The 6 Best Ski Pants in 2022: Top-Rated Ski Pants For Men And Women!

The cold season needs to get you ready to face it with lots of fun activities to avoid boredom. One way is to go out skiing with your friends or winter hikes, sledding, and snowball fights while staying protected as much as possible.

This calls for ski pants that keep you dry, warm and block wind away. This way the adverse elements will be kept at bay for humble time on slopes. But, first, you need to get the best ski gear including the pants that are tailor-made for snow environment.

Remember, not any other pant work well and you will need to do thorough research in order to get the best that market can offer. This may sound easy, but, it is a challenging task. The specs may look similar but can have one or more features that make them totally different. Therefore, there is a need to familiarize yourself with what is best before ordering one online. What is even better is when the research is done for you and only the best presented. This is exactly what we have done by reviewing the six best ski pants after thorough consideration of the features and customer views.  We have also provided a buyer’s guide so that you can choose one wisely. READ ON and you will not regret picking from our list.

Comparison table of the Top-Rated Best Ski Pants

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Detailed Review of the Best Ski Pants

In order to make the best decision, there is a need to understand the features of each and every product. This is no different with ski pants. Every one of them has unique specs that differentiate them or make them better for skiing. Familiarizing with them, therefore, will make selection easy and effective. Below we have reviewed in detail each and every ski pant listed above for stress-free buying.

01- ARCTIX Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

best ski pants

This is insulated women ski pant that is perfect for daily winter activities. You get unfailing protection from the cold weather as a result of multi-layered construction that features lightweight insulation. The inbuilt micro-chambers are also designed to trap heat to ensure you remain warm while enjoying time in the snow. Additionally, flexible materials used make it easy for you to move there and about without any strain.

The hem guard’s scuff and ankles feature 600 deniers ballistic reinforcement for safety and durability. You will remain safe and flexible all at an affordable price. ARCTIXis not only suitable for winter activities but you can as well put it on while watching your family and friends at an outdoor event in the cold season. Choose the color you like from the many options available and be part of the winter happenings.

Key Features

  • Comfortable elastic waist
  • Reinforced hem guards, scuff and ankle
  • Boot Zippers for easy wearing and removal
  • Stretch material for flexibility
  • Boot gaiters that have grippers for proper boot incorporation
  • Warm hand pockets that are zipped
  • Breathable interior fabric that keeps you dry
  • Multi-layered construction that is warm and water-resistant
  • 100% polyester for lightweight and durable pants


  • Brand: ARCTIX
  • Material: Polyester
  • Boot gaiters: Yes
  • Pockets: Yes

02- ARCTIX Men’s Snow Sports Cargo Pants

best ski pants

The men have not been left behind in the winter season as these snow pants are tailor-made for them.  Designed with ThermaTech insulation of 85 grams, you get protected at -20° to +35°temperatures. No more daily wear and tear since the hem guards, scuff and ankles are perfectly reinforced with 600 denier ballistic. This allows you to safely enjoy winter activities while staying protected from adverse elements at an affordable cost.

Flexibility is at its best since the waist is adjustable with boot zippers for easy wearing and taking off the boots. The integration of the boots is also made smooth and easier through the grippers on boot gaiters. Storage of extra cargo, keys, and gloves can be done conveniently in cargo pockets and O-rings. You can also keep your fingers warm in zippered hand pockets that are conveniently positioned on the sides. Choose from the many colors available and enjoy the comfort that comes with style!

Key Features

  • ThermaTech insulation of 85 grams fir lightweight warm pants
  • Reinforced hem guards, scuff and ankle
  • Comfortable flexible waist
  • Easy on and off through boot zippers
  • Grippers on the boot gaiters form proper boot integration
  • Machine washable for stress-free maintenance


  • Brand: ARCTIX
  • Weight: 2.45 pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Boot gaiters: Yes
  • Pockets: Yes

03- Gash Hao Men’s Snow Ski Waterproof Softshell Snowboard Pants

best ski pants

Gash Hao ski pants can be used for various outdoor activities and come at an affordable price.  The fabric used and its general construction makes it waterproof, warm and windproof. Warmth comes from an inner fleece lining with the outside coating that is perfect for foggy and windy weather. Maximum flexibility has been achieved by the use of stretchy and lightweight materials that significantly offers freedom of movement allowing you to freely enjoy winter activities. Additionally, the waist is elastic for a comfortable fit.

You can put your valuables in the 2 large-sized pockets or the zippered one at the back. This protects the items and helps you carry them around when need be. The boots can be integrated through leg-add zippers to prevent any frostbite that can cut shot your skiing or hiking on cold weather. Have one and keep warm while you enjoy your favorite activities in the winter season!

