How to Connect a Projector with Mac – An Expert Guide for All Mac Users

Please do NOT get it too simple when you do not precisely know how to connect a projector with Mac computer.

Nowadays, a projector is a must thing for offices, conference rooms, and educational institutions. Many gamers like playing games on a big screen with a projector to enhance their gaming experience; some people love to watch movies to enjoy their movie nights and make them memorable. If you are one of them, you need to check out this list of best 4k projectors under 1000 to get something good for the money you will spend.

However, there should seem like a straightforward process to get it hooked and connect the projector with the Mac computer if you are an avid computer user and have been using the stuff from Apple for some time.

But you cannot connect it without knowing the set of protocols and processes to get it done correctly to avoid any problem while running. It could eventually and may turn out to be a total disaster, i.e., frying up the ports and leaving the connections loose that may destroy the Mac computer or the projector (or the cable, of course!)

SO, play safe AND follow the clear-cut process that reveals how to connect a projector with Mac.

How to Connect a Projector with Mac computer

Set process for the set following to hook up the Mac computer with your projector for screen mirroring.

1- Get your Mac ready and turn it on (plug it in if the battery is LOW)

2- Plug in your projector to the electrical outlet and turn it ON as well.

3- Now, take the video cable from VGA or HDMI from the projector to connect to the Mac’s HDMI port.

4- And when the Mac and the projectors are connected and readied, navigate to the Apple Menu found on the way top towards the left corner from your Mac’s screen.

5- Go to System Preferences out of the drop-down menu.

6- Pick to select the Displays icon from there.

7– Upon opening the Displays windows, now click over the Detect Displays button.

8- And when it does, it would prove that Mac and your projector are ready to be synchronized and is useful to emit your screen showing up on the projector, i.e., the mirrored display (that whatever you see on Mac.)

How to Connect a Projector with Mac computer Wirelessly

The first step and the process we had revealed earlier was establishing the connection between the projector and a Mac computer using HDMI and VGA cables.

But as the advancement being followed in and taking, the influence by now, the wireless connectivity has been the in-thing at the moment.

But that depends if your projector does support the wire-free and wireless connection between the Mac computers.

To connect the projector wirelessly with a MacBook, go with the following;

1- Get the Apple TV and plug it in with your projector using an HDMI cable. In case the projector does not hold an HDMI port, you would have to grab the adapter to convert the HDMI signals to the allowed format, which your projector generally accepts.

2- Now, go to your MacBook’s menu bar and click on the AirPlay Mirroring icon to establish the connection between the MacBook computer and the projector through Apple TV.

3- So, click on the Apple TV to ensure the connection is made, and Mac’s screen will show up on the projector after a few seconds.

Surprisingly, modern projectors such as BenQ hold the unique wireless connection technology named InstaShow, which enables the projector to pick the signals from the MacBook to have the screen mirrored all wirelessly and without hooking and connecting anything in physical to allow making the connection.

But to do that, you ought to buy the projectors that come with such wireless functionality that does this work in all contact-free and wirelessly without having you fiddle along with the cables and other tweaks to have the wireless connection synced up between the projector and the MacBook computer.

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Troubleshoot Time: Projector does NOT Connect with Mac

how to connect a projector with Mac computer

There is a slight chance of hitting this point of not connecting the projector with a Mac computer. Even though you have followed all of these instructions carefully.

Out of 99 percent of successful attempts, there is a possibility you may ever come across with the same issue that we have been discussing out here.

Having nothing on the projector screen showing up, non-detection of the projector or Mac. Or a problem with the set up itself causes the issue to establish the successful connection between the Mac computer and the projector; stick with us to the end.

Issue # 1: NOT showing the content on projector screen from Mac computer

We understand you have followed all of these steps carefully. But still, if the projector is not synced up already with your Mac computer, the first thing you should do is to check out the connection once again.

Go back to the first steps where the cables get going with hooking up to the Mac computer or the projector; it is the time to check out if they are turned loose to make sure they are working or not.

The better method to go through with this troubleshooting step. It is by turning off the Mac computer and projector to play safe.

And when both devices are turned off, fix the cables on the project. And Mac by forcing them to go down into the ports. When you do, turn on the projector and Mac to see if anything shows up.

Still, if it does not, swap the cables (HDMI or VGA). And if you find the projector and Mac successfully synced up, throw out that cable to never use in the future.

Issue # 2: All good but still not being mirrored on the projector from Mac

Well, then you must be following this simple process;

a) Click on the Apple menu from the top-left corner on your Mac screen.

b) Click on System Preferences shown from the drop-down menu

c) Pick Displays icon

d) Displays window appears now; select the Arrangement tab out of the menu bar

e) Check the Mirror Displays from the lower left-hand corner off the windows. Upon checking this box, wait for a few seconds to ensure the projector. And Mac screen both are synced up, which we believe it would.

What is better; the Wired or wireless connection between the projector and MacBook?

To us and being somewhat old-fashioned lad who has less grip over modernity. And trying out of the box technology, we urge to go with the wired connection. Rather than wireless because we have our reasons.

The wired connections are easy to spot and troubleshoot the cause as the internet is filled with the happenings. It is done worldwide where someone in the past could have already faced your possible issue. And the solution would be present online.

So, you have a good chance of getting it sorted out instantly. And the first thing of checking and plugging to re-plugging the cables would possibly eradicate the issue in most cases.

Go wired and make your life super simplified.

But with that, we are NOT forcing you never to try the wireless connection if you have to. Do it on your risk, and we believe you might not get hit with the issues more often with wireless.

Nowadays, a projector is a must thing for offices, conference rooms, and educational institutions. Many gamers like playing games on a big screen with a projector to enhance their gaming experience; some people love to watch movies on a huge screen to enjoy their movie nights. If you are one of them, you need to check out this list of best 4k projectors under 1000. You will get something good for the money you will spend.

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Conclusion Time!

So, that ultimately resolves all the steps and the general issues. People could ever face when trying out connecting a projector with Mac.

Most importantly, the manuals included with the package upon purchasing would enlist all these setup processes. (Mac, too) to tell exactly how that particular projector model you got could be set up in good. 

We do hope it is your first time connecting a projector with Mac. Hope you will be successful doing this after reading this expert guide on how to connect a projector with Mac computer.

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