Chompy Bird Hunting | Everything You Need To Learn About Chompy Bird

Only after the Big Chompy bird hunting mission may you kill some Chompy birds.

They are killing their calls for a compound ogre bow or ogre bow with cruel arrows. You can’t murder melee or magic. You can use bloated toads to lure the region as bait.

Big Chompy Bird Hunting is a search where Rantz the Ogre catches a chompy bird to feed his kids. Bloated toads are produced on adjacent toads at the swamp using ogre bellows packed with swamp gas.

Combi birds spawn around the swollen toad in a 10-tile radius (21×21 square). If not killed after a minute, a Chompy bird will leave.

The Ogre named Rantz needs assistance to feed his children Fycie and Bugs. He wants to go hunting Big Chompy Birds because they desire food. However, the difficulty is that he can’t manufacture Ogre Arrows due to his fingers and thumbs.

Do you believe you can assist him out, then? You only need to follow the following directions. It’s pretty simple.

Chompy Bird Hunting

Skill Requirements

  • 5 Fletching
  • 30 Cooking
  • 30 Ranged

Which item will you require?

  • An Axe (Any Type, apart from Blessed)
  • Feathers x100
  • Knife
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Wolf Bones Chisel x4 (During the search, you might get them)
  • Potatoes, chocolates, tomatoes, and onions (You can obtain them during the quest)
  • Leaves of Equa (You can obtain them during the quest)
  • Leaves of Doogle (you can get these throughout the search

What about Chompy hats?

Talk to Rantz east of Feldip Hills to get these headgears and, after killing an optimum number of chompies.

When you pick the option to view the “hatsies” that it has to offer after scrolling through a quick menu and after choosing the first option “No.” You will open an interface to show all the different headgear and the number of kills each need.

Players may pick which of the headgear they can choose from. An Ogro Yeoman hat, a Bowman hat, an Ogre bowman hat, or any combination can be taken by a player who killed 50 chompy birds. The players can twice select the same hat to have duplicates stacking in the bank.

The player also receives a one-time 30,000 Ranged Experience Bonus when the dragon archer hat’s last bonus is received. Chompy birds kill relatively quickly, from 50 to 250 kills an hour.

A gamer will spend anywhere from 20–45 hours earning 4,000 kills for his Dragon Archer headgear. That’s good luck, of course. The average number of player kills is 90 an hour, but there’s no guaranteed 90 kills an hour for each participant.

Strategies to follow to do some Chompy Hunting

Although chompy birds are not particularly difficult to kill, particularly as they don’t fight when attacked, the optimizations of the killings per hour are generally useful if a higher kill count is to be obtained, either for the Westerner Diary, the chompy pet, or the direct rewards of the miniaturist, the Chompy bird hats and the “Ranged Reward.”

The equipment which offers the highest offensive range is the finest equipment to hunt chompy birds.

Please note that a boost for damage to your equipment is not applied when you use ogre bows. Thus it is suggested to use a normal range of armor such as black dragonhide or armor.

The arrows that are utilized have the most important influence on kill speed. Only ogre arrows and cruel arrows may be utilized so that you can obtain the quickest kills when employing harsh arrows.

But saving money can be feasible alternatives utilizing uncomfortably harsh or mithril brutal.

One of the places south of Castle Wars near the swamp bubbles is the fastest method of killing chompies.

The toads can be laid. Fill the inventory with about 25 ogre bellows and leave the three slots free and fill all bellows with the swamp bubble. Fill your inventory with the bubbles.

How to Hunt Chompy Birds

It would help if you collected bait from hunting them in a handy place because you have found a technique to kill the birds.

The marsh toads with whom his children play, Rantz informs you. Would you please ask Rantz all the questions provided with shafts? Otherwise, you cannot do so.

Enter the north of the Rantz cave entrance. Speak to the children of Rantz, Fycie, and Bugs in the cavern; they will inform you that they have toad filling with the ogre bellows to bloat toads. Sadly, her dad locked the bellows in the northwest corner of the chest.

The chest is sealed and weighted by a big boulder; the “locked” chest is attempted. Unsuccessful efforts are going to lower your strength by 1.

After you push the boulder out of the chest, look for the ogre bellows. Then:

  • Go back to where you slew the wolves to locate the swamp and toads.
  • Use the ogre bellows on swamp toads – the air is too thin, it says.
  • Use the bellows near the south or east end of the swamp path in the swamp bubbles. With the gas-filled bellows, you receive three shots.
  • Use the ogre bellows again on the toad to obtain your stock of a swollen toad.

