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When traveling, you must have the right accessories and tools to make the most of the experience! Luckily, our team is here to help you make the right decisions for your traveling needs.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the nine brilliant travel accessories every traveler must have! Hopefully, these will help you make the most of your next traveling experience!

Our List of 9 Brilliant Travel Accessories Every Traveller Must Have

Before heading out on your next big adventure, you must have the tools to make the most of the traveling experience. Luckily, our team can help with this – and to this end, we’ve come up with some tips for helping you find the best travel tools and accessories for when you book your next trip!

1.0Hand Sanitizer Wipes

This might not be the most exciting thing for us to open our list with, but having a pack of hand sanitizer wipes to hand when out on the go can be invaluable!

Indeed, you’ll never know when you might need a pack of hand sanitizer wipes, so this deceptively uninspiring travel accessory is one you really shouldn’t go without!

Check out Best Hand Sanitizer Wipes here

2. Packing Cubes

Packing for going away on holiday or traveling can be challenging. How do you get everything condensed down into just one suitcase? If this is the case for you, you might want to consider packing cubes. Packing cubes are a nifty little tool that can help organize your clothes for your next trip neatly and concisely, making it much easier to get everything ready.

Plus, it’ll make it easier to find what you need when you arrive at your destination, too, taking some of the effort out of finding what to wear from a messy suitcase!

Best Packing Cubes here

3. Pocket Blankets

Have you ever had a pocket blanket? If not, you’ve been missing out on your traveling needs! Pocket blankets are hugely helpful travel accessories for any occasion.

As the name would suggest, these pocket blankets fold down and pack away into a pocket-sized pouch – but you’d be surprised to learn that you don’t need to compromise on size! Indeed, pocket blankets are more than big enough for most traveling applications, so this is a worthwhile consideration for your next trip!

They’re a great way to start cooking and will always be perfect for those days when you want something quick. Plus, it sure is fun!

Best Pocket Blankets here

4. Collapsible Water Bottle

Water bottles can take up a huge amount of room in your suitcase or luggage, which can leave many people neglecting their hydration needs and not bothering to bring a bottle along with them for the trip. Sure, you could buy a plastic water bottle on the go, but why pay over the odds for a small water bottle? Besides that, not every destination will have a water source – what happens then?

Well, collapsible water bottles could offer the ideal solution. These unique water bottles are designed to roll away when you’re done with them, so they only take up a fraction of the space of a normal bottle. One to consider adding to your travel tools list!

Best Collapsible Water Bottle here

5. Portable Charger

A portable battery charger could be an excellent investment depending on where you’re traveling. Indeed, portable chargers can help you keep your devices up and ready to use even in remote areas where you might not get a power supply.

Some portable chargers even come with a mini solar panel to recharge batteries while on the go – so you won’t even need to worry about packing spare batteries. What’s not to love?

Best Portable Charger here

6. Travel Flashlight

Sometimes, things go wrong, and you can get lost somewhere you’re unfamiliar. Other times, you might fancy a moonlight walk under the stars or a hike through that dark, spooky cave up ahead. Whatever the case might be for you, having a portable travel flashlight is a must.

These are incredibly compact and can be tucked away in your pocket, but if you should need light at any time, they’re easy to whip out to show you the way.

Best Travel Flashlight here

7. Travel Door Alarms

If you’ve been looking to travel – especially if your chosen hotel offers an exceptionally affordable price per night. Then you might want to invest in a travel door alarm.

These are designed to wake you from even the deepest of sleep. So you can rest easy knowing that you have an extra layer of security for your hotel room. Indeed, travel door alarms are often among the most underrated travel accessories, but their potential value is massive. After all, for a few bucks, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Best Travel Door Alarms here

8. Water Filter

If you’ve been looking to go on a more adventurous trip. Then a water filter could be an excellent choice to consider. Even for those looking to stay in a hotel, taking a water filter along for your travels can be a perfect way. The confidence in the purity and safety of the water you’re drinking!

