Best Ski Backpacks of 2022 – Full Review & Buyer’s Guide

NO, NO, NO how can you dare go without a backpack for skiing or snowboarding? A backpack is something that you cannot do without. But, I am happy since you are here looking for the best that can help while enjoying winter recreational activities.

Any outdoor activity such as camping, mountaineering, a short hiking trip, soccer match, skiing, and snowboard requires an ideal backpack where one can put necessary gear and any other item. You will not miss one or two things to put in the bag when out skiing.

The ski backpacks are distinct since they come with the right components such as various access points, tailored pockets for goggles and exterior carry straps. If you land on the best and ready to spend more you will find a backpack with an in-built airbag that helps in case of avalanche accidents. They should also be lightweight and designed to prevent any strain when using them. Getting one that possesses all the features that make a perfect backpack is not a walk in the park. There is a lot of legwork that needs to be done before making a decision. This is the work that we have done for you and presented only the 6 best ski backpacks that the market can offer.

READ ON for all the information you need to choose the best backpack for skiing.

Comparison Table of the Best Backpacks for Skiing

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Detailed Review of the Top-Rated Best Ski Backpacks

Not every backpack can serve the purpose well while out skiing. You need to get one that is tailor-made specifically for winter activities.  In order to get the best, there is a need to look at the reviews and features of each bag before settling on one. However, you do not have to do this elsewhere. What you have to do is to go through the detailed review of each of the best backpack for skiing and choose one that matches your needs and style.

01- Athalon Everything Boot Bag/Backpack – Ski – Snowboard

Best Ski Backpacks

This is a versatile backpack that you can carry to any snow sport activity. It has enough storage space where you can comfortably pack your boots, helmets, jackets and any other necessary gear. Every feature is designed to ensure you enjoy skiing with much fun and comfort. Put the boot in zippered and ventilated side pockets, clothing, helmet or jacket in the center section, headphones in an MP3 pocket and the clips in each pocket will keep key, cloves and other accessories safely.

The bottom is made of waterproof PVC to prevent any liquid from getting to the items stored inside. There is also a drainage grommet at the bottom and front bungee cord where one can hang clothing layers or a jacket.  Reflective piping is also incorporated for visibility especially in emergency situations. Get one and enjoy the comfort that comes as a result of padded concealed straps, front and top carry handles and padded lumbar back pads.

Key Features

  • Two distinct zippered boot side pockets
  • Four lumbar back pads with padding for easy carrying and enhanced comfort
  • Backpack hidden straps with padding to easily convert from backpack to carry back easily and vice versa
  • Spacious center compartment for a jacket, helmet, and other accessories
  • Ventilated boot compartment for quick drying
  • Drainage grommets at the bottom for draining snowmelt
  • Bottom made of waterproof PVC fabric to prevent liquid from getting to stored items


  • Brand: Athalon
  • Model: 330
  • Weight: 3.8lbs
  • Dimension: 17²*15²*14²

02- CamelBakSnoBlast Ski Hydration Pack

Best Ski Backpacks

Accessing the contents has been made easier with the CamelBakSnoblastski hydration pack. With the tri-zip designs, you can open the top or unzip it to the side to lay bare all the items for easy accessibility. This ensures that you pick what is needed while wearing the gloves.  What’s more, is that this backpack is built with an expansion panel that offers extra storage space of up to four liters. Apart from packing water and lunchbox, you can also put the socks and pair of gaiters to put on when soaked or when it gets extremely cold.

There is room for extra accessories. Helmet and other gears can be put on attachment points while snowshoes and snowboard can be put on special attachment loops. Your drinking tube will never freeze since there is terminator harness that zips it securely and maintains its temperatures. To make it even better there are four compression points that cinch the gear securely and comfortably.  Always go for CamelBakSnoBlast when looking for small selection for a day out skiing or snowboard.

Key Features

  • Trip-zip making it easy to access the contents
  • Exterior attachment points for carrying helmets
  • Expansion panel for supplementary storage space
  • Snowshoe and snowboard carry
  • Four compression points for safe and comfortable transport
  • Drinking tube kept warm by terminator harness
  • Stability belt and sternum strap includes
  • Five color options to choose from


  • Brand: CamelBak
  • Model: 1339002000
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds
  • Dimension: 19.1*2.8*9.4 inches

03- Athletico Ski Boot Bag

Best Ski Backpacks

Never take anything to chance when you can get Athletico Ski Boot Bag that can carry anything and everything necessary for skiing.  With side zippered pockets where the boot can be stored and spacious compartment for goggles, helmets, gloves and other gear, you got everything ready for skiing. Comfort is also at its best as the back is padded with lumbar support and concealed straps for transport plus front or top padded grip.

