Ffxiv Hunting Log | Everything You Need To Know About Hunting Log

In Final Fantasy XIV, the hunting log is an optional combat activity. Its goal is to reward players that hunt down and kill specific mobs with additional prizes. In this guide, I will discuss the Ffxiv hunting log.

The Hunting Log represents a record of a player’s accomplishments in missions that require them to kill specific species. Players will receive rewards and unlock new challenges by accomplishing these activities. You may access the log by hitting “H” on the keyboard or selecting “Logs” from the main menu.

Select class hunting logs, and difficult to see the available challenges for ranks once the log is open. A class name and number are assigned to each challenge level, such as Lancer 01.

Every class has its hunting log, and each Grand Company has its hunting log.

Hunting Logs are a series of past hunts that offer different experiences after defeating a specific number of monsters, which classes get access to after completing their first-class mission.

It’s important to notice that the crafting and collecting logs are handled differently than the hunting logs.

To unlock it, you’ll need to complete your class objectives. It makes no difference what level you are; all that matters is that you begin your journey through your selected class.

Detail about Hunting Logs

Hunting Logs are a series of past hunts; completing a “Rank” (a set of 10 hunts) earns you more experience points and allows you to advance to the next difficulty actual level.

Each class has its hunting log, and you may only give credit for monsters that belong to that class. (Thaumaturge, for example, has the Ice Sprite on its 37th log, but defeating it on Archer won’t count toward your Thaumaturge log.)

Complete quest “Let the Clan Hunt Begin” at level 53, talking to NPC immediately inside the doors right beside the board on the top floor of The Forgotten Knight. Begin your Hunt. There’s a quest in Idyllshire (we believe players know that term) at level 59 and a quest adjacent to the hunt board at level 60.

Class logs

When you join a guild, the class-specific hunting logs become available. This happens directly after the conclusion of the level 0 class quests for classes after the first. However, you have to wait until the end of the level 1 class quest to unlock the feature in the first place for your first class.

Every hunting log page is accessible only when you’ve finished the preceding page and attained the proper level for the page. You will not unlock page 3 until you reach level 20, even if you accomplish page 2 at, say, max level 18.

When you join a Grand Company, you have access to the Grand Company-specific hunting logs. Because you can only have one GC hunting log at a time, your hunting log will change if you transfer businesses. It’s unclear at this point if you’ll maintain your progress in the hunting log if you go back to a business where you’ve already begun the log, but it’s probable.

By finishing the preceding page and then attaining a specific rank in your organization, you can unlock additional pages for the GC hunting log.

In a free company, how do you rank?

They are putting material together in one place. Running daily roulettes, raiding, and farming Extreme Trials are all obvious ways for a Free Company to gain points. The FFXIV community has largely agreed that grouping together and running FATEs is a decent way to acquire points, although this approach is extremely sluggish and difficult to measure.

How can you get Hunting Logs Unlocked?

You can access the Hunting Log by going to the Logs menu and selecting the appropriate class logo. This happens when you join a Grand Company; you’ll also be given a separate Grand Company Hunting Log that rewards GC seals instead of EXP and can be accessed from the same screen by selecting the GC’s nation flag).

Where can I get Akademia Anyder unlocked?

The Akademia Anyder dungeon is one of two levels 80 dungeons connected to the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest but not immediately part of it (on release).

You may obtain it by completing the mission Shadowbringers, and You can unlock it by completing the quest Akademia Anyder. It’s possible to finish it with the duty finder.

How do you Gain Access to the Stormblood hunts?

Head to Kugane’s Estrild (X10. 3, Y10. 2) to unlock Clan Hunts. To unlock each layer of clan hunts, she will give you four tasks, one after the other.

Is it Possible to Reset a Ffxiv Class?

You can’t, but you can try entering the Palace of the Dead from the first floor to reset your level to 1. Also, rapid level from there within pot won’t affect your outside level. However, it will enable you to enhance your abilities from level 1 or Level 10 swiftly.

How can I gain access to clan hunts at Level 3?

The NPC to unlock level 3 once you’ve reached level 59 is an older woman in Idyllshire. Thus you’ll need to be far into the major scenario quests for patch 3.0, past the Dravanian Forelands and Dravanian Hinterlands, to get there.

How can you gain access to Kugane’s hunts?

When you speak with Estrild at Shiokaze Hostelry, she will unlock them for you. When you speak with Estrild at Shiokaze Hostelry, she will unlock them for you. Before Kugane opens up, you must first unlock level 3 in Idyllshire.

How do we gain access to Halatali?

Halatali, unlike the other level dungeons in the game, has no direct relationship to the main objective. Instead, talk to Nedrick Ironheart in X12-Y14 in Vesper Bay, Costa Del Sol Western Thanalan, to unlock it. During the dungeon, players level 24 and up will be synchronized to level 23.

How do you get Cutter’s Cry to work?

In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Cutter’s Cry is a level 38-40 Dungeon. You can find this in Central Thanalan and may be unlocked by speaking with Sibold on the Merchant Strip of Ul’dah at the Steps of Thal starting at level 35. (cannot enter until level 38).

Where have all the Amalj hunters gone?

“The Amalj’aa are a lizard-like nomadic beastmen that live in the Paglth’an area to the north and east of Ul’dah, where they hunt the region’s animals for a living. They are equivalent in size to even the largest Roegadyn, and their stamina is nearly limitless.

Frequrntly Asked Questions

How does the hunting log work?

The level monsters, locations, challenges, and experience awards of the tasks are all listed in the hunting log. It also keeps track of your accomplished chores. By accomplishing all of the objectives in the previous rank, players can advance to the next rank.

Is there a hunting log for Dark Knight?

Because Dragoon and Bard have a direct relation to Archer and Lancer, they receive Hunting Logs. After 30, you’re still performing an Archer’s Hunting Log under the garb of a Bard, and the same can be true for the other classes. Astrologer, Machinist, and Dark Knight are unrelated to each other guides.

Where can I find trickster Imp?

The Trickster Imp is a kind of Imp that you may find in Central Shroud.

Can you solo dungeons in Ffxiv?

The multiplayer game has hours of questing that you may do solo or with other players, culminating in a group dungeon or trial. It’s back to the solitary mode when you complete the dungeon or trial. These quick tasks may be a lot of fun if you have pals in the base game.

Does Dark Knight have a hunting log?

Not at all.

Where are Amalj hunters?

Amalj’aa Hunter is a kind of Amalj’aa that you will find in Eastern Thanalan.

Where are heckler imps?

In Halatali, there is a level 20 Imp known as Heckler Imp.

Where do I turn in my hunting log Ffxiv?

By finishing the preceding page and then attaining a specific rank in your organization, you can unlock additional pages for the GC hunting log. Each hunting record you complete earns you an award and a special minion.

Bottom line

Players can access the Hunting Log by going to the Logs menu and selecting the appropriate class logo. You’ll also get a separate Grand Company Hunting Log that rewards GC seals instead of EXP when you join a Grand Company. You can access it from the same screen by selecting the GC’s nation flag).

The hunting log only has to be unlocked once, after which it is available to all other classes. Thus it’s conceivable that increasing a task automatically unlocks the log. Check your Logs menu to check whether the hunting log is already online.

After finishing the first class quest for each Guild, each class receives their Hunting Log. Hunting Logs are not available for Classless Jobs such as DRK (the real Hunt, which can be unlocked from the notice board at each GC HQ, outside the bar in Ishgard from level 50, and on a wall in Rhalgr’s Reach and outside the teahouse in Kugane from level 60ish), has replaced them. Read about ffxiv fishing guide here.

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