Best Trail Camera Under 100 – A Smart Buyers Guide in 2022

Can you use a trail camera as a security camera? Of course, yes, the best trail camera under 100 is popularly known by many people to prevent and detect where traditional CCTVs have failed to function better due to lack of electricity or their expensive cost. 

Trail cameras are cheap, waterproof, wireless, and portable and operated using the battery. Hunters use them for game surveillance. These cameras are also placed in a bushy area and camouflaged with tree leaves. 

More so, these cameras can be used to trace crimes in rural areas where electricity is not accessible. Trail cameras can also be used in homes, apartments and hotels for security purposes.

Best Trail Camera

Browning Strike force HD Camera, Camouflage

Are you looking for the best for the game and your home security? Here is the package you have been looking for. Many photographers and video shooters attest that this camera is ideal for HD photo and video taking. 

This model is the trail camera that is the best in the market. It can capture videos and photos without any hindrance. 

This camera takes videos that play a vital role in recording your compound’s activities and monitoring animals in a game. This model gives you high-quality videos that have high definition and good sound quality.

This trail camera can also be used to take short clips with a short duration of 6seconds and an extended duration of around 3 minutes. More so, this trail camera has a 0.67 seconds trigger time, a flash range of 100 foot and 10MP snaps. The quality of the picture is 18 megapixels.

More so, this camera comes with a case for its safety, and the led illumination is amazing. Also, the camera is small in size, weighing only 1 lb. It makes it to be carried around easily and also hard to be spotted when in use. Its flashlight is of better quality than other products in the market.


Amazing detection range 

It has the best flashlight quality that takes pictures anytime.

Easy setup

Many people like this camera because it is to handle


This feature makes the camera to be used anywhere. The temperature tolerance range of this camera is about -20-120. Don’t you see this is amazing? How do you feel l owning a camera that can take pictures independent of the weather?

Cable lock

The camera comes with a cable lock that is used to tie the camera at a place.


It uses a 6AA long-life battery that can last up to 1 year.

Storage and support

Can accommodate 32GB SD cards.

Recovery time

This camera can recover after 2 seconds.

  • Small in size
  • Mounting and using is easy
  • Faster trigger
  • Recovers faster
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Affordable
  • Weatherproof
  • HD pictures and videos
  • Great detection range
  • Low quality plastic handle

How to Detect a Game Camera

Below are ways to guide you on how to detect hidden game cameras;

Game cameras are weatherproof and rugged cameras meant to be unsupervised and extended use outdoors. 

They take pictures automatically when they sense any motion. It is not easy to spot a game camera in either a wildlife location or a residential area. Ordinary people who have never come across the cameras will never know. To detect these cameras, you need to consider the following;

Carefully inspect the environment 

It is the easiest way to spot a hidden game camera. Scan carefully the environment in small steps to spot the hidden game cameras. Here, try to look for suspicious wires, lenses or lights that may guide you to allocate hidden game cameras

Try to locate where the lens of the camera is

Here, you may spot a hidden game camera using its strap on the tree. It might be camouflaged, but you can easily spot it when you look around carefully. Most trail game cameras are located above our eyesight level. Therefore if you keep your eyes high on the tree branches, you will detect these cameras easily.

Search where animals like to spent time

Game trail cameras are mostly installed where animals like to stay. Also, the camera user may decide to provide the place with food to attract animals so that they are captured.

Furthermore, detecting a trail camera remains difficult for those people who are not familiar with such cameras.

Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?


We have two easy ways you can choose to detect a hidden camera either in your home or elsewhere using your phone;

Method 1: make a phone call to locate hidden cameras

  1. Make a call to either your family or friends
  2. Walk around the house- surveillance hidden cameras give off a radio call that will interrupt your phone call signal.

If you realize signal interruption at a specific position, stop there and carefully search the area to know if there is a hidden camera.

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Buyers guide on Browning strike force HD Camera, camouflage

Best Trail Camera

Before buying any trail camera, there are factors you should have to put in mind. These are;


This is the camera’s ability to be carried around; using a heavy camera is tiresome sometimes. Therefore, this model is small in size, weighing only 1 pound. Many people like it because of this feature. Why don’t you try this too?

Battery life and safety

Everyone loves long-lasting products, and the browning strike force HD camera is here for. It has a case to keep it safe and uses 6AA batteries that can be used for up to 12 months.

Quality of the picture and videos

Not all best trail cameras under 100 take quality pictures. This trail camera takes HD pictures with 18 megapixels and high-quality videos. Due to this reason, the camera has remained a perfect choice for you

Memory recovery

Different cameras have different recovery rates, but this trail camera is top-rated for 2 minutes of recovery time. This is amazing!

Frequently asked questions on hidden trail cameras

How can a surveillance device be hidden?

These devices can be hidden inside other devices that required electricity, for example, smokes detectors. Unscrew your smoke detector from the ceiling then check for a camera or a microphone inside. Inspect your lamps, speakers, and other electronic devices to determine whether somebody tempered with them.

How can one detect a hidden camera?

If you own a phone, all you need to do is make a call to a friend or a family member. Wave your phone to the suspected place. If it makes a clicking noise or buzzing, then the place may have a hidden spy camera.

Can one see a cell phone in a hidden camera?

When you turn off your lights, inspect the room carefully using a flashlight. If you see light glints in place with no glasses or mirrors, cameras might be there. 


To conclude, the hidden camera is a threat that is growing faster in this technological era. They are good at ensuring 24/7 property security, depending on how you wish them to work. However, hidden cameras may be wrongly used by people with suspicious characteristics. 

Initially, these cameras were meant for security purposes, but nowadays, they are being used by people with bad intentions. This is because they are fine and can fit in small objects like flower pots, glass, pens, smoke detectors, etc.

Therefore, it is good to know how to detect these cameras. The above article should help you detect hidden cameras using simple ways like a phone call for these issues. Thank me later! Hope you find your best trail camera under 100.

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