Key Features

  • Granule fleece inner lining to keep you warm
  • Exterior softshell fabric that is windproof, waterproof, quick-drying and well-insulated
  • Comfortable elastic waist
  • Leg-add zippers at the bottom
  • Zippered pockets for safekeeping of valuables
  • Can be used for various outdoor activities


  • Brand: Gash Hao
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 750g
  • Waterproof rating: 5500mm
  • Pockets: Yes

04- Columbia Men’s Snow Gun Pant

best ski pants

Gun Pant is an excellent option that offers great versatility for various outdoor activities. You will not only enjoy skiing in these pants but it can also be used for hiking or snowboarding. The hydra cloth shell used in its construction is waterproof enabling you to stay warm and dry on the slopes. Nylon shell and lining further ensure you are protected during the windy season to avoid discomfort on a ski lift or amid a slope.

The polyester insulation keeps you warm regardless of whether you are standing or working out. Additionally, the fabric is breathable to allow sweat to escape avoiding overheating during the sunny season. Comfort is also ensured through an adjustable waist that can be tightened accordingly by the use of Velcro straps. Store your valuables in secure leg or cargo pockets and enjoy various activities on the snow.

Key Features

  • Safe zippered leg, hand and cargo pockets
  • Comfortable elastic waist
  • Polyester insulation that is both warm and breathable
  • Waterproof nylon shell
  • Button closure
  • Machine washable


  • Brand: Columbia
  • Model: 1473513
  • Leg gaiters: No
  • Insulation Fabric: Polyester
  • Pockets: Yes

05- FREE SOLDIER Men’s Fleece Lined Ski Pants

best ski pants on amazon

The FREE SOLDIER ski pants are designed to keep you warm with so much comfort and flexibility. They are made of 100% soft polar fleece lining with an outer shell consisting of 94% scratch-resistant polyester and 6% stretch spandex. You breathe freely with moisture wicking treatment while keeping warm and free of water due to anti-static fleece lining. The water repellent coating on the outer layer repels the snow and rain while remaining breathable and windproof.

The pants have drawstring five pockets that help in keeping the valuables securely for free and convenient movement. Ergonomic design that features articulated knees and superb stitching further offers full mobility and incredible flexibility.  The side waist is also elastic for comfortable and maximum fit with flexibility enhanced by widening belt loops. No embarrassment whatsoever as you enjoy winter activities due to YKK zippers that has meatal closures. Pick the right fit using the size chart and enjoy most of the outdoor activities while wearing FREE SOLDIER snow pants.

Key Features

  • 100% soft polar anti-static fleece lining
  • Scratch-resistant and stretchy outer shell for comfort, flexibility, and durability
  • Water repellent coating on the surface
  • Five zippered pockets to safely keep the valuables
  • Articulated knees for exceptional flexibility and full mobility
  • Comfortable and maximum fit dye to elastic side waist


  • Shell fabric: Polyester/Spandex
  • Leg Gaiters: No
  • Lining: Fleece
  • Pockets: Yes

06- BenBoy Women’s Snow Ski Hiking Pants

downhill ski pants

BenBoy Snow pants are designed for hiking offering protection against harsh weather elements. Made of polyester and spandex shell the pants are abrasion-resistant, comfortable and with no pilling. Your personal belongings are also kept safe in the zippered pockets.

Women are known to be stylish and with this, in mind, the pants have slimmed fit with elastic waist, steric knee darts, and patchwork knees. All these features ensure that you combine style and comfort while enjoying winter outdoor events such as mountaineering, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, ice sport among others. It also has a fleece lining that keeps you warm and dry all day long. Get one and have fun during the winter season with ultimate protection from BenBoy Women’s snow pants.

Key Features

  • Polyester shell fabric for comfort and warmth
  • Zippered pockets to keep valuables securely
  • Stylish slim fit designed
  • Elastic waist and belt for comfortable and maximum fit
  • Fleece lining that is warm and breathable


  • Brand: BenBoy
  • Model: AN-SF1602W
  • Shell fabric: Polyester/Spandex
  • Pockets: Yes
  • Leg Gaiters: No

What To Consider When Purchasing The Ski Pants – Buyer’s Guide

One or two pairs of snow pants can be enough for the winter season. Many pairs are not necessarily needed as long as you get the best that is comfortable, durable, and water-resistant with a proper fit. With this article, you will get a great pant effortlessly and with convenience. However, before ordering for the one you need to check the following features that make the pants a great choice for the winter season.


The common materials used in the construction of snow pants are polyester and nylon. Each of them has the benefits that can make you prefer it over the other. Most of the products reviewed above are made of polyester due to its water-resistant, comfort and breathability. They can resist water on their own though and DWR coating is added to ensure that it keeps you dry for an extended period.

Nylon is also good as it is much tougher with the ability to resist wear and tear giving you long-lasting services. Compared to polyester, nylon is best in keeping you dry without any coating one. The only issue that can arise especially on the warm season is excess heat buildup. Nylon has poor breathability which can make you soak up in sweat when sunny. To make the most out of these fabrics, some manufacturers combine them for excellent durability, comfort, and breathability.

