How to Build your Roller Skating Rink | 8 Step Guide to Follow

Do you know how to build your roller skating rink?

You’ll look forward to the weekend; imagine that the feeling of excitement you felt while tying that roller skate. Over the past few years, roller skating rinks have again deprived the hearts of adults and children, offering everyone a safe and fun environment.

Learn how to start your portable roller skating rink and see if it is right for you. A well-located, well-run roller-skating rink can be a community center that attracts good customers and gives the owner a healthy return.

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How to Build your Roller Skating Rink

Many make roller skates and customize them with beautiful patterns. Others are getting creative and whipping their roller skating floor tiles to dance on it. Whichever style of skating you want to improve, there are possibilities that you can build the roller-skating rink of your choice.

To encourage you to establish your paradise of roller skaters, we’ll share 3 great ideas you can use to construct your roller. 

How to Build your Roller Skating Rink

Follow the below steps;

  • Portable hard surface
  • Gather things you will need
  • Learn fixing them
  • Plan your job
  • Choosing a Location
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Creating customer support
  • Calculate the costs of opening a roller skating rink

Portable hard surface

Are you living in a house that has neither tiles nor wood? And your home seems to have a very smooth driveway that will make for a successful skating rink. If that’s the case, you needn’t hang up your skates. You can make your roller skating rink with little effort.

Things you’ll need

It would help if you had enough plywood for your skate area. Plywood usually comes in sheets of 2400 mm x 1200 mm. Two to four of these together form a compact size practice space. However, if space allows only one, you will still be able to study a few things. Other materials include piano hinge, drill, screw, and paint/varnish.

How you’ll fix them

If you’re using a piece of plain plywood, it’s as easy as putting it on your carpet/grass / other soft surfaces, and voila, start skating! In case, you paint your plywood, make sure it is completely dry before you skate on it.

Also if you want to fix your pieces together, you can use a drill to hold the piano hinges next to your plywood piece in other to fasten it together.

Other ideas you can use to construct your roller skating rink! They are as follows:

A skate rail

There are many ways you can build your skate rail. Some people are placing a piece of PVC pipe or metal rail on the ground to start sliding as low as possible.

Plan your Business

If you are thinking of opening a roller-skating rink, learn all you can from other rink owners. Find many rinks that are so far away that they will not compete with your proposed rink and get all the information you can from their owners.

If you come across some roller skating rink equipment for sale, endeavor you contact the skating rink owners to know exactly why he is selling it. If it has a chance to turn around, consider buying it. At the very least, you can learn from the owner’s experience. 

Roller-skating rinks can be expensive to make; new construction can easily cost 1 million, although location affects cost. Less than 30% of the customer’s inventory loss is unloading at the customer’s shop, while employee theft is the main reason.

Choosing a Location

Research suggests that going to the skating rink is not an impulse decision. Most patrons plan their outings, so it’s unnecessary to build a rink in an expensive retail outlet. Look for a location that is commercially Zen but close to densely populated communities. 

The Roller Skating Association holds that you should attract 1.5 to 2% of the populace in a 7- mile radius to your rink every week.

Equipment and supplies

When you project your initial costs, you will sell and rent and check the Roller Skating Association for the names of other equipment suppliers you may need. Laser lighting, broom room lighting, and high-end sound system requirements. 

Include a food court and video room in your planning; these profit centers will generate additional profits for you. Accidents happen, so take adequate liability insurance. More than 30% of the total costs are staff salaries. 

Creating customer support

Roller-skating is a family activity, although the appeal is mostly for children and adolescents. Build up your client base by engaging that demographic group. Reach out to schools – Skate Night is a common social occasion for many elementary schools. Church groups can also be good customers. 

Sponsor your revelry room for birthdays and further events. Customers who come with the group are more likely to return with family or friends. It would help if you planned special programs to attract more customers. On Friday or Saturday nights, local disc jockeys, theme nights for Halloween and Valentine’s Day, Beach Party Night, and New Year’s Eve event will all draw skaters.

Large Skate Without stockpiling large quantities and placing your order directly on the Internet or by fax, you no longer need to mark skates from 50% to 75%. 

The costs of opening a roller skating rink

The location of the skating arena will determine your success. If you cannot find an old roller rink, make sure you choose a spacious space and offers ample parking. Due to the size of the space required, the building will cost you the most, both initially and moving forward. Current successful skating rink owners recommend setting aside about $4,000 / month for rent.

Once you get to the main location, you will face many additional initial costs. The cost of opening a roller skating rink is about $30,000. Other does not own more than 15% of both but is an active participant in both management decisions. 

If the building were not originally built for a skating rink, you would need to design and build an arena. The skating floor should be wooden to make sure it attracts both beginner and novice skaters. Depending on where you work, hiring an engineer may be the best option to protect against any space and safety snaps along the way.

  • Equipment: Locker, bench, roller skate, music system, lighting system, tables, and food and drink equipment.
  • Software: Both accounting and inventory management software will be beneficial.
  • Insurance
  • . Website
  • Marketing supply

What is the Current Cost for a Roller Skating Rink?

The overhead costs of a roller skating rink vary depending on the services they offer. Rent, insurance, and payroll will be a big part of your budget. It takes a lot of time to do something like this, so budget for a significant electric bill.

You want to make refreshments available to your customers. Think carefully about your menu options before opening a skating rink business, as the items you offer will determine your budget.

Dedicating a portion of your budget to ongoing and preventive maintenance should also be part of your business plan. The skating rink has many components, and all of them should be considered invaluable. Preventive maintenance ensures that the entire operation is run smoothly, thereby reducing the number of unforeseen events.

Skills and practice will help you in constructing a successful roller skating rink.

To ensure a positive and safe experience, you must understand the different aspects of skating. The rink must be designed so that each level’s skaters can assemble each other without getting in the way of each other. Beginners will make inquiries on everything from skating skills to the dissimilarity from one Skate to another. 

For this business, you need to interact with people day in and day out, so it is also serious that you are patient and good with people.

This formula is often evaluated by more than 50%. 

Most skating rinks are more profitable by offering extra recreational activities, as well as food and drink. Thus, the creative mind and experience of the service industry will prove to be beneficial. Strong business and marketing skills will also be fundamental to the success of your rink.

how to build a roller skating rink in your backyard

How to Build your Roller Skating Rink: Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to build a roller-skating rink?

Once you find the main location, you’ll incur some additional costs. It will cost about $30,000 to build a roller-skating rink: If the building wasn’t for the original skating rink, you’ll need to design. And create an arena.

Is a roller-skating rink profitable?

Yes, it is! The Skating rink business generates revenue by renting skates to your customers while charging an entrance fee to the skating rink. Most arena party packages also offer cages and sell food and drinks, which help attract customers and increase the business’s profitability.

What is the best floor for roller skating?

Hardwood maple floor is the best skating surface due to its natural beauty, durability, unbreakable, and nice-grained surface. These great properties will take you on thousands of hours of enjoyable skating.


To build a successful skating rink, it is important that you not only enjoy skating but are knowledgeable in every aspect of the sport. This is a very social business for anyone who enjoys living around people, especially school-age children. 

Your goal is to create a roller-skating ring because it concerns everyday life, so your job is to create a skating ring that will suit your wishes and ensure each skater’s safety.

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