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9. Luggage Lock

It doesn’t matter what your destination might be. There’s always the risk that your personal belongings could go missing. And this could put a dampener on the whole trip. Don’t let this be the case for your items, though. Invest in a luggage lock for your suitcase or backpack and enjoy the confidence.

It comes with knowing that your personal belongings will be safe from swiping. Best of all, top-quality luggage locks are also incredibly affordable, often costing just a few dollars. So isn’t it worth the investment for the security of your belongings?

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26 Brilliant Travel Accessories

Keep Reading Brilliant Travel Accessories

Traveling can be rewarding and daunting; these innovative travel accessories will make your next journey safer and more straightforward.

This charger “tree” allows you to charge your phone, AirPods, and Apple Watch simultaneously – no tangled cords! Plus it folds flat for storage purposes in your carry-on bag.

10. Travel Clothesline

Travel clotheslines can be invaluable companions for travelers who wish to forgoing laundromat services on vacation. Furthermore, these handy devices provide space-saving solutions to hang clothing items, towels and swimsuits.

Many compact, lightweight clotheslines unfurl from an easily portable carry pouch to reveal two parallel cords with rubber beads running down their center, enabling users to hang clothing or towels from them and featuring hooks at either end for easy attachment to various surfaces.

Features that should be present in a travel clothesline include adjustable length, easy attachment and versatility of design. HAWATOUR Portable Clothesline, Sea to Summit Clothesline and Toctax Camping Washing Line all meet these criteria perfectly.

11. Portable Safe

Your portable travel safe is the easiest and safest way to protect the items most precious to you while travelling. From passports and money, to cameras and electronic equipment, having one as part of your gear is invaluable.

Pacsafe travel safes feature a bag style design with stainless steel wire mesh and an anti-tamper combination lock to prevent any attempts at tampering. Ideal for use at hostel dorm rooms, hotels and when boarding Tuk-Tuks.

Lewis N. Clark Safeboxes are another fantastic option, featuring a small yet durable design with a programmable keypad combo lock and backup keys made from solid steel for extra peace of mind. Additionally, this safebox folds flat for convenient transport in luggage while its soft interior lining protects equipment against bumps and scrapes.

12. Universal Airplane in Flight Mount

Perilogics’ hands-free airplane mount is an excellent investment if you travel frequently or wish to keep your phone within easy reach. Featuring its foldable size and sturdy clamping mechanism, this handy accessory makes packing for flights much simpler – or simply when not flying at all!

This smartphone airplane mount boasts an adjustable head with 360-degree rotation and multiple viewing angles to find your optimal position for watching movies or working during your flight. Furthermore, its strong clamping mechanism securely attaches to most flat surfaces including home furniture or office desks for secure connectivity.

Leakproof, dustproof and shockproof construction means it won’t be affected by extra turbulence or engine noise on an airplane ride, making this essential travel gadget an invaluable aid to productivity or entertainment onboard. Its compact size makes it great for working or watching your favorite films while travelling – no more worrying about losing any gadgets!

13. Portable Espresso Machine

This lightweight portable espresso maker can quickly process ground coffee or Nespresso pods to produce authentic Italian-style brew. Working without chargers or batteries, this handy unit fits easily in carry-on luggage, purses or backpacks for camping, hiking or business travel.

This travel espresso machine is easy to use and clean up, with a convenient carrying case to keep it safe while traveling. Plus, its one-button operation provides optimal pressure of 15-20 bars!

An aromatic cup of delicious espresso is ideal for any outdoor adventure or remote meeting, making this portable espresso machine essential for travelers or remote workers.

14. Digital Hand Luggage Scale

With this portable digital travel scale, avoid over-weight luggage charges with ease! Just clip this lightweight device onto the handle of your suitcase, lift briefly and get an accurate weight reading in either pounds or kilograms.

This model features a backlit display with tare feature and a two-minute auto shut-off to extend battery life, plus it is relatively affordable and well-received by previous buyers.

