Best Tarp for Hammock Camping – Ultimate Guide with All Details 2022

When you go hammock camping, it can be a struggle to protect yourself from the outdoor elements.

Using the right kind of protection, such as tarps, you can manage to stay dry in all types of weather.

It is just a water-resistant fabric that you stretch above your hammock to keep it secure from bad weather.

This is an investment that will ensure that your nights are spent sleeping blissfully in all kinds of weather. And it can only happen when you have the best tarp for hammock camping with you. It is no fun to wake up soaking wet in the middle of the night only to see your sleeping hammock cannot be used for the night because of being wet.

Best Tarp for Hammock Camping – Ultimate Guide with All Details

And like most people, you also would want your trip to be enjoyable instead of being cumbersome. A trap offers necessary protection to you from the elements. Other than that, you can pack cloth to lay on the ground or a thermal blanket to make your stay more protected. We have done your search for the best tarp for hammock camping easy by handpicking the best ones. We have also put together a buyer guide to assist you in understanding what features are essential to select the right tarps for hammocks.

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How to Choose a Tarp for a Hammock

Have a quick look at what matters the most when you look at tarps specifically to hang over your Hammock. 

Best Tarp for Hammock Camping

Choose the Tarp Size 

You want a tarp that will be big enough to give you the desired shelter for your requirements. This becomes more important when you travel with a travel mate and want to keep both of you protected. You will want to go for a tarp that measures at least 8×10 feet and 10×12 feet. In case your group consists of more than three people, you would require a bigger size.

However, if you are traveling alone, an 8×5 feet Hammock tarp must suffice.

Keep in mind that this tarp is meant to keep you dry and your firewood and travel bag. Your tarp must be just the right size to cover those needs. Don’t pack too big of a tarp when going alone as it can get tough to manage with the wind on your own. Likewise, packing a tarp that is too small can also cost you dearly. It is best to take one extra tarp with you. You never know you might have to use it as a ground cover or for other purposes when it is raining.               

Choose the Durable Materials

When it comes to tarp material, you either find nylon or polyester being used for tarps most commonly. There is also this other fabric called Dyneema Composite Fabric. It is crosshatched for extra strength. This is not going to be necessary unless your campsite is very rough and tough, and you want extra abrasion resistance because this fabric is quite expensive.

Polyester is waterproof and stretches better, which is suited for hammock tarps. Nylon is mostly preferred for its abrasion resistance and durability. 

When choosing the anchor points in a tarp, always prefer loops over holes. This is because holes are more challenging to repair if they get tears during travel. Whereas loops are mostly sewn inside the seam’s edge, in case of a tear, attach it again using thread and needle.   

Best Tarp Shelter Resistances

All the useful tarps come with some kind of coating to increase the strength of the fabric. Usually, the coat is either silicone, polyurethane, or thermoplastic polyurethane. With these coating, the material becomes waterproof, abrasion-proof, rips and tear-proof, and UV rays proof. Let’s take a look at each one of these:

Water Resistance

No one wants water to leak inside their shelter. However, every fabric has some tendency to absorb water. Get the one that consumes the least amount of water. You don’t want the water to sag down your tarp, so pick the one that will bounce back and stay strong after getting wet.      

Tear Resistance

No one tears their tarp intentionally; however, when fast winds blow, your tarp can get tear because of the wind power. This is why tarp fabrics are meant to be thicker and durable to prevent tears. Consider this when going to windy regions.    

Abrasion Resistance

When your tarp rubs against another surface, it can get damaged. This is where abrasion resistance comes into play. You want a tarp with high abrasion resistance if you are going to use it to lay on the ground.    

UV Resistance

Some fabrics tend to lose their strength when they are exposed to the sun. If you plan on hanging your tarp during day time, invest in a UV resistant tarp.     

Comparison table of the Best Tarp for Hammock Camping

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Detailed Review of 6 Best Tarp for Hammock Camping 

01- Rain Fly Evolution Hammock Waterproof Tent Tarp 

The Rain Fly Evolution hammock tarp offers extensive coverage and has everything included. It is a ripstop tarp having high-quality PU to ensure weather resistance functionality. It is backpacker approved and lightweight. 

All Accessories Included

This tarp has everything you need including with the package. There is a survival kit, a setup kit, accessories as well as spare parts. In accessories, you have got four guy lines made of nylon, six sturdy stakes, six carabiners, seven adjustable ropes, a pouch, and a sack and other stuff. It has a five in one survival kit that includes a whistle, a knife tool, a compass, a flint fire starter, and a ten and a half foot paracord rope, which is military grade. This survival kit enables you to make a fire even if it is raining to stay warm or cook some food and scare the wild animals away.    

