Best Textile Motorcycle Jacket- Update Collection to buy in 2022 Full Guide

Your textile motorcycle jacket is the most important part of your gear when you go for motorcycle riding. Riders wear a leather jacket as a fashion statement to look trendy and cool. Leather also protects you against abrasion in case of an accident.

But you just cannot wear a leather jacket in hot summers. That is why motorcycle textile jackets came into existence.

They provide complete protection to bike riders while keeping them cool. With a little exploring, you can find the best motorcycle textile jacket with features that make them work great in summers as well as winters.

They come with excellent features such as ventilation, protective armor, water resistance, night visibility, and multiple pockets. In this guide, we will go through all the features that make a jacket the best textile motorcycle jacket.

We will list down the best ones available in the market and will share answers to the frequently asked questions that come in a buyer’s mind.    

If you are thinking of buying a textile jacket, read this guide until the end. You will know all that you make to know about textile jackets, once you are done with this guide. Here is a comparison of our top picks.

Comparison Table Best Textile Motorcycle Jacket

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6 Best Textile Motorcycle Jacket Product Review

01- Tour master Advanced Men’s Textile Motorcycle Jacket (Black, Tall X-Large)


Tourmaster Advanced has 600 denier carbolex material for its exterior. For high impact areas like shoulders and elbows, there is 1680 denier ballistic nylon. There are vents on the shoulders and the back with mesh lining to provide superb ventilation and breathability. The front pockets will also act as vents when left open. 

There’s CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows to keep you safe during the event of a crash. There’s also a soft armor in the back that you can upgrade to CE approved version for added protection. Throughout the sleeves, there are adjustable panels on arms, elbows, and cuffs to help you fit the sleeve to your liking. There’s an adjustable strap on your back right at the waist and two on the sides, to allow you to have that perfect fit.

The jacket is fully waterproof. There is a thermal liner inside that is removable so you can take it out on warmer days.  There’s a storage pocket on the back of the jacket on the waist area with a zipper on both sides. There’s reflective piping throughout the jacket for nighttime visibility.

  • Superb ventilation on the front, back, and elbows
  • CE approved armor in shoulders and elbows
  • Adjusting panels in the sleeves and on the waist to give a perfect fit
  • Waterproof material will keep you dry in the rain
  • The removable thermal liner that you can take off on hotter days
  • The armor in the back is not CE approved, you can upgrade that if you wish
  • On cold days this textile jacket won’t keep you as warm as a leather jacket can

02- Tour Master Draft Air Series 3 Men’s Textile Sports Bike Racing Motorcycle Jacket

This is a perfect hot weather summer riding jacket that’s going to flow a ton of air. It’s made with durable 600 denier fabric along with mesh panels that vent directly to the rider. The chest and back have entire mesh panels to give a lot of airflows. You have some storage in this jacket as well. A lot of reflective material around the entire jacket will give you 360 visibility in low light conditions. It fits you really well, with a very slight pre-curve in the sleeve to enhance the riding position comfort. It’s very roomy in the chest and abdomen area, great for husky riders. Tourmaster has very generous sizing so be sure to read the size chart really well before ordering your size.

The sleeves have Velcro adjustment flaps in the bicep, form, and cuff area for a tailored fit to keep the armor in place. There are huge Velcro straps at the hips to tailor the fit.

  • CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows
  • Entire mesh panel in the back and front for airflow on extremely hot days
  • Velcro adjustment flaps in the sleeves to hold the armor in place
  • Velcro straps on the hip area for a tailored fit
  • Reflective material around the entire body for nighttime visibility
  • There are no expansion panels in the back for extended movements
  • The liner is very thin, not useful in the rain

03- Suzuki Blue Textile Motorcycle Jacket

For riders looking to boost their style while keeping themselves protected, the Suzuki blue is the ultimate textile motorcycle jacket choice. It has a 500 denier polyester exterior with mesh panels for ventilation. It has 3 zippered vents. The inner liner quilted and waterproof and is removable so you can take it out on hotter days.  This jacket is fully protected with CE armor on the back, shoulders, and elbows, making it the safest textile jacket. The waist has D-ring adjustment straps on the back for a tailored fit. All the pockets and air vents have YKK Zippers. You can easily connect this jacket with your pants with a full circumference zipper on its bottom.  

This is a three-season textile jacket that will keep you cool on warm days and warm on cold nights. You might need something thicker when the temperature gets really down.  

  • Full protection with CE grade armor on the shoulders elbow and back
  • Great ventilation with mesh panels and air vents
  • Adjustment straps give a custom fit
  • The inner quilted lining is removable
  • The zipper on the bottom makes it possible to connect the jacket with the pants
  • No nighttime visibility
  • You will need a leather jacket for extreme cold weather

04- Milwaukee Performance 3X Men’s Reflective Skulls Textile Jacket

Milwaukee’s performance is a summer riding gear by a brand the usually makes leather apparel. The 1300 denier nylon makes for a durable exterior. It has air vents in the back and the shoulders to keep the rider cool. The arms, back, and front have reflective material piping to provide visibility in the night time.

