How Can to Download Youtube Videos

How can to download youtube videos Overview

There are millions of videos on youtube that people click to watch.

However, many YouTube users don’t know they can easily and legally download their favorite videos on youtube. In today’s article, learn how you can download youtube videos to either your tablet, phone, laptop, etc.

Method A: Use 4K best video downloader on Pc

  1. Download 4k best downloader setup file
    The first thing is to click on your computer web browser and download this setup file, and it’s available on both Mac computers and Windows.
  2. Install the downloader
    On windows, double–click your setup, click yes, but when prompted, follow screen setup instructions. On the Mac, double click setup file, then verify installation, click and drag the 4k video downloader icon to the Applications folder. Follow every instruction.
  3. Move to right in your web browser.
  4. Now direct to the youtube video you need to download, and the video should first begin via playing.
  5. Copy video address
    It simple click your video address on the bar, press Ctrl plus A to select it, followed by copying it via pressing Ctrl plus C again.
  6. Press paste the link on the top-left corner of this video downloader so it can exact the specific address you copied.
  7. Choose video format
    On the Format menu, do this to change this video format right from MP4 to MKV.
  8. Select a quality
    Via default highest quality will automatically be selected check the box next for different quality.
  9. Download
    Click download at the window’s bottom, and will video will automatically start downloading right on your PC.
  10. Open the video location.
    Right-click your video and click show in the folder. Basically, this will cause the file Mac or file explorer with the downloaded video to open. Now double-click your video to eventually play it on the default video player. While on Mac, hold down the Ctrl button prompt right-click to play the video

Method B: Use KeepVid on iPad or iPhone

  1. Install documents via Readdle on the iPad or iPhone
    Use Readdle for easy downloading. Open your app store and tap search at the right corner button. Type readdle in your search bar on the screen top, followed by tapping search. Next, tap det and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Now open your Youtube app on iPad or iPhone. Its a white icon with a white triangle and red rectangle inside.
  3. Direct move to the video that you need and tap magnifying glass it on the screen top to search. After you get the video, it will begin playing.
  4. Tap the share icon below the video title.
  5. Tap Copy link a gray icon to copy the link on your clipboard.
  6. Open documents app
    This is a gray D icon. Tap continuer once prompted to proceed via screen directly to documents on top.
  7. Tap the blue compass icon
    In the bottom-right corner, it will open the web browser.
  8. Move to right in the browser and do it by typing the URL, then tap Go.
  9. Click enter the Link field to open the spring on your keyboard
  10. At this point, tap & hold enter link field, followed by selecting all, then paste
  11. Now tap paste your video link copied will appear in a black space
  12. Press blue download is now known. The keeping will automatically locate your video and offer some download options.
  13. Next, scroll down, then tap the best download blue button. Move to the sale file and rename it, and press done. Video will be downloaded on your iPad or iPhone, and after, you will return to primary documents via the Readdle screen.
  14. Watch the video now
    Open files, press browse to documents to download to watch it.
    Final word
    We got you covered. You can watch your favorite youtube videos even when offline now after following the above guide to download them.

How Do I Download a YouTube Video to My Computer For Free?

There are many ways to download YouTube videos to your computer, but some are not free. Private YouTube videos and music videos cannot be downloaded for free and may violate copyright issues. To download such videos, you’ll need a third-party program. For more information, read our guide to downloading free videos. If you don’t have a third-party program, you can download the video using a screen recorder.

How Can to Download Youtube Videos

First, you need to locate the video. If you’re using a Mac, you can use the location text box at the bottom of the page to find the video’s location. Once you find the video, open the file in File Explorer or Finder and play it in your default video player. To download the video to your computer for free, download the latest version of VLC. Otherwise, you can use a software suite called MacX or WinX.

Next, you need to install a YouTube downloader on your browser. These tools can either be standalone programs or add-ons. If you’re using Opera, you’ll need to install an add-on. To add the YouTube video downloader to your browser, go to the Opera website and select ‘Add to Opera’. Choose the appropriate add-on for your browser.

You can also use a software called ClipConverter to download YouTube videos. This software allows you to download videos from multiple sources at different quality levels. And if you’re using a mobile device, make sure to install the Documents app. This app is a file manager and allows you to download YouTube videos. It will also allow you to choose the file size and video quality.

How Do You Download a YouTube Video and Save It?

How do you download a YouTube video? First, you need to open YouTube and copy the URL of the video. This URL is in the location text box at the bottom of the page. In order to copy the URL, you have to right-click the text box and select “Open URL.”

If you are using a Mac, you should be able to paste the URL directly into the web browser. After you’ve copied the URL, you should be able to play the video online. If it doesn’t, just right-click the video and choose “Save As.”

How Do I Download and Save a YouTube Video to My Phone?

Before you can download and save a YouTube video to your phone, you need to know what format it is. A. The simplest way to download a video is to use the official YouTube app. Open the video, tap the Share icon, and select Copy link. Alternatively, you can use the Documents by Readdle app. Tap the blue compass icon to open a web browser.

You can download YouTube videos with third-party applications for Android. These apps usually cost nothing and allow you to download videos from YouTube, other video-streaming websites, and social media networks. Simply paste the link to the video into the application and choose the quality you want to download. This process will take you just 10 minutes. If you’re not a premium subscriber, you can also download YouTube videos using a web browser or third-party app.

Y25s is another good online video downloader. This program can be used on Android devices, as long as you know the YouTube URL or link. Once you’ve copied the URL, click the green Download button. Select the format of the video you want to download, and then tap the Save option. After the download is complete, the video will be saved in your phone’s gallery.

The URL for a YouTube video can be found at the bottom of the page. In MacOS, you need to right-click the text box and select ‘Open URL’. Windows users should copy the URL, while Mac users can skip this step. Once you’ve copied the URL, the video should open in your web browser. If it is, you can save the video by right-clicking it. Read about fire stick on Smart here.

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