Durable Material

The rain fly evolution tarp is made of 210T diamond ripstop nylon, waterproof, and durable fabric. It has a high PU to keep the UV rays away. It has reinforced corners and sturdy grommet.      

Money-Back Guarantee

With a hexagonal design, this tarp offers superb coverage. It comes with a ninety-day money-back guarantee, which boosts buyer confidence.

  • This tarp comes with all accessories included in the package.
  • It has a durable fabric that also blocks UV rays.
  • There is a five in one survival kit covered with this tarp.
  • It comes with a 90 days money-back guarantee.
  • This is a lightweight backpacker approve tarp.
  • The carabiners are not very durable.
  • This tarp has an intricate pitching system.
Reason To Buy

If you ask us why you should buy this? We will say you will have hundreds of causes for getting this item. It is one of the backpackers approved lightweight tarp where you can enjoy hiking, camping, traveling, and many more. The rain fly evolution tarp is top-rated on Amazon. It offers superior coverage. It also serves multipurpose like you can use it for sun shelter and shade, hammock rain fly, tent tarp, windbreaker, picnic blanket, moisture-proof mat, car, motorcycle, bicycle cover, etc.    

Reason People Love It

People are a fan of the excellent coverage it has to offer and the fact that it comes with all the accessories as well as the survival kit. Moreover, people like it for its excellent rainfly features, guy lines, easy to set up, good quality, well made, survival bracelet, great value, and many other reasons. You might well aware that when you camp outdoor in the forest or riverside or anywhere else, you will need tents, in case the weather is not in your favor. Wind, storms, and other natural disasters might come, and if your tarp is not secure, you will be in big trouble in that surviving situation. People love this tent tarp because it has a reputation for being firm in those situations.

02- Bear Butt Double Hammock Tent 

The bear butt double hammock tent is a budget-friendly diamond shape polyester tarp offering superb value. It is best for camping, hiking, backpacking; moreover, it is effortless to set up, waterproof. 

Diamond shape 

Its centerline has a length of thirteen feet, providing you ample of space. Due to its diamond shape, the coverage on the top and bottom parts of the tarp is reduced. So pick the tarp’s right size when buying the bear butt to make sure your protection is appropriate enough for you.      

Ease of setup

This hammock tent is easy to setup, making it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced campers. Being manufactured by a brand like bear butt, this is the best tarp you could get on the market. It comes with a money-back guarantee if you feel it doesn’t come to its job. Moreover, you get to keep the rain fly even after getting back the money. 

Durable Material

It is a water-resistant polyester that will make sure you stay dry when it’s raining and cool under the scorching sun. It comes with a sturdy and lightweight carabiner, unlike many other models that include heavy carabiners or little S hooks, and then you have to get new carabiners.

  • The Bear Butt hammock gear is extremely lightweight and packs compact, which makes it great for backpackers.
  • This tarp is big enough to provide coverage to an 11 feet long Hammock.
  • It comes with superior quality taped seam.
  • It is easy to setup in less than a minute.
  • It is a durable and a waterproof tarp
  • It uses ropes for suspension, which damages the trunk of the trees.
Reason To Buy

It is a low priced, easy to set up good coverage providing tarp that comes with a money-back guarantee. Moreover, it is 100% waterproof polyester. You don’t have to worry about any rain getting through. Also, each attachment point is reinforced with extra material to stay stable and secure during the wind. If you are planning to camp, these items are must be with you like stuff sack, rainfly, guy lines, and aluminum stakes. And the good news is you will find all these things along with this item and your money will be saved. 

Reason People Love It

After researching the customer review of this tent, we got to know that people who already purchased it and use it say, about its different features and material. People love it quick setup lightweight and waterproof coverage. Its quality is surprisingly high for its price. They say this tent is pretty much adequate, perfect for hammock camping, diamond pitch tarp available.

03- UST Tube Tarp 

The tube tarp by Ultimate Survival Tools is comfortable, practical, and user friendly. It is a multifunctional use and a reversible and flame retardant constructed tarp. It is built for emergency hiking, camping, backpacking, and outdoor survival. 

Superb Protection

It is made up of heavy-duty nylon with a water-resistant coating. It is a reversible tarp with thermal insulation on one side to keep you protected from cold weather. If you setup the insulation on the outside, it has an excellent orange reflective surface that can be a lifesaver in an emergency.