Made of water-resistant polyester you will keep your gear liquid-free for as long as you want. Apart from taking for skiing, the bag can be used when engaging in other outdoor activities. The versatility makes it a great option for outdoor enthusiasts. Keeping your items dry and safe for the long-term you will never ask for more. Get one and enjoy the superior quality that comes with enough space for all the gears needed for skiing.

Key Features

  • Padded back with lumbar support for comfort carrying
  • Carrying handle that is ergonomically designed
  • Reflective padding for visibility in case of foggy weather and other emergency situation
  • Made of waterproof polyester fabric that is durable
  • Ample storage space consisting of side zippered pocket and a spacious main compartment
  • Grommets for draining snow and ventilation


  • Brand: Athletico
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Dimension: 18*15*15 inches

04- Element Equipment Boot Bag Deluxe Snowboard Ski Backpack

best ski touring backpack

Organize your gear well in this spacious backpack that can accommodate one pair of boot and leave enough space for other necessary gears. You can comfortably store the gloves, clothes, helmet, hat, goggles and much more. There is a goggle pocket that is well-designed with fleece lining to protect the lenses against scratches. Sunscreen, wallet key and lift pass can be kept in tailor-made pockets. Backpack straps with padding make carrying easier and comfortable and can be tacked in for stress-free inspection.

The bag is made of durable polyester fabric that has a robust PVC coating that prevents water from getting in. this ensures your items remain safe and dry all day long.  Bag shape is also maintained through a reinforced bottom that is super tough for long-lasting service. Buy one and keep your boots safe free of smell due to vent holes that are put on purpose.

Key Features

  • Goggle pockets with fleece lining for scratch-free lenses
  • Ideal for one pair boot with enough space for additional gear
  • Waterproof PVC coating to protect the content from liquid damage
  • Backpack straps with padding for comfortable carrying
  • A super tough reinforced bottom that maintains the shape of the bag
  • Vent holes to avoid smelly boots


  • Brand: Element Equipment
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Dimension: 15*9*15 inches

05- Osprey Packs Kamber 32 Men’s Ski Backpack

ski carrier backpack

Osprey Packs Kamber 32 Men’s Ski Backpack is a medium bag that can carry all the gears needed for skiing. The zipper pulls and buckles are glove-friendly making it easier to open while enjoying time in cold weather. A spacious j-zip pocket additionally keeps the probe and shovel within reach. Accessibility is made easier with back and front panel access points to the central compartment. Other features that make the backpack great for skiing include tuckaway ice gear loop, scatch-free goggle pockets, stowaway carry pockets and reinforced wear points. Grab one and have multiple options of sky carry for stress-free skiing.

Key Features

  • Spacious j-zip front pocket for keeping probe and shovel within reach
  • Back and front-back panel for making the main compartment easily accessible
  • Glove-friendly zipper pulls and buckles
  • Tuckaway ice equipment loop that has tuckable bungee
  • Google pockets that keep lenses free of scratches
  • Stowable helmet carry


  • Brand: Osprey
  • Model: 10000509
  • Weight: 3.44 pounds
  • Dimension: 22*15*6 inches

06- OutdoorMaster Ski and Snowboard Backpack

best ski touring backpack 2020

OutdoorMaster offers you a complete ski backpack for enjoying time during the winter season. It can accommodate boots in two distinct compartments that are well ventilated with grommets and drain holes. All the other necessary gear such as helmet, gloves, goggles and the other will perfectly fit in the bag. When everything is packed, you just grab it with ergonomically designed carry handle and adjustable the shoulder strap for comfort and stress-free transport. Exterior zippered pockets are easily accessible and can be used to keep items that will be needed with urgency. Get one and revolutionize your skiing experience.

Key Features

  • Two distinct boot compartments with space for other extra gears
  • Fit all sizes of gloves, helmet, boots, goggles and other tools
  • Grommets, drainage holes and vented boot pockets to keep them dry and non-smelly
  • Ergonomically designed carry handles
  • Shoulder straps that can be adjusted for comfort
  • Exterior accessible zippered pockets
  • Two interior key clips


  • Brand: OutdoorMaster
  • Dimension: 12.5*14.5*14 inches
  • Color: Polar Bear-Black

How To Pick The Best Backpacks For Skiing – Buyer’s Guide

In order to pick the best ski backpacks, you need to consider the following factors:


The backpack should accommodate all the necessary gear needed for skiing. Note that you will need additional clothing, skis or snowboards, food and emergency kits which should fit in the bag. The ski backpacks come in different sizes ranging from small to big ones. If you are going for short trips then small or medium size backpacks will be ideal since you might not necessarily carry many items. However, for a serious ski mountaineering trip, you will need a large backpack that can store all the items safe and dry.


The materials used in making the backpack should be strong and water-resistant. You will definitely get in contact with water and therefore the bag should prevent liquid damage from the content.

