Ffxiv Fishing Guide | Lures and Bait | Complete Ffxiv Fishing Guide

This Final Fantasy XIV guide aims to provide solutions to many challenges: starting a fishing trip in the sea. In Final Fantasy XIV, we have to face a lot of challenges. One of them is fishing in the ocean, and we will have it available for everyone who has unlocked the fishing mode. So, in this guide, our goal is to have the answers you need to learn how to start a fishing trip in the sea. The following details give you all that. In this guide, I will discuss the Ffxiv fishing guide.

To start, we will need lures. Sure with the unlocking, we will have some, plus baits or lures that we can buy when we are on the boat. The fishing trips are every 2 hours on land. Depending on the size and rarity of the fish we catch, we will earn points. In 7 minutes, we can access different places with also different fish.

Before returning to Limsa Lominsa, the boat makes three stops. When we reach level 49, we will be rewarded with Ocean Fishing. Those of us with less experience in a 20 minutes trip can level up to 5-10. Finally, when we are between levels 50 and 79, we will receive the Yellow Harvester Script and experience. In 1980, we received the white and yellow scrips Gatherer’s Script. First, however, it’s time to learn more about this Ffxiv fishing guide.

FFXIV Fishing; A Complete Fishing Leveling Guide For 2021

[1–5] levels First, we’ll help the Fishing Guild with My First Fishing Rod. Once you’ve equipped your first rod from Sisipu at the Fishing Guild, it’ll be accessible right away. Go ahead and use your Cast ability while facing the water near the fishing guild to catch the 5 Lominsan Anchovy necessary for the task. After you’ve completed this task, keep fishing until you reach level 5. Bigger Fish to Fry, your next task, demands 3 Harbor Herring, which may also be found in the town’s waterways. Continue fishing at the guild until you’ve finished this task.

[5–10] levels after that, we’ll go freshwater fishing. We’ll travel out to Middle La Noscea with the Crayfish Balls we got from the last guild mission and fish in one of two freshwater rivers immediately north of Limsa Lominsa’s entrance. The Princess and the Fish, our next level 10 class quest, will require a high-quality Princess Trout. Don’t worry if you don’t have such a fish by the time you are ten. Check the town’s market boards (the guild master won’t know the difference).

[15-20] let’s go to Aleport, which is located in Western La Noscea! It’s conveniently placed near the Fishing Guild, just a short boat trip away. All of our Leve fish may be found in the waters of Aleport using Rat Tail bait. When you’ve achieved level 20, go north to Upper La Noscea and use a Crow Fly lure to cast your rod into the massive lake in the map’s center. Nearby, there’s a seller that sells them. Return to town after catching 5 Warm water Trout for the next guild mission.

The Final Levels

[20-25] this is a simple stretch, but at level 20, you should make sure you have a piece of gear (excluding jewelry) in each slot that aids your Gathering or Perception skill. For example, take the Crow Fly lure to Quarrymill in South Shroud and fish in the river that passes through town.

[25-30] we’ll be fishing in South Shroud once more, so go to Quarrymill. A tiny pond known as Goblin blood may be found just east of town. A tiny goblin encampment borders it, so utilize your stealth to avoid being bothered while fishing. Try to Leve Sift for Salmon and Dark Bass in this round, which is a little trickier.

[30-35] you’ll be spending the following five levels on the beautiful and pleasant Costa del Sol. Then, with around two stacks of Spoon Worm, head up the coast to the North Blood shore fishing spot.

[35-40] it’s time to go to colder climates, so bundle up. Until we reach level 45, Coerthas Central Highlands will be our preferred site. We’ll be doing Leves at the Observatorium in the map’s southeast corner for the first part of this stretch.

[40-45] Back in Coerthas Central Highlands, we’ll travel to the Whitebrim Front on the northwestern side. All of the Leves there require fish that may be found in the area.

[45-50] are you looking forward to it? You’ve nearly made it! Already an accomplished fisherman.