Different options to setup

With this tarp by UST, you have multiple options for installation. The tube configuration allows one person, the gear, and a bug net to fit inside comfortably. You can also make a half pyramid consideration with two front trekking poles to make a big entrance. A diagonal configuration can also provide full coverage above a hammock.        

Durable Make

Its reflective lamination stays intact even after using it for a whole year. This is a superb solution for weather protection with high quality and lightweight at a meager price. Being flame resistant, it stays protected from fire hazards. It is the best tarp for hammock camping.

  • This is a reversible tarp that can be used on either side.
  • It is flame resistant.
  • It comes with thermal insulation to offer weather protection.
  • You can set it up in various ways.
  • These are compact and ultralight tents.
  • This tarp comes with a limited number of ties to secure it.
Reason To Buy

It is a pocket-friendly tarp that offers ultimate coverage from all kinds of weather. You cannot go wrong with this one come rain or shine or even snow, the UST tube tarp has got you covered. There are many reasons for purchasing this tarp. It offers protection from the damp ground, the UST tube tarp and camping shelter can be used as a one-person sleeping tent. Moreover, an overhead shelter for gear and camp gathering space available. You will get complete tent instructions conveniently located on the exterior of the stuff sack. It includes a stuff sack, guy links, and steel stakes.   

Reason People Love It

After research, we found people love its ultimate protection, variety of setup, and affordable price. Its lightweight and compact size when folded is also a buyer favorite. Moreover, this tarp performs flawlessly during several continuous hours of near torrential rainfall and even a few hours of heavy early season snow. People love its design, and it is lightweight and robust. Manufactures have not compromised their quality. 

04- ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly Rain Tarp

ENO has transformed the world of hammocks into a line of specialized products that have been developed through experience and travel. With a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors, you can create a setup unique to you and your adventure. The Eagle Nest Outfitter Profly is one more high-quality tarp that is favorite among seasoned campers 

Durable Material

As far as the material is concerned, the Eno Profly is made up of a hundred percent nylon treated with 210D ripstop polyurethane to make it more durable. It is a weighty duty fabric used in making parachutes and has superb water resistance.    

Superb Coverage

This tarp has a hexagonal shape that offers maximum coverage as compared to other forms of tarps. It is very stable even in the strong wind due to the extra point of contact with the ground. 

It is sturdy and lightweight and offers excellent coverage in bad weather.  

Lightweight Design

When you are heading out backpacking, and you know the weather is going to be wrong, but you have to pack light, the ENO Profly can come in handy. 

  • It has a streamlined shape with six guy points to keep it secured.
  • The Profly comes with a stuff sack with a carrying handle.
  • You can fold it to a compact size like a one-liter bottle.
  • It is made up of 201 deniers ripstop nylon, which is treated with polyurethane.
  • It is streamlined in shape.
  • This tarp doesn’t come with its pegs.
  • Its price is relatively high.
Reason To Buy

You cannot go wrong with the ENO Profly for its durable quality, streamline shape, lightweight and ultimate protection. Paying a little extra for your protection would pay you back when the weather is terrible.

Reason People Buy It

People love the fact that it provides excellent value for the money with a hundred percent nylon, hexagonal shape that offers more coverage area. The fact that it stays stable during strong winds is also a winner among happy customers.   

05- Hennessy Hammock – Hex Rainfly/Rain Tarp

This PU-coated polyester ripstop rainfly works with all Hennessy Hammock models providing generous protection from wind and rain. Whether you like to go tent camping or love to chill on a hammock, the Hennessy Hammock Hex Rainfly has got you covered in both cases. 

Versatile Tarp  

You can choose to cover your Hammock partially from up top or to the ground. You can use it to create a cover for two hammocks or like a shelter when you are group camping. Its hexagonal design allows you to relax in absolute privacy. It is great to go camping in thick forest cover or rough hilly areas.      

High Quality

The Hennessy Hammock Hex Rainfly is made with 70 deniers PU coated ripstop polyester. It will keep you protected from rain as well as winds. You can choose to stake it with its six anchor points to the ground or tie it to some trees. 

All its anchor points are reinforced, and the guy line cordage is superior quality.

Storage pockets

You are not going to misplace any cords with this tarp as it comes with easy cord storage.