The other thing to check when it comes to the material is the inner lining. Buy those with soft and non-irritable materials such as polar fleece that keeps you warm and comfortable. They can also wick away moisture and some have anti-static features.


In order to be comfortable while skiing you will need breathable pants. Moisture should be wicked out so that you stay dry even after a day out on the slopes. The materials used will dictate the degree of breathability as you need to get a balance between this feature and waterproofness. The best fabric when it comes to breathability is those used in softshell pants, and therefore, should be given preference. A rating of 10,000 g is ideal and those that are of poor quality should be avoided at all costs.


Some pants are insulated while others are not. Each one of them has its own benefits and the one you choose depends largely on your individual preference. While insulated pants are warm during cold weather it can be uncomfortable on warm temperatures. Conversely, the uninsulated pants weigh less and are flexible but can be very cold in extreme temperatures. To curb this you should consider layering to avoid freezing on the snow.

If you prefer insulated pants then look for those with the softshell surface. The insulation is made of synthetic fabric and varies from one product to the other. However, if you decide to go for uninsulated then look for hard-shell pants. Though they are not warm inside, the hard-shell is windproof and waterproof. For versatility, you can go for those with a detachable insulating layer. Though it may come at an additional cost, you can use it the whole year round with much comfort and flexibility.


Pants that fit well allow greater flexibility and ensure comfort while out and about. Although some people prefer slim fit especially ladies, the outfit should not be too tight such that it prevents mobility. The regular fit is always the ideal as they aren’t oversized but still allow you to wear extra layers underneath for extra warmth.  Oversized is good for snowboarding though if used for skiing they may not keep you warm as desired.

All in all the choice is yours in regard to which can of fit you find appropriate. But, get one that is flexible with elastic waist, cuff zippers, belt loops, and gaiters. This ensures maximum and comfortable fit. The pant’s legs should also be long enough to cover the boots to prevent any chance of water and cold getting to the body.

Additional features

There are some additional features such as articulated knees, leg gaiters, cuff zippers, zippered vents, pockets, cuff reinforcements and Recco systems that increase the convenience and enhance the functionality of the snow pants. Though some are rare, pockets and articulated knees are common. Ensure that the pockets are enough for valuables you intend to take and that they are zippered for safety. Articulated knees allow free movement without feeling the stiffness of the pants.

Leg gaiters prevent cold and snow from getting in the legs and cuff zippers make boot integration easy. Reinforcement on the cuff is a great addition as it enhances the durability of the pants. Last but not least is Recco reflectors which come in handy in case of emergencies. The rescue team can use it to locate you in case of accidents; therefore, it is something passive but equally important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need Ski pants?

Ski pants are designed with top-rated fabric so that they can withstand harsh weather on snow. You need ski pants if you intend to go skiing during the winter season as they will keep you warm and dry while having fun without worrying about your health. In order to avoid getting cold and wet to ensure that the outfit is windproof and waterproof. They should also be breathable to prevent overheating during hot temperatures or after hours of continuous activities.

Q: Which color is the best for snow pants?

The color largely depends on your preference. Since some pants have many color options, you can choose one that matches your style as long as it is made of quality material. If you prefer those that do not show dirt easily then go for dark colors such as black, brown or grey. However, they may have poor visibility and one may choose bright colors such as yellow and pink. Those that go for dark colors should ensure they come with Recco reflectors to help in emergency cases.

Q: Do I need to put on additional layers underneath snow pants?

This will depend on which kind of pants you purchase. If you go for an insulated outfit, then there will be no need for additional layers. This is because the insulation provides enough warmth such that any layer can lead to excess heat which is uncomfortable. However, if the weather is extremely cold you can still choose to wear something inside.

Conversely, uninsulated pants required you to put on underneath layers. Shell pants are ideal for warm weather as they can keep wind and water at bay but are not warm. You should, therefore, purchase a good base layer that can be made of synthetics or wool. Those made of cotton should be avoided as they can be disgusting when soaked in water. Also, get a loose fit that will allow you to wear additional layers without negatively affecting mobility.

Final Word

Winter gear list cannot be complete without the best ski pants. Not only does it protect you against the cold but it also keeps you dry all day long. You will also feel comfortable and enjoy outdoor activities while taking care of your health. Choose any products reviewed in this article as it has been carefully selected after thorough research and consideration of customers’ feedback. By clicking the links provided you will be directed to Amazon where you can order one anywhere anytime.

Before you order one, check on the features highlighted under the buyer’s guide such as breathability, waterproofness, materials, fit, insulation and other additional features that make them good for the winter season. You can then proceed and choose your preferred color and plan for the coming winter season worry-free. Get one and enjoy outdoor winter activities while staying protected! Read about concealed carry pant here.

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