Its liner is removable for the hot season or if you want to clean it. There are concealed pockets where you can keep weapons and ammo. The downside is that the jacket has no armor, which means it is not the safest motorcycle jacket out there. There’s also a warning for chemical exposure to the person wearing this jacket.

  • Durable exterior with 1300 denier nylon fabric
  • Reflective piping throughout the exterior for nighttime visibility
  • Removable inside lining for a cooler ride
  • Air vents to keep the airflow coming
  • Secret pocket for weapons and ammo
  • No armor for rider’s protection
  • Risk of chemical exposure

05- Leonis Drystar Air Waterproof Textile Street Motorcycle Jacket

The Leonis Drystar is a 3 season jacket with reflective material for low light visibility.  There is CE grade armor in shoulders and elbows for rider’s protection. It has mesh and textile exterior making it an ideal textile jacket for summers. As well as there is a removable and waterproof Drystar liner. This is supposed to keep you protected in rain and snug when the weather starts getting cold. You can also take it off when you feel it getting hotter. There is a built-in fanny pouch, which allows you to keep the liner secure when you take it off.

The armor in shoulder and elbows is level 2 CE grade that offers better crash protection than a level 1 certified armor. The jacket has compartments in the front and back where you can add a chest pad and back pad for added protection. This means with a few enhancements this can turn into the safest textile jacket. 

There’s a waterproof pocket easily accessible from the front zipper and you can reach it even when the liner is zipped. Here you can put stuff that you want to secure from rain. The motorcycle textile jackets designed this way have their waterproofing inside meaning they will get wet. So the inside waterproof pocket is a lifesaver.

For a perfect fit, this jacket comes with adjusters through the sleeves on the bicep, lower arm, and cuffs as well as both sides on the waist. There is a pant attachment zipper also.

  • Reflective material for nighttime visibility
  • Mesh exterior for superb ventilation
  • Waterproof removable full sleeves liner
  • Adjusters in the sleeves and on the waist for a perfect fit
  • CE grade armor in the shoulder and elbows
  • The cuffs can be a little loose and bunch up around the wrist
  • Need to upgrade the chest and back armor

06- Kawasaki Racing Team Textile Motorcycle Jacket

This is one safest motorcycle jacket by Kawasaki with CE grade padding in the back, shoulders, and elbows. The exterior has mesh, with leather and textile fabric both to give a stylish look. The mesh allows for good airflow. There’s keprotec Kevlar in the underarms for flexibility with comfort.

The inner lining is quilted with padding on the kidney area. The liner provides protection from not only wind and cold weather but also in the case of an accident. There is a review on amazon where the rider got into a bike crash and got their bike totaled but the Kawasaki jacket kept them fully protected from all kinds of injuries. This is pretty reassuring when it comes to rider safety.

  • Mesh fabric makes a durable exterior
  • CE grade protectors keep safety in check
  • Removable quilted lining
  • Padding in kidney area for added protection
  • YKK zippers for smooth maneuvering
  • The ventilation is not as much as the other options on the list
  • The fitting could be better

Factors To Consider When To Buy The Best Textile Motorcycle Jacket

When looking for the best textile motorcycle jacket, keep these things in mind:


Safety is the most important factor when you’re going to ride a bike. It is a dangerous sport and the risk of an accident is always there. There are different aspects of protection that you need to keep in mind when looking for a textile motorcycle jacket.

First and foremost, the important thing for all riders is safety and protection. Bike riding is a dangerous sport but you do not have to worry because you can gear up properly and enjoy the ride. Protection comes in different shapes and forms in a motorcycle jacket, here are they!

Protection from abrasions

First things first, your jacket exterior needs to abrasion-resistant. This is why most riders go for leather jackets. However, in hot weather leather is not a very feasible option.

You need something that is lightweight as well as breathable. The thicker jacket will give you better protection.

Armored protection

There are areas that get hit the most in the event of a motorcycle crash. These are known as high impact areas and include your shoulder and elbows. There are 3 levels standardized and categorized by Certification Europe (CE). Level 1 being the least protective and level 3 being the highest protection level. The majority of jackets have shoulders and elbows armor. Good motorcycle textile jackets also have back and chest protectors. Always look for CE grade protectors.


Armor provides better protection than padding. This is the reason that most textile jackets have armor and not padding. But, in the event of a motorcycle crash, the padding on the vital organs can really be a lifesaver. Padding doesn’t really make the jacket heavy, doesn’t restrict rider movements but sure makes for the safest motorcycle jacket when added in the vital organ areas.  

