Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under 500 | Top 6 Special Edition for Women’s

Long gone are the days when mountain biking is only a unisex activity, and the market was contracted for women. As the sports industry has evolved in bike racing and comes with females’ unique opportunities, and then female-specific bikes are the must to be there.

Being a hobbyist biker, I have encountered several wrong unisex bike picks that end up only regrets with an empty wallet.

I came across several universal features standard in the best women’s mountain bike under 500.

Here I have mentioned the top 6 mountain bikes and reviewed them honestly to minimize your labor and mistakes that I have made in the past. To narrow down your choices, I also mentioned the comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you sort out the best option for your perfect ride.

Comparison Table for Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under 500

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6 Best Women’s Mountain Bike under 500 Product Review, Features

01- Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Fresh design of 2021, the Huffy Hardtail impressed most of the testers and the best trail bike you ever tested. The geometry of the bike has made it longer and slacker. The mountain bikes are perfect in their style and are easily fit into every ride plan you are trying to do. Enjoy your rides with an upright riding position and a sturdy frame of this bike’s stable speed. 


  • Get the super-easy assembly with the tutorial videos besides the images and product manual
  • You will also get the Denim Blue hardtail frame, dips, and fork handle bumps for additional support.
  • Conquer all the trails with 21 speeds
  • Sturdy and durable steel frame and for the lasting quality it has ATB saddle which is premium padded that has switched sides
  • The rear derailleur of Shimano TZ-31 indexed is joined with the micro twist shifter, making it ideal for on-demand downhill riding and uphill climbing.
  • Get consistent gears operation with removable and rear derailleur guard.
  • Easily tear the dirt into the bike path with 26’’ x 1.95 knobby
  • Consistent stopping action with linearly hand brakes puller
  • Easily adjust the seat height with alloy
  • Minimum shoulder and back strain with slight-rise handlebar
  • You will also get the kickstand for a stable stand so that the bike can stand when not in use.

Sturdy design

Thanks to the sturdy built of a bicycle with steel, it is the ideal pick among the best women’s mountain bike under 500 to climb up to the hill and move downward. A durable texture will give you a lifetime warranty.

Comfortable grips

It is the perfect option for female riders aged more than 13 and a minimum height of 5 feet. The dips, fork handle bumps, and Denim Blue hardtail frame will ensure carefree riding.

ATB resin pedals

You can get responsive and strong acceleration with the 3-piece kolo steel crank on the ATB-type resin pedals.

  • Easy assembly
  • Instant stopping action
  • Amazing grip
  • Sturdy design
  • Best for beginners
  • 50% of gears need to change
  • The seat is a little uncomfortable
Number of Speeds21
Brake StyleLinear brake pull system
Frame MaterialSteel
Wheel Size26
Product Dimensions55.51 x 9.06 x 27.17 inches

Why must you buy this?

What can be more amazing with the adventurous and safe ride? The reason to get this bike is its speed control, consistency stopping action, and all the expensive features, which are hard to get in any ordinary bike.

02- Royce Union RMT Women’s Mountain Bike

If you are passionate about riding, then the RMT mountain bike will meet your high expectation of the standard women’s bike. Royce Unions have earned a great reputation since 1904, and RMT is the perfect option for the best women’s mountain bike under 500. The bike is designed by engineers who drive bikes every day and understand the features of standard bikes. So, whether you take the bike on an off-trail road or spin around your street for Suntour, the bike is the perfect pick due to the expensive features, like:


  • A great bike to ride with the quality construction
  • Easy to handle, maintain momentum, and to accelerate.
  • Top-notch durability because of the hard trial and lighter than steel molded frame 
  • No rust Aluminum 
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • For solid performance, a suspension fork is included with delivery
  • Get the seamless adjusting in gears while adjusting your path, and it can only be possible with a little twist. 
  • Maintain rolling momentum with larger 27.5 inches wheels
  • Consistent brakes with wheel rims that machined alloy and makes brake pads to ensure brakes at the right time
  • Feel good and comfortable with Krayton pedals and grips
  • Get the lifetime warranty frame on the sturdy frame 

Aluminum lightweight frame 

Get a lightweight yet strong aluminum frame. The minimal weight will make it easier to handle and accelerate on the trail. 

Shimano drivetrain 

Either beginner or experienced riders can benefit from the Shimano 21-speed drivetrain, which will provide comfortable gearings. 

Rugged performance 

The bike will be in your complete control with the zoom suspension fork that absorbs the dips and bumps on the trail completely. 

  • Lightweight aluminum built
  • Controlled performance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easily adjustable gearing
  • Safe grips
  • Loose stem bolt
  • Not reliable steering mechanism

Number of Speeds21
Brake StyleLinear brake pull system
Frame MaterialAluminum
Wheel Size27.5
Product Dimensions53.94 x 9.65 x 30.71 inches

Why buy this bike?

