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Oktoberfest 2020 was cancelled because of the pandemic; however, you can plan for the next beer festival. So then, continue the fun with your families and friends when the pandemic is over! In this guide, I will share the hilarious things you should know about Oktoberfest.

Describe Oktoberfest

Hilarious Things You Should Know About Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a local event held in Munich, Germany. Each year there are fewer than 20% of the visitors coming from different countries. It was first celebrated the week of October, but they decided to move the event to September for warmer weather. 

Oktoberfest did not originate as a beer festival but a wedding party in honour of Prince Ludwig and Therese. Its other name is Wiesn which came from Theresienwiese. 

There are large hall tents that can accommodate thousands of people drinking beer. Oktoberfest also offers local foods and family-friendly rides for everyone to enjoy.

Thus, kids won’t get exposed to beer and wine. The truth is there are lots of children attending the festival each year, and it is pretty safe. 

Annually, millions of people go to the event, and it is for free! The result would be hiring more and more workers, which would lift the economy of Munich greatly. It is both a local and international beer festival that is fun and exceptional. 

Other Fun Facts You Should Know 

Other Fun Facts You Should Know

Below are some hidden gems of Oktoberfest that keep most tourists astounded: 

The cancellation of the event is not new.

Oktoberfest was also cancelled during pre-pandemic days about 24 times. The main causes are cholera epidemics and wars. However, the party continues after a while. 

Vomit-proof sneakers 

After having so much fun and being consumed with alcohol, some people may puke around. That is very disgusting! Adidas came up with the idea of innovating sneakers that are vomit-resistant. This is a limited edition intended for this event and is now sold out.  

The Mayor signals the start of the event. 

No one can sip a beer until the Mayor says so. Oktoberfest will officially begin after a gun salute and the Mayor’s greeting. The very first mug of beer is then served to the State’s Minister-President for the event to get started. 

For instance, on September 21, 2019, after the Mayor taps the first mug of beer, the event officially starts. 

Oktoberfest is a high-budget festival. 

That is right! The beer prices range from $12 and up with just one litre of drink. It is available on weekdays and weekends in different timeframes. 

The famous scientist worked in Munich. 

Einstein was one of the people who set up the beer tents in Munich. He did the electrical jobs together with the other workers. 

2018 records the largest worth of beer 

About 7.5 million litres of beer are being served in 2018. This beats the 1910 record with only 120,000 litres of beer that could fill up more than 1000 bathtubs. 

A person is wearing a hairier that symbolizes wealth. 

During the early years, wealthy visitors wear a hat with lots of tufts on it.

The more tufts refer to more wealth. This is not easy to determine nowadays because of the many fake tufts in the market. 

Oktoberfest also offers a variety of wines. 

There is a certain tent that provides wine for the visitors. It can offer a wide range of wines, including champagne. This could be the best spot for light drinkers. 

There are 80 amusement rides in the location. 

It is open between 9 am, and 10 am with a massive number of kid-friendly rides. To name a few include the Ferris wheel and roller coasters. 

A Lost and Found Center 

There are many cases of losing something valuable within the event due to beer drinking. The office collects thousands of items per year, like keys, documents, and even wedding rings.

Therefore, a lost and found office adds up comfort, especially for parents. 

Glass mugs were discovered in the late 1890s.

Mugs used for the festival were originally built with stone, metal, and then finally, a glass mug was served. 

Useful souvenirs 

Taking home some souvenirs from Munich is possible. One of the best items you can bring home is a drink mug.

They have confiscated over 100,000 beer mugs in 2010 from the guests and so decided to officially sell mugs online. 

A mass at Oktoberfest. 

Seems hypocritical, right? On the first Thursday of the festival, a mass is held in the Hippodrome tent. It may be an act of thanksgiving. 

Oktoberfest banned a famous person. 

Surprisingly, Paris Hilton cannot join the festival ever again. It is because of dressing up in a way to promote a brand of wine. This has offended most of the organizers. 

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