How to Choose the Best Optic for Survival – A Brief Guide by Expert

Hunters, shooters, and campers all know the importance of having a scope with a CQB Optic Scope that they can rely on every time they need it. May it be for mounting on firearms or for just viewing some sceneries in the wilds?


For hunters, it will never be easy to hunt prey when their optics are mediocre in quality. For campers, it will be hard to make accurate and precise shots with just a low-standard scope. In this article, we will talk about how to choose the best optic for survival.

It will take much effort for campers to observe the campsite if they do not have premium quality optics for viewing. It is indeed vital to know the excellent quality of optics that you should get. The best scopes, night vision gadgets, and rifles are available in that are widely used for shooting, camping, hunting, and many application.

So, here are some of the necessary information and features you must consider when you are choosing the best optic for your survival: 

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Optic for Survival

Now we will discuss about some major factors you must consider before buying the best optic for survival.

Main Tube

Usually, the night vision scope used for survival measures 30 millimeters to 34 millimeters in diameter. Any diameter of the main tube within that range is safe to use and adequate for your survival already. 

You can still choose a more extensive scope if you want to, but scopes with a larger size are also higher in cost. So, consider getting one that is enough only for your survival needs. Even experts and professionals suggest that a 1-inch diameter scope is already enough.

Objective Lens

When you visit the stores and markets, you will usually see scopes with an objective diameter between 30 millimeters to 50 millimeters. However, objective diameters can be as small as 20 millimeters and be as large as 72 millimeters. 

If you do not know about the benefits of having a large objective lens, the light that enters through your scope depends on how large the objective lens is. Obviously, the larger the objective lens, the better the light-gathering ability of your scope will be. 

Thus, a scope that is built to have a larger diameter for its objective lens will be much better for your survival. Although you can pick a scope with an objective lens that is between 30 millimeters to 60 millimeters—this range would be just enough for almost any condition that you might face in the forests or on the shooting grounds. 

But you always choose to pick a scope with a larger objective; the only thing you have to consider is preparing a larger budget. 

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Red dot vs magnified optic

Glass Quality

The quality of the glass used for the lenses of your scope is where the quality of optics depends. Of course, the performance of your scope will mainly rely on the quality and the procedure that your optics is designed. 

Some recommendation is to get a scope with fully multi-coated lenses—with these multiple layers of coating. You can be assured that the quality of the images you will see through your scope will be in high definition and satisfactory resolution. Although there are some additional properties that you might want to consider too. Here are some of them:

Anti-Reflective Coatings: When your scope has an anti-reflective coating, the quality of the images you will see will be free from some reflections that might hinder you from seeing clearly. 

Anti-Glare Coatings: Another property that you might want to consider is for your scope to have anti-glare properties. As you know, some light sources, such as the sun, cause a lot of glare to occur sometimes. But with an optic that has some anti-glare properties, your view will indeed not be obscured by glare. 

Protective Coatings: Consider getting a scope with protective coatings too. Especially when you will use it for some survival purposes, there will inevitably be some rugged purposes that will be used. With that considered, a scope with protective coatings that prevent scratches from occurring on the lenses’ surface will surely last longer compared to the one who does not have. 

Best red dot for Bullpup

Focal Plane and Reticle

If you are a scope enthusiast, you must know that there are many types of reticles that you can choose from. For hunters, the primary purpose of the reticle is to assist them in targeting one specific point. 

For campers, just a simple reticle type is needed since there will be no targeting that is going to happen. Considering what has been said, you are free to choose the reticle type you will use for your survival. It is an advantage if you choose one that is illuminated as well, so you can use it too once the darkness of the night takes over. 

Adjustment Features

When you are in a survival incident, there may be life and death situations there. Thus, you must pick a scope that will give rapid or swift adjustments when you are genuinely in need. 

With accidents and other problems that might happen in the shooting grounds or the forests, a scope with easily adjustable turrets and knobs will be your advantage. Also, try to look for scopes with turrets exposed for you to see it right away once you are going to adjust some settings. 

Magnification Range

To see even at long distances, you must have to consider the magnification power that you are going to get for your scope or optic. With that said, you might want to consider getting a scope that has a high magnification. 

Especially when you are going to use it for your survival, a scope with a higher magnification will let you see danger from afar. This is an important feature to consider since the things and the distance you will see from your scope depend on the magnification. 

Best Optic for Survival


When choosing the best optic, construction is always one of the most important features. It is considered by every buyer. As a buyer, you must make sure that your scope is constructed. As well as ruggedly to the point that it will endure. And survive even if it gets dropped or gets wet. 

A weather-proof scope will be an advantage that you will have once you are in survival situations. Since you will never know what will happen in the shooting grounds or what the weather will be. 

Also, the material used for the scope is essential to be checked. And considered too since it is where many things depend. Some examples of the things that rely on the material are the durability. The reliability, the weight, and the overall size of the scope. Gas purging and complete sealing must be considered too since it is where the waterproofing. And the fog-proofing properties of your scope will depend on. 

Bottom Line

When choosing the best optic for your survival, you must consider the best and suitable features to have. Since your survival is vital since your life depends, selecting the best optic. It is something that you must always take seriously.

Be sure to take all the recommendations and advisable features. It will help you select the best optics you can depend on based on your needs. 

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