The amazing performance, sturdy design, and safe option will persuade you to get this bike for your adventurous outdoor tour. 

03- Roadmaster R8047WMDS Women’s Granite Peak Mountain Bike

The Granite Peak Mountain Bike is a package deal that is hard to avoid. If you are exploring the market to get a better deal than this women’s e mountain bike, you will end up here with this bike again. It is the perfect choice for the beginner to explore adventurous off-road cycling in this affordable package. It is not only the price range that makes this mountain bike an outstanding choice but the standout features like:


  • A sturdy steel frame geometry
  • Standard suspension fork can travel for 80mm and can make cracks and bumps on off-road
  • Turn through 18 speeds gears smoothly with the Shimano rear derailleur
  • Quality alloy wheels with the premium quality metals
  • Get the wide gear range with a 3-piece mountain crank
  • The affordable fine mountain bike 
  • Linear pull brakes 
  • An eye-catching women’s mountain bike with the sleek design 
  • Get plenty of security with knobby tire
  • Alloy rims assure you the stability and durability 

Sturdy frame 

The sturdy mountain bike with the eye-catching style comes with the steel frame geometry.


The standard suspension fork that has traveled for 80mm makes those cracks and bumps on off-road terrain that will give you the superlative biking experience. 

Gear system 

You can change through 18-speed gears that ensure smooth travel with the support of Shimano rear derailleur. 

  • Eye-catching design
  • Strong built
  • Consistent brake system
  • Affordable price range
  • Safe option
  • The bike is small
  • Uncomfortable seat
Number of Speeds18
Brake StyleLinear brake pull system
Frame MaterialSteel
Wheel Size26
Product Dimensions68 x 41 x 21 inches

Why must you get this?

At roughly some dollars, you will get a superior quality mountain bike. It is the perfect value for your money because of the tremendous specifications and features. 

04- 26” Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed Folding Bicycle Men or Women MTB

EUROBIKE has always proved themselves an exceptional bike seller as compared to other sellers. This mountain bike is the perfect pick that offers an adventurous bike tour. Either a movie or an expert, this suspended bike is a stellar choice. Thanks to the caliber parts and sturdy geometry, you will get off or on road trips. The standout feature of this mountain bike is its “no-hassle” for storage due to its foldability. 


  • A convenient foldable bike that can easily be packed into your car, and you can take it anywhere you want. 
  • A stable, sturdy, and solid build quality. 
  • Smooth and comfortable on roads
  • The super-easy assembly that you can do it yourself in only 45 minutes and arrive with all the basic tools 
  • A sleek look that makes an eye-catching pick for women
  • A full-size bike that can fold 
  • Affordable price with premium quality services 
  • Amazing gearing system with Shimano rear and front derailleurs for smooth services
  • Reckoned dual suspension that feels good and works well
  • Highly praised customer service that is available with prompt responses


You can get the best storage with the utmost foldability design, and you can take it with you wherever you want, either for camping or traveling. 

Dual suspension 

The dual suspension will make you feel good and will work well in this price range. 

Sturdy built 

The eye-catching and sturdy build makes the bike a perfect option for female bike riders. 

  • Robust built
  • Eye-catching design
  • Affordable
  • Foldable Bike
  • Super easy assembly
  • Heavy for small bikers
  • Uncomfortable seat
Number of Speeds21
Brake StyleDisc
Frame MaterialSteel
Wheel Size26
Product Dimensions100*18*70cm

Why must you get this?

With the ideal features and specifications, the product is perfect for riding along wherever you want. The outstanding feature of the bicycle is its foldability and storage option. 

05- Gmlmes Mountain Bike 21 Speed Gears 26 Inch Men & Women Mountain Bike

It is perfect intense, daring, and efficient mountain bike that catches the eyes with its outstanding looks. The Gmlmes is perfect for surviving on long journeys. Feel an enjoyable and comfortable ride on the gravel and dirt roads. You will be all yourself while exploring the intense trails of mountains on the top-notch bike. The mountain bike is standout from all the best women’s mountain bike under 500 because of its expensive specifications and features that have amazed its previous users:


  • Premium quality disc brakes which are easy to adjust and set
  • The high-quality material, sturdy texture, and compelling design makes it’s a perfect women bike pick
  • Perfect adult riding with 26 size wheel diameter with Aluminum alloy 
  • Safe experience with the standard material and provides you the utmost safety
  • High toughness, elasticity and assure the impact resistance
  • Get a consistent response with a 21-speed bicycle while climbing uphill and moving downhill 
  • The bike is a ship and builds type, which means it is 90% assembled when delivered to you. Available in eye-catching colors 
  • Appreciable customers service 
  • Comfortable gripping system 
  • Ideal brake system for instant stop

Alloy wheel 

Get a great grip on trails with alloy wheels that are equipped with knobby tires. The wheel size is perfect and will ensure you comfortable and smooth rides on the road. 