Best Ski Backpacks o – Full Review & Buyer’s Guide

Additionally, the backpack should have some form of reinforcement to keep its shape and ensure the weight is evenly distributed. If this is not done the bag can crumple and thus last only for a short time. Foam suspension and special 3D systems offer the ideal reinforcement.


You will definitely not want to feel overburdened by a heavy backpack when skiing. This is the reason why you need to balance between the storage space and the weight of the backpack. Spacious bags store more items but can come with extra weight. If going for long trips then you will have to bear with weightier bags since you will need more space to store all the gear needed. However, for shorter trips go for lightweight bags that can only store what you need for that period. Note that, sometimes, manufacturers compromise on durability as they try to produce lightweight bags. Therefore, you need to double-check what previous customers are saying before settling on one.

Avalanche Emergency Choices

When skiing, there are avalanche accidents that are likely to occur. Therefore, getting a bag that can store emergency gear within reach is a plus. Those that have accessible exterior pockets should be prioritized. Tools such as probes, transceivers, and shovels should have dedicated storage compartments that are within reach in case of emergency. Additionally, the bag should integrate rescue systems such as having reflector lines that rescuers can spot from far.

Ski Carry System

The carry system is important for ski backpacks. Based on how they are designed to function, the carry system improves the usability of the bag. The two main systems include A-frame and diagonal. The A-frame allows the skis to be strapped at the side of the bag while staying connected by a strap at the tip or separately. Conversely, in a diagonal system, the skis are placed together or angled at the back of the ski bag.

The most favorable system is the A-frame. The weight is evenly distributed thus offering a balance when skiing. Care should be taken to avoid the gear being trapped by objects while engaging in outdoor activities. Buy those with A-frames system if you intend to go on a hike alone since they are more balanced and you can maneuver around easily.

Carrying Comfort

When it comes to carrying comfort, you need to consider the size, shape, beefiness of suspension and flexibility that the backpack provides. Streamlined bags that stay close to your back are the best for those skiing downhill. The padding on the straps and the back also add comfort when using the bag.

Additional Features

There are additional features that enhance the functionality of the backpack. This may include insulated sitting mats, tuck-away ice gear loops, extra accessory pockets, boot changing mats, and others. Those that have storage compartments for avalanche kits are the best choice. The thing is, you need to identify the features that can help depending on the trip you plan to take and buy one that is tailored specifically to serve the purpose.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can I attach skis and snowboard securely on the backpack?

Yes, you can, it depends on the system your bag uses. Normally, the snowboards and skis are inserted in the loops on the exterior of the bag then strapped securely using sturdy straps. No fear of gears getting trapped by objects such as tree branches as they will remain intact in place. This ensures you do not lose the gear while skiing. Rubber or Velcro straps are the best and those backpacks made of these materials should be prioritized.

Q: What is the purpose of RECCO when skiing?

For better understanding RECCO is rescue systems that come in in case of avalanche accidents. Many mountain and ski resort rescue teams have adopted the RECCO system when responding to emergencies.

The system works by allowing the rescuers to use their detectors to search for signals produced by the reflectors worn by that skiing. A directional signal is sent by reflectors, which some are incorporated in the backpack, making it easy for rescuers to locate the victim easily.

Q: Can I take along my hydration bladder?

You will definitely need to stay hydrated and therefore thinking about the water bladder is a good thing. With the best backpacks for skiing, you can carry a water bladder with you. Many bags are tailor-made o house the tubes and are insulated to keep the drinks warm. Note that water bottles are outdated especially when going for outdoor trips and now the hydration bladder is the best option.

The water bladders take minimal space and can keep water in room temperatures. When skiing there is a high possibility of water freezing if not packed well in an insulated backpack. Additionally, the water bladders are re-usable, therefore, do not pollute the environment compared to bottles that are normally littered around. With this in mind, you should ensure the backpack is compatible with hydration bladders since it is easy to drink from them, are soft and sturdy and can hold more liquid at a go.

Final Word

There a lot of fun activities during the winter season that calls for preparedness in terms of items and tools needed. Having the necessary gear also calls for storage tackle. This is why as you enjoy time skiing or snowboard you will need a backpack to keep all the equipment safe and dry. Do not limit yourself when you can buy one of the 6 best backpacks for skiing reviewed above. The choices offered have great features that enhance its functionality while ensuring the content is within reach.

The buyer’s guide is also provided to help you pick one that suits your needs. Ensure you check the weight, size, construction, avalanche emergency choices, ski-carry system, carrying comfort and other additional features before making a decision.

You will realize how easy it is to buy a ski backpack with this article. Because we have made your purchase very easy. Once you settle on a particular backpack you are set and ready for skiing and snowboarding like a pro!

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