Night visibility

As a rider you want other drivers on the road to be able to see you in low light so there are no accidents. No one wants to wear a visibility jacket on top of a motorcycle jacket. That is why you look for a textile motorcycle jacket that has got a visibility option. Here is a reflective liner or panels to facilitate the visibility factor. This really helps during nights and when there is a fog to prevent an accident. A jacket without night visibility is definitely not the safest motorcycle jacket.      


As a rider, comfort is your top priority. No one wants to adjust the jacket again and again or feel irritated by something making them uncomfortable throughout the ride. Comfort is the number 2 factor after protection. Your jacket shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. The armor shouldn’t make the riding experience irritating. The ventilation should be on point.  There should be no chafing at the cuffs, etc.

Soft collar

Your collar shouldn’t disturb your helmet and shouldn’t itch on your neck. The collar is supposed to touch your neck all the time. Its material should neither be hard, nor itchy or rough. The collars of the best textile motorcycle jackets are usually made up of soft fleece fabric.

Ventilation Routes

Textile jackets are supposed to be used mostly in summers. To keep the rider safe, the motorcycle jackets have thick exteriors with protective armor in shoulders and elbows and at times chest and back too. During hot weather, when you sweat a lot, you want a jacket that comes with a lot of vents to let the airflow and keep you cool and relaxed.  Vents are most of the time zippered and windproof once zipped so you can stay warm in winters.  When the weather is hot you just open up the vents and become free of the sweating.

Some jackets have a total mesh exterior to facilitate ventilation. Those are highly breathable and work great on a highly hot day. But on rainy days their exterior is bound to get wet. They are solely meant to beat the heat on the hottest of days.

Removable liners

All good motorcycle textile jackets have a liner that’s usually removable. It allows taking the liner off when in hot days to let the air in. on cold days these thermal liners give you comfort and warmth. Usually, jackets with liners work best in 3 seasons. How much warmth your liner will give depends on what kind of liner you’ve got. Full sleeves quilted liners usually provide the most warmth. How thick a liner you need depends on where you live and where you’re going to be driving.  

Durable and Reliable

You want a textile jacket that will last a few riding seasons and hopefully some years. This is why always look for a durable option. When you are riding, a jacket is your literal lifesaver. So yours need to be one that you can rely on.     


You need plenty of safe and secure storage for items like phone, wallet, documents, keys, etc.  Good jackets have internal as well as external pockets, some of them being waterproof. 

Cuff Closure

The wind can enter easily into your jacket via the cuffs. The riding position makes them a direct opening for the wind. This can get uncomfortable, especially at high speed. There are a lot of options for cuff closure like a zipper, button, etc. we recommend strap closure because they are adjustable and durable.      

Front Closures

Your front zipper needs to be really reliable and durable. You want it to last you for a long time and not get damaged during a ride. To be on a safe side, go for a jacket that has a buttoned flap in addition to the zipper.     

Storm Flaps

Storm flaps are efficient to cover the jacket and keep the rain and the wind from getting in the jacket. There are outside and inside versions of storm flaps available, but we recommend the ones that are outside the front zipper.


Usually, good features and a well-known brand would be a bit expensive. But remember, all things expensive are not the best value for money and very cheap option is not a total waste. Always look at the features and the reviews before selecting or rejecting an item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do leather jackets keep you warm?

A: Yes, leather jackets keep you warm. They aren’t breathable and are too warm. It can get uncomfortable in the summers to wear leather. It usually works in cool areas. You can go for one with a textile lining if you have to get a leather jacket.

Q: What is the best riding jacket to wear in summers?

Choose a jacket that has mesh for summer riding. Mesh allows for superb ventilation and breathability. The rider can get really comfortable and cool. You still get a lot of protection by strategically placing armor on high impact areas and other safety features but without the heaviness or warmth of the leather jacket.

Q: How to make sure that my textile motorcycle jacket will be the right fit?

A: when trying on the jacket lean forward in the riding position with your arms stretched out. Your sleeves should stop at your wrists. The shoulders shouldn’t get tight. The waist shouldn’t ride up and stay snug in place.

Q: Does it matter what color jacket I wear?

A: While the color is a rider’s personal preference. There are riders who want to match their jacket with their bike and other gear. And then there are riders who want their jackets to have reflective material in order to stay safe during nights and low visibility conditions.

Q:  Is there a certain style that I should pick for my textile jacket?

A: Your jacket should match your riding position. Get a cruiser jacket if your bike is a cruiser and a sports jacket if you own a sports bike.

Bottom Line

The variety available on the market can overwhelm anyone and choosing a jacket can get confusing.

However, if you’ve fully read this guide, you are totally equipped with all the factors that make motorcycle textile jackets great. You want one that fits great, is comfortable, lightweight, durable, breathable, and with the right protection. Read about motorcycle jacket here.

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