Durability and eye-catching built 

The bicycle is lighter in weight and is made of sturdy material. Moreover, the availability of fashionable colors will make it a perfect pick for women. 

Premium quality mechanical disc brakes

Brakes are an integral part of this bike that will ensure you safe and control rides whenever you want. 

  • Comfortable grip
  • Amazing customer’s service
  • Easy assembly
  • Smooth travel on gravels and dirty roads
  • Controlled speeds
  • Adjustable gear system
  • Some pieces of the bike have issues
  • Pricey
Number of Speeds21
Brake StyleDisc
Frame MaterialCarbon Steel
Wheel Size26
Product Dimensions1*26 inches

Why must you buy this?

This bicycle’s highly reliable built is equipped with the stellar features that will give you the par excellence services. 

06- hosote 26 Inch Mountain Bike for Men and Women

The best pick for both teens and adults. Conquer all the off-road trips with this sturdy steel frame. With the 21 speed, you can get the utmost disc brakes to assure a strong and stable braking force. Enjoy the most smooth and comfortable journey on the gravel, creek, muddy, and sands roads easily. With the strong build and a beautiful design, you can enjoy the exploration of the off-road tours. It is outstanding specifications and features that make this bike the best pick for women. 


  • The robust carbon steel frame gives you the durable experience 
  • The rear-front disc brakes provide the stopping power and give you the responsive rides
  • Tough, impact resistance, and elastic wheels 
  • Instance impact will be weakening with the spokes on the wheel 
  • Excellent shock absorbers 
  • 21 controllable speed that will provide you with the utmost stability 
  • You can quickly switch through the gears 
  • Perfect and adjustable dimensions for both teens and adults 
  • The thicker and solid stainless-steel pipe 
  • Stable foot position for the safer ride experience

Dual disk brake 

The brake system has a dual brake system that gives you a stable and strong braking force. In this way, you can get a safe ride experience. 

Stable foot position 

The bike has a stable foot position, which is important for the quality of any bike. 

Anti-skid and anti-explosion skid tires 

This bike has explosion and skid-proof materials on the tires. So, the tires are wearing resistance and have a strong ability to anti-punctures. 

  • Anti-puncture tires
  • Stable and safe bike
  • Strong braking force
  • Strong built
  • Perfect for beginners and experts
  • The chain can come off in some cases
  • Bit expensive
Number of Speeds21
Brake StyleDisc
Frame MaterialSteel
Wheel Size26
Product Dimensions53.15*28.35*8.66 inches

Why must you buy this bike?

The Hoste 26 Inch Mountain Bike has every feature that makes your biking experience more amazing and safe. All its specifications are enough to make this bike stand out. 

Buyers Guide for the Best Women’s Mountain Bike under 500

Almost all companies make bikes that are specifically targeting women. Some companies claim to have a distinctive design perfectly suited to the female riders, while others target other features. When it is the matter of branded bikes, the 30 % attention on the names is important. It is because only less budget mountain bikes are working hard to make them the rivals of “tektro” or “Scotts.” Out of all of them, Huffy, Royce, Granite, EUROBIKE, Gmlmes, and Hosote have done exponential work. Nearly all of them have made their points to be the best female’s bike makers.

Every brand has its reason to be the best female bike makers. Some universal features are even common in these manufacturers and make them professional in their field. Out of them all, I have sorted maximum out here like:

Best Women's Mountain Bike Under 500

Smaller Sizes 

Bike size is important for female bike riders. A range of bike sizes involved small, X-small, and xx-small. These sizes are dedicated to females with a unique structure. For the next few years, the 29 inches would be the ideal size; however, it is 27.7 inches for now.

Lowered top tube

It is mostly applied to commuter or hybrid bikes. Lower standover height can easily get on and off the bikes with the sloping top tube. 

Shorter reach 

It is the distance from handlebars to the saddle. The bikes with the shorter frame design are, especially for the female riders. The frame means combining the other frame elements like the high-front end, which gives the more upright position. 

Shorter crank arms 

Riders with shorter arms and shorter legs have problems while riding. The part that links the pedals to the spindle all around when moving in small size can minimize the legs’ stretch, minimize the strain, and make pedaling easier. Moreover, shorter cranks will make paddles fast. 

Shallower drops and narrow handlebars

Also, the important consideration is shallower drops on handlebars and narrower handlebars.

Choose a bike which is particularly designed for the narrower shoulders and shallower drops means shorter reach to the bars from the street. 

