How to Change a Bike Tire Tube – Quick Tips For All Cyclist

The inner tube motorcycle tires are elements of the bicycle that sometimes do not pay attention until they no longer need repair. Punctures are one of the frequent contingencies you will face as a cyclist, but fortunately, an inner tube can be patched and re-patched frequently.

The inconvenience comes when the camera is no longer usable—one of the biggest problems when cycling is all about punctures. And, if you’re still one of the adepts who didn’t leap tubeless, this is where you have to study how to change a bike tire tube. Also, learn about change a rear bike tire too.

This way, if you are new to this sport with passion, with these tips, you will undoubtedly be a more finished cyclist, more than anything to be completed in some outing.

As it turns out, to quiet your wheel cover, you have to use your tire lever, and, for this, you have to insert the levers between the inside of the wheel and the flat tire.

This way, you will have a quick release outside the edge of the replacing wheelbarrow wheel. It is of utmost consideration to be careful with the rear wheel. Be careful about brakes too.

This development will have to repeat with the second wheel to remove the tire and the tube.

Learn to remove the rear bike wheel.

How to Change a Bike Tire Tube

Check the tire rubber

It is considered that to avoid going through it, and you examine the type of flats on which you run your bike. Be careful with glass because it is the first element that causes accidents.

However, if you have suffered from a puncture, it will be essential to corroborate no residue on the tire would have caused the inner tube to tear.

So, pass the finger carefully inside the tire to check that the tire is clean.

How to Change a Bike Tire Tube

Check the wheel rim

Just as with the tire, it will be essential to check that the edge of the wheel is in good condition; in this way, carefully pass the finger over the edge of the wheel and feel on the tape that no tear could open even more produce an unthinkable puncture.

how to change a bike tube without tire levers

Re-locating the tire

However, before placing the spare tube, check out if you have all the tools.

First, place one of the tire’s sides on one of the wheel’s edges, leaving the other section free to insert the new camera.

We have a reference point for an optimal assembly to form the tire logo with the hole where the tube valve goes. Learn how to put a slipped or fallen bike chain back on.

how to change a bike tube without taking wheel off

The location of the valve hole

The previous may seem strange to you, aligning the tire’s logo with the holes, but this will better reference where the valve stem is.

This way, you can apply some air to the tubes, place the valve stem in the hole, and make it go through the rim of the tire. This way, slide the rest of the line under the tire and into the edge.

Placing the other tire rim

  • Finally, push the other rim out of the tire, go towards the sidewall of the rim.
  • We are making sure that nothing is trapped in the inner tube between the tire and the wheel.
  • To facilitate this development, the highlight is to try to move with the help of your thumbs,
  • While in the latter part has the possibility of being paramount to do some leverage.
  • With all the previous, it will only be left to put air to the tube, and everything will be ready to pedal again.
  • Changing the camera is an effortless operation, but it can seem straightforward if you don’t know the primordial steps.
how to change a rear bike tire with gears

How do you start?

Road bikes are a little more complicated, but they tend to suffer less from this.

To begin with, it is considerable to say that it is an action that every two-wheeled enthusiast must understand to carry out unless he or she uses tubeless or tubular tires.

At some point, the whole planet may get a puncture and find itself in the countryside with the nearest store many miles away.

So, either you choose to always go out with a friend who knows how to do it (with the danger of having to invite him to dinner for every puncture).

Or it is corresponding to study these simple procedures to be autonomous.

Bike chambers can be found in a wide variety of dimensions. As with the size of the tires, the necessary measures are their diameter and width.

The correct tube diameter

The diameters of the ring, rim, and inner tube must be the same. Keep in mind that the same type of bicycle can be found on a variety of tracks. Learn how to tighten a bike chain.

We can find models within the mountain bikes with 26″, 27.5″, and 29″ wheels.

The precise width of the camera

As far as the width is concerned, with the chambers, there is a little more elasticity. The inner tubes are elastic so that the same inner tube can work for different widths of the rim.

However, it is considered to look for change bike tires of a suitable width: A relatively wide inner tube is going to be more complicated to assemble and can move. A reasonably narrow camera will overstretch when inflated.

The simplest way to detect the size of the camera you need is to look at the warnings on the side of your tires.

You will have the possibility to find the measure in the imperial system (decimal or fractional in inches) or metric system (in millimeters) about the type of tire.

Today the vast majority of tires also have within the correct ISO measurement in millimeters.

The metric and imperial systems are much simpler to remember, although not in all cases. They represent the real measurements of the tire.

Also, the ISO system is much more accurate and adheres better to the tire’s actual properties.

In custom, some system is used to find the correct inner tube. Keep in mind that change an inner tube on a road bike fits a range of rim widths.

Types of Inner Tube Valves


It is also known as standard or car valves.

They are similar to car tires and are frequently used for apps where pressures are low (mountain, BMX, children’s bikes).

This kind of valve has a spring-loaded core that works as a check valve to prevent air from leaking out.

Important dimensions:

Hoop hole diameter: 8mm approximately.

Valve length: 34 – 48mm


This valve is called the French valve and is used primarily in tires inflated at high pressures and looking for lightness.

Presta valves are characterized by being narrower and more prolonged than Schrader valves.

These valves have a thread lock to fix the core, which in contrast to the Schrader, does not use a spring to close it.

Important dimensions:

Hole in the ring’s diameter: approximately 6mm

Valve length: 42 – 82mm

There is a third, unusual type of valve which is only used in some primarily popular Northern European locations such as Woods or Dunlop.

It is similar to the Presta since it also has a springless soul that must be secured after inflation.

How to Change a Bike Tire Tube: FAQ

How do you change a bike tube without a tire lever?

  • Putting the slack in one place
  • The key to successful light and efficient road bike tire removal is finding that all the clearance between the tire and the rim is in one place.
  • The technique is to place the wheel on the ground and systematically work near the tire bead tool.
  • Unlocking it from the rim and then grabbing and pulling with your fingers and thumbs doing a single point job; the opposite end of the valve works best.
  • Use the slack and start moving the tire off the rim.
  • With a predetermined ‘slack’ point, hold on to it while resting the wheel between your feet on the ground, and then use your thumbs or palms to move the tire bead sideways off the rim.
  • Push the rest of the tire off the rim, check for debris.
  • When you have a part of the tire on the rim, it should be effortless to follow and push it to the end.
  • Reposition the tire on one side

To readjust the tire: Start by pushing a single bead to keep the tire in place. It is a good idea to fit the tire logos to the valve if you have time. The data counts.

Subtly inflate the tube.

Before trying to locate the new tube, the highlight I can suggest is to inflate it subtly.

How much does it cost to replace a bike tire tube?

New inner tube installed for 25 USD, inner tube included; 20. Inner tubes usually cost 8 USD.

How do you change an inner tube on a bike?

  • Remove the dust cap, lock ring, and unscrew the Presta valve tip on the new inner tube.
  • Use the floor pump to inflate the air chamber so that it maintains its shape.
  • Insert the valve on the inner tube into the valve hole and screw on the locking ring.
  • If the valve does not point in a straight line, it may cause a puncture.
  • Place the rest of the inner tube in the tire.


Changing a flat tire on your bike does not require you to be a professional. It would be best if you had patience and optimism.

You can continue with these steps if you want to succeed in this habit. If you are not sure, you can call an expert.

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