FFXIV Fishing Tackle Guide – Where to Get Lures and Bait

Finding fishing holes in the game is complex, and finding lures and bait of the proper level and water (or air or sand) type on your fishing expeditions is also tricky. Well, you can get lures and baits here:

  • Crow Fly (Lure; Level 20; Freshwater) (Vendor price: 240 Gil).
  • Vendors in South Shroud (Buscarron’s Druthers), Upper La Noscea (Memeroon’s Trading Post), and Goldsmithing (Level 20).
  • Floating Minnow (Level 22; Lure for fish at the surface of the water) (Vendor price: 264 Gil).
  • Lure: Brass Spoon (Level 23; Freshwater; Lure) (Vendor price: 276 Gil).
  • Chocobo Fly (Level 27; Freshwater; Lure) Chocobo Fly (Level 27; Freshwater; Lure) Chocobo Fly (Level (Price at vendors: 324 Gil).
  • Ron Jig (Saltwater*; Lure; Level 32) (Vendor price: 384 Gil)
Malm Kelp43
Merlthor Goby43
Lominsan Anchovy33
Striped Goby43
Dwarf Catfish45
Finger Shrimp43
Bone Crayfish53
White Coral53
Princess Trout53
Ocean Cloud64
Dusk Goby64
Sea Cucumber74
Harbor Herring74
Crimson Crayfish84
Vongola Clam84
Coral Butterfly96
Brass Loach94
Moraby Flounder104
Maiden Carp104
Pebble Crab125
Rainbow Trout155
River Crab155
Tiger Cod155
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish166
Helmet Crab169
Faerie Bass176
Acorn Snail176
Rothlyt Oyster176
Dark Sleeper1810
La Noscean Perch186
Navigator’s Dagger1810
Moat Carp196
Bluebell Salmon206
Razor Clam206
Blue Octopus2111
Tri-colored Carp217
Eunuch Crayfish2111
Jade Eel2211
Pond Mussel237
Warmwater Trout237
Glass Perch247
Four-eyed Fish247
Saber Sardine247
Black Eel2512
Dark Bass257
Blue Coral257
Ogre Barracuda2512
Aegis Shrimp268
Five-ilm Pleco268
Sea Bo268
Climbing Perch278
Shadow Catfish2713
Bianaq Bream278
Black Ghost2813
Black Sole288
Hammerhead Shark298
Yugr’am Salmon288
Sea Pickle308
Spotted Pleco308
Lamp Marimo319
Abalathian Smelt359
Indigo Herring319
Ash Tuna329
Grip Killifish329
Bone Cleaner339
Root Skipper339
Leafy Seadragon339
Fullmoon Sardine3415
Mitten Crab349
Haraldr Haddock349
Whitelip Oyster359
Clown Loach3610
Sand Bream3610
Lavender Remora3610
Armored Pleco3710
Giant Bass3710
Desert Catfish3710
Velodyna Carp3810
Spotted Puffer3810
Golden Loach3910
Storm Rider3917
Trader Eel3917
Crimson Trout4010
Antlion Slug4010
Red Coral4010
Bronze Lake Trout4111
Ignus Snail4111
Dune Manta4118
Silver Shark4118
Loyal Pleco4211
Thunderbolt Sculpin4218
Fall Jumper4318
Common Sculpin4411
Blacklip Oyster4411
Southern Pike4519
Northern Pike4511
Kobold Puffer4511
Cloud Jellyfish4511
Goblin Perch4620
Agelyss Carp4612
Pike Eel4612
Assassin Betta4720
Mummer Wrasse4712
Cloud Cutter4812
Blind Manta4820
Ilsabardian Bass4812
Paglth’an Discus4920
Boxing Pleco4912
Rift Sailor4912
Sea Devil4912
Kissing Trout5021
Angry Pike5021
Sagolii Monkfish5021
Rock Lobster5021
Vampire Lampern5021
Wandering Sculpin5012
Cave Cherax5021
Coeurlfish50 ++28
Little Thalaos50 ++28
Shall Shell50 +13
Giant Donko50 +22
Sundisc50 +22
Mahi-Mahi50 +22
Halibut50 +13
Unknown ? ?
Wootz Knifefish50 +22
Giant Catfish50 +22
Caravan Eel50 +22
Mazlaya Marlin5022
Coelacanth50 +22
Cadaver Carp50 ++28
Rhamphorhynchus50 ++28
Giant Squid50 +22
Gigant Octopus50 ++28
Dinichthys50 ++28
Mushroom Crab50 +22
Judgement Staff50 +22
Poxpike50 +22
Emperor Fish50 +22
Bowfin50 +22
Heliobatis50 ++28
Megalodon50 ++28
Unknown ? ?
Takitaro50 ++16
Pirarucu50 ++16
Morinabaligi50 ++28
Jungle Catfish50 +22
Tiny Tortoise50Unsellable

Fishing Weather Conditions

In Eorzea, the weather may change in a second, so it’s essential to be prepared! In addition, the weather influences several actions in the game. These are some of them:

  • Fishing: Several species of fish may only be caught in specific weather conditions and at specific times of the day. Thunderlord Sculpin, Raincaller, and Son of Levin are just a few examples.
  • Sightseeing Log: Many of the entries in the sightseeing log require specific weather conditions and times of the day.
  • Odin’s FATE will only spawn if The Black Shroud’s weather state is classified as Tension.
  • A Skywatcher may be found in Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, Camp Dragonhead, and Revenant’s Toll.

