How Much to Pay for Snow Shoveling

How Much to Pay for Snow Shoveling Overview

You can pay anywhere from $20 to $100 or even more because there are a lot of factors involved here such as how much snow on the ground, how big is the area to be shoveled and how long it is going to take to clear. Most professional companies charge anymore from $25 to $80 per hour to clear the snow.

Typically for people living in cold and snowy winters, waking up to driveways and roofs covered in snow is expected; therefore, snow shoveling is a top priority in such areas.

However, it’s key to note that the snow shoveling process is quite tedious; hence several homeowners prefer to hire local snowplow services. What more accessible way to find them than just searching online and choosing a reputable company with cost-effective snow shoveling rates.

According to research conducted by Home Advisor, the snow shoveling costs range between $48 and $179, with the overall national average being about $113. However, those homeowners who have multiple sidewalks, long driveways and also require roof clearing, are expected to pay an average of $400 or a bit higher.

It’s critical to note that these costs may differ if you hire a highly professional residential snow remover company. They may charge you between $35 and $49 for every plowing and between $25 and $75 per hour for every shoveling. Their prices are a bit higher for roof cleaning, and they may range between $250 and $500.

Note: Even though hiring a professional is quite expensive, it’s advisable to opt for them to avoid snow shoveling-related accidents, which may cost you more in medical bills.

Nevertheless, some people may find the prices for hiring professional companies quite exorbitant therefore decide to do it themselves. But how best can one remove the snow? And which risks should one consider in the process? Worry no more; below is a step-by-step process of snow shoveling that will make your work lighter and reduce the chances of injury.

Step1. Choose the right equipment.

The right equipment includes:

i. Wearing proper boots and woolen socks will help keep your feet warm.
ii. Using an ergonomic shovel with bends in the handle will ensure your back is straight when shoveling.
iii. Choose shovels with non-stick surfaces to allow the snow to slide off easily, thus helping the user make shoveling less tiresome.
iv. The right equipment can also include appropriate dressing, including easy-to-remove warm dresses with light layers. However, avoid too warm clothes since they will make you sweat after just a few minutes.
Note: if you also have health problems such as heart conditions and back problems, it’s vital to note that it will be dangerous to shovel the snow.

Step2. It involves spreading salt or a layer of salt on slippery grounds.

This is very important, especially in locations you will stand in the process of shoveling. This process will help create foot tractions, thus reducing the risks of injury.
It’s also vital to take note of areas with the uneven ground to avoid tripping or slipping.

Step 3. Maintain a good posture.

You must maintain an upright posture that sustains the natural curve of your spine.

Step 4. The shoveling process.

This process involves standing upright with your feet apart to maintain balance, bending your knees, keeping the shovel close to your body, tightening your stomach muscles, and scooping the snow in small amounts.

Step 5. Choose the right location to dump your loads of snow.

Clear a given area, and then dump your snow there in piles. When doing so, ensure that you minimize the twisting of your body as this may lead to back pains.

How to Remove Snow From Driveway Without a Shovel

If you do not have a shovel, you will need to find ways to remove snow from your driveway. The best way to do it is by hand. For this, you need a good pair of snow gloves and a broom. Roll the snow like a big rug. To make the task more fun, you can also encourage kids to make snowmen. This will also allow you to spend some time together, and your kids will have a blast.

There are some ways to remove snow from your driveway without a shovel. One of the most popular ways is by tarps. You can put a tarp over the driveway or path, and then simply pull it away from the driveway. This method may require two people, but you can get the job done easily. You can even do it while sitting on the floor to save your back.

Another alternative to using a shovel is to use a heavy plastic tarp. The tarp should be made of strong material so that it will not tear as you pull it. An ideal tarp is the Hay Bale translucent apron, which is made of nylon and has 2-inch web loops. This material is environmentally friendly and is also very lightweight. It is an excellent option for removing snow from a driveway.

How Much Should I Charge to Shovel a Sidewalk?

When it comes to the price of shoveling a sidewalk, you can choose between a flat rate or a per-visit rate. The flat rate for snow removal is usually between $25 and $75 per linear foot, depending on the type of service you provide.

Depending on the size of the sidewalk, the cost of snow removal will vary from $50 to $75. The price per square foot is the same no matter the size of the driveway, but it will depend on how long the sidewalk is.

Tips on How to Shovel Snow Fast

Many people are wondering how to shovel snow fast. The fact is that the amount of snow you have to move is relatively small compared to the volume of snow that you need to move. If you have to haul a lot of snow, you should try to tackle it in layers to avoid putting too much strain on your back. You can also take regular breaks and swap hands, which will help you move more quickly.

The best way to shovel snow fast is to get out as early as possible. When it’s cold outside, the first thing you need to do is get outside and start shoveling. It will take you a lot less time than trying to shovel hard snow during a storm. Similarly, you should use the proper tools, and you should also be organized. This will make the task easier and quicker. Once you’ve figured out how to move faster, you can use the tips below to help you get started.

The best tip on how to shovel snow fast is to use the right shovel for the job. If you don’t have a shovel that matches your height, you can buy one that’s taller than you are. You can also choose the right size of the blade. If you want to work fast, you shouldn’t choose a large shovel. Bigger shovels will be heavier and will take longer to shovel.


In shoveling, ensure that you take frequent breaks to drink water since dehydration sets in quickly whenever one is in the cold.

How Much to Pay for Snow Shoveling

0It’s also vital that you stop immediately you feel some back pains and seek medical attention. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to hire professionals to do the job for you to avoid unnecessary risks. Read about how to Snowboard here.

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