Narrow range 

Women’s bikes have a shorter range of nearly four to three models, whereas males have more range. However, most women are ok with unisex bikes.

Lighter shock tune 

Mostly the mountain bikes for women feature the suspension set up to accommodate the average lightweight female riders. 

Women saddle 

The bikes for females are mostly for their comfort. Saddles are a customized thing, so you can choose them according to your need. 


Females mostly don’t admire the work of assembly too much; therefore, nearly all bikes ready to ride are 95 percent assembled. Also, sometimes bikes are 85 percent pre-assembled, and it has all the basic tools needed for its assembly. Hence, it is an important part while choosing the best bike. 


The handlebars’ size is related to the shoulder’s width, and the women have narrower shoulders than men, so the narrow handlebars will run best for them. Such bikes must have the gear levers and brakes set up with a shorter reach, which will give the utmost control and control for smaller hands. 

Rim brakes vs. Disc brakes 

According to the expert testers and their feedback, the hydraulic disc brakes can give them a comfortable experience on descendants. The hydraulic brake system is power full and has an easier lever action that can give you the surety without imposing the pressure to control on long descents, overall, a comfortable option. 

Wheel size 

Only some brands offer a smaller wheel size with the available range. It means you can get the ideal performance and handle on rough surfaces. Your choice must ensure the picture free tires to get durability. 


Forks are important while choosing the ideal pick. You need to start with 20 to 25 percent of the fork, and if it is 100mm travel for your fork, it must compress by 20-25mm

Style of bike 

It is an important consideration while choosing the bike what your style is. There is a range of bikes, and all of them fit according to a different discipline. However, the budget is also important while considering the style. So, after expanding the test and including price points of £/$375, you can increase bikes’ options by 25 percent. 

Moreover, components and frames can cater to different surfaces of roads, performance levels, and attitudes. Therefore, you need to plan what is your plan for the next ride and, in this way, choose the best suit for you. 

Hence, women’s bikes have unique characteristics based on the finishing kit that is made to fit the requirements of women. There are only a few kit upgrades; therefore, it is easy to change the bike’s character. If it is not 100 percent according to your taste, it is not the best pick, and it defines the bike’s versatility. Therefore, the choice for the bike matters. 

Best Women’s Mountain Bike under 500: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 mountain bike brands?

The best 5 brands are Huffy, Royce, Granite, EUROBIKE, and Gmlmes. All of them are famous for producing quality bikes having all the important features. According to our experts, the competition is closed with the list of these best mountain bikes under £500, and they are assembled when delivered to you. 

How much does a decent mountain bike cost?

I recommend you get the bike for no less than $15,000 and the full suspension, which is around $2000. You can pick the least, but they are hard to build at the price point of under $500, giving you an inefficient and heavy suspension design. 

Are 27.5 better than 29er?

For the longer rides, you can pick the 29ers, and for the faster acceleration, you can go for the 27.5in wheels. It is because smaller wheels can drive faster as compared to the larger ones. Because larger wheels, rims, spokes, and tires are farther from the wheel centers, that result in slower acceleration and rotational mass. 

Can a woman ride a 29-inch bike?  

29 inch is a good fit for most people, but there is a narrow range for the short riders. The main reason is the stand over clearance. Therefore, for women, a 26 inches mountain bike is ideal. Moreover, 29er is too tall for small riders. Hence, according to the size, if women are fit for the bike, then they can; otherwise, they need to reconsider. 

What size bike should a 5’6 woman ride?

Bikes have different sizes, and it is best if you pick the best according to your size. For the female of 3’’ to 5’6’’, the ideal pick is the 51-52-53 cm. Whereas for the length of 5’6’’ to 5’9’’, the perfect option is the 54 or 55 cm. Likewise, for the rider length of 5’6,’’ the bike’s ideal length can be 56-57-58 cm. 

What should I look for in a women’s mountain bike?

There are some important points to consider:

  • Wheel size
  • Hardtail
  • Consider suspension quality
  • Strong tiers
  • Keep the budget track 

Our Recommendation for the Best Women’s Mountain Bike under 500

We recommend the Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike. It is super easy to assemble, so you don’t need to get any hassle for its assembly. You can also get a smoother ride with a comfortable grip and adjustable gear system. Moreover, the sturdy and stronger built is the plus factor for choosing the bike, and its beautiful look will make it the best pick for females. 

[amazon box=” B07PD7Y974″]


You might be hesitant to choose the cheap product online, but some strong contenders will provide you with the expensive features in the budget-friendly option.

You can read about them on our buyer guide to get high quality and light frames. Overall, it is wise to choose the premium quality mountain bike without pinching a hole into your pocket. 

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