Some users have noted that it takes several seconds for the device to secure its final reading, yet accuracy is high. Furthermore, switching between pounds and kilograms is effortless; and the portable scale easily fits inside any bag once used – making this an invaluable investment for frequent flyers whose baggage weight exceeds that of standard scales!

15. Travel Cord Roll

The Travel Cord Roll is an effective solution for organizing cords, plugs, and small items on the go. Crafted of handsome leather for safety and organization on your journeys. Easily fit eight cords (2 plugs) plus smaller items such as earbuds. Plus it includes an internal button closure pocket to keep smaller gear secure, plus an exterior strap to simplify its form further! Available in nine bold colors – Blue, Pink, Turquoise, Red Green Cream Orange, Black Brown

Give them the gift of never losing their phone charger again with this handy vegan leather roll. It unfurls to safely tuck electronics, cables, and other knick-knacks away without them becoming tangled up – with its pouch for memory cards or small accessories, making it an excellent addition to any luggage or backpack.

16. Universal Adapter

Whether it is a year-long travel journey or just a quick weekend escape, having the right travel accessories can make a difference in both cases. From saving valuable space in your luggage to helping streamline the experience – having useful gadgets at your fingertips will only add convenience during any adventure!

This all-in-one international power adapter lets you plug your electronics into sockets in over 150 countries. It features sliders to switch between US, UK, and EU plug configurations and rotated pins for sockets in Australia or China.

When traveling with others and sharing music or podcasts, this ingenious travel accessory allows up to five individuals to listen simultaneously without creating an audible disturbance! Plus, its flip lid makes opening and closing it with just one hand easy – TSA approved too! Perfect for road trips and all-inclusive vacations alike.

17. SteriPEN

If you are camping or backpacking and you are concerned about the quality of water you are drinking, the SteriPEN handheld UV light cleaner should be considered an absolute essential. It will eliminate bacteria & protozoa that cause travelers diarrhea and kill viruses – which will all make a big difference to your camping or backpacking adventure!

SteriPEN is designed for easy use, boasting a hard plastic shell that easily pops off to reveal its UV bulb and LEDs.

Drop it in your water bottle, push the button, and wait. A green light indicates it’s disinfecting the water while turning itself off when its done. This device has been proven to work 8,000 times on alkaline batteries (not included), with lithium ones providing 10x more treatments! Plus, it’s lightweight enough to fit easily in a backpack or pocket!

18. Travel Steam Iron

At only 1 pound, this travel iron is one of the lightest available and comes complete with an easy travel bag for easy storage and transport. Heating up quickly and comfortably makes this dual voltage model ideal for use anywhere worldwide without needing an adaptor or converter.

This iron is ideal for travelers who require iron to keep their clothing wrinkle-free while on the road. Featuring an easy refill water tank and plenty of steam power, this device makes ironing effortless while traveling. Plus, its two modes make use possible: dry ironing or steaming!

As it’s essential that any iron that uses water be empty before packing it away, remembering this tip can prevent leakage into your suitcase or other clothing items.

19. Solar Power Bank with a Flashlight & Compass

Solar power banks are portable devices that convert sunlight to electricity for charging electronic devices. Their batteries store this solar energy for later use and may allow charging even without direct sunlight (though at a much slower rate).

Those on a tight budget might consider the Yelomin solar power bank as it offers great performance for its price point. Boasting an output rating of 10 watts – comparable with other options and capable of charging both 2A and 1A devices simultaneously – as well as dual USB output ports, an LED flashlight, compass and built-in flashlight, this versatile choice makes an excellent camping and hiking companion; unfortunately its warranty period may be shorter than others available on the market.


From flight booking to making hotel reservations, traveling can become stressful. Ensuring you bring everything you will need for your trip should not be difficult, so we hope our list of nine top travel accessories that every traveler should have will help you pack more efficiently!

Have you tried any of these tools before? Do you have any further recommendations for travelers that might help people make the most of their travel experiences? Let us know in the comments!

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