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Have you ever experience a bonfire? You sang songs, make jokes, enjoying spooky stories, or having a good dinner outside?

Camping is an outdoor activity in which you make your days outside the home in far places. Where you only make fun and enjoy outings beyond your work and daily routine.

Whenever anybody has to go outside and have to do camping 1st question that comes in their mind is how much firewood do I need for camping? 

The simple answer for this is how long you have to camp? There are a lot of terms in this regard that I want to discuss with you.

Things you need for Camping

Camping is a recreational activity in which a person likes to go outside and stay in a camp with friends and family. Now I will let you know about the things you need for your camping also will let you know where you can buy it at cheap prices.

Camping Tent

This is the main thing that you will definitely use in camping. The main feature of good camping tents are:

  • Waterproof
  • Good responsive to wind
  • Durable and High-Quality material
  • Easy-Set up
  • Breathable room

These are the main features of a good tent. You can buy it from your local stores but I refer you to buy it from providing durable and high-quality tents at cheap prices. Before buying you must know how many persons have to stay in a camp.

If you are going to buy for 10/6/4 persons then giving you the best offer with durable material.

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Check our buyers guide on Best Tent Brands

Bed and Blankets

Most people don’t feel comfortable directly lay on the floor. So they prefer Air Bed which helps them in relaxing and give full rest the whole night.  When you go outside the whole day you are visiting this and those places, when you return to your camp you start a bonfire and make entertainment. After this, to reveal distress you want a peaceful sleep. providing you best air beds and blanket to provide you full comfort you need.

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You must have an emergency light in your camp.

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Kitchen Cookware

It’s an obvious thing you can’t survive without eating. For eating in such places will double your taste and make your tour tooth-worthy. Now you are going to buy a pan, plates, a stove and everything for camping. But do you think all these things cost you cheap?

I think you are going to spend more than 50$ only on these things. But I think I have to tell you about amazon cheap offer that will perfectly fit into your budget

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How much Firewood do I Need for Camping?

Now we are on our main topic which is how much firewood do I need for camping? First of all, we are going to discuss the types of wood:

  • Seasoned Wood
  • Green Wood
  • Dry Wood

Seasoned wood is when a log of wood gets old and dried. This is the best quality wood for firewood. As it burns slowly because of less air pressure inside the wood.

As compare to greenwood which is wet inside and gives much smoke if burnt. Such type of wood will finish the enjoyment of your camping.

Dry wood is when it completely dried but has air pressure inside, so when you burn it, it will consume quickly because of air.

How Much Wood in a Bundle

1 Bundle=5 sticks of wood
1 stick=12-14 inches long
4-5 inches in circumstance

Well, I am giving you different choices of wood which will help you according to your need. There are different kinds of Firewood including


Oak is the most demanding Firewood in the market due to its steady nature. One of the best qualities about oak is: it will give you exact warmth for hours even you can cook on it and eat your food still the fire will be flammable. One more advantage of oak is it’s the best choice for asthma patients as it doesn’t give harmful smoke.

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Everybody likes Cedar due to its wonderful aroma. Due to its soft nature, it picks fire quickly and gives an aroma that brings different sensations to campfire especially in couples. It picks fire quickly so you must have enough stock of cedar that will help you in completing your camp days. One thing which is dangerous in cedar gives sparkle because of oil burning.

How long does firewood last


This wood is known as the best choice for cooking as it gives a pleasant smell to your food also good for a campfire. But it takes time to ignite due to its hard nature. Also, it’s very costly.

best Hickory wood


Its nature is similar to hickory. As hickory, it also used for cooking purposes. It will make your campfire memorable.

How to Start a Camp Fire

Before starting a campfire you have to follow some safety basics on campfire to save yourself from any kind of accident.

Gather necessary things: the gathering of important things like the fire started, steel wire to bind the woods, or tinder or anything that fastly catches fire.

To know details about how to start a camp fire click here and read our info guide.

Making a Pit

For the campsite fire pit clean the area, make a hole on the ground now start putting woods to start a fire.

how much firewood do i need calculator

Fire Starter

In ancient times, people start the fire by rubbing 2 stones and make it ignite. But you don’t have to do this as you have many things as a fire starter like matches and lighters. Get the best fire starters with our expert guide.

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Pit Ring

Put a ring around the firewood to make it safe. Now providing you the best metal pit ring in white tail deer design. It will last longer and make your camp fire look perfect.

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Build Fire

Now put some oil or petrol or whatever you have to ignite the fire just put on the wood and start the fire.

how to get cheap firewood for camping

Blow out Fire

Most people use portable fans to blow out the fire. When you finish your fire camp just put a bucket of water on it.

how much firewood do i need for winter

Frequently Asked Questions

How much firewood do I need?

It depends on the duration of your stay in a camp and how long you want to ignite a fire? Down is the table to demonstrate this answer: If you have to use it for 3 days then 20 kg of the bag is enough for 3 days.

2 hr1-2 bundles
4 hr3-5
6 hr5-7

What is the best firewood for camping?

If you ask me which firewood I will prefer will be hickory and cherry wood? Due to its aroma and quality. But most people prefer Oak, Cedar, hickory, and cherry wood.

What do you need for one night of camping?

If you have to stay only one night then you need a camping tent, bed, and blanket, Firewood to make a bonfire, for cooking stove or utensils, spare light, and thin carpet for sitting.  For camp fire you need pit, pit ring,

How long will 20kg of firewood last?

If you buy a 20 kg bag of firewood as I also prefer 20 kg of oak wood then it will last approximately 3 days.  But it depends on how long you want to make the pit? How many peoples are with you?

When you understand these questions it will be easy for you to buy 1 bag, 2 bags, or 3 bags of 20 kg.

How much wood is in a truckload?

It depends on size and weight. If the wood is greenwood it means it has too much water inside so its weight will be too much. While seasoned wood is quite dry so its weight is light. ½ ton or ¾ ton pickup truck can be filled with 3000 cords.

What wood burns the cleanest?

Hardwood will burns the cleanest as it has the least ratio of water and air. When wood seasoned it gives you less smoke and more heat.

What’s the best smelling firewood?

Cedar, Hickory, and cherry are the best smelling firewood which gives you a pleasant sensation. If you see the nature of hickory and cherry are similar. And cedar gives it’s aroma while burning.

What wood burns with the least smoke?

Hickory is a hardwood so it burns a long time and its consumption is slow. Due to its hard nature, it gives less smoke while burning.

How many logs burn an hour?

Does it depend on which wood you use? If you use hickory it will take approximately 1 hour to burn ¼ of logs to burn.

What firewood dries the fastest?

The hardwood oak take less time in drying that’s why It’s available in market frequently.


In the end, I would like to summarize this topic as if you follow all of the instructions and gather everything I told you about this topic how much firewood do I need for camping then you are going to be make a lovely campfire that you will remember your whole life.

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