FFXIV Fishing Guide – Get Hooked On This Relaxing Class

Patience and Powerful Hookset are available at level 51. Patience enhances your chances of catching a good fish, but it lowers your hook efficiency. The debuff is removed by Strong Hooking. Patience should always be used in conjunction with one of the two hooksets you obtain at level 56: Powerful Hookset or Precision Hookset. They’ll come in handy because most of the class missions now demand HQ fish.

The level 65 class quest asks you to use Live Shrimp as bait to capture high-quality Harutsage Sprags in the Shoal Rock. Keep Patience and the hooksets in mind.

That concludes the role and methods for leveling a fisher. As you can see, this class is somewhat different from the other Disciples of Land in Final Fantasy XIV. While fishing may not be the most cost-effective option for a gathering or crafting class, it is a highly relaxing activity, especially for beginners.

A New Fishing Ex-Spear-ience (Side Quest)

Patch 4.0 includes content that can only be accessible by registering FINAL FANTASY XIV expansion packs to your service account.

Therefore, the following notations will be used throughout the patch notes to distinguish between changes. These are not impacted by the registration of these expansions:

  • The sole need for these additions and modifications is the purchase of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.
  • Purchase and registration of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward is required for these enhancements and changes.
  • The purchase and registration of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood is required for these enhancements and changes.

FFXIV Ocean Fishing rewards

The total amount of points gained determines the reward. The prizes for each player vary depending on their current level.

BlizzardVery PoorHeavy Snow
Clear SkiesVery GoodClear
Dust StormsVery PoorDusty
Fair SkiesVery GoodFair
FogVery PoorFoggy
Heat WavesGoodBlistering
SandstormsVery PoorSandy
ThunderstormsPoorHeavy Thunder
Umbral StaticPoorExperiencing Umbral Static
Umbral WindExperiencing Umbral Wind

FFXIV – Ocean Fishing Guide

Your class will change to Fisher once you obtain a fishing rod, and you will have access to the following abilities:

  • Bait – This option allows you to specify the type of bait or lure attached to your fishing rod.
  • Cast – If you’re facing a body of water, you can use this skill to start fishing.
  • Hook – catches the fish on your line right now (Indicated by noise and your rod bending towards the water).
  • Quit – Stops fishing. This can also be done by moving.
  • Cast Light – A bright light appears at the tip of your rod. When fishing at night, this is useful.
  • Stealth – Allows a guy to fish without being bothered by harmful animals. Regrettably, it also slows mobility. If you use Level 8 Fisher Release after capturing a fish, it releases it and prevents you from catching that type of fish again until the current fishing session is over. Fisher Mooch (Level 22) – An advanced method for catching big fish. After catching a high-quality “moochable” fish, it becomes useful—fisherman at level 25.

Fisher, you should dress for success by wearing clothes that provide boosts to the Gathering and Perception stats as well as attractive clothing. The capacity to capture tough or “higher level” fish is determined by gathering. Perception improves your ability to capture “high-quality” Spectral fish and is frequently used in conjunction with Mooch’s fishing skill. The Fisher class currently does not benefit from Gathering Points or GP in the same way other gathering professions do.

Ffxiv Fishing Guide | Lures and Bait | Complete Ffxiv Fishing Guide

You must talk with the Guild Receptionist in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks and accept the quest Way of the Fisher to join the Fisher class. A weathered Fishing Rod and 99 Lugworms will be given to you like your first fishing rod and your inventory space.

Ffxiv Fishing Guide: FAQs

How do you catch fish in Ffxiv?

When you reach 25, go to North Shroud and fish in the waters near the Aetheryte site. To catch some simple fish, use low-level bait like Moth Pupa. When you acquire a higher-quality version, use the Mooch button to catch rate the Shadow Catfish you’ll need for your next guild mission.

What do I do with caught fish Ffxiv?

Fish may be utilized in various crafting techniques, including food, fertilizer, potions, and glue! Self-fulfillment: Fishing allows you to boost your self-esteem by practicing environmental stewardship, acquiring outdoor skills, and attaining personal goals. Fishing may be beneficial to one’s personal and social growth as well.

What bait should I use for ocean fishing Ffxiv?