  • The tarp is made with 70 deniers polyester coated with polyurethane to provide excellent protection.
  • It is compatible with all hammocks by Hennessy.
  • It is a versatile tarp tent that can be used in different styles.
  • It is a lightweight tarp weighing less than two pounds.
  • Its simple design makes it easy to install and takedown.
  • This tarp doesn’t have any ridgeline.
Reason To Buy

Apart from excellent coverage, this tarp can be used for hammock camping and tent camping. It is highly durable and offers excellent coverage. It can be angled out to provide a large covered area for cooking or relaxing or staked down near the ground on both sides of the Hammock. The hex fly can be pulled down to the soil around the Hammock for protection during storms or spread out to provide a great sunshade. It can also be pitched between two hammocks to provide a work or cooking marquee.

Reason People Love It

People love the fact that it can be angled to create more privacy. It has storage pockets that are positively rated by customers.   

06- Pro Venture Waterproof Hammock Rain Fly 

The Pro Venture hammock tarp has excellent construction on its contenders, and it offers a larger coverage area.  

Sturdy Built

It is made up of 210 deniers ripstop nylon treated polyurethane coating for extra durability, resistance to tears, and puncture. This tarp will give the ultimate protection from bad weather. It has a nine feet hexagonal design with six grommet points that are reinforced. For a streamlined shape, it has six tie-down loops. There is also a guy line that is three-meter long. You will have to get four aluminum stakes to make this setup easy.          

Lightweight Material 

Backpackers love the Pro Venture hammock tarp for its compact fold and lightweight. It weighs just 1.8 pounds and has a 10x5x5 inches dimension when folded. It is excellent to carry around for backpackers   

Easy to Set Up

There is no complicated system to set up the Pro Venture Rainfly. It has a simple design, and anyone with little experience with tarps can set it up in no time. 

  • It has a hexagonal design offering more coverage area.
  • It is made up of 210 deniers, ripstop nylon with PU coating.
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It is easy to set up and takedown.
  • It keeps you secure from rain and winds.
  • You have to practice setting it up before going on your trip because it doesn’t come with any its instruction.
Reason To Buy

The pro venture tarp is highly durable and provides excellent protection against bad weather. 

Reason People Love It

People love its sturdy construction and ease of set up. They do mention its superb performance in bad weather. Wind or rain, the Pro Venture doesn’t fail you, no matter what. 

Buyers Guide for Best Tarp for Hammock Camping

Hammock camping is fun when you know you are protected. With the right tarp, you can be sure that the weather cannot affect you. However, it is not easy to choose the right tarp when you want to go for hammock camping. It is not as simple as just picking up any tarp and mark it off your list. No, hammock tarp setup has specific considerations different from other uses of tarps. Here is all that you need to know about tarps specifically for hammock camping use:

Best Tarp for Hammock Camping


It is your first consideration for choosing a tarp for hammocks. The size of your rainfly has to be bigger than your Hammock itself. When picking up your tarp, always select one with five to twelve inches more coverage on either side. This way, you will surely stay dry in the event of rain, no matter how heavy it is and how long it continues. 

In case you are expecting to face cold weather, it is best to pack a tarp that offers full coverage. These tarps are more like tents that can be staked to the ground. They will not let the cold enter the hammock tent and keep you secure while enjoying your camping.

 In case you are headed to a mild or warm region, You will need a covering above the Hammock to keep the bugs away and to protect yourself if it rains.  

If you’re going to be camping in warm or mild conditions, you will need a simple cover over your Hammock to keep the bugs off you in the middle of the night and to protect you from the rain.


You will find several different forms when it comes to tarps for hammocks. Choose the one that suits your Hammock the best. It means it should provide ample coverage above and around the Hammock. You will see tarps shaped as diamond, rectangle, hexagon, and catenary. All shapes offer a different style of coverage. Let us discuss each form and what it does for your Hammock. 

Rectangular Tarps

Rectangular shaped tarps come with four anchor points that you stake in the ground, and there is a ridgeline set above the Hammock. While rectangular tarps don’t offer a lot of ventilation, they do provide maximum coverage, particularly on the ends, and you stay protected from the elements.

Catenary Tarps

Catenary tarps come with specialized curved areas, which is why they are light. These curved areas keep the tarp from sagging or flapping. These tarps are great for windy areas where there is a chance that other styles of tarps might decline on top of you. 

Diamond Square Tarps

If you want the most lightweight tarp that is there, the diamond-shaped are the ones for you. The amount of coverage they offer is minimized at both ends because of the shape. They come with just two anchor points, which means the setup process is comparatively more natural. 

Hexagonal Tarps

These are quite similar to the rectangular ones; the difference is that their corners bend at an inward angle. Due to this fact, they are made with lesser material, and therefore they are lighter and more portable, great for backpackers. Moreover, they offer more ventilation. But, hexagonal tarps cost higher than the other options because of all that they have to offer. 


