How to Choose the Right Skateboard Size? | Some Tips for Beginners

Skateboarding is a sport that is becoming more and more popular all over the world. To satisfy different skateboarders, manufacturers constantly produce skateboards of various shapes and sizes.

So, among dozens of skateboards, how to choose the right skateboard size? You will find the answer in this article.

Some skateboard deck measurements you should know;

How to Choose the Right Skateboard Size

Before we know what size to choose, let’s go over a few terms about the deck first:

  • Nose and tail: Mostly, the edge that has a bigger kick will be the nose, and the mellower edge will be the tail. However, there are also many designs that make it difficult to tell the nose and tail apart. In this case, you need to rely on the graphic and colored mounting hardware to be able to distinguish them.
  • Length: This is the distance between the two tips of the nose and tail or fastern of the skateboard.
  • Width: The width is measured by the distance between the two sides of the skateboard.
  • Wheelbase: is measured from the two inner mounting holes to the other inner pairs. 
  • Mounting holes are small round holes in the deck used to mount the trucks to the deck. Normally, each skateboard will have 8 holes as 2 sets, each set of 4 holes. One set is near the nose, and the other is near the tail.
  • Ply: You know, decks are made up of multiple thin layers of wood called ply. Pressing the wood layers together will make the deck lighter and stronger than a single solid piece of wood.

Different Sizes of Skateboard Decks

Micro decks: 

  • width: 6.5″ – 6.75”
  • length: 27.2” – 27.6”

This deck is good for younger skateboarders aged 5 or younger with a height of 3’5” and shoe size 3 or smaller.

Mini decks:

  • width: 7.0″
  • length: 28”

Best for skaters from 9-12 years old who is 3’5” and 4’4” tall and shoe size 4-6

Mid-size Deck

  • width: 7.3”
  • length: 29”

Best for 9 to 12-year-old skaters who are 4’5” and 5’2” tall and wear shoe sizes 7-8.

Larger decks:

  • width: 7.5″+
  • length: 29”+

Best for 13+ skaters who are taller than 5’3” and wear shoe size 9+

When changing the width, we will have skateboard sizes that fit certain styles of skateboarding, for example:

  • 7.5″ to 8″: good for street riders and performing more technical tricks
  • 8.0″ to 8.25″: good for transition, pool, ramp, and park skating
  • 8.25″+: good for cruising, pools, vert, and old school styles.

What size skateboard is good for beginners?

To start, we recommend a deck width of 7.75″ or 8.0″. With this size, you can have enough space to spread your feet. And you’ll also get comfort and stability from this size. What beginners need most is a balance, and this is the perfect size for you. Choosing the best skateboard for beginners is not that difficult, right? Wait! we haven’t done it yet, you need to know a few more things.

This is the question that you will have to consider next. Which one will be better? Honestly, there is no way better than the other, it’s just that you see which way suits your condition better. I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of each option and you will decide which way you should choose to get your skateboard.

Buying a pre-built skateboard


  • Convenient: the board is ready and you can get skating right away
  • Cheaper
  • Safer


  • Mostly unable to custom

Building a skateboard


  • You can custom the board to your liking
  • You can make sure all the parts are high quality
  • will have a very unique skateboard and stand out from the crowds.


  • You should expect the total price can be a bit higher than buying a complete skateboard.
  • The assembling process requires time and patience

In case you decide to buy a pre-built board, here are some tips for you to recognize a good skateboard for beginners.

  • High-quality skateboards are lighter than lower quality skateboards
  • One thing for sure, skateboards from well-known brands are always better than unknown boards from random stores. 
  • Usually, quality decks have 7 layers of wood.
  • There is an angle in the nose and tail
  • Concave of the skateboard will decide whether you can perform the tricks successfully. While a flat deck is harder to do tricks, curved decks provide more grip to the shoes and are better for tricks.


Choosing the right size of the skateboard will give you a better first skateboarding experience and this article has detailed the different sizes of skateboards available in the market.

In addition, you also know how to recognize quality skateboards. If you’ve been patient enough to read this far, I think you can confidently go out and pick yourself a skateboard now. Good luck!

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