With or without the Fisher’s Intuition boost, players seeking to min/max and capture five-star fish should pick up the following bait: Feeder for Shrimp in a Cage Jig made of heavy steel. Glowworm.

Ocean fishing is an exception in this category. It may not be as popular as it was when it first released when everyone hurried to get their hands on the game’s distinctive mount prizes, but it’s still the most effective method to grind your way to level 80 fishing. Moreover, it’s a classic Hydaelyn activity that provides a pleasant respite from the rush and bustle of daily life in Square Enix’s premium MMORPG, even without an aim in mind.

Is fishing worth it, Ffxiv?

In Final Fantasy XIV, fishing (together with beauty) is the true endgame. Fishing is the most accessible and most enjoyable method to acquire scrips, although it is not a huge moneymaker. With just a few exceptions, such as desynths and food, fishing has long been seen as the thankless collectathon recreational employment.

Is there fishing in Final Fantasy 14?

The new FFXIV Hybodus mount originates from the Ocean Fishing feature — or, more precisely, a minigame accomplishment. We’ll travel out to Middle La Noscea with the Crayfish Balls we got from the last guild mission and fish in one of two freshwater rivers immediately north of Limsa Lominsa’s entrance.

How does bait work in Ffxiv?

Bait is a one-time-use item that you should stock up on. The majority of them may be purchased at a low price from vendors. However, a few endgame baits need another currency. Lures are versatile objects that may be used several times. Although I have at least 4-5 on hand in case the dreaded “The fish snapped your line!” message appears, resulting in the loss of your lure.

“Choose bait” is one of your skills. Then you choose from your available options. You do not have to decide every time; you only have to decide when you want to change. When a fish is caught/lost/not reeled in after a bite, the bait is depleted.

What do I do with all the fish from ocean fishing?

You may use them to make water/ice crystals by desynthesizing them. Otherwise, most fish are merely leftovers from the market. Some (those labeled “crafting ingredients”) can be cooked, but not all. Unfortunately, aquariums are not permitted to house any of the Ocean Fishing species.

After finishing the Fisher intro quest in Limsa Lominsa, Ocean Fishing becomes available. You read it right: all you have to accomplish in Limsa is unlock the Fisher gathering class. Return to the Fishermen’s Guild and speak with Fhilsnoe once you’ve completed this and equipped your first fishing rod (X: 7.8 Y: 14.5).

Does fishing make money Ffxiv?

Fishing is unusual because, while certain fish might fetch a lot of money, they also take a long time to sell, in my experience. You’ll obtain several things to swap for rank 7 and 8 materials if you run roulette as a sought-after role, which sells for a lot of money. On the other hand, you may sell your items for a profit by acquiring the resources that artisans require (or making the materials yourself).

How does gathering affect fishing Ffxiv?

The gathering affects your ability to reel in a fish effectively, and Perception increases the likelihood of a fish being HQ. On a fish-by-fish basis, however, capture and HQ rates are capped. In addition, certain fish have a minimum Gathering value that must be met to be caught.

Gathering determines the length of time you have to reel in a fish before it takes your bait and swims away. Therefore a higher gathering stat increases the amount of time you have to click the reel in button. On HQ goods, Perception appears to have a lower impact. Instead, it raises the maximum size of a fish/sea creature. The size of the fish you caught determines the quality of your gear.

Where can I unlock ocean fishing?

After finishing the Fisher intro quest in Limsa Lominsa, Ocean Fishing becomes available. You read it right: all you have to accomplish in Limsa is unlock the Fisher gathering class. Return to the Fishermen’s Guild and speak with Fhilsnoe once you’ve completed this and equipped your first fishing rod (X: 7.8 Y: 14.5).

Anyone who has finished the level 1 quest “My First Fishing Rod” can unlock Ocean Fishing. To begin, speak with Fhilsnoe in the Fishermen’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa. Then, accept the quest “All the Fish in the Sea” and travel to the Arcanists’ Guild’s Ferry Docks.

Bottom Line

Congratulations if you’ve made it to level 80 with this FFXIV Fishing Leveling tutorial. Although getting to the dizzying heights of the 80th level is a long trek, following these strategies should bring you there in a decent amount of time. The trick is to know what lures and bait to bring with you and how to make the most of the grind spots you visit. 

There are also specific strategies to employ, and whether you choose to focus on Levequests, collections, or other things will affect how quickly you reach 80. However, regardless of your chosen method, you will quickly become a pro FFXIV fisherman and a master of the fishing pole among your peers.

Start your journey, and get the most valuable places such as Southern Thanalan and Lominsan Anchovies.

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