The material that the tarp is made up of determines how sturdy and how heavy it is going to be. This is why it is super important to be mindful of what your tarp is made up of. The most commonly used materials for tarps are polyester with coating, ripstop nylon, and silnylon. 

Polyester with coating costs the least of all, but it is a noisy fabric. It has a very slick surface. If you get a hole in it, it can be tough to patch it.

Silnylon is a mixture of nylon and silicon. Although it is not as durable as nylon and has the vulnerability to get punctures, it is entirely waterproof and lightweight. 

One more material is ripstop nylon, which is highly favored for its durability.

It prevents rips and tears. Backpackers favor nylon materials for their tarps as it is super light and occupies much less space in the backpack.

We also see polyethylene being used in tarps. It costs more and weighs heavier; however, it is thicker, which means it gives better coverage according to the tarp’s shape. 


Weight plays a vital role when you are selecting a tarp. This is because you will have to carry your tarp yourself to your camping site. If your tarp is more prominent in size, or if it comes with some kind of coating, it will be more substantial. You won’t want to carry such tarps on backpacking trips. 

When you’re headed on longer hike trails, and your gear already weighs a few pounds, you want your tarp to be a lightweight nylon material. However, if there is space in your backpack and you’re expecting to meet heavy rains during your trip, it is best to pack the thicker, more reliable, polyethylene tarp. 

Easy to Set Up 

After a long hike, no one wants to spend too much time and energy on installing a rainfly over the Hammock. So it is best to plan and get one that is easy to set up. Most of the tarps come with a ridgeline. It is that line in the center on top of which you drape over your tarp. Then you secure its edges with the help of anchor points. More anchor points mean more secure tarp, but the setup process gets complex as the anchor points increase.  

To make sure your tarp doesn’t leave its place, there are stakes and guy lines to keep the corners secured. If you want to make the process of hanging the tarp easier, it is best to go for a tarp that has grommets included, which are these pre-attached hangers that make your job easy. With grommets, you don’t have to tie those complicated knots, and you can just loop your rope through its holes.

FAQs for Best Tarps for Hammock Camping 

How can I hang a hammock tarp?

It is a lot easier to hang a hammock with tarp than you think. Just wrap the standing end on the tree where you want to hang it. 

Now thread this line with your tarp to the other side. Once you are done stringing your tarp to the front, tie it out and wrap it around the other tree where you want to hang it.

Now tie a secure knot on the other side of the tarp, and you are done!  

How can a Hammock Tarp be used?

Hammock tarp is meant to protect you when you sleep in your Hammock. It will keep you dry during rain and keep the bugs away; it will keep the cold wind and snow away, etc.     

Is Hammock Tarp supposed to be Waterproof?

Yes, hammock tarp is mostly made to keep you dry in bad weather. However, it also depends on the material of the tarp you chose. Tarps that are made of nylon as well as polyethylene or supposed to be a hundred percent waterproof. Polyester also offers superb waterproofing to a great extent.   

Are there any Hammock Tarps that come with the Hammock Installed?

Yes, there are, in fact, several traps that come with the Hammock preinstalled. We just might do a review of those in the future.    

Should I Get a Hammock Tarp that comes With a Bug Net?

It feels annoying to knot be able to sleep because of the bugs disturbing you. They eat you up alive while you’re sleeping. And it even happens in areas that are not also flagged for that much bugs. So the answer is yes, it is a great idea to buy a tarp that comes with a bug net for peaceful night sleep. 

How to Pitch a Hammock Tarp   

You must be thinking that tarps are just tarps and there isn’t much big deal about buying one. 

Well, not entirely!

When you come to look at it, there are so many different varieties of tarps you can choose from. With every type of tarp, there are pros and cons that you have to consider. 

Here we have summarized the different types of tarps explicitly designed for hammocks according to the coverage they provide and how easy they are to set up. As the coverage increases, so do the difficulty to set up and the weight of the tarp. The following are the different styles of tarps available out there.

A-Symmetric Tarps

These are easy to pitch, lightweight tarps meant for the usual weather. 

These are rectangular-shaped, thin tarps connected to the two trees from the top corner of an end and the bottom corner of the other purpose. The other two corners are then staked to the ground with guy lines or pegs. 

This gives an alternating effect to your tarp, being covered partially from each side. Remember, these are meant for days when the weather is not bad.         