What do you need to be successful with Chompy Birds Hunting?

Players need the following to hunt Chompy birds:

  • Comp ogre bow Ogre bow
  • Ogre flew, or Brutal flew
  • Flowing, Ogre

The Rantz or Grand Exchange can provide an Ogre bow. You can buy arrows (advisable) or from the Grand Exchange.

In a northwest portion of a Feldip hills cave (not on a world map) in the eastern Feldip hills, you can achieve the ogre bellows by “unlocking” a chest (no key is necessary).

The cellar is just north of the starting symbol where Big Chompy Bird Hunting begins and Ogre Rants, his son, or his daughter surrounds it.

You will need just one Ogre to hunt birds. However, it is suggested that you use 24 since this will enhance your rate of catch.

The leftover stock spaces can be utilized as a toad space (25 bellows three toads). NOTE: You lose a prior one when you collect the 4th toad, so you don’t have under 23-25 toads.


  • Armadyl armor> Black armor
  • Comp ogre bow (highly recommended)
  • Best brutal arrow shafts you can afford (steel or higher recommended)
  • Ava’s assembler

Locations you must visit.

  • For Chompy birds, there are many locations that a player may pick from:
  • Felipe Hills Swamp – 3 places
  • Swamp Castle Wars – 2 sites

Using the hunting area to the west of the island may be preferable, especially because there are no monsters to attack the players (the suggested one is on the western peninsula just southwest of castle wars just north of the rare tree sign).

Choosing a region less inhabited with attacking creatures or dynamic landscapes is ideal.

Hats Variations

Based on the number of birds you can kill, you will see the following order. Using a right-click on an Ogre bow or a Comp ogre bow, players may control the number of kills to check the number of birds they have killed in chompie birds.

30Ogre bowman hat
40Bowman hat
50Ogre yeoman hat
70Yeoman hat
95Ogre marksman hat
125Marksman hat
170Ogre woodsman hat
225Woodsman hat
300Ogre forester hat
400Forester hat
550Ogre bowmaster hat
700Bowmaster hat
1,000Ogre expert hat
1,300Expert hat
1,700Ogre dragon archer hat
2,250Dragon archer hat
3,000Expert ogre dragon archer hat
4,000Expert dragon archer hat

Frequently Asked Questions

How long 1000 Chompy do kills take?

The players may hope to get 1,000 kills during five hours with a proper arrangement and total focus.

How many Chompy birds kill per hour?

Chompy birds can be slaughtered quickly, with appropriate installation, ranging from 100-350 kills an hour.

Should you pluck Chompy?

Only feathers that are stackable are given when you pluck them.

The meat stays on the floor, allowing you to take it away so that when you pluck it, you need one storage space.

Where can I hunt chompy birds?

A gamer caught a squirrel in the area south of Castle Wars and the Feldip Hills. Players may hunt for birds of chompy. South of the Poison Waste is a location that works exceptionally well.

Do you need to pluck Chompy birds?

Bows with composite ogre bows, brutal arrows, or ogre arrows may only be slain after completing a big chompy bird hunting task. To catch bloated toads should be used as bait. When a company dies, it gives you a body that you may grab to get fetters.

What does Chompy mean?

Bird hats are ornamental (sometimes you will see them as Ogre hats or Chompy hats).

The players must have finished the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest to get the caps. Furthermore, players must be fletching at level 5, level 30 and at least 30 Chompy or Jubblies birds have been slain (or a combination of both).

Because these caps are only to be decorated and to recognize an achievement, they offer no advantages to players.

Where can I find chompy birds?

Kandarin, southwest, and southwest of Achey Trees Castle Wars (Fairy ring codes aks) (optimal spot for killing them, fairy ring code bkp).

Bottom Line

You can kill Chompy birds quickly, given the ideal set-up, ranging from 50 to 200 kills an hour. You need to kill 30, 125, 300, and 1,000 chompies, respectively, for a simple, medium, tough, elite diary in the Western Provinces.

Players may anticipate accomplishing 1,000 kills within six hours of the game with a decent establishment and total attention.

The message is killing a Chompy Bird, “Your chompy bird kill is scraping a notch.” Every slaughter delivers a sumptuous bird that you may pluck for feathers, a raw chompy, and bones.

The influence of the sweetheart operates on the bones when the deceased company is plucked. Thirty killings will allow gamers to claim their first bird hat.

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