you can enjoy skating with fast speed because they don’t stick anywhere as larger wheels.

What skateboard wheels are best for cruising?

Skaters are fond of cruising skateboard. They love to spend their time skating for enjoyment. And to have a marvelous cursing experience, one should have a high-quality skateboard. Skateboards wheels that have a perfect blend of resistance and softness are best for cruising. Resistance is essential against rocky, uneven surfaces, while softness is important for a comfortable skating experience. Some of the best-tested skateboards for cruising are Fireball Tinder 60mm-81A, OJ Super Juice 60mm / 78A, Cloud Ride, etc. These skateboards will give you the perfect smooth and quick ride while cursing.

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Can you powerslide with a 99A wheel?

Power sliding is an advanced level skating technique used by most professionals’ skaters. 99A wheels are one of the most powerful skating wheels. They are durable, hard wheels perfect for powerslide. 99A wheels will provide you stronger grip and great speed. This is a perfect option for those who want to do different tricks and stunts while skating. 99A wheels are best for powerslide with super quick, easy, and comfortable turns, flips, and slides.

Is it more accessible to Ollie with smaller wheels?

Ollie is a trick used by most professional skaters while skating. It is a kind of flip or jump sings skating board. Smaller wheels are most appropriate for Ollie as they will provide you quick flip and easier jump without hurting yourself. And if the skating board will have a big wheel, it will be difficult for the skater to jump or Ollie, and he can hurt himself. Small wheels will have less friction and more speed; hence you can jump quickly in less possible time.

Are soft wheels good for street skating?

Most probably, the answer to this question is a big no. Soft wheels are not good for street skating; they are only suitable for cruising, land boarding, and transportation. Hard wheels are ideal for street skating. Soft wheels are suitable for those skaters who are only interested in cruising and do not want to do any tricks, flips, or jumps. But for street skating, harder and powerful wheels are best.

Should I get hard or soft skateboard wheels?

This is a tricky question for those who are fond of skating but don’t know much about skating and wheels. Appropriate selection of wheels is significant for skating, but whether one should go for harder wheels or soft wheels depends on how he prefers skating. For a comfortable skating experience, soft wheels are best. They are comfortable and pleasing. Those who are interested in only cruising should buy soft wheels. But those who want to do different flips, jumps, and technical tricks during skating should buy hard wheels.

Can I put a cruiser wheel on a regular skateboard?

Of course, you can put cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard but with some limitations. It is possible to do so, but mostly, different parts don’t work smoothly when put together. 

Also, it looks very awkward to combine cruise wheels with a regular skateboard. If you want to have a good experience without hurting yourself go for the good quality cruise wheels rather than cheap wheels. Because cracks, rocks, and edges are everywhere, avoiding unpleasant situations picks the best quality cruiser wheels. If you want to learn more about hoverboards check this good beginner hoverboards guide.

What size are wheels good for the 8.0 deck?

Wheels with 50 -54 mm sizes are best for 8.0 decks.

Are harder wheels faster?

Yes, harder wheels are faster as compared to soft wheels. This is because soft wheels have more grip on the surface than harder wheels, making them a bit slower than harder wheels. Skaters prefer harder wheels because they can do different technical skating tricks, including Ollie, flip, jump, and much more. Although harder wheels are difficult to handle and need more energy to control, they bounce less, giving a perfect exciting skating experience. Check our article on how to faster skateboard.

Our Recommendation for the Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating

No doubt that all the products that we described in this article are the best. But according to our opinion and recommendation, the wheels that we recommend you to buy are of the Mafffoliverr brand. As the wheels of this brand are the best skateboard wheels for street skating from all its aspects like its color is attractive, the design is beautiful and affordable. The material is of high quality, and much more. So we recommend you buy this product for skating in the streets.

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Last Words

In this article, we tried our level best and gave our 100% to clarify everything to you about the best skateboard wheels for street skating. We choose the best six products which are available easily in the market and explain the features, pros, and cons of each product one by one. 

in this article, we try to aware you of the details of each product. We take into consideration frequently asked questions and gave the best possible answers to clear your all confusion, so you can easily select the best wheels for your street skating. 

Hope that this article will be useful to you. After this whole discussion, if you still have any confusion or question. You can ask without hesitation in the below comment section, we will try to clear that confusion, and we feel fortunate if you shared your thoughts. So kindly share your thoughts and opinions with us about this article. 

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