How Tech Is Changing Outdoor Activities – Important for you to Know

Do you know how tech is changing outdoor activities? Technology has changed so many aspects of our lives, including the way we conduct outdoor activities. In the past, the only tools we would bring when going camping, for instance, are hiking gear, tents, and some lightweight food.

However, with the increased number of accidents with wildlife, lack of means for communication, and safety purposes, various tech gadgets have been invented to guarantee an unforgettable outing. Read on further as we discuss how tech innovations have improved the way we experience nature.

Water Quality 

how tech is changing outdoor activities

If you go on an outdoor adventure, you need to stay hydrated the whole time. That’s why people usually carry water with them when they explore nature. If you run out of the water, you can drink from other natural resources. However, there is no sure way of telling if water found in an outdoor setting is safe to drink because it might be contaminated and can put your health at risk. The solution would be to purify the water first. Thanks to technology, you can now easily purchase containers with built-purifiers such as LARQ’s self-cleaning water bottles. They are compact, which means they wouldn’t add unnecessary weight to your backpack, and they are powered by a rechargeable battery that could last up to two months. 


how tech is changing outdoor activities

Safety is another aspect that technology has improved for outdoor lovers. With better transportation, connectivity, and cutting-edge devices, the possibilities of running into an accident when going outdoor are so much lower. There are plenty of tools that have been created specifically to ensure the safest experience for everybody.

Let’s take diving, for example. Divers usually use dive tables to calculate the decompression meters when they are underwater. This is a crucial step for all divers because this will help them stay conscious of their security parameters when underwater. However, tech has allowed for a more advanced way of dive table calculations using dive computers. The computers will automatically calculate the decompression meters, the time, and the depth that divers can expect. This type of data significantly reduces the risks of drowning or water-related injuries.

Sun Protection

There’s nothing more bothersome than coming back from vacations or outdoor adventures with sunburned skin. This type of exposure could be harmful to your skin and overall health.

At the same time, not receiving any sun exposure isn’t good for you either. That’s where QSun’s device comes in handy. Its wearable sun tracker will help you find the right balance of sun exposure, so you don’t get sunburned nor a Vitamin D deficiency. The smart device will alert you when you’ve been in the sun for a little too long. 

Heartbeat Monitoring

When doing outdoor activities, it’s important to drink as much water as needed, eat healthy food, and stay active. But when you get to the point where you constantly feel tired and bad overall, you need to check your health. However, without a doctor around 24/7, this isn’t going to be easy.

What if there was some tool that allows you to track your heartbeat and blood pleasure? Thanks to technology, there are tools like Scan Watch that will help you track your heartbeat and blood oxygen saturation levels.

Usually, these types of watches are water-resistant and can last up to 30 days before needing a recharge. They will also automatically send the information to your mobile so you can keep track of your wellness.

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Air Quality

People who struggle with asthma or any other respiratory disease type usually have to be extra cautious when going on outdoor adventures because they can never predict how the air quality will affect their health.

Luckily, there are tools such as Atmotube Pro that can alert you about the presence of dust, humidity, and other pollutants.

These tools have advanced sensors that detect volatile organic compounds. With such a device, everyone can now have a fulfilling and enjoyable outdoor experience.


The tech industry is revolutionizing so many aspects of our life, and the outdoor experiences are no exception. Every day, our outdoor gear and tools get more sophisticated and secure.

Yet, this won’t stop here. In the future, there is no doubt that we’ll get to enjoy more tech tools that will make our outdoor activities even better. Remember, exploring nature is good for the body, mind, and soul, so what are you waiting for? The great outdoors is waiting!

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