How to Choose the Right Winter Camping Mat | 7 Factors to Consider

The right camping mattress can change the entire experience of your camping trip. You might be camping in your yard or the mountains or simply in your car. What you need to do first is to choose the right winter camping mat to ensure a comfortable camping trip.

It would help if you kept in mind a few factors when you are out selecting a winter camping mattress. In this guide, I will discuss how to choose the right winter camping mat. These factors include size and shape, thickness, price, warmth, user-friendliness, durability, and weight.

This article intends to inform you about choosing the right winter camping mat by focusing on these certain factors.

How to Choose the Right Winter Camping Mat

How to Choose the Right Winter Camping Mat

Size and Shape

When you are buying a camping mattress, the size and shape are very important. The shape and the size of your camping mattress should complement your camping plans. To elaborate, when you are going for a weekend of car-camping, your mattress’s size should be something that fits in your car.

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If you think you need some extra space in your mattress for comfort, pick the right one. That should be in such a size and shape that complements your requirements.


The thickness of a camping mattress plays a vital role in keeping you warm on winter nights. The thickness of the material also depends on the material used to make the mattress.

In other words, if the mattress is made of foam, self-inflating material, nylon, or air-filled polyester, the thickness will differ. Usually, a foam camping mat is around 1.3 centimetres thick; an air-filled camping mat is around 5 to 8.8 centimetres thick; a self-inflating camping mat is around 8.8 centimetres thick, if not more.


Camping mats for winter prices vary widely. The most reasonable price for mats starts at $20, and the most luxurious ones are over ten times that amount. You may have to pay extra for more insulation, especially for those that offer excellent warmth-to-weight fractions.

We would suggest that it is better to spend a little more on a good quality mat. It is a long-time investment that creates a big difference in the comfort level of your camping experience.


The classic foam roll mat is the most durable option in the market at the moment. As the mat is a closed-cell mat, many campers still like these better. They are used for multipurpose and are virtually indestructible. These features make them perfect for all types of adventures, especially winter camping.

This design has gradually been improved over time. They often now feature reflective and dimpled material to ensure warmth and better cushioning.


Camping is already a tough adventure. You get to do many things that require a lot of attention, time, strength, and patience. The last thing you need is to fight to set up your camping mat. This makes user-friendliness a key feature to look for while searching for the right winter camping mat. It is better to select a mat with an easy set-up process.

Also, even if it has an easy set-up process, you should check the setting up process. Practice it before you take the mat on the camping trip.


This goes without saying. A camping mat’s weight is a huge factor when it comes to buying. You need to consider many things like if it will be easy to carry around or not, can it keep you warm, etc. The weight of the mat also influences its durability.

Usually, a three-season camping mat weighs approximately around 20 ounces. On the other hand, four-season mats that have a higher R-value are typically heavier. That being said, some ultralight mats can weigh half when they are not insulated.


If you are buying a camping mat for winter camping, remember there is a high possibility you will be sleeping on frozen ground. A camping mat is one of the very few layers that will keep you warm. So considering the warmth a camping mat can deliver is essential.

Camping mats with R-value measures an insulating material’s thermal resistance nowadays. So if you are buying a mat for winter camping, search for one with an R-value of 4.0 or even 5.0+, which is standard for winter camping.


A good camping mat can make your camping trip a lot more enjoyable. Similarly, a bad camping mat can ruin your camping trip. Especially if you are choosing a mat for winter camping, some features cannot be overlooked.

Hopefully, This article has informed you well enough to choose the right winter camping mat by focusing on those certain features.

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