Diamond Tarps

These are the most commonly used tarps out there.

These are better than the A-symmetric ones, offering better coverage and slightly more substantial than those. The method to pitch the diamond-shaped tarp is similar to the A-symmetric ones.  

However, these are more of a square than those rectangular ones. You attach two opposite corners between two trees creating a diamond effect. 

This way, each side of the Hammock gets a wing hanging over it to give equal protection from the weather.         

Adirondack Configuration

It is done when the camper needs protection in more than one area and wants to cover some parts of the ground. You start pitching it like a diamond shape and then creating a floor on one side by tucking the hands in and creating a wall-like shelter on the other side to finish off. 

Hexagonal/Catenary Tarps

There are six sides to these tarps. 

They offer better coverage and have more material involved. There are more corners that you will have to tie down or peg into the ground. This is why they lie in the middle range when it comes to weight and difficulty to pitch. 

For the pitching, you join the left most and right most corners of the hexagon to two different trees. Afterward, you stake the other four corners to the ground using guy ropes. 

This gives you a wall-like shelter on each side of your Hammock.

All the edges have inward curves so that when the whole thing is set up, it gives a more streamlined look.          

Rectangle Tarps

Think of A4 paper folded into half along its length. That is how a rectangle tarp will look like when pitched. 

It feels like you have suspended a waterproof bed sheet on top of your Hammock. You attached the ridgeline to two trees and suspended your tarp over it. You peg down the corners via guy ropes. 

This provides excellent shelter and superb coverage from the weather. But, it is heavier and blocks ventilation. You have more cover over yourself and less air coming your way inside these.         


These are the most protected tarps you can imagine.

Think of doors attached to hexagonal tarps that you can pack closed once the tarp is setup. This offers full coverage, meant for the worst of weather.

These are very heavy and very complex to pitch. We don’t suggest taking them unless you are sure that the weather will be terrible. 

Usually, the simple tarp offers the desired coverage with much more ease. 

How to Make a Tarp Shelter Without Trees

Most of the time, we are lucky to have trees to create a shelter, but what if there are no trees on your site. You can still make it work. You can stake the back corner of your tarp into the ground and get a pole to use at the front in the middle of the tarp to make its opening raised. Then to ensure that it stays in its place, just secure the corners of the front side to the ground securing all the loops. You can choose to raise or lower your front and back shelter, depending on what the weather allows.

Best Tarp for Hammock Camping: Other Ways You Can Use a Tarp

Aside from hanging above your Hammock, a tarp can come in handy during many survival situations, such as:

Weather Protection

When you’re in the wilderness, and your body gets wet, you don’t want to get cold away from home. You can use a tarp-like outer shell to keep the wind from reaching you. Ideally, you should add layers like a sweater or a blanket and surround yourself with a tarp. 

Collection Water

When you are out of the water, and it’s a survival situation, you can use your tarp to collect water to keep on breathing. Using just a small tarp, you can manage to receive gallons of water by just holding your tarp at the right angle. 

Creating a Stretcher

If one of your travel mates gets sick or injured and cannot walk anymore, you can carry them over a make-shift stretcher using your tarp. Alternatively, a tarp can be used to send firewood or game on top of it to your campsite. 

Tips on How to Set up a Hammock Rain Fly 

  • Attach the ridgeline high enough so that proper ventilation is maintained and low enough to give sufficient coverage to the Hammock.  
  • Take wind direction into account, and keep the long side in direction that wind is blowing and secure the hands low. 
  • Ensure the rain fly is taut using guy ropes and stakes so that water doesn’t accumulate over it, and the wind doesn’t affect it. 
  • It can be tempting to set up your rain fly above a water source or a deep ridge or a mountain peak when you are feeling adventurous. But it can be a life hazard in case you fall accidentally. It is best to position your Hammock just some feet over the ground. 
  • Ensure the surface above which you are setting up your Hammock has appropriate drainage so that in the event of rain, there won’t be any paddle formed beneath you. 
  • Make sure there are no sharp objects or rocks on the ground beneath you. 

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Final Verdict

Tarps are essential when you are thinking of camping on a hammock. You will stay dry and safe from the elements outdoors. The right hammock gear will make your trip enjoyable. We have listed the best tarps that can be used for different weather conditions. If you have read this guide till here, you know all about camping tarps, their types, how to pitch them, and which one will suit your camping site the best. 

The best tarp for hammock camping varies from camper to camper. You are going to set your Hammock and how much wind and rain and sunshine you expect over there will determine what kind of tarp shall go with you.  


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